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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 29

Head to Head Competition!


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 29

Chapter 29
Head to Head Competition!

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Haru: ......

Aiko: Haru-chan you dummy !

Aiko: Duu~~mmy

Kagurazaka: ... Haru, what's wrong with Aiko-chan?
Haru: Ah .....
Kisaragi: She seems to hate you

Kagurazaka/Kisaragi: Have you done something with ronin?
Haru: I've done nothing!

Haru: Actually ...

Haru: Where's the watermelon // Right // Left // Ey
Kids: Aaa~

Haru: I failed again ... // Okay, let's try once again
Aiko: Eh!? It's the eight times

Aiko: ... Boring

Aiko: I'll play with onii-chan
Noboru: Me too
Akko: Me too
Haru: Not today!

Aiko: ... Why?
Suimei: Sorry but I have mock exam soon, please take care of the children for me
Haru: Just leave them to me
Haru: Su ... Suimei-san is busy today, he has to learn!

SFX: Ignore
Haru: !

Haru: I told you not to go !
Aiko: Kyuu

Aiko: I want to meet onii-chan!
Haru: I said no

Haru: !

Haru: Heh ...? // She listened?

Aiko: Kufufufu

Haru: Baa

Aiko: Slowly ...
Haru: No is no
Aiko: ......

Aiko: ... How did you find out?
Haru: Hnnn?

Haru: I can see it through your eyes

Aiko: Bump // Auu

Haru: ... So that's the story // And other things
Kagurazaka: So adorable // Aiko-chan // You too

Haru: But there is also limit
Kagurazaka: Fuu... // It's okay if you don't understand ...

Haru: ?
Yuko: What is it Aiko-chan?
Aiko: Over here

Aiko: Haru-chan is picking on me // She said I can't play with onii-chan

Yuko: Is that so? Then why don't we ask her together?

Haru: Not bad ...

Haru: Suimei-san needs to study today! // He can't be bothered
Yuko: But just a little bit ...

Haru: He said the mock exam this time will help him in choosing his uni
Yuko: I see

Yuko: Then we should not disturb him // Are you understand, Aiko-chan?

Aiko: ... Yes
Yuko: Good girl

Haru: .......

Haru: Aiko-chan // Suimei-san is working hard right now // Be patience
Aiko: Onii-chan is very clever, he'll be alright

Haru: Even what you said is true, he still has failed once ... // Sorry Suimei-san

Aiko: If onii-chan fails again, we can always play together

Haru: Never say that, not even as a joke !

Aiko: ... I'm sorry

Aiko: But you are the one who started talking abaout failing ...
Haru: Ah

Haru: Like I said, you should put up with me for today ...

Haru: Haa ....

Aiko: Ah

Aiko: .....
Haru: ?

Aiko: Arggg~!

Aiko: Why do you have to stand between Aiko and onii-chan !

Haru: No no ... I don't mean to hinder you from anything ... // I just // I just
Aiko: Aiko want to play with onii-chan

Haru: I do this also for Suimei-san!

Aiko: You do this for onii-chan ...?

Aiko: I see, Haru-chan is also in love with onii-chan
Haru: No ...... oh dear ...

Haru: .... I never said something like that ... // I ... I'm not ...

Haru: I do this not because I love him // Remember, we teachers always said that you have to help people the best you can do

Aiko: It's because onii-chan is so cool right!?
Haru: She's not listening!

Aiko: Ehehehe, I can see it through your eyes

Haru: Eh ... Hah! What are you saying Aiko-chan!? // Wa // Ah

Haru: It's not true, it's not true ...! // Suimei-san is a good guy but he's not my type! I simply want to see him giving his best ... // I was also once in highschool, I know how hard it is ...

Haru: Right! This is not love, this is goodwill !! // That's right! // Aiko-cha ...

Haru: AH
Aiko: Okay

Haru: Aiko-cha ...

Aiko: Onii-chan

Aiko: Let's play, let's play
Suimei: So you made it at last

Haru: ... I'm sorry Suimei-san ..... // I tried my best ...
Suimei: It's impossible after all
Aiko: Cuddle cuddle

Aiko: Let's play // Wanna play sand?

Suimei: Sorry

Suimei: I'm busy today because of my study, if you could be patience it would help me a lot

Haru: If only she could listen ...
Aiko: Sure

Haru: HAA !?
Aiko: Aiko will be patience
Suimei: Thank you, good girl

Suimei: We'll play tomorrow
Aiko: Yep, come home quick

Suimei: I'm home

Yuko: Welcome back, how was your mock exam?
Suimei: Just perfect // My uni has also been determined
Haru: Don't run in the hallway
Aiko: Welcome home onii-chan

Suimei: I'm home // This is also because of your help Aiko-chan
Aiko: Ehehehe
Haru: ....

Haru: Sulky
Kagurazaka: Heee // Is there any uni you are qualified for?
Suimei: Secret

Kisaragi: Let me see
Suimei: Oghh

Ryouen Prep. School // Summer Mock Exam. Result
University // English // Japanese // Classic
1st choice // All Japan University - Literature
2nd choice // Tamagawa University - Literature
3rd choice // Taisho University - Literature

Haru: Ah ... // My uni ...

Haru: You will do, Suimei-san! // You absolutely will become a good teacher!
Haru: I remember

Haru: Ehehe
Kisaragi: Don't get cocky, your chance of passing is just 50%
Suimei: Still an improvement!
Aiko: Good job, good job

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