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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 42

Handmade Charm


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 42

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 42
Handmade Charm

Kagurazaka: I thought so ...

Kagurazaka: It's awfully quiet in there?
SFX: rattle

Kagurazaka: ... What are you doing?

Aiko: We're going to ambush onii-chan
Kagurazaka: Hah?

Haru: Suimei-san is getting his exam result
Kagurazaka: Ah // It's today

Sanada: Here come the snacks // Today's cake ...

Atsushi: Geezz, he's not Suime, what a disappointment
Sanada: gloom ...

Makiko: Don't get so depressed

Makiko: Today's exam result is not final yet, right Suimei-kun?

Suimei: There's a make up test, but ... // First from bottom

Makiko: ... This will drive the evil spirits away!

Suimei: ... Right
Aiko: Ah // Onii-chan

Aiko: You passed? You passed!?
Sign: Himawari Kindergarten

Haru: ........ He failed
Noboru: The test is over?
Haru: That bold ....
Atsushi: So glad all is over, let's play now

Aiko: Onii-chan ...
Makiko: He's troubled

Makiko: Hello Aiko-chan // Ehehe

Aiko: ... Hello // You are with onii-chan again
SFX: Stare ...
Makiko: My my, I'm being hated ....... // I was just trying to be nice ...

Makiko: ......

Makiko: Say Aiko-chan, onee-san has an idea, want to hear it?
Aiko: ... Idea

Makiko: A way to make Suime-kun happy

Makiko: How honest // She's so simple

Aiko: A charm?

Makiko: It can help Suimei-kun pass the exams

Makiko: Every GIRLFRIENDS will do the same

Aiko: Dehehe

SFX: wave wave
Makiko: Barrier broken!

Haru: A charm?

Haru: A charm is like this // You've never seen one before?
Charm: Studies

Aiko: Hmmm ...
Haru: Don't open it

Kisaragi: Studies?
Haru: Ah
Fumi: Why are you needing that, Haru-chan?

Haru: Well, I bought this for Suimei-san .......

Fumi: Ehem
Haru: Noo~~ // You're wrong
Aiko: Hmph

Haru: Ah

Haru: Aiko-chan, you also want to give a charm to Suimei-san, right?
Fumi: whisper

Aiko: ... But Aiko doesn't have money, I can't buy one
Haru: That's not a problem // Your feeling is the most important

Aiko: A charm ...
Haru: .......

Haru: Okay

Haru: I'll bring you the materials tomorrow, we'll make one together

Haru: Suimei-san will be happier with a handmade charm

Aiko: Yup // See you

SFX: wave wave

SFX: Turn

Aiko: Onii-chan is going to prep school
Haru: Okay

Haru: Then, let's make one! A charm
Aiko: Ouuu

Children: Can we go out? // Can we make snowman?

Haru: Aiko-chan? // Are you finished?

Atsushi: Hehehe, this will be our win
Akko: C'mon No-kun, keep going!
SFX: snip snip

SFX: glance

Aiko: ........

Aiko: This big, Akko-chan?
Akko: More! bigger!!

Haru: Aiko-chan, how is the charm?
Aiko: Later

SFX: roll roll roll

Boy: You think you can lift it?
Akko: shi shi shi

Akko: Ready

Aiko/Akko: Nggnn // Nggnn
Atsushi: Ahahahaha

Aiko: Haru-chan, move it
Haru: Impossible
Atsushi: Ahahaha

Akko: Youu~~~
Haru: Haa~ haa~

Atsushi: You have no planning
Akko: Shut up

Atsushi: There's no way you can win against us

Aiko: Onii-chan
Suimei: I'm back
Aiko: Thank you, you come just at the right time
Akko: Shi shi shi

Aiko: Your cheek is cold // Haaa

Haru: Suimei-san, you'll catch a cold if you don't get in soon! // Tomorrow's test is a very important one

Haru: You have to watch over your health!
Suimei: Sorry // I'm fine!

