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Heaven Company 2

+ posted by himadesu as translation on Aug 29, 2012 15:35 | Go to Heaven Company

-> RTS Page for Heaven Company 2

Reserved for kiss-scans

Chapter 2

No text

Sweet fragrance carried by wind, the buds are shooting
Thousands of flowers coloring the happiness of the couple
That is the job of green office "HEAVEN"

Overflowed with rosalinda (lily)

Delphinium, pascali (rose), lace flowers

But we don't do something this flashy often

Marika: I wish you happiness
Ah // I'm a part timer, Fujisawa Marika

Green Office HEAVEN
The main jobs of HEAVEN are ...
Making, delivering and maintaining decorative plants // Very plain job

Tetsuya: Wh // Are you okay!?

Marika: Te ... // Tetsuya-san!? // I fell on my bottom
Tetsuya: Ma // Martianum, is it okay!?

Marika: It's fine ! // I was protecting it when I fell // Not even the leaf is bent

Tetsuya: Oh my, she almost killed you // She can't even bring a 15cm pot

As a G.C (Green Coordinator), I'm just half human ... // (Well, maybe less )
Marika: Haa~~~, annoying guy
Today as well, I'm doing the regular maintenance tour with my evil superior, Tetsuya-san

Satsuki: Tetsuya, you dimwit // You could just tell her gently ... // She's a cute girl
Ogikura Satsuki - Tetsuya's sister - Company's head

Tetsuya: Don't spoil your staff
Satsuki: Owaaa // Scary

Satsuki: Don't worry Jasmine-chan // A guy who doesn't know how to treat a girl is also an enemy to flowers and plants // Rii~ght // Nyaa nyaa
Tetsuya: We are late Fujisawa

So this is the brutal Tetsuya-san ...
Marika: He's gloomy
Tetsuya: Damn you sis

But // He is a hope to HEAVEN !! He's a designer // Maintaining is his main job though

This is also one of Tetsuya-san's works // This work is my role model, my motivation. The arch of roses

Marika: Seriously ... where? // Is he hiding his artistic sensitivity?
<-- The blockhead

Marika: His straight look ...

Tetsuya: What are you looking at?

Marika: I'm looking at you

Tetsuya: Ah // GAAAHH~~~~~
Marika: EEH~~~

Marika: Don't // Don't shake, don't shake // AHH---- // Your blood // Awa awa

Marika: Stay still ...

Marika: It's done

Tetsuya: Don't you have any others? // The customers will laugh at me ...
Marika: Looks good on you

Tetsuya: Why do you want to be a green coordinator? // I mean, you're a princess type

Tetsuya: It's physical work most of the time! dirt everywhere! // Not to mention our office with my stupid sis and full with annoying old men ...
Satsuki: What did you say?
Left -> Right: Gen ; Bun; Kotaro

Marika: Because it's fun! // I can feel it just by touching the plants

Marika: To grow the leaves beautifully, to make the flowers blossom // Always bringing peace to my heart
Tetsuya: Say 3 words to describe this job
Marika: 3 words?

Marika: Pretty // Adorable // Pleasant
Abundant in negative ions

Tetsuya: You are ... // Abnormal
3 words = Dirty, Severe, Painful
Marika: Ab - abnormal? Me

Marika: An-chan (anthurium), how are you doing? // It's meal time (Your water is coming)

Marika: Tetsuya-san ..... // ...... The bud ... I don't even see one here // In this season ...

Tetsuya: Then bully it

Marika: Bully ...
Tetsuya: Goosh // The leaves are too much // You gave too much fertilizer // Overprotection makes it grow too fat // Reduce the nourishment and the bud will soon sprout

Marika: Drink a lot

Marika: And grow bigger, okay // Rosemary, thyme, mint // All spring herbs // Looks delicious

Marika: Watching them grow is also fun ...
Tetsuya: Waa

Marika: You're stripping
Tetsuya: I'm the one who should scream here

Kotaro: You're doing it wrong, Tetsu-chan
Bun: Girls like it when a man can be feminist // Don't act like a beast

Tetsuya: At the workplace // There is no men or women // I'm going to catch a cold here

Gen: It's over, it's all over ... // This time ... // Our hope is gone
Tetsuya: Go back to work

Marika: Pa-pa-pa // Party!?

