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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 36

A Drab Competition


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 36

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Sanada: Hop

Aiko: Dum dum
Sanada: !

Aiko: Five little ducks went out one day // La la la

Sanada: Good morning Aiko-chan // Going to school ?
Aiko: Ah // Baker onii-san, good morning

Sanada: By the way, do you want to come to my shop after school? // I need you to try the new cake I'm about to bake
Aiko: I found acorns

Aiko: I'll give it to onii-chan // Hehehe
Sadana: Tch // !
SFX: Vrooomm

Aiko: See you, onii-san

Sanada: A ...... // Aiko-cha ...

Chapter 36
A Drab Competition (lit.: Comparing Acorns)

SFX: spin spin
Sanada: Safe // Ho ...

Sanada: Hey, watch out // Are you okay? Aiko-chan
SFX: Vrooo~~m

Aiko: Yup, I'm fine // Ouch

Sanada: You're bleeding ... are you okay!? Is it hurt? Ah ... you're hurt ... // What should I do? // Oh my oh my
Aiko: Calm down, onii-san

Suimei: Ouch

Kana: Don't move around Suimei-sensei
Girl: So cute
Suimei: Ah

Suimei: Say, Aiko-chan hasn't come yet?
Kagurazaka: ... Nope, not yet

Suimei: Not yet, huh ... // Aren't you worried? She usually comes right after the school is opened ....... // Shouldn't we call her parents ?
Kagurazaka: Don't make it sounds like you're the only one who's worried
Haru: nod nod

SFX: twist twist

Aiko: Good morning

Suimei: That's Aiko-chan // I'll go to the door!
Haru: Is he that worried so he doesn't realize what happened to his hair?

Aiko: We're here
Sanada: Finally

Aiko: Ah, Onii-cha ... // Weird hairstyle

Suimei: Are you okay!? Aiko-chan

Suimei: What's with this wound ...? // What's happened? I was so worried
Aiko: !

Aiko: Ehehehe
Suimei: Aiko-chan!?

Aiko: I'm fine, onii-san gave me some treatment
Suimei: Nng
Sanada: Hello

Suimei: This guy again ...

Suimei: ... Are you sure you're fine?

Suimei: I see // And then you carried her to the school ...

Suimei: That must have troubled you a lot
Sanada: Troubled? // Not at all, Aiko-chan is cute after all

Sanada: If you're worried // How 'bout if I take her to school everyday?
Suimei: No thanks!
Aiko: Yo...
Looks like the most top is the best place

SFX: plonk

Aiko: Ehehehhe
Sanada: Ehehehe

Suimei: None of his business! // Geee...

Suimei: This guy is indeed suspicious! // So // Aiko-chan, go to the classroom, everyone is waiting // Onii-san must have works to do

Sanada: I still have time before my shop opens, there's no need to worry
Suimei: Just go home already!

Sanada: By the way, I'm Sanada // I don't want to be called onii-san by you

Suimei: Then // Say good bye to Sanada-san
Aiko: Noo~, let's play together

Sanada: Really? // Well, if you insist
Suimei: This guy

Atsushi: Hooo~

Atsushi: Who is he?
Girl: Ahh~, Mr. Baker
Suimei: Now they're here

Suimei: Listen, the other children are bothered ...

Suimei: ~~~~~~!
Sanada: You know, I'm making a new cake today, do you want to come and try it?
Aiko: I'll come, I'll come

SFX: Drool ...
Atsushi: Heee, cake shop
Aiko: It's delicious
Sanada: Nice to meet you

Suimei: Daaa~~!
Atsushi: Whoo // So high!
Suimei: Will you just leave already! // I'm busy here

Aiko: Onii-chan, you're scary
Suimei: ..... heh?

Suimei: Did I? I'm sorry
Atsushi: Again
Aiko: Geez // Don't make such a scary face

Sanada: Giggle giggle
Suimei: Damn ...

Haru: Children, why are you gathering at the front door?
SFX: Jolt ...

Haru: It's time to ........ ow
Sanada: Shock
Kagurazaka: Hey

Haru: Who might our guest be?

Suimei: Aiko-chan got hurt and he carried her here
Kisaragi: Whoo, handsome guy
Kagurazaka: He owns a cake shop around here
Haru: That's very nice of you
Sanada: Sensei! Sensei!

Sanada: I think I'll leave now, I have to go back to my shop

Suimei: Huh? So sudden ... // I don't mind though
Haru: Oh // You are leaving? How about some tea first?
Sanada: Ah ...... no .......

Suimei: ... Finally, he's leaving ...

Kagurazaka: Then, to show our gratitude, how about if we order some cakes // For snacks
Children: Yaaay
Suimei: Eh...

Aiko: Yaay

Sanada: So ... Soo, I'll deliver the cakes to you later
Suimei: What!?

Suimei: No no, we can't trouble you anymore! I'll take the cakes
Sanada: Don't worry // I'm not troubled at all

Kagurazaka: We're counting on you! // We have our hands full here
Suimei: ~~~~~

Sanada: Okay then

Sanada/Aiko: See you
Suimei: Guh ... so synchronize!

Suimei: Not good ...

