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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 27

Matchmaking party !


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 27

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 27
Matchmaking party !

Suimei/Shibuya: This is bad!

Suimei: Lots of vocabularies that I never saw nor heard before
Shibuya: I don't even understand what the teacher was saying
Kenta: Oh, there you are

Kenta: Say // Are you guys free tonight?
Suimei: What exactly have we done these past 3 months ...
Shibuya: Do not falter! This is just the beginning of our fight

Suimei: Shibuya ...
Shibuya: Let's go! to the study hall

Kenta: Hey guys // We don't have enough people for the party, want to come?
Suimei: Are you nuts!
Shibuya: We don't have the leisure! We need to review the lessons ....

Kenta: I see // Sorry then
Suimei: Who the hell is going to a party at a time like this ......

Suimei: ... Party?
Shibuya: Party?

Suimei/Shibuya: Party!?
Kenta: Well, I'm not going to bother you if you guys are busy

Suimei/Shibuya: We are not busy!
Kenta: Don't get that frantic

Suimei: I always think that you are special from long time ago, you are the man Kenta
Kenta: ....
Shibuya: The girls? How 'bout the girls?

Kenta: My friend said it's his sempai at uni
Suimei/Shibuya: Waaa older girls

<Sign>: Himawari
Kisaragi: Good morning

Aiko: Kisaragi-sensei, you look so happy // Something good happened?
Kisaragi: Ou // So you can tell? Aiko-chan
Kagurazaka: Did someone give you a candy?

Kisaragi: You will regret that attitude
Kagurazaka: Now you are being creepy

Kisaragi: I'm talking about a party
Kagurazaka: Kisaragi-san, you look so beautiful today!

Kagurazaka: It's been a while since I've had a party
Kisaragi: I worked hard for this

Kagurazaka: I can understand Fumi, she's married // But why aren't you interested at all Haru!?
Haru: Because I'm not interested

Haru: I don't have the time for that until I become a real teacher
Kisaragi: If Haru doesn't come, we'll be lacking people ...!

Aiko: What party is it?
Haru: You see ...

Kagurazaka: Don't act like you know it if you never went to a party before // You're telling lies to the children

Kagurazaka: Haru is coming // So, who are our partners?

Kisaragi: Hehehe, be surprised

Kisaragi: Teenage schoolboys!
SFX: Clap clap clap

HarU: ..... I wonder whether we can understand each other
Kisaragi/Kagurazaka: .....

<Sign>: Rooftop Beer Garden

Kagurazaka: Anything will do as long as we have the spirit!
<Mobile>: Beep beep

Kagurazaka: ...... But still, this place is not suitable for a date
Kisaragi: Ah

SFX: Click
Kenta: This is the place

Kagurazaka: The EO isn't coming you said, are we gonna be okay?
Kisaragi: Well, the meeting place is already fixed
Kenta: We just need to wait, we'll find them
Suimei: How irresponsible

Kenta: Nice to meet you // I'm Kenta, and they ....
Kisaragi: Nice - nice to meet you too // My name is Kisaragi
Kagurazaka: Introduce us too
Shibuya: What's wrong?
Suimei: Nothing ...
Haru: Ah

Kagurazaka: You guys must be in prep school
Kenta: Yes, we are
Shibuya: Eh, how do you know?

Kagurazaka: Well, I wonder

Kagurazaka: Right, Suimei-kun!

Shibuya: Eh? what? Suimei, you know them !?
Suimei: Sort of ... // Why are they here ...!?
Kagurazaka: You are here yourself

Haru: What a coincidence

Haru: I'm so glad. There's someone I know

Haru: Geezz, I was forced to come
Suimei: I have no idea that Haru-chan can also dress like this

Shibuya: Well hey, so you nurse children as a job!? // kekeke
Kagurazaka: I'll tell you more details about him after this

Kagurazaka: Wahahahaha
Suimei: .... I want to go home! // This is not a party for me

All: Cheerrs

Kagurazaka: Oh // Still young

Kenta: This guy is not young anymore // He failed twice

Kagurazaka: No worries, drink more
Shibuya: Please

Kisaragi: Chiba-kun, Shibuya-kun, what do you want to eat?
Kenta: Here, let me do that

Kisaragi: Errr, I want salad and teba gyoza
Kenta: Got that
Haru: ....

Kisaragi: Wow, tastes good
Haru: .... I don't like this kind of atmosphere

Suimei: .... Boring

Haru: Ah

Haru: No drinking alcohol // Got you

Haru: Are you doing this a lot, Suimei-san?
Suimei: Eh, no this is my first time since I'm in Tokyo ...

Haru: Well // I really don't know what to do
Suimei: ... Indeed, I don't have the spirit at all // Only two couples here
Kisaragi: Shibuya-kun, what kind of girl do you like?
Shibuya: Let see~

Suimei: Haru-chan, don't you want a boyfriend?
Haru: ... To become a good teacher is my priority right now

Haru: .... Ah // .... Weird?

Suimei: If you ask me ... // I think you will become one!

Haru: I'm happy

HarU: Your words give me more confidence, Suimei-san // Tehehe

Suimei: Really?

Haru: Yes

Haru: You are the one who's so adored by Aiko-chan after all
Suimei: !

Suimei: I would get scolded if she knows what I'm doing now ...
Aiko: You went with other girls though you already have Aiko

Haru: Eh? // Did I say something wrong?
Kagurazaka: Hey!

Kagurazaka: What are you two doing so serious !?
Haru: Heh?
Shibuya: You need more drink

Shibuya: Haru-chan, do you have a boyfriend? Ah, you won't be here if you have one. Then ....
Suimei: Stop it, you drunkard!

Suimei: Fireworks ...
Shibuya: Wow
Kagurazaka: Summer, huh // Wonderful

Shibuya: Let's go over there, the view is better
Kisaragi: Kyaa, I'm coming

Kenta: Let us go also
Kagurazaka: Ee...ok

Kisaragi: Wait for me
Suimei: ... I'm sorry, he's not a bad guy at all

Haru: ... Say, Suimei-san

Haru: Suimei-san // Why don't you become a teacher?

Suimei: ...I never thought of it before // I don't have the confidence ....

Haru: You will do, Suimei-san! // You absolutely will become a good teacher!

Haru: Being liked by the children is an exceptional talent // Even about what to teach to the the children // I think there are things that can only be teached by men ...

Haru: You will do, Suimei-san

Suimei: You are right // Children are cute, it's so fun ...

Suimei: Teacher may be a good idea // It's tiring though

Haru: You see? // ehehe

<Sign>: Himawari

Kisaragi: At the end, both of them were dead drunk
Kagurazaka: We got too excited and gave them too much drink
Haru: You don't know how to make a crane?

Kisaragi: You're the one who poured them vodka for that last drink!
Kagurazaka: Haa // On what purpose did we go there ....
Haru: .... Fold only 2 sides here

Haru: And lastly spread the wings ... see

Suimei: Great ... I was troubled when I was asked how to make this the other day
Haru: Aiko-chan will be happy if you give it to her

Suimei: Thank you Haru-chan

Suimei: I want you to teach me again // There are lots of things I want to know

Haru: Sure

Kisaragi: .... They behave somehow different than usual

Kagurazaka: Just let them be

Aiko: Good morning

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