Satsuki: Yep // Party decoration // Guess what, it's the 20th jubilee party for a famous writer, Ejiri Mari-san! // 10 days from now in Urban Hotel

Marika: I read her books, I'm a fan // It's so touching, I cried everytime
Satsuki: Yup, I agree // I can't belive she lives in Kobe

Tetsuya: The host is Ejiri-san herself // I assume the ivitees are people who are close to her and the party will be a seated party! There are 40 guests // Soo, what should we do?

Marika: Flowers! // Flowers would be great!

Marika: Ah // The books written by Ejiri-san, there are always flowers on every covers // There // There are also a lot about flowers in the novels // I ... I think flowers would represent her !!
Books: Candy Love - Ejiri Ma // Under the Sunshine - Ejiri Mari

Marika: I // I said it // My first opinion

Tetsuya: So then, let's go with flowers!
Marika: EHH~~~

Tetsuya: What is "ehh~~~" ? // ?
Marika: But // But ... // That // That easy // I-I-I-I only said a few words!?

Tetsuya: You are one of our staff // And I'm the chief of design! // To be precise, I make the decision ...

Tetsuya: What now?

Marika: I'm happy ...

Marika: I can't breathe ......
Satsuki: Jasmine-chan!?
Tetsuya: EH // EHHH
Kotaro: Tetsu-chan, what have you done !?

Tetsuya: Girls are sure hard to be handled // How can we use someone so frail
Making orders

Tetsuya: I ... Am I thinking too much of her?

Tetsuya: Focus focus ! // Time is running out ...

Marika: Ehhmm .........

Tetsuya: What?
Marika: I // I have some thoughts

Marika: The flowers ... // What do you think if each guest can take home some flowers on the table? // As a souvenir from the jubilee ...

Tetsuya: You mean pulling out the flowers from the ornament? // That's a disaster // Our time and effort would be meaningless
Marika: No // Not that // We make it for that purpose from the start

Marika: You - you know // Like for the table flowers, we can use small bouquets that can be taken home by the guests // And and // We can arrange those small bouquets to create a bigger ornament ...

Tetsuya: Then make it // I want to see it // Just like what you think // That table flower

Marika: O ... // Okay!

Satsuki: Oh la, you look enthusiastic Jasmine-chan
Marika: I'm so happy

Marika: I can be helpful too

Tetsuya: Surprisingly ... // She might fit for the job

Tetsuya: Giving the customers attention to the little things // Nothing is more important than that

Satsuki: Ow, Jasmine-chan

Marika: I finished it! // A sample

Satsuki: Waaa~~~~, so pretty // Really cute, can it be taken home?
Kotaro: Good sense // The roses have a nice color // Light pink and lavender

Tetsuya: We can not put this thing on the table

Marika: Hah // What ...
Bun: How could he say that

Tetsuya: The flowers need water, can't you do something about the wrapping foil? // There are smarter ways to bring this home, give it more thought!
Marika: Eh ah Epp ... // Yes Sir // I'm going to fix it

MArika: A smarter way ... // Indeed ... this is not the work of a professional

Marika: Ah // Single-flower vase!

Tetsuya: Oh // Are you done?

Marika: He ... here // Have a look please

Tetsuya: Test tube?
Marika: Yes // I also added a seal so the water won't spill // I chose light pink to match the flowers

Tetsuya: We'll use this!

Marika: Thank you very much

Satsuki: You could have praised her more // She worked hard, Jasmine-chan
Tetsuya: Why? // You are heavy, you know
Inconsiderate man

Satsuki: Girls are living from loves, you know
Tetsuya: You are hindering my work

Party Day

Marika: I feel as if ... // I'm in the world in Ejiri-san's novel ...

Marika: My table flowers // Tetsuya-san also gave it some polishings ... // It looks a million times better than mine // incredible

Marika: You are a genius ...... // Ill mannered though // <-- Rude
Tetsuya: Yes // Of course

Tetsuya: 5 o'clock ... // The party is going to be opened soon
Satsuki: I'm soooo excited
Kotaro: Alright
Bun: Should we leave now?

Marika: Eh?

