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Heaven Company 3

+ posted by himadesu as translation on Sep 6, 2012 01:54 | Go to Heaven Company

-> RTS Page for Heaven Company 3

Reserved for Kiss-Scans

Chapter 3

No text

Marika: The arch of roses, reaching for the skies // The first time I saw it // I felt like "this must be heaven"

Marika: Kyaaaa

Collecting caterpillars

Tetsuya: You now have thicker skin

Marika: I would prefer if you say braver
Marika: I'm Fujisawa Marika, 20 years old. My dream is to become a green coordinator

Marika: This despicable guy is my superior, Tetsuya-san // He's the ace of the green office "HEAVEN"! He is our designer
Tetsuya: Hold it more firmly, you'll damage the leaves
Marika: Ah ... // Yes // I'm sorry

Marika: This beautiful rose garden is also one of his works

Marika: Roses are also pretty in autumn ...... // Even though it's not as brilliant like in spring // The flowers are peeking out from green leaves, so lovely

Cutting Twigs
Tetsuya: Dealing with the twigs is a tough job // Well, that's where the art is

Tetsuya: AHHHHH~~ // Wait, stop

Tetsuya: Put garden-lime for the allysum! // Allysum is an alkaline type

So close ....

Marika: Wa // Wa // Wa // Waaaa~~
SFX: Pour pour

Tetsuya: What a pain ...
Marika: I'm // I'm sorry

Marika: At this time, I feel ... weird

Tetsuya: Come with me
About a month ago

Marika: A kiss

Marika: I'm the only one who are nervous here // Not good // I feel like a fool ... // Uughhh~~

Marika: Tetsuya-san ...

Tetsuya: That's too much soil
Still as irritating as ever -->
Marika: I'm ... I'm sorry

Marika: Does he think it was just a dream?

Satsuki: Welcome back, Jasmine-chan, Tetsuya
Marika: This is HEAVEN's small office // A company that creates various kind of atmospheres using flowers and plants

Satsuki: Look // I baked you a pie with black olives and basil // And many more, herbs from the backyard
Marika: Satsuki-san is the company's head, she's Tetsuya-san's sister

Tetsuya: ... So free // Not exactly like you

Satsuski: Free you think, HUUUHH!? // Whose fault do you think this is?
Tetsuya: .......
Kotaro: Te ... Tetsu-chan

Satsuki: If only you took Kajiwara-san's offer to go to New York // Famous Designer // Our HEAVEN would have become a GRAND OFFICE // No ambition at all ... // That was a great business chance ...

Tetsuya: You know // I'm a greedy person

Tetsuya: The one I want is // To obtain success with my own hands!
Satsuki: Don't act cool while eating my pie

Marika: Tetsuya-san's dream is ...
Kotaro: Typical Tetsu-chan

Marika: ... this HEAVEN! // He wants to make it into Japan's no.1 office

Marika: I'm sorry // I'm sorry
Tetsuya: We are late // I can't believe it

Marika: I . I . I-I-I'm sorry // It's ... It's because I broke the pot that we're going to deliver
Tetsuya: Even a monkey can feel sorry // Don't do that again, not in the rest of your life, not even in afterlife
Marika: Also today, I got scolded

Alice beauty parlor

Tetsuya: I'm really sorry!

Alice: It's okay Tetsu-chan, it's okay // It's only 20 minutes
Tetsuya: No ... we have a deal // We promised you to deliver your order at your opening time
Alice: Waa // So pretty // The leaves are all curly

Marika: It's // It's called ficus benjamina barok!

Marika: We // We choose it because it can make your shop look more attractive // It // It can also help you to have a lively conversation with your customers

Alice: I like it! // Thank you // Help me again okay

Tetsuya: You got me worried for a moment // Well, it turned out good // You're a novice // But if it comes to the customers, you're also a professional // Have more confidence

Marika: Yes sir
Tetsuya: Just answer me normally

Marika: This rooftop garden // It's my first project

Guys: Yo // Tetsu-chan, Marika-chan // Nice job you did

Marika: Good afternoon // You guys are here

Guy: This is the place for me to relax // An oasis in the office

Guys: Okayyy // The sun is lowering // Oh, lunch break is over // See you again
Tetsuya: Have a good time

Marika: I'm so happy ...

