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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 32

Shopping Squad


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Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 32
"Shopping Squad"

Makiko: What a day, a lecture in the early morning
Suimei: So it's true about having no rest toward the exam

Makiko: It's been a while since the last time we went home together
Suimei: Really?

Makiko: It's because you and Shibuya-kun failed the class // Private Uni - B Group you said?
Suimei: I'm ashamed

Suimei: National uni for you I suppose huh, Kawasaki?
Makiko: I'm just doing my hobby

Suimei: Hobby or not, I think it's still private uni for me ...

Makiko: Suimei-kun, your girlfriend
Suimei: Heh?

Suimei: Oh, Aiko-cha ...

Suimei: That baker guy again ... !

Suimei: Aiko-chan

Aiko: Onii-chan !
Sanada: .....

Makiko: Hello

Makiko: Ow

Makiko: She's cute // Giggle

Makiko: Ah ...
Sanada: Tch

Makiko: You are the guy who opened that new cake shop, right?
Sanada: Eh

Sanada: ....... // .........

Sanada: Ye ... yes
Makiko: ?

Makiko: Is your shop closed today? // I like your cakes, I often go to your shop you know
Sanada: Eh ..... ah... ah...

Aiko: He's looking for ingredients for his cake // New cake

Makiko: Is that so?

Makiko: So you are on experimenting?
Sanada: Nod nod
Aiko: Aiko is also doing mama's errand
Suimei: Wow, great

Aiko: And then I met onii-san, he offered me his help

Makiko: Should we go?
Suimei: ......

Suimei: ... I wouldn't let Aiko-chan just alone with that guy ...!
Aiko: Next one

Suimei: How about if I help you too?
Sanada: Eh ...?
Aiko: Really

Suimei: What?
Sanada: Ah ... no ...

Makiko: Looks like you guys know each other // You and that baker
Suimei: Well ... sort of. Then, we part here ...

Makiko: He's a one handsome guy
Suimei: Eh?
Aiko: We go to supermarket next

Suimei: Egn // ......
Makiko: Say

Makiko: Can I come with you?

Aiko: Shopping

Aiko: Shopping with onii-chan

Sanada: So // What do we buy first?
Aiko: Ah, first ...

Aiko: ... Curry

Aiko: Curry // Curry

Aiko: Curry ?

Aiko: Curry ...
Sign: Pasta - Ramen

Aiko: Where!? // Onii-chan!
Suimei: Eh ... no idea ... // Why me?

Sanada: Aiko-chan

Sanada: Over here

Sign: Curry - Stew - Spices
Aiko: Waa! // Onii-san, you are great

Aiko: Ah, there it is
Sanada: .......

Sanada: Blush ...

Aiko: Thank you onii-san
Sanada: It's nothing

Sanada: I'll find you the next one

Suimei: .......

Aiko: Soo~ next one is ... cherry tomatoes

Aiko: Cherry tomatoes

Suimei: At this rate, Aiko-chan is going to fall under that jerk's hand ...! // I'll find cherry tomatoes ...!

Suimei: ... What?

Makiko: Say!

Makiko: ... Why is that guy tries so hard to be helpful? // Maybe you can tell me ...
Suimei: That's ...

Suimei: Because Aiko-chan is cute, what else?
Makiko: Geh! // Maybe we have a different perception about cute here ...

Sanada: Here Aiko-chan, cherry tomatoes

Aiko: Wooow! you know everything
Sanada: I come here regularly
Suimei: Crap ...

Suimei: Not good ...!
Aiko: Cherry tomatoes, done

Aiko: Next one is dressing
Suimei: Next one is mine ...

Makiko: Hey

Suimei: ......

Makiko: But you know

Makiko: Even she's cute, no one except someone like you would do something like that, don't you think? // Can he be a relative?
Suimei: ... I won't be worry if that's the case

Makiko: ... Worry?
Suimei: Yup

Suimei: He's a strange person since the first time we met ...
Makiko: Strange ... like what?

Suimei: Like hitting on Aiko-chan all of sudden

Makiko: ... But that's only your opinion
Suimei: No // That's the truth ...

Makiko: Well ...

Makiko: Suimei-kun, isn't it because you are a lolicon?

Makiko: I can't think any other explanation otherwise

Makiko: Cheer up // Don't get so depressed, it's not that I'm apposing your fetish
Suimei: NO ... // I don't need your covering
Makiko: Still, you shouldn't use yourself as a reference to judge others

Sanada: I found it, Aiko-chan

Sanada: There are two types of it ...
Aiko: Hmmm

Aiko: This one

Suimei: Next one ...

Makiko: Can't be ... right
Suimei: Next - next one for sure

Suimei: Eeeh? All done
Aiko: Where were you going?

Makiko: ... I'm sorry, all because I was talking with you

Aiko: Huummmpp!! // So you were chatting the whole time with onee-chan ...!

Makiko: Sorry okay, seems like I have disrupted your relationship
Suimei: Will you stop talking like that

Suimei: Gulp

Aiko: Nyuu

Suimei: What what? What's wrong?
Aiko: Gyu

SFX: Whisper

Suimei: ... Then, let's go back to the shop again

Makiko: Forgot something?
Suimei: Ah // No, not that

Suimei: Aiko-chan needs to go to the toilet
Sanada: .......

SFX: Cluck

Makiko: ... Why don't we sit down there?

Sanada: EH ...!?
Makiko: Puuuhhh

Makiko: What's wrong?

Sanada: ... Come back quick ...
Makiko: ......

Makiko: Are you alright? // You are shaking ...

Sanada: Y ... yes!

Makiko: Are you sure?
Sanada: I'm perfectly fine ...

Makiko: You are sweating a lot?

Sanada: WAA

Makiko/Sanada: .......

Sanada: I'm ... I'm sorry, I'm - I'm - I'm fine ...!
Makiko: ? // ?

Makiko: .......

Girl: Aahhh

Makiko/Sanada: !
Girl: Good evening Mr. Baker

Girl: Your chocolate cake was so delicious

Sanada: Really? Thank you, glad to hear it

Makiko: Uhnnn ... // Something feels familiar ...

Makiko: As if ...

Aiko: We're baackk

Sanada: Bye - bye bye
Makiko: Booo booo

Suime: ... What is it?
Makiko: Nothing ...

Sanada: She's just a customer
Aiko: ?

Makiko: HAAA~~~

Makiko: ... I already heard that lot of guys these days have a strange orientation though ...

Makiko: I guess this guy too // A lolicon ...
Sanada: I'm the one who'll carry the bag, okay?

Makiko: What a waste
Sanada: I'll carry the bag
Suimei: No thank you
Aiko: Bag lovers?

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