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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 35

Go, Fight, Win


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 35

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 35
Go, Fight, Win

SFX: pow // po - pow
Sign: Himawari Kindergarten - Sport Festival --> // Park

SFX: Waaaa

Kana: Mikan-chan is so amazing
Girl: No one can beat Mikan-chan in sprinting // I'm glad I don't have to race against her
SFX: Waa // Waa

Sakurako: Well

Sakurako: Maybe I can win against her

Girl: Are you good at running, Sakurako-chan?
Sakurako: I'm wearing new shoes today

Sakurako: Besides
Yukiharu: sakurako-chan

Yukiharu: Good luck

Sakurako: Yukiharu ... ... yep
Aiko: Aiko too // Aiko too

Girl: Who is he? // Your brother?
Sakurako: Eh? HE'S ... well ... geezz, it's embarrassing // Ufufu
Haru: Stay behind the line

Girl: Aaahhh~~, that's why // You're so hyped-up
Haru: Hey
Sakurako: You ..... you're wrong

SFX: glance

Yuko: Get set! // Ready ...
Sakurako: Okay
Haru: Stay still
SFX: Waa // Waa

Suimei: Bweggh

Aiko: Onii-chan
Girl: I ... I never knew that Aiko-chan is that fast

Suimei: Congrats, here
Aiko: Ehehehe
SFX: clap clap clap

SFX: clap clap

Yukiharu: Bravo, you get 2nd place! // Congrats

Suimei: Sakurako-chan // Silver medal for you

Sakurako: !
Medal: Silver // Himawari Kindergarten

Aiko: Don't give anything except to Aiko

Sakurako: I don't need this thing!
SFX: Clack

Aiko: Geezz // Onii-chan gave you this!

SFX: Turn ... // Stare

Sakurako: Humph

SFX: Turn
Sakurako: I won't lose again

Aiko: She's scary // Maybe she's hungry?
Suimei: I don't think so
SFX: tap tap tap

SFX: Flip
Board: Red(12) // White(10)

Giant Ball Race
SFX: Boin

Aiko: C'mon
Chitan: Hurry hurry

Sakurako: Over here
Chitan: Hurry

SFX: Booiiinn
Boy: Heeyaaa
SFX: Catch

Aiko: Stooop
Sakurako: Smile

Sakurako: I win! // Keep going // Keep going

SFX: Turn ...
Sakurako: Hup

SFX: Wahahahaha // dadada----
Aiko: Go go go

Sakurako: Wa // Wa
SFX: screeeeech

Chitan: Ah, hey!
Aiko: Mahiru-chan

Sakurako: Chance

Chitan: Hey, Mahiru!
Aiko: Come back

SFX: Booiiin

Sakurako: This is a harsh game ... // Hmph

SFX: Phweet

Aiko: Huh?
Chitan: Yuhuu!

Sakurako: Next one for sure!

Ball-Toss Game
Aiko: Wait up

Sakurako: Ryuu-kun

Ryuu: What is it? Sakurako-chan
Sakurako: You know, I have a plan to make our white team win

Ryuu: What, what?

Suimei: Waa...

Suimei: Aaaahhh~~~!

Sakurako: I win ...

Aiko: Are you okay? Onii-chan
Suimei: Yup

Suimei: Hey hey hey

Sakurako: Next ...... next one for sure!

Centipede Race
Sakurako: Next one

Sakurako: Next one .....
Three-Legged Race

Sakurako: Next one for sure!
SFX: Phweeett

Kagurazaka: Break time, the first half of the game is over

Yukiharu: Here, Sakurako-chan // You did well

Sakurako: Thank you

Children: Eh? Seriously? She's dating with an elementary school boy?

Children: Sakurako-chan, do you really have a boyfriend from elementary school?
Sakurako: Eh? // Yup .....

Girl: Awesome
Chitan: Whoo~

Girl: Unbelievable // What grade are you in?
Girl: Grown up
Boy: Fo - Food?
SFX: Wai // Wai // Wai

Sakurako: Ehehe // Munch

Girl: But

Girl: Aiko-chan is dating with Suimei-sensei, isn't that more amazing?

Atsushi: ... Are you sure about Suimei? // The boy is better
Girl: You think so?
Ryuu: But he's a teacher, you know?

