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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 31

Sweet Temptation


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 31

Reserved for Dark Murmur


Chapter 31 - Sweet Temptation - 3
Chapter 32 - Shopping Squad - 25
Chapter 33 - Emotional Conflicts - 51
Chapter 34 - Invitation to Campus Festival - 81
Chapter 35 - Go, Fight, Win - 109
Chapter 36 - A Drab Competition - 137
Chapter 37 - Pinky Swear - 165

SFX: Ding ding

SFX: Creak

Sanada: Whoopla
<Board>: Autumn New Creations // Autumn Gift
SFX: Clunk

Kagurazaka: Excuse me

Sanada: We ..... welcome

Chapter 31
Sweet Temptation

Kids: Happy Birthday !

<Board>: Happy Birthday Tatsuya-kun, Azuki-chan, Kana-chan

Haru: Kana-chan and the others are 5 already, time sure pass

Kisaragi: Ehmm

Kisaragi: Now, the awaiting moment

Kisaragi: Here come the cakes!

Aiko: Ooo ....

Suimei: Interesting

Aiko: This is so delicious, onii-chan
Suimei: She looks so happy

Suimei: There's cream on your face

Suimei: You really like cakes, do you?

Aiko: Noo~~, this one is better than any others
Suimei: Heh? is it?

Suimei: ... I can't really tell ...

Suimei: .....

Suimei: ... Yep, this one is different
Aiko: See

Suimei: The children's reaction is different indeed

Suimei: Then, I'll be going

Suimei: Your mother is busy though we have recession now
Aiko: Recession?

Aiko: Today's cake is sooo~~ delicious // If we have a birthday everyday, then we can always eat that cake
Suimei: .....

Aiko: Onii-chan, when is your birthday?
Suimei: In November

Aiko: The same as Aiko's
Suimei: Really?

Aiko: Sigh, there will be less cakes if we have the same birthday
Suimei: She's not happy about being the same .....

Aiko: Ah

Suimei: Oh, I didn't know there's a cake shop here
Aiko: Look look, today's cake

Aiko: Onii-chan

Girls: Kyaa // Kyaa
Aiko: Yaa~y
Suimei: We're just going to look, okay

Sanada: We ......welcome
Aiko: Wooo~w
Suimei: !

Suimei: I see ... // That's why the girls were screaming ...

Sanada: Is there something that catch your eyes?

Aiko: Did onii-san make all of these?
Sanada: Yes, I did

Aiko: ....... // You know onii-san, your cake is sooo~~~ delicious // I ate one today at a birthday party, this round one

Sanada: Really? Thank you
Aiko: Wooow, coool

Sanada: Do you like cakes?
Aiko: I love it

Aiko: Very very love it
Suimei: I said no // You won't be able to eat dinner later

Aiko: Ngggn~ looks so good

Sanada: Errr .....

Sanada: I have cakes that are crumbled a little bit, do you want some?
Aiko: Really?
Suimei: !

Sanada: Then, sit here and wait okay
Aiko: Yaay

Suimei: Aiko-chan, this is wrong, don't get spoiled ...
Aiko: Why?

Suimei: Aunty always says, don't take anything from strangers, remember?
Aiko: Booo

Suimei: I'm sorry, we have bothered you ...
Sanada: Ah no, likewise, I didn't think that much ...

Sanada: Is it good?
Aiko: Yup
Suimei: Maybe I'm being too soft ......

Suimei: Haa ....

Aiko: Onii-chan, want to try some? // It tastes good

Suimei: ... Oh well

Suimei: This is good
Aiko: See
Sanada: ......

Sanada: You two are so close, are you siblings?
Aiko: !
Suimei: Eh ...... no ......

Aiko: Onii-chan is my boyfriend

Suimei: We are pupil and teacher! Nothing more!!
Sanada: .....

Sanada: ... A grown up little girl ... and she likes cakes ...
Aiko: Dummy
Suimei: Eh?

Sanada: A ..... Aiko-chan

Sanada: If you like, you can always come here and eat cakes

Suimei: He's hitting on her ?

Sanada: What do you think?
Suimei: Wh ... what were you saying?

Sanada: Eh ...? but you two are not siblings that's why I thought I would ask the person herself
Suimei: No, that's not what I mean ...

Aiko: Is it okay?

Aiko: I'll come, I'll come! Are you sure onii-san?

Suimei: Heh?

Suimei: ... If I talk against her again this time ...
Aiko: Ugyaa
Suimei: ... But

Suimei: I feel a strange aura comes out from this cake shop ... // I feel somehow uneasy
Sanada: Really? You're going to come?
Aiko: Yup

Girl: In here?

Girl: This is where the guy with the cake shop I told you before // Excuse us // Kyaa // Kyaa

Sanada: We ... welcome

Suimei: ....?

Girl: The new cake I bought last time was really good
Sanada: EH ...... HAH ......

Sanada: Th ...... // Thank you

Girl: See, I told you // He's still shy, soo~~ cute

Sanada: Ei ... 800 yen please ...
Girl: Here

Aiko: Ahh~~, this one also tastes really good

Sanada: Which one? Can you tell me more?

Sanada: Hee, I see

Suimei: ... You could actually ask your customers from earlier ... // If you really want to hear some opinions

Sanada: That's ... I ... // Well ...!
Suimei: ..... ?

Sanada: Because children's opinions are honest!
Aiko: This one is also good

Sadana: Re - really? Tell me more
Aiko: You see ...

Suimei: ... He has a point // Though I was certain that he's a lolicon

Suimei: He doesn't look like one, I don't need to worry ... I guess

Aiko: Onii-san you are so cool

Sanada: Thank you Aiko-chan, you too ...

Sanada: You too are cute, Aiko-chan
Aiko: Kyaa

Suimei: Geh!? // Could this be ...
Sanada: Yes, I could say it

Aiko: But still

Suimei: I'm jealous!? // Am I abnormal or what!?
Aiko: You are still no match to onii-chan
Sanada: Eh!?

Suimei/Sanada: .....

Suimei/Sanada: I'm shocked ...

SFX: Ding

Sanada: Then, come again and eat some cakes
Aiko: Okay
Suimei: ......

Sanada: See you

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