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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 34

Invitation to Campus Festival


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 34

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 34
"Invitation to Campus Festival"

Aiko: Onii-chan, you have prep. school today? // Study well
Suimei: Yup

Haru: Aiko-chan, practice is about to begin
Suimei: Cute moves
Aiko: This is for the games, I'll show you when you get back

Suimei: See you later
Haru: .......

Haru: Ah ... Suimei-san

Haru: There's a festival on my campus next sunday ... // You are applying for my uni right, Suimei-san?
Suimei: Yes?

Haru: Would you like to come?

Sign: Ryouen Prep. School
SFX: Ding doooo....ng

Suimei: Morning

Kenta: You look happy
Shibuya: Yoo, are you free next sunday? // Maki wants to go to the festival on Futatsubashi Uni

Suimei: Aahh, I'll pass

Kenta: Do you have a rendezvous with a girl?
Shibuya: Mh!
Makiko: Self-image ...

Suimei: If I tell Shibuya and the others that I go to Haru's place ...
Shibuya: That boobies-chan!? // Take me with you!
Kenta: Take me too

Shibuya/Makiko: Looks fishy
Suimei: ........

Sign: 74th Cosmos Festival

Sign-Robot: ASHIMO
Sign-Left: Frankfurter
???: Come come

Shibuya: What's wrong Suimei? You doesn't look happy?
Makiko: This uni looks quite big
Kenta: Yup
Suimei: ........

Shibuya: Don't you want to borrow our notes anymore?
Suimei: EGHH!
Kenta: Spit it out!

Suimei: I was forced to open my mouth at the end ...

Sign-Right: Cinema Studies Club
Shibuya: Let's hurry up
Haru: Ah ...... Suimei-saaa~~~n

Haru: Over here
Sign: Ukulele Lovers Club // Takoyaki // It's yummy // Takoyaki // 300 Yen

Suimei: Ah...
Shibuya: Haru-chaaa~~~n

Haru: !

Suimei: I'm sorry, I didn't tell you that I bring some friends ...
Shibuya: It's been a long time, do you remember me?
Haru: Eh ... don't worry, the more the merrier

Suimei: I ..... I see
Haru: ....... That's what people say

Girl: Eeehhh~ seriously!?

Girl: Where!? Sakuragi-sempai's boyfriend

Haru: I told you, he's a friend at my work!!
Girl: Heee!?

Girl: But this is the first time you bring a guy with you // Admit it
Haru: You are wrong

Shibuya: Friend, she said
Suimei: ... just leave me
Haru: AH

Haru: Aahhhh~~~ !
Girl: Sempai, that's an old trick ... // You should think more to distract us ...

Girl: Waaa~~

Girl: All burnt
Haru: Geeezz, because you were all away!

Girl: ... Sempai, what should we do with these?
Haru: It will be our lunch!

Girl: EEHHHH~~!?
Haru: We can't throw it away!

Haru: It just need some sauce...
Girl: Sem ... sempai!?

Haru: It's safe!
Suimei: Gigle

Haru: Ah // Seaweed

Haru: I'm sorry, I can't leave this place for now ...
Suimei: No, it's okay // I'm going to look around
Haru: Sorry // At least take this with you ...

Shibuya: Aahhmm

Shibuya: Though I was hoping that Haru-chan could guide us // chomp chomp
Suimei: Don't eat it all!
Girl: Excuse me

Girl: Western Club Cafe "Lemon Grass" // Please come visit us

Suimei/Shibuya: YES // We'll come
Girl: We're at pedagogy section 3rd floor

Suimei: ?
Shibuya: I wish you could guide us
Girl: Ah // You are not from our uni?

Girl: Which uni do you come from? // Presumption!

Makiko: It's not that she meant harm to you guys
Suimei: We couldn't say that we're ronin ...

