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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 39

For My Friend


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 39

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 39
For My Friend

Atsushi: Gee~~

Atsushi: Why isn't Suimei coming today as well?
Haru: Err
Children: Tell us // Haru-chan

Kagurazaka: He has to concentrate on his study, you know
Haru: Suimei-san is going to be busy from now on, just be patience

Children: Suimei, Suimei!
Kagurazaka: They're not listening

Aiko: Enough! Stop being selfish

Aiko: Onii-chan is learning so he can become a teacher

Atsushi: ...Really?
Aiko: He made a promise to Aiko

Kagurazaka: Wow, ronin actually said he wants to be a teacher
Kisaragi: I see a hope in him, now that he's already set his mind
Boy: When will he be a teacher?
Aiko: After an exam or something like that
Atsushi: He's not a teacher yet?

Haru: Hee...

Haru: He made a promise
Aiko: I'll be patience
Kagurazaka: Learn from her

Akko: Ugghnn // Ugghnn

Aiko: Ughhnnn~~
Akko: Can you reach it?

Akko: Kagurazaka-sensei

Aiko: ....... // I can't !

Suimei: Tamagawa Uni gives out this one similar problem like every 3 years
Shibuya: Ooo! // Nice work, Suimei!

Shibuya: Look! This english problem comes out almost every year!
Suimei: Whoo

Makiko/Kenta: Useless .... // Just study normally

SFX: Ding dong
Kenta: So, we have a prep-class for the entrance exam
Makiko: See you
Shibuya: Hou
Suimei: Prep-class? Isn't that tomorrow?

Kenta: I take medicine course
Makiko: It's for the big 6 unis // Ho ho ho
Suimei/Shibuya: Nameless Private Uni

Suimei: Let's fight for our dream
Shibuya: Yes, I can see our future

Girl: On the floor // You droped your eraser

SFX: Roll roll ...

Akko: Oh my
Aiko: .......

Aiko: I - I'm going to play outside

Haru: Hey, clean up the mess

Aiko: I know

Aiko: Good morning headmaster
Yuko: Oh, Good morning // You're coming early today, Aiko-chan

Suimei: Those two questions can't be coming ...
Aiko: There he is

Aiko: Onii-cha ....

Aiko: Ehehehe
SFX: Rustle rustle

Suimei: Yaa~~wwnn... // Hn!?

Suimei: Crap, I overslept // I can't be late for the prep-class

Suimei: ......? // My bag ...

Children: Whooo, Suime is there // Suimei-sensei

Children: Wait up, Suimeee
Suimei: I ........ I'm leaving

Suimei: Fiuh, that was close ...

SFX: whisper whisper

Suimei: ......... What?
Shibuya: ... Suimei

Suimei: Yoo, Shibuya // ........... What's wrong?
Shibuya: I'm the one who should ask you what's wrong

Suimei: Do I look that bad because I hurried when I leave home?
Shibuya: Do you mind if I say it?
Suimei: What?

Shibuya: child abduction?
Suimei: Hah?

Aiko: Onii-chan
Suimei: Uwaa!?

Suimei: Aiko-chan // Why are you in my bag!?
Aiko: Ehehehe // Are you surprised?
Shibuya: Onii-chan? // His sister?

Suimei: This is why my bag was so heavy ...
Shibuya: Realize that sooner!

Suimei: Bring her back? but I have class after this ......

Girl: Waa, so cute
Kagurazaka: You're the one who took her with you!!
Suimei: Yes, but

Suimei: Today's class is really important for me ......! // But but
Shibuya: ........

Shibuya: Do you want me to cover you for the prep-class for Tamagawa uni? // I'll take notes for you

Suimei: ...Shibuya // ... That would help me, but .......

Suimei: You have a prep-class too today, right? // This is also a very important moment for you, I can't let you .......
SFX: Click

Shibuya: Worry not

Shibuya: I am your friend!

Shibuya: Ah,right // Treat me a gyuudon after you're back

Suimei: Shibuya ...

Suimei: Of course, I'll treat you even in the restaurant!
Shibuya: Alright! that's great

Shibuya: ... Hurry up and take her! // What is she angry about?
SFX: tap tap tap tap

Suimei: Wait for me

Suimei: I'll dash for the sake of our friendship!

Suimei: pant // pant

Teacher: ... So that was about classic literature
Board: Tendencies and solutions for the past 5 years

Suimei: Finally~~~ !

Kagurazaka: Geezz, you made us all worry
Haru: Well done

Suimei: Fwaa...

Children: It's Suimei

Children: Whoo, long time no see
Suimei: ... I need to go back now

Children: Wait up

SFX: tap...

Children: ........
Suimei: I'm sorry

Suimei: A friend is waiting for me

Children: .......?

SFX: ding dang dong ...

Shibuya: Oh Suimei, you are back
Suimei: Sorry

Suimei: At the end, you had to cover me for the whole lecture

Shibuya: Fool, don't mind that
Suimei: ... But you lost your precious time because of me ...

Shibuya: For a friend, nothing is too precious

Suimei: Shibuya ...
SFX: Groo~~wll
Shibuya: I'm hungry

Suimei: You want to eat? I'll treat you anything

Kenta: I want sushi
Makiko: Yakiniku for me
Suimei: .......

Suimei: ... Why should I?
Kenta: Didn't you say you want to treat us?

Suimei: I'm only going to treat him, Shibuya the great, who would for my sake coming to the prep-class for Tamagawa's entrance exam // He gave me his most valuable time!

Kenta: For your sake ......?
Suimei: You can name it as friendship

Suimei: Now now, let us go

Makiko: Shibuya-kun is also taking the exam for Tamagawa uni, isn't he?

Suimei: Eh ......
Shibuya: ? // Haven't I told you that?

Shibuya: Well, I thought I might also try the uni you're going to take // Gahahaha
Suimei: ...Oi

Shibuya: So, let's eat, I'm fine with a gyuudon
Suimei: Oi!

Shibuya: ........

Bulletin: End of Year Special Bulletin
Suimei: You and your sweet mouth, all was just an act so you can get a free meal from me!
Shibuya: But I did go to the class!
Suimei: It's for your own good
Makiko: Where are we going?
Kenta: Let's go eat

Right: The fate of being a ronin // Living in a kindergarden // A freeloader
Left: Have a better feeling with a long toothpick in mouth // Like this -->

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