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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 37

Pinky Swear


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 37

Reserved for Dark Murmur
I'll go travelling for about a month, I'll do what I can about the translation but I'm not promising anything.

Chapter 37
Pinky Swear

Aiko: Pictures from the sport festival
Bulletin: Finish // You did well // So much fun

Aiko: Where's Aiko?
Atsushi: How 'bout me?
Akko: So cute // Ah, No-kun
Bulletin: Hang on

Aiko: That's Aiko ...

Haru: I guess we won't have any event anymore for a while
Kagurazaka: Now is autumn already, huh

Suimei: That reminds me what my teacher in prep-school said regarding autumn ...
Teacher: Autumn is about to end, if you don't want to fail anymore then make sure you remember all the vocabularies ! // English Teacher
Suimei: Sigh ... //

Suimei: Will I be fine .......

Suimie: With the way I am now .......
Bulletin: Sensei, you're great

Aiko: Kyaaa~~ // Onii-chan, so cool

Aiko: You are so cool when you were running
Suimei: Really? thank you
Kagurazaka: Enough Aiko-chan, he'll have a big head

Haru: Just let him be
Aiko: See
Kagurazaka: I don't mind at all

Kagurazaka: Just don't get too close only to Aiko-chan

SFX: drip...
Suimei: Eh?

Suimei: She's right, the gap between us seems to fade away lately ... // Not good ...!
The relation between the two is one step closer

Suimei: O...Okay, I'm finished with the pictures // Sorry Aiko-chan, I still have works to do
Aiko: !

Aiko: ?
Suimei: Can I help you, Haru-chan?
Haru: Ah, thank you

Haru: Suimei-san, you have to submit your applications very soon, right
Suimei: Yup

Haru: ... Then you'll take the exam and get into university ......

Haru: We'll be short of people again ... // Having a man around can help a lot
Suimei: She's worrying about works ...

Kagurazaka: The question is, can he pass? // Getting accepted is the real problem here
Haru: Ahaha...

Suimei: ...But I'm indeed in a bad situation if nothing changes

Suimei: Tomorrow is sunday // .........

Suimei: Okay! I'll get up early tomorrow and study // Firmly Determined! // Clench

Suimei: Geh!?

Suimei: I overslept ... but I turned the alarm on

Suimei: Strange ...

Aiko: My oh my, you are finally awake Mr. sleepyhead

Aiko: Your breakfast will be ready soon
Suimei: Gwoo

Aiko: Meal time

Aiko: ...Sorry, onii-chan
Suimei: Don't ....... don't worry

Suimei: ... More importantly, why are you here today? // Today is sunday
Aiko: I come to play // Ehehe

Aiko: You know, everyone is having fun today, so Aiko comes here to have fun too // Akko-chan, Chitan-chan and also Reni-chan are going for a trip

Suimei: Though I was planing to learn the whole day today ...
Aiko: What are we going to play?

Suimei: Maybe I can ask aunty to play with her ...

Suimei: Aunty ...
Yuko: Suimei-chan, I'm going out now, please take care of the house okay

Yuko: Ow? Hello Aiko-chan
Aiko: Good morning headmaster

Yuko: So Aiko-chan, Suimei-chan, take care
Aiko: Yes ma'am
Suimei: .......

Aiko: House sitting with onii-chan // What are we going to play?
Suimei: She left me with more works

Aiko: ...What are you doing, onii-chan?
Suimei: Learning

Aiko: ...Difficult words
Suimei: This is math

SFX: Slide // Shiver shiver

Suimei: Aiko-chan
Aiko: Ehehe

Suimei: sigh...
Aiko: ......!

Aiko: Am I a bother?
Suimei: Fuun ...

Aiko: Maybe I am?

Suimei: No, you're not
Aiko: That's good
Suimei: Say the wrong words and the situation will turn into a chaos // I wouldn't be so worry if I don't need to learn

SFX: flip

Aiko: Onii-chan, you like studying
Suimei: Not that I like it ... I want to go to university

Suimei: ... What's wrong?

Aiko: I'm confused

Aiko: If you hate studying then why do you want to go to university?

Suimei: Is ...... is that strange? // Gulp ...
Aiko: Yes, it is

Aiko: That's why, stop studying, let's play
Suimei: ~~~~~~ // So this is all about

Suimei: ... If you ask me why I want to go to university ...
Haru: Suimei-san, you'll become a good teacher!

Aiming to be a splendid teacher!
Suimei: ...But I don't have the fighting spirit like Haru-chan ... // She didn't give up on uni even after the mistake she made

Suimei: Hmphh~~...

