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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 41

The Moon and the Sun


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 41

Reserved fo Dark Murmur

Suimei: Arrgghhh!

Suimei: Will you cut it off!

Suimei: I only have 2 days left ...

Suimei: My exams!

Paper: Let's play

Kagurazaka: So what?

Chapter 41
The Moon and the Sun

Kagurazaka: Now ronin // Just because they're bothering your study, you shouldn't scold the children that hard!

Suimei: Kagurazaka-san, I bet someone like you doesn't know the troubles of having exams, right?
Kagurazaka: HAHH?

Kagurazaka: Listen ....... do you think someone could become a teacher in kindergarden without having an exam first?
Suimei: Eh!?

Suimei: ... I see, even you guys could pass once ......... // I really can't fail // Sigh ...
Graduated !
SFX: Snap
Kagurazaka: What's that suppose to mean!

Box: Relax Pipes
Kagurazaka: ... Anyway, you want to become a teacher in kindergarden

Boy: Headmaster, Suimei is mad

Kagurazaka: If you can't withstand the simplicity of children, doesn't that mean you have failed already?

Kagurazaka: That's what I think
SFX: Click

Guy: Aoi-chan, your fingers are so slender
Kagurazaka: Really? thank you

Guy: Aoi-san
Kagurazaka: Give me fire

Kagurazaka: I get a call, sorry
Guy: Aoi-chan, are you leaving? // Don't leave mee~~

Guy: Are you abandoning me?
Kagurazaka: Gezz, I'll be back soon // Pat pat

Kagurazaka: ... I'm beat up

Kagurazaka: At the end, I had to accompany him for 3 hours // I smoked too much, I felt terrible

Kagurazaka: Not to mention that I had to listen to his grumbling about work // He grumbled again about the bill when he left
Mashita: ... How much do I get for listening to your grumbling?

Kagurazaka: ... you're so cold
Yun: "Kagurasaka-san, your futon ready"

Kagurazaka: Yun, you are so kind, not like Mashita
Yun: "You smell sake, Kagurasaka-san"
Mashita: Go to sleep, drunkard

Kagurazaka: I'm not drunk
Mashita: Good night

Yun: "First time I see"

Mashita: Hn? What?
Yun: "Kagurasaka-san like now"
Kagurazaka: zzz ...

Kagurazaka: zzz ...
Yun: "Complain that she tired and get dead drunk"

Mashita: .....
Yun: "Is she okay?"

Mashita: She's fine, she's fine // It's normal for someone with her job to get depressed once in a while
Yun: "Is that so?"

Mashita: She'll be back to herself when she wakes up tomorrow

Kagurazaka: Ah ... I have split ends

SFX: Slam
Mashita: !

Mashita: ... Ng?

Kagurazaka: It's been a long time since the last time I saw the sun

Kagurazaka: My eyes are dazzled // Can't stand the sun after 2 days drunk ...

Emi: Good morning sensei
Yuko: Good morning

Kagurazaka: ... A kindergarten // Right, I always walk pass this place at night

Emi: Is your tummy hurts?
Kagurazaka: ... My head hurts

Emi: Here onee-san, water
Kagurazaka: Thank you ...
Emi: ! // Onee-san, you hurt your fingers

Kagurazaka: Just my nail polish, it's worn off // Interesting kid
Emi: Looks painful

Kagurazaka: ... I'm sorry, I'm taking shelter here
Yuko: Don't mind it
Emi: Be helpful if you see someone in trouble, right sensei

Kagurazaka: You're a good girl ... errrmm
Emi: Emi!

Emi: Onee-san, you really like water

Kagurazaka: Yup, it's tasty
Emi: Emi likes apple juice

Emi: Orange juice is also good but apple juice is the best
SFX: Rub rub rub

Kagurazaka: Do you also like pelt?
SFX: Rub

Kagurazaka: So cute ...!

Emi: Yup, I like it

Emi: Nyaa, so soft and smooth
Kagurazaka: Yep, this is a real pelt

Kagurazaka: Ah .....

Kagurazaka: So different from those stinky old men's head ....... // ... Smells like the sun

Emi: Emi hates it!
Kagurazaka: Eh ...?

Emi: The smell of cigarettes

Mashita: ...So // You're gloomy because you feel no different than those jerks ... huh

Mashita: Oh heck

Mashita: ... You are really tired, aren't you?

Kagurazaka: Nonsense!
Guy: Aoi-san, a call for you!

