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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 24

Playing Water


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 24

Vol. 4

0 - 1

Chapter 24 - Playing Water - 3
Chapter 25 - Summer Festival - 29
Chapter 26 - Time to Study - 53
Chapter 27 - Matchmaking party ! - 79
Chapter 28 - Niko Niko Pun - 101
Chapter 29 - Head to Head Competition! - 123
Chapter 30 - Regaining Memories - 145
Omake - Stories of Aiko's first time - 167

Chapter 24
"Playing Water"

Mid Summer

Which means, the entrance exam will take place soon
Though the prep school is closed due to holiday, the examinees don't have time to be lazy

Haru: Suimei-san, are you studying?

Haru: It must be tough, huh. In a hot weather like this
Suimei: Eh .... ahhh, yes

Haru: But what can you do, the exam starts after summer // Hot weather is not an excuse to just lay around

Children: Haru-chan
Haru: Then, study well
Suimei: ....OK

Suimei: Pool, how nice ... // I just can't study in this heat

Aiko: Onii-chan

Aiko: Onii-chan, come come

Haru: No // Suimei-san has to study now
Aiko: Ah

Suimei: ..... sorry
Haru: .... it's okay, some break is also necesary


Kagurazaka: Well, well

Kagurazaka: A rounin is fooling around during the summer, are you sure this is a good idea?
TS - rounin is someone who's trying to get into a university

Kagurazaka: The exam starts after summer, are you forgetting that?
Suimei: .... Why do they have to keep reminding me .....

Kagurazaka: Well, I don't mind though. We are heading out for a bit, watch over the children okay
Suimei: Tch, today is not my working day ...

Kagurazaka: ... Yeah, but it also doesn't look like you are about to study for your exam tough

Atsushi: hoo~m

Aiko: How the water feels?

SFX: pour
Ants' nest

Suimei: ... Toothpaste?

Boy: Puuh ...
Suimei: ...

SFX: Shaking

Suimei: .... This makes me sleepy ...

Atsushi / Chitan: hahahaha
Suimei: There goes my good times ......

Aiko: Hey, stop it
Atsushi: Wahahaha

Atsushi: Damn it
Suimei: Ah // Wait wait

Suimei: If you jump into tap water before you warm it first, your body will get shocked because of the cold // YOU'LL BE DEAD

Atsushi: .... then do something
Suimei: Oh well // I'll get some hot water

SFX: blup blup ...

Kids: Kyahahaha

Suimei: Azuki-chan, are you alright!?

Aiko: Is she dead?
Girl: Dead?
Suimei: Don't say such scary thing !

Kisaragi: You are the scary one!
Suimei: Aw aw aw !

Kagurazaka: I told you not to look away from the children, didn't I !?
Kisaragi: Geezz~

Aiko: Sensei, you are wearing swimsuit!
Chitan: Cooolll
Suimei:Good luck I should say, I guess ... // You're not alluring ...

Kagurazaka: What is it, rounin?
Kisaragi: You look like you're about to say something
Suimei: Ah

Suimei: Eh, no .... my eyes can't stop looking at you ... // I'm sorry

Aiko: Onii-chan!
Kagurazaka: Oi Haru, come already! // Rounin is collapsed
Haru: Right away!

Haru: I'm sorry, it's a little bit too tight

Boys: Haru-chan awesome

Haru: But it still fits me also this year!
Kagurazaka: .... You know what, you should buy a new one

Suimei: Hey! Who did that?

Suimei: Ah yes, that brat // I'll pretend to look away

Aiko: What's wrong onii-chan?
Suimei: No ...

Suimei: It's nothing ...

Suimei: YO

Suimei: You ask for it
Atsushi: du~mmy
Kagurazaka: ... I see // No wonder the children like him, he's also a kid after all

Suimei: Take this!

Suimei: Got you ...

Atsushi: Awesome!
Chitan: How did you do that?
Suimei: Eh .... wh - what?

Children: Once more, once more

Suimei: You can also keep the water in your hand and shoot like this
Children: Suimei // Suimei
SFX: Clap Clap Clap Clap

Atsushi: Huh ?
Suimei: Shape your hand like thid
Aiko: Onii-chan, let's play ball

Atsushi: I did it

Atsushi: Youuu
Aiko: Ah

Aiko: Geezz

Aiko: Hooot
Suimei: Ah ... it's hot to walk barefoot

???: Rounin, make sure you wash her feet, okay
Suimei: Yes, mam
Aiko: Hot // Hot

Aiko: Hot // Hot
Suimei: ......

Suimei: Lift your feet and stay still, okay

Aiko: Kyahahaha

Aiko: Kya kya haha haha

Aiko: Kyaaa

Suimei: Oh Got // ....Interesting!

Aiko: Kyahahaha

Aiko: Kyahahaha

Suimei: Wh ... what? what's wrong?

Kisaragi / Kagurazaka: What are you doing, you stupid rounin !?
Suimei: Ah
SFX: Kyahahahahaha

???: Don't teach them any stupid game
Yuuko: My my, so lively here

Children: Yaa~y, watermelon
Yuuko: You must be tired, let's have some snack

No Text

Kagurazaka: Damn him, he didn't clean the mess and just ran away
Haru: Well, he said he's going continue his study ...

Kagurazaka: Study huh!
Haru: Err....

SFX: Wham

Kisaragi: Don't slack off
Kagurazaka: Ku ku ku
Suimei: Ughnn

Aiko: Fumi-chan, boobies~
Fumi: Yaa~y
Kagurazaka: It just adjust to her fat

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