Suimei: ... Ah well, first thing to do is to get into university! // Yup, that's right!
Aiko: Hello

Suimei: ... mmhh mmmhh?

Suimei: Oh dear // I got absorbed

Aiko: Wakey wakey

SFX: Grooowwl

Aiko: Food food
Suimei: What a restless day ...

Suimei: But I can finally learn after this // I'll take you home then, okay?

Suimei: ... She will spend the noon with me // Oh no, not a problem // Ok then, good bye

Suimei: I only have ramen, are you ok with that?
Aiko: Ramen, ramen!

Aiko: Yaaayy

SFX: Slurrppp
Aiko: Tastes good

Aiko: You're good at making ramen, onii-chan
Suimei: He he // Really? thank you

Suimei: Not good, Aiko-chan is leading me ...

Aiko: I'm full! // Thank you for the meal

Aiko: So // Let's play !!
Suimei: I want to study ...

Suimei: Ah ... I can do that later

Aiko: Well then ...

Suimei: I'll play with her until she gets tired ......

Suimei: And I can study at ease after that .......

Aiko: Wanna take a break?
Suimei: ... I'm the one who get tired here, what now!?

SFX: Drops // Thud ...

SFX: Get up ... // scribble scribble ...

Aiko: Aren't you going to take a rest, onii-chan?
Suimei: Eh ... no, I'm not tired

Aiko: Onii-chan
Suimei: Yes?
Aiko: Am I a bother?
Suimei: No, you're not

Aiko: That's good // Ehehe

Aiko: Aiko is going home // Huff
Suimei: Hou...

Aiko: Then ... see you

Aiko: Yup, see you ...

Aiko: Sorry
SFX: Whoosh ...

Suimei: ... Sorry?

Suimei: .....

Suimei: Oh well // I have to study

Aiko: ........
SFX: scribble scribble scribble

SFX: scribble scribble scribble scribble
Suimei: d(n) is the factors of a natural number n // The equation C:y=x², expand p(p.p²)

Suimei: ....
SFX: scribble... // prick
Aiko: Sorry

Aiko: Am I a bother? // Sorry
SFX: prick // prick

Suimei: ~~~~~~ // ... I can't concentrate

Suimei: ........

SFX: Clatter ...
Suimei: ... It gets colder in here .......

Suimei: I finally have my peace and now this ...

Yuko: Ow, are you going out? Suimei-chan

Suimei: Welcome back aunty ... // Yup, just for a while ...

Aiko: E'm haaack

Yuko: I was stopping by to buy some sweet potatoes and I met Aiko-chan there, did something happen?

Aiko: Do you want some, onii-chan?
Suimei: I was about to apologize but she seems to be completely fine

Yuko: Any progress in your study, Suimei-chan?
Suimei: Well ... just a bit

Aiko: Aiko is not going to bother you, so study well // Ehehe...

Suimei: Sorry // I'll study hard to pass the exam and become a uni student ......

Aiko: You want to become a uni student ? // Hnnhh?

Aiko: I don't quite understand, just do your best!
Suimei: That just a normal wish ...

Yuko: ........

Yuko: Suimei-chan // If you ask the children what they want to be in the future, what would their answer be?

Suimei: ? // A pro baseball player maybe?

Yuko: That's right, a pro sprotsman, a chef // An astronaut, a good housewife ...

Yuko: But

Yuko: Children never say that they want to become a student

Suimei: I see // The one who doesn't understand is not Aiko-chan ... // It's me

Aiko: Ah!

Aiko: Then, onii-chan // If you become a uni student, will you still be a teacher!?

Suimei: ...... Eh?

Suimei: I never thought about it before
Bulletin: So fun

Suimei: I always thought that things will always be like this forever ...
Bulletin: Don't cry // The champion

Aiko: You want to become a uni student ? // Hnnhh

Yuko: Children never say that they want to become a student

Suimei: .........

Suimei: ....... I

Suimei: I want to get into university and become a teacher

Aiko: Then // Then // Then

Aiko: We'll be always together!

Suimei: ...... Eh?

Aiko: Promise!

Suimei: Promise

Suimei: Ah ... but by the time I become a teacher you'll be in elemtary school already ...

SFX: beep beep beep

Suimei: Ugghhnnn... // Ow ... it's already this late ...

Suimei: Fwaa... // I can concentrate better, maybe because my goal is clear already?

Suimei: Always together ...

Suimei: ... I have a really bad feeling about that ......
SFX: Thump thump thump

To be continued to Vol. 6

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