Kagurazaka: This work is my calling!
Guy: So full of spirit

Guy: It's been a while, Aoi-chan
Kagurazaka: Geezz, I've always been waiting for you

Kagurazaka: ... Eh? Who is he?

Kagurazaka: Waaaa, you are so cool// ... Oh please~~~, change your clothes
Guy: I miss you, Aoi-chan

Guy: Happy birthday
Kagurazaka: Yay // This is the first time that someone gives me a present like this // ... Huh? The same ring like the last customer gave me

Guy: What's wrong Aoi-chan? you were sighing
Kagurazaka: Eh? nothing ...
Guy: Did something happen?

Kagurazaka: ... Right! I lost a lot at the pachinko today // Ahahaha

Guy: Poor you
Kagurazaka: Kyaaa
SFX: Gyaa

Guy: Hnn? huh?
Kagurazaka: Noo, what?
SFX: sniff sniff

Guy: Your hair smells so good, Aoi-chan

Kagurazaka: Awww, really?
Yun: "You came from pachinko"
Kagurazaka: How can you tell?

Guy: I'm serious, your hair smells like roses
Kagurazaka: C'mon, I know you

Kagurazaka: All are lies

Sign: Himawari Kinder
SFX: slide
Box: Relax Pipes

Kagurazaka: Okay!
Box: Aomori Apple Juice

Children: You put your right hand in, You put your right hand out // You put your right hand in, and you shake it all about
Kagurazaka: ... The hurdle is too high

Yuko: Ah, you're from last time
Kagurazaka: Ah ...... // Hello

Kagurazaka: Good afternoon

Kagurazaka: Thank you for helping me last time, this ...... for Emi-chan
Yuko: Oh my, that's very kind of you // Please come in

Kagurazaka: Excuse me
SFX: tap tap tap

Kagurazaka: Good afternoon

Children: Onee-san, you're pretty // So cute // Flower on your nail // Apple Juice

Kagurazaka: ... Eh?

Kagurazaka: Good afternoon, Emi-chan
Emi: .......
SFX: Stare ...

Kagurazaka: I bring you apple juice

SFX: tap ... // climb ...
Emi: !

Kagurazaka: Come
Emi: ...........
Box: Apple Juice

Emi: I like your smell today

Kagurazaka: Thank you
SFX: sneak sneak

Boy: Minee~~!!
Box: Aomori Apple Juice
Kagurazaka: Ah ......

Children: Ah~~, you're cheating // I want some too // All minee~~~

Yuko: HEY! What are you doing!?
Kagurazaka: !

Yuko: Don't take someone's stuff without permission! // Now apologize! You two
Kagurazaka: ... It's okay, I bring that as a present ...

Kagurazaka: You don't need to be that mad

Emi: Sensei is scary, right?
Kagurazaka: Eh?

Kagurazaka: No, well ..........
Emi: Emi got scolded too

Yuko: Emi-chan
Emi: Ehehe

Emi: I'll take the juice

Kagurazaka: Children are really honest
Yuko: Sometimes their honesty can also be something naughty

Kagurazaka: Eee // ... well, they're children ... that's the way they are ... // So cute

Yuko: ... Yes // That's why we adults have also to be honest to them

104 - 105
Yuko: For here is an honest world

Kagurazaka: All are lies

Kagurazaka: ... Eh? Who is he?

Emi: Sensei, the juice // For everyone
Yuko: We're coming

Yuko: Let's drink together

Kid: Yaaay, apple juice
Yuko: Emi-chan likes it

Emi: I like you too, sensei
Yuko: Oh

Yuko: I'm so happy

Kagurazaka: An honest world ...

Kagurazaka: What's wrong? // Close the door quick, it's cold
Kisaragi: You're gonna be late for the exams

Suimei: Where's everyone?
Kagurazaka: Huh?

Kisaragi: Didn't you lose your temper and scold them last time?
Suimei: ~~~~~~

Kagurazaka: Children are honest, you know
Suimei: ...........

Kagurazaka: Children are honest ... huh
Children: Ready

Children: Good Luck !

Aiko: I know you can do it, onii-chan!

Kagurazaka: They are honest

Kagurazaka: That is my believe
Suimei: Yup!

Right: Jan Ken Pyon Pyon // Aiko desho (Pyon) // Himawari dance Aiko desho~~~
Left: Follow the rhythm of the drum, rise your spirit // Pyon // Spin like the girls when their kimono sash is being pulled

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