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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 38

Lucky Birthday


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 38

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 38 - Lucky Birthday - 3
Chapter 39 - For My Friend - 31
Chapter 40 - 26 Christmas Cards - 53
Chapter 41 - The moon and the sun - 81
Chapter 42 - Handmade Charm - 109
Chapter 43 - Exam Result - 137
Chapter 44 - Never Changing Days - 165

SFX: Clatter... // Slam

Chapter 38
Lucky Birthday

All: Happy birthday!!
Board: November's Birthday // Congrats // Aiko-chan // Ronin

Suimei: I didn't realize at that time

Suimei: Behind this joyousness, an ominous shadow is lurking ......
Paper: Wa Uni // Application

Several days ago

Haru: Come back! Don't run in the hallway // You better listen to what I say

Haru: Transform

Atsushi: The monster Haru Magedon is out // Bibiii
Haru: Gwoaa

Haru: Su ...... welcome back Suimei-san, you must be tired from school
Atsushi: Let's see what we can find in here
Suimei: I see that you also have a tough day here ...

Haru: Fu fu fu ...

Suimei: ... By the way, soon is christmas time, I can't wait for it // Ahem // Changing topic -->

Haru: That's right

Haru: The registration for the new applicants is going to be openend soon, right?
Suimei: Yup
Haru: You'd better hand your application as soon as possible so you don't have to rush later .........

Suimei: hehehe

Suimei: I also think the same, I already took one that was distributed in the prep. school

Suimei: You know, this was the last one // The applicants for this uni are quite a lot
Haru: Waa~~, you have one already

Suimei: Hn?
Haru: Eh?

Suimei: How are things going today? // In the kindergarten
Haru: Ah .......

Haru: We are preparing for the birthday party of this month // If I'm not mistaken, you are also ......

Suimei: Aiko-chan!
Aiko: Welcome back

Suimei: Are you okay? ......What are you doing?
Girl: Ah
Aiko: I'm making the decoration for the birthday party

Aiko: Onii-chan, your birthday is also in november right? // We're having party on friday
Suimei: So you remember
Haru: .....

Suimei: I see, my birthday

Suimei: A while ago, I took photos for my application and the machine was broken right after that // Am I lucky or what?
Guy: Move, damn it! Give me back my money!

Suimei: I feel like fortune is with me lately, so it's my birthday // Lucky me
Boy: People can be very happy over simple things ...

Haru: Your application must be submitted on saturday at the latest, I suggest you hand it on friday
SFX: thunk
Suimei: Relax, I'm lucky // <-- Ignorant

Form: Tamagawa University Application Form // Hanatori // Suimei
Suimei: ...Okay

Suimei: I just need to submit it ...... // Hoamm ...

Suimei: I'll go on friday after the prep. school // I have to watch the kindergarten on saturday
SFX: click

And then on Friday

Aiko: Onii-chan

Aiko: What time are you going home today?
Suimei: I'll be home as soon as I can, don't worry. Birthday party, right?

Aiko: Ehehehe // Ah ....

Aiko: Bend down onii-chan
Suimei: Hn?

Kana: Giggle
Aiko: Your collar

Suimei: Ok ... see you then

Akko: Let's play No-kun
SFX: Yaay // snip snip

SFX: Shing

SFX: snip snip snip

Akko: Hmmpph
Children: ........
SFX: shing snip snip snip

Noboru: Ah

Noboru: We run out of paper

Akko: Yawn...
Noboru: We still need a little bit more

Kagurazaka: Papers for the confetti? // There are only drawing papers left, can you use it?


Mahiru: gnaw ...
Noboru: We need a better paper ......
Kagurazaka: You are picky

Kagurazaka: Sorry, there isn't any other paper

Girl: Noo~

Akko: Paper paper

Akko: No-kun

Akko: I find some papers // Look

Noboru: Waa~, you're great Akko-chan
Akko: Nyahaha

Noboru: There's something written here?
Envelope: University // Office // Tamagawa

Akko: Hmm....

Akko: Don't worry

Akko: Suimei-sensei?