Kenta: Say cheese

Sign: Stuffed Toy Club

Suimei: Kenta really has talent for such thing
Kenta: You two are applying for this uni? Great isn't it, lots of courses here
Girl: Yup
Shibuya: Though he's normally just daydreaming all the time

Girl: Are you studying at this uni?
Kenta: Eh? // No, I'm not ...

Girl: Then you're from other uni?
Kenta: Well, I'm ...
Girl: From which uni? Wait wait! Let me guess
Kenta: Ah, I have to go
Shibuya: What a torture ..

Girl: ? // What's with him?

Suimei: I guess it's forbidden for a ronin to have some fun
Makiko: Cut it off! Just forget about it!! // You are irritating!

Makiko: Hey, look! // Looks interesting
Sign: How many can be broken game SHOW // Karate Club, put your bet, how many can be broken

Guy: Oh

Makiko: Wooow // Can they really break this much?

Guy: What do you think? If I can break it, you'll buy me free meal for a month
Guy: Good luck!
Makiko: But I'm not from this uni

Guy: Other uni? ... No, highschool perhaps?
Makiko: Almost

Guy: Ah

Guy: You are a ronin

Makiko: ... Fuuun, do I look like one?
Guy: Ah, no no, I was joking

Guy: There's no way a ronin would come to this place

Makiko: Problem ...?
Guy: No ...

Guy: Idiot!
Guy: Mh // Black panties instead of black belt ...

Boy/Girl: Kyaa // Kyaa

Makiko: Next year for sure, we're going to pass ...
Suimei/Kenta: Nod nod
SFX: beeep
Operator: ...To all attendances, miss contest will begin soon ...

Kenta: Shibuya ...?
Shibuya: We're already here at the festival, being gloomy won't bring anything

Shibuya: ... That's what I think // Let's forget everything and have fun for today!

Kenta: Shibuya ...
Operator: Miss contest will be held at the auditorium

Operator: Miss contest will be held ........
Shibuya: See you
Suimei: .......

Suimei: ... Well

Suimei: I think he's right
Makiko: Indeed
Kenta: Let us go too

Sign: Miss Contest

Kenta: This is art
Suimei: Yup, this is art
Makiko: Idiots

Sign: Rugby Soup
Guy: Thank you
Makiko: Ah, no ...
Suimei: What in the world is in here ...
Kenta: Eat it quick
Shibuya: You eat it ...

Sign: Literature Department // 203 Classrooms

Shibuya: Where should we go next?
Makoki: I want to see the flea market
Kenta: I'll just hang around ...

Suimei: I want to know how Haru-chan is doing right now ....
Shibuya: Time to split up!
Makiko: Let's do that
Kenta: 5 o'clock at the school gate then

Suimei: I'm here because she invited me .... // ......... // Okay

Suimei: Hey guys, I need to go to Haru-chan .......

Suimei: Heh

Haru: Wanna take a short break now?

Girl: Ah, Sempai

Haru: Suimei-san // You're alone?
Suimei: I got separated ...

Haru: Geeezz, you're not a little kid anymore
Girls: Ahahahaha

Haru: .......

Haru: You come at the right time

Haru: Want to look around with me? // I'll escort you

Suimei: Can I? // And your stand?
Haru: Yep, we have time until evening ...

Girls: Take your time // And good luck

Haru: Stop it or you're going to feel it from me later
Girls: Yeah yeah

Haru: I wonder whether the children are going to like this
Poster: clothing and accessories // Flea Market
Makiko: Make it cheaper!
Guy: It costs only 100 yen ...

Board: SFX Club // Hounted House

Poster: Parapsyc // You // Unusual
Suimei: ... I'm thirsty
Haru: Let's go to the cafe upstair
Poster: 3F // Cafe // Lemongrass
Poster: Come ! // Club
Poster: Literature Department 3F

Haru: ... How 'bout if we go to literature building next ? // They have an interesting classroom there

Suimei: ......