Aiko: Aiko will give you a charm // That's my duty as a girlfriend
Haru: It's not done yet, isn't it?

Haru: Aiko-chan, how is the charm?
Suimei: I see

Suimei: There's still tomorrow, don't worry!

Aiko: Then, then, I'll give it to you tomorrow morning
Suimei: Thank you

Atsushi: Wait Suimei, you fool

Girl: Aiko-chan, let's play snowball fight

Suimei: Alright

Aiko: I'm sorry, I can't

Kisaragi: Aiko-chan // Your mother is here

Haru: Aiko-chan I'll do it for you
Aiko: No need!
Kisaragi: Move, Haru

Kisaragi: Hop // Hump // Kah // Heah // Resisting huh

Mom: Bow bow
SFX: Snip snip snip

Mom: Aiko!

Mom: Change your clothes and take a bath, you'll catch a cold // You played in the snow, right!?
SFX: Snip snip

Aiko: ... Done ...!


Aiko: ........

Mom: What did I tell you ... // Now take a bath

Mom: I already told you

Mom: ... Are you sure?

Aiko: I'm fine

Mom: ... I think you should take a rest from school ! // Mama will call them!
Aiko: NOOO!
SFX: Beep

Aiko: I have to do my job as a girlfriend // Gaaahhh
SFX: Grab ...
Mom: This girl is starting to talk nonsense again ...!

Mom: Aiko!

SFX: Grip ...

Aiko: ... Just a short break

SFX: rattle
Haru: Suimei-san

Suimei: Haru-chan // ... What?

Haru: This ... for you
Charm: Studies

Haru: Good luck with your exam, okay

Suimei: Hehe... // Thank you Haru-chan

All: Soo~~ sweet // She's blushing after handing the charm
Haru: ... Okay now, time to clean the classroom .......

Haru: ... Suimei-san
Kagurazaka: Huh?
Kisaragi: Why is that ronin just standing there?
Haru: .......

Haru: ...I See // He's waiting for Aiko-chan

Kisaragi: He's finally going

Kagurazaka: He's just nervous because this exam is crucial for him
Kisaragi: Will he really be fine?

Haru: If there's a test about kindness, he will surely pass
Suimei: Oh boy, oh boy

Haru: But being to kind could also be a problem

Suimei: Aiko-chan ... !?

Aiko: ......?

Aiko: The charm ... // I have to give it to onii-chan ...

Aiko: Ehehe ....... so warm

Aiko: !

Suimei: Are you okay?

Suimei: We'll be soon arrive at the kindergarten! // Hang on

Aiko: ....... Onii-chan?

Aiko: ... I see

Aiko: Aiko is being carried to kindergarten ........

Aiko: I'm with Onii-chan !?

Suimei: Relax!

Aiko: ......

Haru: Aiko-chan, how is the charm?
Aiko: Later

Mom: Hurry up and take a bath or you'll catch a cold
SFX: Snip snip

Suimei: Ow // Thank you

Suimei: What a lovely charm

Aiko: Bwoeehhh

Suimei: Aiko-chan!? Hang on, we're already here

Kisaragi: What are you doing, you fool!?

Kisaragi: Couldn't you use your cell phone to contact us!?
Suimei: Ah well~~~, my head was full, I was just hurrying .......
Kagurazaka: Ready the bed!

Haru: More importantly, how about your exam!? // Hurry up and go!

Suimei: Don't worry!

Suimei: I have charms // Two of them

Haru: .......
Kagurazaka: Whatever, just go

Suimei: Thank you Aiko-chan

Suimei: Take a good rest, okay // Make yourself warm

Suimei: And then ... // This and that // Hn?

Haru/Aiko: Just go now!
Suimei: Yes!

Right: To a mixer party, a summer festival // To a sport festival // There goes ronin
Left: Watch the tempo // Like when you pass a baton

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