Suimei: I have to protect Aiko-chan ... // No one else knows about that guy
Boy: Screech
Suimei: Ka-boom
Noboru: Whoosh
Suimei: ... You were ordering cakes without telling aunty first
Kagurazaka: Huh
Girl: Kagurazaka-sensei, makeup

Kagurazaka: It's just some snacks, Aiko-chan is also happy about it
Suimei: You ...... you think so?

Kagurazaka: Besides

Kagurazaka: He's quite a nice guy

Suimei: Nice guy ...
Haru: Be careful

Suimei: Does Aiko-chan also think the same about him ......?

Aiko: Hggn // I can't make a hole
Haru: Keep trying

Suimei: Let me help you, Aiko-chan
Aiko: Ah ......

Aiko: Nope, no need

Suimei: I see ... // Fwoomp...
Sanada: Good afternoon

Sanada: Cakes are coming

Suimei: ... He's so anxious .......

Atsushi: What kind of cakes?
Sanada: Don't rush, don't rush
Suimei: .......

Sanada: Sensei, where should I put these?
Suimei: Aahhh, that

Aiko: Onii-san

Aiko: Help me make a hole

Kagurazaka: Thank you // Over here
Suimei: Whooble ...
Sanada: Ah ......

Sanada: He ....... here

Haru: You are here already, why don't we eat some snacks together?
Children: Let's eat together

Suimei: ...Geez, acting all shy
SFX: Kyaa // Kyaa // Kyaa
He's not

Sanada: A - Aiko-chan

Suimei: I knew it, Aiko-chan ...

Suimei: ... Am I being jelous ....? // Sigh ....

Aiko: Ehehehe // Tasty, isn't it? onii-chan

Suimei: You're right
Aiko: See

Kagurazaka: What are you looking at?

Sanada: Ghaaa...
Kisaragi: Oh // His face is red
Kagurazaka: So cute

Sanada: Aiko-chan, hurry up ...!
Sanada: Tell Suimei-sensei to come here
Aiko: Okay

Suimei: Ahahaha
Sanada: She forgets ........

Kisaragi: You're looking away again

Kagurazaka: ... Were you listening?
Sanada: Eh ...? // Ahahaha
Kisaragi: Haa~~, he's not listening

Kagurazaka: I was asking whether you have a girlfriend
Kisaragi: This cake is delicious
Kagurazaka: Yup yup
Kisaragi: You must have one

Kagurazaka: Not telling, huh
Kisaragi: But you know

All SFX: Chit chat
Scrambled words: It's better, by the way, ah, ...!, see, look here // Huh ..., listen, ...?, have some tea // Yeah right, Errmm, ...?, come

Suimei: ...Hey

Suimei: Sanada-san
Sanada: Hah ...

Suimei: You're calling me ...?

Suimei: Ghaaa~~!? // What's wrong with you!?

Sanada: Sensei ...! I need to talk with you ...
Suimei: .......?
Suimei: You wanna fight?

Sanada: Thank you
Suimei: .......Eh?
Sanada: For taking me out from there .......

Suimei: ... If you want to leave, then just say so // Don't use me as an excuse ...

Sanada: I couldn't say it
Suimei: ?

Sanada: I can't talk to girls

Sanada: Haa // I'm popular among girls, they often try to bring me into a conversation
Suimei: Boasting ...

Sanada: ... But

Sanada: I hate them, girls ...
Suimei: Ahahahaha

Sanada: You ... don't laugh over someone's trouble ...!!
Suimei: No, but ........ sorry // Hard to believe

Sanada: ... That's why, from now on I'll be asking for more help if something like earlier happens again
Suimei: ........

Suimei: What do you mean with asking for more help?
Sanada: Eh?

Sanada: I still can talk if it's Aiko-chan // That kind of help
Suimei: I knew it!

Sanada: Knew what?
Suimei: You're aiming for Aiko-chan

Sanada: Please don't talk like I'm a pervert! // How about you? You always stick to her, that's fishy even you're a teacher! // I just want to get used to girls!
Suimei: Don't lump me in with you!

Kagurazaka: What are two guys doing here so loud?
Sanada: Ahahahaha

Kisaragi: Come in Sanada-san, your tea is getting cold
Sanada: Ah ... well ........

Suimei: .........

Suimei: That's right // Sanada-san, didn't you say that you have to go back?

Sanada: Eh ...? Ah, yes
Suimei: You said something like baking cakes

Kagurazaka: I see, hnnn~, too bad // Come again
Suimei: Oookay // No need to thanks me

Sanada: Thank you
Suimei: Will you stop it
Kagurazaka: They are so close ...

Aiko: Ah

Aiko: Onii-san, are you leaving?
Sanada: I have to go back to my shop

Aiko: Hmmm, maybe I should also give it to you after all, onii-san

Sanada: Ah .....
Suimei: This is ...

Aiko: Aiko was first thinking to make a pair with Aiko // My thanks for this morning // Ehehehe
Suimei/Sanada: ... It doesn't suit him

Aiko: ...You don't look happy...
Sanada/Suimei: We are really happy!

Sanada/Suimei: ... The problem is to have a pair with this guy
Aiko: Ehehehe

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