Children: I think Sakurako is better // Aiko-chan is better // I choose Haru-chan! // I really think Aiko-chan is better

Atsushi: You are also in white group, why do you take side with Aiko?
Girl: What?
Chitan: That makes our win

Yukiharu: .......

Yukiharu: Wow, dating with a teacher, that's amazing

Girl: See~~! I told you Aiko-chan is better // The boy himself said that
Atsushi: Damn

Sakurako: Yukiharu you fool! // You made me lose again to Aiko-chan
Yukiharu: EH? // Eh?

Yukiharu: But you are always the number one to me, Sakurako-chan

Sakurako: Uh // Uh

Yukiharu: ?
Gathering time

Sakurako: Gaaa~~! // Yukiharu you fool!

Paper: Treasure // Gentleness

Sakurako: All I want is ...

Kisaragi: Tie game ... // AH

Sakurako: To be the best in front of Yukiharu!

Board: Red(32) // White(32)
Kagurazaka: Whoo!? It's a draw

Kagurazaka: So everyone! Thank you for today, now we finally come to our last game!

Kagurazaka: The teachers will be joining the team, we will have a relay race!

Sakurako: Last one ...! // Grip

Aiko: Geee~~ // Why Aiko and Onii-chan are in different team?
Kagurazaka: Sorry // We have to consider about fairness .......
Suimei: We have decided it with this backpack ...
A handycap

Aiko: Aiko and onii-chan are one soul and one body
Kagurazaka: Stop talking nonsense ...
Suimei: Ahaha ...

Sakurako: Suimei-sensei!
Suimei: !

Sakurako: Don't slack off just because you're not in a team with Aiko-chan!
Suimei: Ba-dump

Sakurako: Do you get me?

Suimei: C'mon, there's no way I would do that ...

Sakurako: Pinky swear!
Suimei: ... Okay // You don't trust me, huh

Yuko: Get set

SAkurako: This time for sure ...

Sakurako: I'll be the number one!
SFX: Pang

Sakurako: Gooo~! Don't lose

Aiko: Don't lose either

Sakurako: Hurry up, hurry up!
Aiko: Hang on

Sakurako: YEEESS

SFX: thud

Suimei: Hoo~, you are fast

Suimei: You can do it // Both of you

Aiko: Yaa~~Y
SFX: dadadada

Sakurako: ~~~~~

Sakurako: ......

Sakurako: In this case ...
SFX: toss // Slide

SFX: clench...

SFX: splash

SFX: Chatter ... // Clack!

Boy: Are ...... are you okay? Sakurako-chan // I'm sorry, I dropped my baton and you stepped on it

Sakurako: Guuhh ... // Whaaaa~~
Boy: I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Sakurako: I lose again ...

Yukiharu: ... Are you giving up?

Sakurako: Yukiharu...

SFX: Clap clap clap // Pass

SFX: Clap clap clap

SFX: Turn // Tap tap tap
Yukiharu: !

Sakurako: ... I'm sorry, I lost ... // I wanted you to see me becoming the best ...

Yukiharu: You are the best ......

Yukiharu: You already gave the best you can, that's what I like from you the most

Yukiharu: !

Sakurako: Go Suimei-sensei, goo~~!

Haru: Haa
Suimei: Sorry

Sakurako: Great, this is great, we'll get first place Suimei-sensei!
Aiko: Just keep it like that!

Aiko: Onii-chan

Sakurako: Aiko-chan ...? // Suimei-sensei is in my group, you know?
Aiko: Yup, I know!

Sakurako: You'll lose if Suimei-sensei win, you know?
Aiko: Yup, I know

Sakurako: ....... Are you fine with that?

Aiko: You see

Aiko: The best thing to me is if onii-chan becomes the best

Sakurako: .....Eh?

Sakurako: I ... that means ...

Sakurako: I was just a fool
Yukiharu: Sakurako-chan?

Yukiharu: Ah, Sakurako-chan, look!
Sakurako: !

Sakurako: .....
Suimei: We won Sakurako-chan // See
Chitan: Suimei you fool

Sakurako: Yep, I lost
Suimei: ?

Aiko: Congrats, onii-chan
Boy: Why are you so happy over losing?
Sakurako: There's no way I can win
Haru: Quiz show

No text

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