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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 26

Time to Study


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Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 26
"Time to Study"

<Calendar>: Exam

Haru: Ngggnn~~~ // Huh?

Haru: Oh no, I have to go to sleep now! // I don't want to wake up late again

Haru: Heyyy----, be still and draw your picture

Haru: Now is study time, don't play around!

Kagurazaka: Hey! Haru
Haru: Yes?

Kagurazaka: That's not the proper way to warn the children!

Fumi: Playing is also studying for children in a way
Haru: Hee...
Kagurazaka: At time like this, just tell them to listen to what the teachers say
License to preach (Nr.1) --- None --- (Nr. 2)

Kagurazaka: In the childhood phase, playing helps to build up their intelligence and their social ability, telling them not to play is the same like hindering them from growing .... // What study means is not the study that we normally know, by study we try to make them understand how our social system works .... // Your course exam at junior college is coming soon right?

Kagurazaka: Have you learnt at all?
Haru: More or less ....

Atsushi: Don't pick on Haru-chan
Kagurazaka: It's because of you

Suimei: ... Oh boy

Suimei: My grades keep falling unstoppable ...
<Paper>: July --- Mock Exam Result
---- Math. II -- English -- Geoscience --- Japanese --- Hist
Before -- 51 -- 39 -- 45 -- 56
---- 48 -- 40 -- 41 -- 53

Suimei: I'd better make some preparations for the summer lessons

Aiko: What's that ? // What's that
Kids: Kyahahahahaha
Suimei: Maybe I should go to the library // They also have AC

Suimei: Good idea // .... First, I have to sneak into my room

Aiko: Welcome home, onii-chan

Suimei: I ... I'm back

Suimei: An ambush?

Aiko: What are we going to play today?

Suimei: ... Well, today is ....
Kids: It's Suimei

Aiko: Onii-chan, are you sick?

Suimei: You know, I failed my mock exam
Aiko: Hgg~~, poor you // What is mock exam?

Akko: Mock exam failed
Atsushi: He got mocked // Kyahahaha

Aiko: Cheer up, onii-chan
Suimei: Aiko-chan ...

Aiko: Today, we are going to play with you a lot
Suimei: That exactly is the problem ......

Haru: Kids

Haru: Looks like Suimei-san is tired today
Noboru: Eh?
Chitan: Why?

Haru: Suimei-san is having a hard day you know
Suimei: Thank you Haru-chan ...

Atsushi: Lets play
Haru: Stop it, Atsushi-kun!

Haru: Didn't I told you that Suimei-san ...
Atsushi: Suimei is having a hard day, no way

Atsushi: C'mon Suimei, lets play


Haru: You play with me, okay?
Atsushi: Okay ...
Suimei: ....

Suimei: Well

Suimei: You kids don't know the difficulties of studying since the only thing you do is just playing
Kids: Boo // Boo // Boo

Haru: Suimei-san

Haru: Ehhmm

Haru: Playing is also studying for children in a way // Never say something like that again !

Suimei: .... Ah, I'm sorry
Haru: Next time be careful with what you say

Atsushi: Yuhuu~, Suimei got scolded

Suimei: Oh well // I made it into my room after all // Now ... my membercard

Suimei: There it is

Suimei: Okay

Aiko: Ah // Where are you going? Onii-chan

Aiko: But I want to help you with your study ....

Suimei: Ah // Thank you

Aiko: Lots of numbers. Ah, addition, addition right
Suimei: It's multiplication ...
Aiko: What are you doing now? drawing picture?
Suimei: This one is called graph
Aiko: Are you finished? finished now?

Suimei: .... it's boring just looking at me, right? Why don't you play with the others?

Aiko: It's okay // Aiko is on study mood right now
Suimei: I see

Aiko: C'mon onii-chan, study study
SFX: Roll

Suimei: Ehhmm

Suimei: Aiko-chan, for you kids playing is the same like studying

Kids: So that's how it is !
Aiko: Then, lets play
Suimei: Gulp

Kagurazaka: Kids, to the classroom
Suimei: Ah look, it's time to study

Aiko: Aiko hate study
Kagurazaka: Come
Suimei: Oi

<Sign>: Headmaster Room // Yuko

Yuko: .... Today is really loud

Yuko: Hmm ... budget is in the red

Kagurazaka: QUIET!

Yuko: What is it?

Haru: Headmaster

Haru: ... The children are somehow not listening to us ......
Aiko: Lets play
Fumi: Now is study time

Aiko: Playing is also studying

Four eyes: Look
Yuko: I see now
Chitan: Woo!

Yuko: .... All of you come to my office, I have something to talk

Yuko: Listen

Yuko: Playing is everything about children

Yuko: If they have these words "playing is also studying" in their mind ... // Do you think they will listen to you if you tell them to study?
All: ....

Yuko: Will they listen?
All: No mam

Yuko: Now you understand, right? Children can still only take things the way it is // That is why ...

Yuko: We need to imagine how things are from children's point of view once in a while
All: Yes mam // But still, you don't need to make us look like this for that ...

Yuko: Be more considerate after this

Kagurazaka: Oi Haru

Kagurazaka: Did you say something to someone?

Haru: I'm sure that I didn't say something like that to the children

Kagurazaka: Then! // The others! // You must have said it to someone!
Haru: Ow // Ow

Fumi: .... Oh dear, it's been a while since we got things out of hand

Yuko: Then, want to see how children feel once again?
All: No no! We'll think up something!

Fumi: I don't think we have the option

Fumi: Sit down
Kagurazaka: Force Employment!

Kids: Kyaa // Waaa
Haru: .......
Kagurazaka: Time to study!
Kids: Kyahahaha

Chitan: But playing is also studying
Atsushi: Yeah, right
Kagurazaka: Geez // Where did you hear that from?
Fumi: Wait

Aiko: Onii-chan said that

All: That idiot

Aiko: Haru-chan, what's wrong?

Haru: ......
Akko: You don't feel well? // Wanna play with us?

Haru: .... isn't now the time for you to study?
Aiko / Akko: Playing is also studying

Haru: ... I guess so
Aiko: Ehehe

Haru: But still

Haru: If you guys keep saying so ... // We teachers can't teach the things that we want you to know

Haru: You know, it's difficult for us ...

Haru: We really don't know what to do anymore

Akko: Haru-chan, don't get troubled
Aiko: Don't cry
Atsushi: We ... we'll listen to you

Haru: .......

Haru: Really?
Kids: Really

Haru: Sob // Thank you
Aiko: Don't cry

Kagurazaka: I never thought that she would whine against the children ...... // What a mess, ahh I don't know
Fumi: It's not something we can do

Aiko: There there

Kagurazaka: She's a great person in some way

SFX: tap tap tap tap ....
???: So, I'll take my leave now
???: Okay

Atsushi: You liar

Haru: You ... hey! What are you guys doing?
Aiko: Bye bye

Atsushi: He lied to us, that's why ... // He said playing is also studying

Haru: ...I'm the one who said that to Suimei-san and I was even proud of it ...... // I'm a failure ....

Haru: I need to become a fine teacher as soon as possible !

<Book>: Tamagawa University // Literature Department - Pedagogy

Haru: Lets do it

Haru-chan Private Kindergarten

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