Ejiri: My name is Ejiri Mari! // I would like to thank you all

All: EEHHH~~~~!?
Satsuki: Kyaa~ kyaa~ // What a handsome guy
Tetsuya: Male!?
Satsuki: A guy // You are a guy !? !? // Ejiri-san

Satsuki: But but, the contact person is his manager // I also know it just now

Ejiri: Mari is my pen-name // My real name is Ejiri Masato

Marika: You are as beautiful as a flower

Ejiri: The party .... everyone was very pleased with the party // Especially the bouquet as souvenir was very favorable to the guests ...

Tetsuya: It was her idea

Ejiri: Thank you
Marika: It's nothing, really

Satsuki: AHH--- // I should have asked for his autograph // I'm becoming his fan more and more

Tetsuya: Let's go

Marika: This is a dream ...

Tetsuya: Does she likes him that much
Marika: Under Tetsuya-san's wings ...

Marika: Right now ... // I feel like flying to the sunny skies

Satsuki: Seriously !?

Satsuki: Yes // Yes, of course // Thank you very much

Satsuki: Where's Tetsuya!??

Kotaro: ? // Tetsu-chan is on maintaining with Marika-chan
Satsuki: Why it has to be now

Mizuno residence
Old man: The garden has become so wonderful

Old man: Kerria in spring // Azaleas in summer // A colorful autumn // Chloranthaceae in winter

Old man: And in early summer // The smell of Daphne odora ... // Just like when my wife was still here

Old man: Thank you! Tetsu-chan // My grandchildren can also play in the garden
Tetsuya: This garden is now completely yours, Mizuno-san

Tetsuya: In japanese, the word "family" is written as "house" and "garden", you know? // A garden ... is not just a space

Tetsuya: It's a place to look after, to raise, to love and to teach your beloved one important things

Tetsuya: I'm glad that Mizuno-san is still healthy

Marika: At present // My garden is inside my apartment, I have pakki and ben-chan
Benjamin's Fig & Pachira
Tetsuya: That's different // Hahaha

Tetsuya: I'm driving
Satsuki: Tetsuya! come back quick, now

Tetsuya: He // Hello // Customer ?
Naoki: Nice to meet you!

Tetsuya: Ka
Card: Style on Green // Interior Designer // Kajiwara Naoki

Tetsuya: Kajiwara Naoki~~~~!??

Satsuka: Tetsuya, don't say it loudly

Marika: Ka // Kajiwara-san?

Gen: He's a famous interior designer, you know
Bun: He collaborates modern with green, he's the golden kid of this era // He wants our Tetsu-chan to become his green designer! // He's been chosen from many candidates

Naoki: So, that's my purpose here, Ogikura-kun // I want you to join me
Tetsuya: We can hear everything, Gen-san // Okay

Naoki: You are pretty // What's your name?
Marika: Fu ... // Fujisawa Marika

Tetsuya: C'mon, let's go! // We need to hurry, right!? Kajiwara-san // She replied immediately
Naoki: Ah

Kotaro: That man is dangerous // No, not our madonna
Marika: ............. Ehmmm ...
Satsuki: He likes young girls?

Satsuki: You know the construction work at the coast? // Kajiwara-san is in charge for some areas of it // Like big café and others // And he entrusts the green coordinator job to Tetsuya-san

Satsuki: If this project is successful // It will open Tetsuya's path

Marika: HEAVEN is a small office // It's a shame to let his talent get buried // That's what Satsuki-san said
Marika: SIGHHH~~~

Kotaro: That's one big sigh, Marika-chan
Marika: Ah, no // I - I'm sorry

Since that time, Tetsuya-san devotes himself to the job there // We don't even get to see each other at the office

Marika: I have to work harder

Marika: To fill Tetsuya-san's part // I don't want to become a burden to everyone else

Old lady: This is a beautiful plant arrangement Marika-chan
Marika: Really?

Old lady: Feels like spring, very pretty // Bright yellow

Old lady: I'll ask you again
Marika: Thank you

Marika: The next time we meet // I'll show him that I have improved
Tetsuya: You're good
For example // Who's this guy? -->

Satsuki: Tea // Jasmine-chan
Marika: Waa // Satsuki-san

Satsuki: Do you feel lonely without that nagging guy?