Akko: I know

Noboru: These are quite good papers?
Girl: You're right

Form: Tamagawa University Application Form // Hanatori // Suimei

Shibuya: ...You're creppy
Kenta: Now is still november and you've already gone mad
Suimei: I got the ticket to attend Akinuma-sensei's lecture

Kenta: What did you say? // You got the ticket
Shibuya: He really got the ticket for Akinuma's special lecture, this is the first time I see the ticket ......
Suimei: I've been behaving, not like you guys
Paper: Ryouen Prep. School // 12

Suimei: I feel great these days

Suimei: Huh?

Suimei: ... My application ... did I left it at home?

Suimei: I'll get back home and send it right away
Sign: Himawari Kindergarten

Suimei: ... Heh?

Suimei: I'm sure that I put it here this morning when I was about to leave ...... // Strange

Suimei: Maybe aunty has already sent it for me? // She's so thoughtful

Aiko: Onii-chan

Aiko: Welcome back
Chitan: Suimei-sensei is back

All: Happy birthday!!

SFX: Slam

Board: Birthday // Congrats // Aiko-chan // Ronin

Aiko: Ah right // Aiko will do it
Suimei: Thank you

SFX: Clap clap clap

Suimei: So, this one is for Aiko-chan ......
Aiko: Ehehe

Suimei: ....... // I've seen this photo before ...
Paper: Happy

Aiko: Waa~~, onii-chan

Suimei: Ah well
Kisaragi: Do we have this much papers for the confetti?

Fumi: Okay
Kagurazaka: Sit down children, cakes are coming

Aiko: Cakes, cakes
Fumi: Here, Suimei-kun

SFX: drop ...

Suimei: ...magawa University // Application ...
Paper: magawa University // Application // Suimei

Suimei: Application??

Haru: What's wrong Suimei-san? // You're staring the cake ...
Suimei: Dyoonn~~

Suimei: The confetti ...... what papers did you guys use?

Haru: Origami papers, so far I know
Kisaragi: ...But this is a lot compared to the papers we had

Akko: Special for you

Akko: We found a lot of papers at the front door

Suimei: Wh ...what kind of papers? was it inside an envelope ...?
Mahiru: Draw draw

Suimei: Forget it! I don't want to see ...

Haru: Eh...!? Don't tell me ...

Kagurazaka: Oh // Application Form // Nice drawing

SFX: Clatter

Suimei: I'll cancel tomorrow's lecture // I'll go to the book store and look for the application form. Then the photo ........ // Ah ... the photo booth at the station is broken .......

Suimei: ........ I'm not lucky ...

Noboru: ... We are sorry, Suimei-sensei

Suimei: It's okay! I'll be fine // Ahahaha...

Noboru: He's broken
Suimei: Fwaa~~~ // It's okay, I'll be fine // It's okay, I'll be fine // Ahahaha

Noboru: Sorry
Akko: Cheer up

Suimei: .........

Suimei: That ... for me

Haru: Suimei-san

Suimei: ........What? Haru-chan...
Haru: ... This is the thing I wanted to give you that time ...

Suimei: Eh?

Haru: I'm glad I didn't throw it away

Suimei: Haru-chan! // Teenk you~~
Haru: Hurry up and fill out the form
Suimei: ess, reeght away

Haru: You see, I have uni tomorrow

Haru: I'll bring your application with me since I have to go there anyway ....... // Geezz~~

Haru: Wh ... stop it Suimei-san
Kagurazaka: What is ... // !

Suimei: Thank you Haru-chan // Thank you~

SFX: pat pat
Aiko: ..........

Haru: ...Ah // By the way

Haru: Photo ... do you have one?
Suimei: ......... // I don't know any other photo booth except the one at the station ....

Suimei: That's right, Aiko-chan...

Suimei: ... Hn?

Suimei: Please Aiko-chan, I need the photo ........ // ?

Suimei: I'll give you some other photos next time, will you give that photo to me? // Okay?
Aiko: .........

Aiko: I ....... I don't care

Suimei: Aiko-chan
Aiko: I don't care!

Girls: Look at that // Soo~ cute
Aiko: Peace
Machine: Press the button when you are ready
Sign: Purikura

Right: Jan-Ken-Pon-Pon // Aiko desho // Himawari Dance Aiko desho~~~

Left: Follow the rhythm of the drum, to the left and to the right // Imagine like the earth encircles the sun

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