Tetsuya: Get to work
Marika: Yes

Marika: Plants are a mystery // Their existence only is comforting // Bringing up the spirit

Tetsuya: Yeah, but // Plants never complain // So we have to protect them ...
Wiping the leaves

Marika: So kind // To the plants // Bufufu

SFX: Ring ring ring

Tetsuya: Hello!? // Sis? // I'm on maintaining
Satsuki: Tetsuya, come back now // Slam

Tetsuya: Wh // Why are you here Kajiwara-san!? // Aren't you in New York?
Marika: Flashy coat
Naoki: Long time no see, Tetsuya-kun // Wie geht's? // I'm off duty

Naoki: Today is not about me // I'm doing my friend's request! I want you to meet him // Nicolai

Nicolai: Tet ...ya?

Nicolai: Tettuuyaaaa // I want to meet you
Tetsuya/Marika: ? // ? // ? // ------------ wh!?

Satsuki: Bravo // Tetsuya, you win
Tetsuya: ?

Gen: Don't you know // There was a design competition recently, attended by several companies!
Marika: Eeh // Eeh
Kotaro: The competition was arranged by the designer Nicolai Bergmann himself!
Bun: The design from Tetsu-chan was in high favour // That's my boy

Tetsuya: Ni ... Nicolai Bergmann // San
Nicolai: Richtig // Ich bin Nicolai // Let's work together

Marika: Uwaa // Uwaa // Fantastic ...

Naoki: You're so beautiful like ever // Angel-chan
Marika: No // Well // My name is Marika
Nicolai: Hübsche Japanerin

Tetsuya: Let's talk about work now! Nicolai-san // 2F is the reception room // They've gone too far
Naoki: Heh, me too?

Kotaro: They are beasts
Bun: No, not our madonna
Satsuki: Everyone are just the same // ... Always on young girls

Satsuki: Hnnnnn // So, about the project this time // It's the grand opening of Nicolai-san's shop in japan // The medias are already making a fuss about it // It's the debut exhibition! The theme is "future courtyard" // The colaboration between artistic design with green
Nicolai is a chair designer

Satsuki: Well // This is a challenge even for Tetsuya

Marika: The future of HEAVEN // Is Tetsuya-san's dream

Marika: Tell me // Why did you choose to become a green coordinator? // You always said this is a plain job
Tetsuya: Hah!?
Marika: Tetsuya-san should be able do almost everything with his talent

Tetsuya: Because I like it! // The plants ...

Marika: I see

Marika: To cath up with you // Is my wish ...

Kawamura Residence
Marika: Waa.. // So pretty ...

Marika: This place has become a relaxing garden // The passing breeze // The falling sunlight // Flowers are blooming all over the year ...

Kawamura: Working in the garden is so fun lately // Thanks to you guys // I think I'm in love with gardening

Kawamura: And you know what ... // Whisper whisper
Marika: Eeehhhh // That's wonderful
Tetsuya: ? // ? // ?

Tetsuya: What were you secretly talking about ?
Marika: Ehehehe

Marika: About Kawamura-san // There's a garden she always passes by and one day she said to the owner "what a beautiful hydrangeas" ... // The man gave her some stems to be planted in her garden and the flowers were blossoming too ...

Marika: After that they went out for a date // They are getting married next year // Isn't that great!? Tell me it's great // Kyaaa // Kyaaa // Kyaaa
Tetsuya: Shut up

Marika: Flowers and plants ... // They can bring a lovely encounter // The bridge between two people

Marika: Also for me and Tetsuya-san // We happened to meet because of the arc of roses

Marika: Somehow // ... I feel embarrassed
Tetsuya: About what?

Mid October XXXX

Satsuki: These are requests for the end of this year // We're going to get busy from now // I want you all to stand firm! // Fu fun

Satsuki: We're going to need 120 poinsettia and 40 goldcrest for Christmas // All to be sent in November
Goldcrest is a subtitute to fir tree in the household
Satsuki: We also have 4 requests for garden illumination and then ...
Marika: Th - th - that // That's a lot
Kotaro: Ou // Leave it to us

Marika: Yes // I'll do my best!

Tetsuya: Good response
Satsuki: Ow, Tetsuya // You're back?
Bun: Tetsu-chan!

Tetsuya: I just want to take some documents // I'm going to meet Nicolai now // Sorry for leaving // I'll help you later

Marika: I ... // I wish you good luck!

Tetsuya: Got that!
Marika: Me too ...

Marika: I'll do what I can ...

Satsuki: Ah // Yes // Yes! Of course // I understand! // Thank you very much
Kotaro/Bun: ?

Satsuki: Wait! // Tetsuya // Don't go
Tetsuya: ?

Satsuki: There's a request from Ritz Hotel! // That first class hotel is asking us to make decoration for christmas

Bun: Hurrah! Tetsu-chan // Awesome
Tetsuya: Ouch
Kotaro: A big catch! // Time to show what we can
Marika: Let's do it!

