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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 33

Emotional Conflicts


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 33

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 33
"Emotional Conflicts"

SFX: Phwet // Phwet

SFX: Phweeeeet!
Kisaragi: Okay, make a fan shape next // Be serious there!
Atsushi: Go go go

Reni: Chitan-chan? // Do you forget your group?
Chitan: Reniii~~~

Reni: You are in a group with Aiko-chan
Chitan: Ah
Aiko: Over here

SFX: Phweeeet

Boy: Reni-chan, you'll fall! you'll fall!
Reni: Eh ... !?

Boy: Ah

Boy: I'm sorry
Reni: I'm fine ...
SFX: Thud

Boy: Waa // Waa

Boy: Sorry, my bad
Atsushi: You make her cry

Haru: Are you two okay?

Chitan: Don't make Reni cry!

Atsushi: ... Why did you hit us?
Chitan: You laughed!
Noboru: But I didn't laugh ...

Chitan: Are you okay, Reni?
Reni: Sob sob // Chitan-chan

Chitan: It's okay, it's not going to hurt anymore

Reni: Nyuu

Chitan: Right?

Reni: Yup // Ehehehe

Kagurazaka: Those two are always good friends

Haru: How can Chitan and Reni-chan become that close?
Kagurazaka: Eh?
Kisaragi: Practice ...

Fumi: Who knows?
SFX: Garara

Kagurazaka: Weren't they already like that since they entered this kindergarten?
Fumi: One year has passed, huh // Everyone have grown bigger now
Haru: And so are we, we also have grown older now

Kagurazaka: Was that a sarcasm, Miss 20!?

Chitan: Apologize to Reni!

Atsushi: That accident has nothing to do with us!?

Chitan: You laughed!
Aiko: Chitan-chan, cool
Akko: Fool Atsushi

Chitan: Apologize apologize! Apologize apologize! Apologize apologize! Apologize apologize!
Noboru: But I didn't do anything ...

Atsushi: Nnggg~~~~~~~

Atsushi: Shut up!
Chitan: Mh!

Chitan: Ey ...!

Haru: Cut it off already!

Haru: Atsushi-kun too ...

Atsushi: AH

Kagurazaka: What do think you're doing to a teacher!
SFX: Throb throb

Reni: Haru-chan, are you okay?
Haru: Yep ... // Sob sob
Chitan: Weird position // Giggle

Reni: Chitan-chan, apologize now
Chitan: Eh!? Why?

Chitan: I'm sorry
Haru: Yes // ..........

Haru: Chitan-chan, listen

Haru: It's a good thing to see that you are very energetic

Haru: But // You should be more like a girl

Haru: Or no one will want to marry you

Reni: .........

Atsuhsi: Yeah, right! // Single forever
Chitan: Snap

Chitan: I will marry Reni, bweeee!
Reni: Ba-dump!

Haru: Yup, you two are a match
Reni: !?

Reni: ~~~~~~~

Aiko: And Aiko, Aiko will get married to onii-chan, awww~~~

Akko: Absolutely No-kun!
Sono: You see, Sono, errrm

Girl1: Sensei, how 'bout you?
Girl2: Papa
Akko: Right
Atsushi: I'll marry Haru-chan
Boy: And I, I, errrr
Chitan: ?

Haru: Thank you

Aiko: Haru-chan, who are you going to marry?

Haru: Ah...

Haru: You know // It's not polite to ask something like that to a girl // Grown up have lots of things to be concerned

Kagurazaka: A handsome, rich, good personality and young guy
Kisaragi: And strong too!

Kagurazaka: What ... what's with that ridiculing look of yours!? Fumi
Kisaragi: Don't look down at us just because you're the only one that has married!

Fumi: I was just thinking how cute you two are //Just like maidens having their fantasies
Kagurazaka: You!
Kisaragi: You are making fun of us!
Haru: Giggle

Kisaragi: Damn you, Fumi...
Aiko: Say // Haru-chan, Haru-chan

Haru: I told you, I still don't ...

Kagurazaka: What is it? Something you can't tell the children?
Kisaragi: We'll make you feel embarrassed just like us!

Kagurazaka: How about ronin?
Haru: Eh?

Haru; ... What were you saying ?
Kagurazaka: What did you imagine just now?

Haru: ......

Haru: Geeezzz! Aiko-chan is going to take this seriously, you know!
Kagurazaka: ....... Maybe it's too late // oh my ...

Haru: ... Eh?

Haru: No ...... It's not what you think !! Aiko-chan
Kagurazaka: We should continue the gymnastics training, don't you think
Kisaragi: I guess so
SFX: Phweet

Kisaragi: So everyone, let's start by making fan shape! // Get ready

Chitan: I'm not going to make you fall, don't worry

Chitan: I will marry Reni, bweeee!

Kisaragi: Hey! Chitan

Kisaragi: Don't change group without permission!
Chitan: But it's dangerous with Tatsuya

Chitan: I will protect Reni!

Kisaragi: Get back to your group!

Reni: Chitan-chan // You have to listen to what the teachers say!

Reni: Okay?
Chitan: Uhhh~, but...

Reni: I will be fine

Chitan: Yup, I got it!

Tatsuya: I'll be careful this time Reni-chan
Reni: Okay!

Chitan: ......?

SFX: Phweet // Phweet // Phweet

SFX: Phweeeeeet...
Kisaragi: So, practice over

Haru: Be sure to wash your hands and legs properly
Chitan: Reni~, I'll wash next to you

Reni: I'm going first
Chitan: Ah, so fast // I lost

SFX: Clomp

Chitan: Alright! I'm not going to lose in changing
Kisaragi: Dry your legs

Reni: .......

Haru: Your button is not alligned
Chitan: Ah

Reni: ... I'm leaving then

Chitan: Reni ...

Kagurazaka: Hn?
Fumi: I never heard this cry before ...

Haru: What ...... what's wrong? Chitan-chan // ... You can't fix your button?
Chitan: NOOO~~~~

Chitan: Reni hates me!!

Haru: But you two are always so close?
Chitan: Snoorrt // Sob sob

Haru: I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding
Chitan: But but ...

Chitan: Reni is avoiding me

Reni: You ...... you're wrong

Reni: You're wrong!!

Chitan: Reni ...

Reni: It's not that I hate you ......

Chitan: I don't believe you!
Reni: I'm not lying

Chitan: Then ... // Why did you run away fom me?

Chitan: You hate me after all ...
Reni: You're wrong!!

Reni: I ......

Reni: You see ... // Because

Reni: Because you can not get married to me!!

Reni: ........ // Glance ...

Chitan: Yup, I know

Reni: Eh?

Chitan: I already know about that ...

Chitan: Reni ...?
Reni: I was worried that you wouldn't be able to marry if you get too close to me ...

Reni: Doing this hurts me too ......

Yuko: ...........

Reni: Hey, wanna play?

Reni: Bear

Chitan: ........
Mama: Look Chitan, a friend. Good for you

Yuko: Oh la la
Reni: ........

Reni: You like strawberry?

Chitan: Nod
Reni: Really?

Reni: I like strawberry too // Ehehe

Chitan: What are we going to play?
Reni: You see ...

Reni: I'll fix your button
Chitan: Ehehe
Atsushi: I can't believe she could make Chitan cry ...
Tatsuya: Reni is sure dreadful

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