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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 40

26 Christmas Cards


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 40

Reserved for Dark Murmur

In this season
The town is like playing pranks to all examinees

Guy: So, we are going to stay in this hotel
Girl: kyaa kyaa // Nice, what's the meal?
Suimei: Couples everywhere

Girl: Italian food // The chef is an italian
Suimei: ... What should we eat?
Shibuya: ... Mc'D // Problem?

Girl: Welcome // In this christmas fair we are giving away our nuggets for a cheaper price!
Sign: X'mas Sets // X'mas Fair

Girl: Buy now and you'll get a free santa figure
Suimei: ... No thanks

Shibuya: ... Let's go home and learn
Suimei: ... I guess
Sign: Cristmas Special Price!! Nagano Soba // Christmas Set 390 Yen // X'mas Fair Udon // Christmas Sale

54 - 55
Suimei: At least I can escape from this christmas mood if I go home ....... // .......

Suimei: Too naive ...!

Chapter 40
26 Christmas Cards

Suimei: ... Ah right

Suimei: Here is a kindergarden, the christmas ambience is stronger here than in town // This is a season for children after all
SFX: Sigh

Aiko: Welcome back! Onii-chan

Suimei: ... Christmas all over her ....... // I'm back
Aiko: Ehehehe, merry ......

Kisaragi: Aiko-chan

Aiko: Me ....... Mary had a little lamb
Suimei: Hn?

Suimei: ... What is it? Aiko-chan
Aiko: Nothing

Suimei: Weren't you going to say merry christmas to me?

Aiko: I wasn't, I just wanted to sing
Suimei: Out of the blue ...
Aiko: It's nothing! Just forget it

Girl: Have you decided what you're going to ask from Santa?

Sono: A matching pair of dresses with Hana-chan
Girl: I want a small house for my doll

Girl: Do you want to write a letter to Santa with me after this?
Sono: Yep, sure

Kyousuke: You know, it's better for you if you make a wish to mama
Sono: Eh?

Girl: Why? Santa wouldn't know what you want if you ask mama
Sono: She's right

Kyousuke: ... Don't you guys know?

Kyousuke: The true identity of Santa is mama ...

Sono: Santa Lucia
Kyousuke: You hit my teeth !
Girl: Chuu~~~
Suimei: ......?

Atsushi: Are you okay Kana?
Kana: Yup // I'm fine Atsushi-kun

Atsushi: You can give half of yours to me ...
Kana: Thank you

Atsushi: Hurry up, Kana! // We're not preparing for christmas but we still have a lot to do!
Kana: Ah ......

Kana: Right, we don't prepare anything for christmas

Suimei: Umphh !!

Children: Suimei is watching!
Suimei: Eh?

Akko: Suimei-sensei, don't look
Suimei: What? what?
Chitan: Suimei, it's dangerous!
Boy: Here is dangerous!

Sign: No Entry // Suimei only

Mahiru: Phwet phweeet

Suimei: Errr~~, I want to go to my room ...
Mahiru: Phwet phweeet
Sanada: Good afternoon

Sanada: I bring the designs for the cake

Aiko: Good afternoon onii-san
Sanada: Good afternoon Aiko-chan

Aiko: What kind of cakes do you have?
Sanada: Only for aiko-chan, I'll let you have a peek of my designs

Suimei: What? // Are you coming here to talk about christmas cake? // How about your shop, Sanada-san?

Sanada: Did I said something about christmas cake?
Suimei: No, but ...

Sanada: I'm just stopping by since I'm nearby
Suimei: That's still weird // Is here your friend's house or what?

Suimei: so weird

Suimei: Could it be

Suimei: Are you feeling sorry for me?
Sanada: I'm not

Sanada: My designs ...
Suimei: .......

Aiko: Cakes

Suimei: Looking forward for the christmas cake?

Aiko: No ... I was talking about ... // Errr // New year cake!
Suimei: ... What's that?

Aiko: ... Cake we eat on new year's day
Suimei: Geez // It's christmas cake, right? You don't need to worry about me

Aiko: ...... Are you really okay, onii-chan?
Suimei: I'm fine ... what?

Aiko: You see ...

Aiko: Kisaragi-sensei said that onii-chan is preparing for exams // She said if you hear about christmas you'll get mad like a monster! // She also said to keep this a secret!
Suimei: ... sigh

Aiko: ssshhh // ssshhh

Suimei: Well, that's exactly what I thought, but ... // What a nonsense ...

Kisaragi: ... Can you put the decoration from this cake to this one? // And make sure the candies aren't too hard ...

Kisaragi: ... Are you listening?
Sanada: Y ... yes, I am
Kisaragi: So, what do you think?
Sanada: Eh ... ah, th ... that ...

Haru: ... Can you do that?
Sanada: ... Yes, somehow ...