Satsuki: Oh dear // The date ... // Only 2 days after Nicolai-san's // Can we?
Kotaro: Aaahh // Tetsu-chan
Marika: Tetsuya-san

Marika: Christmas tree?

Tetsuya: That's right! // I prefer the conventional one to the exotic one // But HEAVEN's characteristic must come upfront

Kotaro: A living tree // We must find a very big fir tree
Bun: Yep, the real one is better! // Looks more elegant

Marika: I want to see a snowy tree // Must be romantic

Marika: Ah // I'm talking about white christmas // I mean, it would make me happy if it snows on christmas // I - I'm sorry

Tetsuya: Intuition is important!

Tetsuya: Flashy colors are much rarer than white color in nature

Tetsuya: Gen-san //Order some cottons too! // And the design ... // Bring me more ideas
Kotaro: Ou // Don't worry
Nature cotton is to be used as snow

Kotaro: Good job
Gen: You did good Marika-chan // You are one of HEAVEN indeed

Kotaro: She's crying
Bun: So cute
Gen: Ahaha
Deeply moved

Marika: It's so late already! // If only I did the preparations in the early morning

Marika: The office light is still on // Must be Tetsuya-san ...

Marika: You can do it

Marika: Wa //Wa

Tetsuya: Yoo

Marika: Yo // Yo // Yo // Yoo

Tetsuya: Give me your hand

Marika: Waaa // So cute // So small

Tetsuya: Baby tears // The smallest flower in the world

Tetsuya: Pretty just like you

Marika: I // I'll be leaving now!
Tetsuya: Okay! // Be careful
Marika: Painful

Marika: Distressing ... // I want to shout out loud!

Marika: I'm the only one in love ... I hate it

Marika: Good morning
Kotaro: Morning Marika-chan
Satsuki: Hi

Marika: Eh?? Where's Tetsuya-san? // Is he late?

Satsuki: The devil is getting sunstroke // He's sleeping upstair // He caught a cold

Tetsuya: Cough cough

Marika: Looks bad // He always works over the limit ...

Marika: Hot ...?

Marika: ...... Fever ... quite high ...

Tetsuya: UWAAA // You !?

Marika: Chance ... // Right now, I can win over him

Tetsuya: Get out! // You'll get infected ... // Go back to your work now

Marika: Here ... // I made you some porridge! // Eat some and get better soon!

Tetsuya: ... Smells like mint
Marika: I couldn't find any spring onion, so I used some mint from the garden instead

Tetsuya: Wow ... // Tastes good

Tetsuya: I'm better now!

Marika: Wh // Where are you going!? // In that condition
Tetsuya: Maintaining! // I have 4 appointments this afternoon

Marika: I'll go ! // What do you think you are doing in that condition

Marika: Tetsuya-san // You just take care of your health!

Tetsuya: She gets a lot stronger ...

Marika: It's dark already

Marika: Tetsuya-san!?

Tetsuya: This is for tomorrow ... // We have to make the delivery

Marika: I understand! // Tell me what to do // I'll help you
Tetsuya: You ...

Bun: Tetsu-chan! // Don't forget about us

Tetsuya: Ou! // I'm not alone

Tetsuya: We are HEAVEN!

10th December, "Future Courtyard" is completed!
Nicolai Bergmann's Exhibition

Marika: Uwaaa...

Marika: Rows of plants on concrete walls!

Marika: A wonder ... // The scenes are never the same // Like once a wasted world, now filled with colors ...

Marika: Incredible!!

Tetsuya: Of course!

Nicolai: Bravoo~~ // Tetsuya, wunderbar // My chairs look more magnificent
Tetsuya: Hiii----

2 days later
Installation of the tree
Like the works behind the scene, we're working in the midnight ...
Ritz Hotel

Marika: I feel like a santa

Marika: A dark green fir tree // Cotton snow

Marika: Lots of white flowers // Pearls

Marika: World of silvery white ...

Marika: Do you think the people will get surprised when they wake up!?
Tetsuya: Who knows ...

Girl: Soo beautiful ! Like in the winter forest

Kotaro: We did it! // That's my boy
Satsuki: Kyaaa, a big success
Marika: Amazing sensation!

Tetsuya: Let's go!
Marika: Eh // EEhh!? // Where to!?

Gen: He he
Satsuki: Christmas time
Bun: You can do it, boy
Marika: Eehhhh!?

Marika: The arch of roses!?

Tetsuya: This is your tree! // Now look

You are the one ... // The place I found my dream

Marika: ... Tetsuya-san ... // I love you // hic

Tetsuya: Gah // Don't say it before me
Marika: sob

Tetsuya: I love you!

Marika: You are here // This is my HEAVEN!

Heaven Company - End

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