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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 25

Summer Festival


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Chapter 25
"Summer Festival"

Aiko: There's food stall everywhere!

Aiko: Ah, look look, cotton candy!
Suimei: You just ate some sweets, didn't you?
Aiko: It's okay // Hurry hurry

Suimei: .... Though I still have some sommer lessons ... // I feel like I got too much fun lately ... // Festival? I have to study ...
Aiko: We are going
Kagurazaka: It settled!
All: Yaaa~y

Aiko: Onii-chan, here

Kana: ...

Kana: Uhm ... Aiko-chan

Aiko: Ahh~ Kana-chan
Kana: Aiko-chan, Suimei-sensei, you guys are really close
Aiko; Yep
Suimei: It's one sided though ...

SFX: glimpse

Kana: You see ... I mean ... I have a question
Suimei: Hnn // What is it?
Kana: To Aiko-chan

Aiko: What is it Kana-chan?
Suimei: .....

Kana: What should I do to get close to someone ?

Aiko: Why don't you just say that you want to get close to him?

Aiko: Right? Onii-chan

Kana: Eh ... Ah, I see

Kana: Say, Atsushi-kun

Kana: Wanna eat some cotton candy with me ?
Atsushi: Cotton candy? why not

Atsushi: ....
Kana: ... Atsushi-kun?

Atsushi: On second thought, No!

Aiko: Geezz, Atsushi-kun youu! Aiko will take care of him!
Kana: Noo don't, it's okay

Aiko: I know

Aiko: Grab his hand and drag him with you!

Kana: Are you sure? Won't he get mad?
Aiko: Don't wo~rry! Look, onii-chan never get mad at me // Lets play
Suimei: It's in a whole different story though

Boys: Sloo~wly // Thaa~t's it // Thaa~t's it

Kana: Atsushi-kun

Kana: Let's eat some cotton candy, Atsushi-kun

Atsushi: Wh ...

Atsushi: What did you do, you idiot! Because of you ...

Kana: Cotton candy ...

Atsushi: Ah ... // Ahhh~

Atsushi: I told you I don't want to
Kana: ....

Aiko: It doesn't work either ...

Aiko: Ka ... Kana-chan, chin up

Aiko: I know

Aiko: It was when papa came back home // Mama did something like this and papa got exited
Mama: Ma - Sa - Ki

Aiko: And guess what after that, they got reeally close // I don't know why though
Kana: Really
Suimei: ....

Kana: Atsushi-ku~n
Haru: Hi kids, got some?
Akko: Ah, Haru-sensei
Noboru: Yup

Kana: Eyy

Atsushi: ... So, what is it?
Kana: ... Aiko-chan said that we can get close if I do this
Hana: ......

Aiko: I wonder how is she doing ... // Kana-chan // chomp chomp chomp
Suimei: She can really eat ...

Haru: Suimei-san!

Suimei: Haru-chan? // what's wrong ...?

Haru: What do you think you have taught the children !
Suimei: Eh ... well, that ...

Aiko: Another failure? // So, next one, wear a see-through dress ...

Haru: Aiko-chan~~~
Aiko: Nggnn
Kana: ....

Kana: Thank you, Aiko-chan

Kana: I don't think I have the chance

Aiko: Kana-chan ...

Aiko: Are you okay?

Noboru: Atsushi-ku, can we see other places too
Atsushi: Just one more try
Akko: Hopeless ...

???: Lottery, 50 Yen each!

Atsushi: Oookay

Atsushi: Yesss!

Atsushi: Hehehe, Did you see that

Aiko: I want a candy apple
Suimei: You still want to eat?

Kana: .....

Atsushi: Damn, those guys!

Kana: Atsushi-kun

Atsushi: Ah....

Atsushi: Yo ... yooo
Kana: ....

Atsushi: Ah, right! I ...

Kana: You are looking for Noboru-kun and the others, right? // I know where they are

Atsushi: ....
Kana: Come, over there

Kana: Atsushi-kun

Atsushi: I'm sorry!

Kana: Atsushi-kun ...
Atsushi: Right ! Lets eat some cotton candy

Atsushi: Eh ... // What, what?

Aiko: I wonder how's Kana-chan doing ?
Suimei: Who knows
Aiko: Geezz Onii-chan, think up something !

Suimei: The way to get close to someone, huh ...

Suimei: A present maybe ....

No Text

Suimei: They are doing well after all

Aiko: I'm so glad ...

Aiko: Tehehe, I'm so glad // Good things, right onii-chan
Suimei: Yes, it is

Suimei: You want one?

Suimei: One more time
Atsushi: Hehehe, you suck Suimei
Aiko: Go onii-chan go

Shop keeper: I'm sorry son, but it's over for today

Kisaragi: Oh, there they are
Haru: Did you get some?
Shop keeper: Here, for you

Haru: Okay, it's time to go home
Aiko: Eh?

Aiko: Eehhh !?

Aiko: I still haven't eaten takoyaki, yakisoba, lollipop, snow cone, oobanyaki, dried squid. Geeezz~~
Suimei: ....

Suimei: But hey, look

Suimei: Aiko-chan, you are the one who brought those smiles

No Text

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