Haru: What's wrong?
Suimei: Ah ... nothing ...

Suimei: Haru-chan, you know this uni in and out // I thought you don't need to go to uni for distance learning

Haru: Eh ... well ... // You see ...
Girl: Here comes your order

Girl: Black tea and cheese cake // Ah ...
Haru: Hou...

Girl: So you actually come // I'm so happy
Suimei: Ah, the flier ...

Girl: Is it because you want to see me again?
Suimei: Ahaha ...

Suimei: !

Girl: Take your time

Haru: I've finished!

Suimei: You got me wrong, she only handed me the flier ...
Haru: I've heard everything, I know what's going on!
SFX: ring ring ring

Suimei: ~~~~~
SFX: Beep
Haru: Hello ?

Haru: Geez // What is it?
Girl: Sempai ... // We counted our sales for today ......

Haru: ... Only this much ...? // We can't profit with these ...
Girl: We ... maybe we went too far at giving discount during noon ....... // We sold one for 100 yen ...

Haru: Though we already made a resolve to make profit this year ...
Toki: Don't give up!

Girl: Toki-sempai?
Toki: We still have a trump!

Toki: Seduction, Mission Aloha!

Girls: It's cold
Haru: Are you sure about this ...?

Toki: Perfect! // Kyaaa
Haru: Hggnn ..

Girls: Have some takoyaki
Haru: Takoyaki // Takoyaki // Yum yum takoyaki

Suimei: Hee, they're good ..
Toki: Hey romeo

Toki: Romeo, do something too
Suimei: Eh ...!?

Haru: Hey! // You're going too far!
Toki: But he looks so free
Suimei: .......

Haru: Have some takoyaki

Sign: Ukulele Lovers Club // Takoyaki // It's yummy
Toki: Ohhh yeah // Just like that

Girls: Just follow our moves // You're good, romeo
Toki: Keep it like that // Clap clap clap

Haru: You .... // Heeeyy, what do you make him do!!

Suimei: It's okay Haru-chan // This is my thanks for guiding me
Girl: He seems to agree with us

Girl: Wa
People: What's here? // They're playing ukulele // Dance
Girl: They're coming, They're coming!

Haru: Grill faster!

Sign: Sold out

All: To our success

Toki: We finally make profit
Girl: You did good romeo!

Haru: I'm very sorry
Girl: But your hula dance looks somehow familiar

Suimei: I learnt it from the children in kindergarten
Haru: For the sports festival?
Girls: Looks also familiar to me // Where did we see it before? // Ah

Girls: That's the dance when sempai was drunk a long time ago!

Suimei: Then, Haru-chan is naturally talented
All: Ahahahaha

Shibuya: You seem to have a lot of fun here
Suimei: Oh ...?

Suimei: Where were you ...
Shibuya: I'm the one who should ask that!
Girl: Don't bully romeo!

Girls: Are you okay? What a cruel friend you have
Suimei: He's actually a nice guy ...
Girls: You're still covering such a friend ... // You're so nice // ... Not like him ... // Weird long haired guy!

Shibuya: Youuu ! What did you do while I'm not around!?
Makiko: Say, what happened here?

Sign: Himawari Kindergarten
Haru: Good morning
Fumi: Morning
Kagurazaka: How was the festival?

Suimei/Haru: It was fun
Kagurazaka: So synchronize ...

Suimei: Distance learning doesn't look bad either
Kagurazaka: !

Kagurazaka: What, ronin still don't know about it
Haru: Waaaa
Suimei: ?

Kagurazaka: Haru graduated from junior college once!

Suimei: ? // !?
Haru: cough cough

Kagurazaka: She mistook pedagogy with social pedagogy
Fumi: Even if she were to graduate from social pedagogy, she wont get the license to teach // So she decided to take distance learning first

Haru: I hate you!
Noboru: Good morning
Kagurazaka: Morning
Suimei: I need to be careful too ...

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