Marika: Yes, lonely

Marika: Tea, the tea

Marika: She has the same scent like Tetsuya-san

Marika: Scent of sunshine ...

Marika: Scent of plants ...

Marika: Eh? // Huh? // ?

Satsuki: What's wrong? Jasmine-chan, your face is all red
Sign: Stiff

Marika: What ... // What's with me?
Marika: I .....?

Marika: Want to see him!

Tetsuya: .......... I'm shocked

Tetsuya: ........... You'll catch a cold // Even if you're in a greenhouse // Ooooiii

Tetsuya: I'll bite you!

Tetsuya: Blistered hand

Satsuki: Ow, Tetsuya! You're back !?

Tetsuya: That "Hen and chicks" in the green house // I asked Gen-san to send it // I have to get back to my office there right away

Satsuki: Eh Eeehhh? // Tetsuya? // Hen and chicks ?

Tetsuya: I know you can!

Next morning
Marika: EEEHHHHH!?

Marika: Te // Tetsuya-san // He came back last night? // I didn't know ...
Satsuki: Yep! // Just for a while

Satsuki: And now, this! // Jasmine-chan, want to try it?
Book: Request // Construction

Satsuki: It's on the rooftop of a small building at Yamamoto street // The new owner feels a little bit pity if it's neglected // A beautiful mini garden

Marika: It's in here ...?

Marika: Kyaa // The wind

Marika: UWAAAA // Looks as if it's swallowed by the skies! // What, what is this // Sky garden

Marika: Roses!? // Now is flowering season but the flowers are so few?

Marika: The soil is barren!!

Marika: White!? // Mo... // Mold!?

Marika: I promise you ... // I will safe you

Kotaro: Apply the medicine underside the leaf
Book: Roses

Marika: Summer has passed // Autumn is coming

Marika: Tetsuya-san is working at the coastland // The build of a mall called TREASURES is completed

Satsuki: Tetsuya
Bun: Te - Tetsu-chan!?
Kotaro: When - when did you come?

Tetsuya: Before the opening // I want to show it first to everyone in HEAVEN // I already got permission from Kajiwara-san // Hop in // We'll use the van

Eyes like seeing a long lost child
Tetsuya: Don't glare at me

Marika: It's // It's really you

Tetsuya: Yoooo
Marika: Yo // Yo // Yo // Yo // Yooo

Marika: I'm // I'm so nervous, I can't speak well

Tetsuya: Now behold!

Tetsuya: This is TREASURES!

Marika: Display of plants! // Born between glasses and metals // Just like a meadow

Tetsuya: Walk on it

Marika: I // I feel like floating!

Marika: The sense of stepping on grass and the knowledge that there's a gap between // An indescribable feeling of floating

Marika: Amazing!

Tetsuya: Of course!

Satsuki: Learn some humility
All: Ahahaha

At that time, we have 100% confidence on him

All: Te // Tetsu-chan is going to New York!?

Satsuki: Kajiwara-san is about to move his base to N.Y // And he asked Tetsuya-san to come into his team as a partner

All: That // That's great! Tetsu-chan!! // That's my boy // This // This is a rare opportunity
Tetsuya: Ouch

All: You're finally getting close to reach your dream!

Marika: I have no strength ...

Marika: Why ... why do I feel pain on my chest ?

Marika: I can't tell him that I feel lonely

Tetsuya: Hey // Turn right // We're going to Mizuno-san's house next, don't you remember!?

Marika: Just follow me, please!

Marika: Hurry up!
Tetsuya: What are you up to?

Tetsuya: Full blown roses reaching for the skies ...

Tetsuya: This // This is your work? // It's rather sloppy
Marika: Yes it is! // I gave it the best I can

Marika: Just // Just leave it to me // Do not worry ...
This is my treasures // Everything that Tetsuya-san has taught me ...

Marika: Good // Good luck over there ! // I'm cheering on you

Tetsuya: I'm not going anywhere! // Sorry for ruining your moment

Tetsuya: HEAVEN is my dream! // With these hands, I will make it into japan's no.1 office!

Tetsuya: Come with me!

Tetsuya: I want you to dream with me!

No text

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