Haru: We want the top from this cake with the base from this one

Sanada: I see, so basically you want to change the decoration of this cake with this one
Kisaragi: He wasn't listening ... // I knew it

Haru: All settled then
Kisaragi: ... I can see that // grumble

Kisaragi: Next, to make it look like christmas

Kisaragi: How 'bout a pine tree as decoration?

Sanada: Ah ....... sounds good
Kisaragi: Right
Haru: Yeah, looks very much like new year

Suimei: Looks more like christmas!
All: Gulp

Kisaragi: What are you talking about ...
Suimei: I already know all the weird things you told the children

Suimei: Is that your new way to harass me?

Kisaragi: You need to prepare for your exams ...... // "Christmas is so fun !!" // ... I was worried that you will break in that situation
Suimei: It makes me more curious if there's no christmas feeling in this time

Kisaragi: ... I tried to be considerate to you

Suimei: Your way to comfort me is so weird!
Kisaragi: Oh, I see

Kisaragi: Then, Sanada-san
Sanada: Ah ....... yes?

Kisaragi: CHRISTMAS CAKE // Let's continue our discussion

Kisaragi: Let's add reindeers to the SANTA figure
Sign: Merry Christmas

Kisaragi: And put a MERRY CHRISTMAS sign

Kisaragi: We'll make all BRIGHT and SHINE
Suimei: Eh ... errmm

Suimei: It's a little bit hard if you say so much right in front of me ...
Kisaragi: HNN?
Haru: Like that
Sanada: Okay

Sanada: ... By the way, how many cakes do you need?
Haru: Let see

Kisaragi: It would be 25 for the children and us
Haru: Huh? 1 piece too few ... // Hmmm

Sanada: Are you saying that Suimei-san doesn't get any?

Sanada: I guess so
Haru: Errrr

Kisaragi: Nope, he doesn't need any // He won't have time for the christmas party after all, right?

Suimei: ... That's true but I still want a cake at least
Kisaragi: ... Didn't you just say it's hard for you to see so much right in front of you

Suimei: .... Only for a little bit // I want to enjoy it // Christmas

Kisaragi: What exactly do you want !?

Suimei: ... Whatever

Kisaragi: My god
Sanada: ... Maybe it's too much for him to hear?

Kisaragi: He said not to worry about him
Suimei: .......

Kisaragi: He's getting upset because he only has one month left until exams // Wahahaha
Suimei: Not her business

Aiko: Onii-chan is sure angry // Did someone tell him about christmas?

Suimei: That's not the only cause .......
Waiting to be picked up

Hana: Soo~no-chan!

Sono: Hana-chan
Hana: I come to pick you up
Hana: How was school today?
Sono: We made decorations for christmas ......
Children: Ahhh

Hana: .....?
Suimei: Grumble
Children: sshh // sshh // sshh

Hana: Looks like lolicon-sensei is having a bad mood, getting blue before exams?
Suimei: ... Stop calling me lolicon

Hana: Ah
Sono: Ziippp

Hana: Ah, you guys are trying to tell me not to mention about christmas to him ...

Hana: Uhmm~~~ // Uhmm~~~~
Boy: sshh
Suimei: Hey hey! let her go, I'm fine

Hana: Bwoaa //pant pant
Suimei: Are ...... you okay?

Hana: Glance

Hana: I can't believe you involve all the children into this! // Geezzz
Suimei: ... I'm not the one who asked them

Shibuya: ... I can see a black cloud above your head
Suimei: Really?

Suimei: Today I'm not going home until the christmas party is over // I'm staying here until late
Makiko: Do what you like
Sign: Study Room

Makiko: But all their doings was because they're care of you, right? // Everyone in your home
Suimei: I wonder // I'm not even sure of that right now

SFX: rattle
Suimei: I'm home

Suimei: Ah // I'm back aunty
Yuko: Welcome home

Yuko: You are late today Suimei-chan // The christmas party was so fun

Suimei: I was studying
Yuko: I see // You're working hard

Yuko: But you should at least show yourself for a little bit // Look over here
Suimei: Ah no, I don't ...

76 - 77
Suimei: ?

SFX: Click ...

Board: Let's have christmas together next year

Paper: Here is a cake for you, just a little bit more until exams!

Paper: Hang on // Fight on, Suimei

Paper: Work hard so you won't become a useless guy

Aiko: Let's have christmas together next year
Board: Let's have christmas together next year

SFX: tap ...

SFX: tap // tap

Yuko: Going out again?
Suimei: Yup

Suimei: There's something I forgot
Aiko: The real santa!?
Bag: To everyone in Himawari Kindergarden

Right: And there they are the female students // Ba-dump ba-dump, my 18th // (Ba-dump ba-dump,Ba-dump ba-dump)
Left: Make a cute face! // Build a heart shape with both hands // Thump thump to the left and to the right

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