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Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 43

Exam Result


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 43

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 43
Exam Result

It's over

Aiko: Onii-chan, look look
The exam is over, I've done what I can

Next to do
Sono: Come, Suimei-sensei
Atsushi: Suimei is going to play with me
Suimei: What is it? Aiko-chan
Aiko: Look look, hina dolls

Is just waiting for the exam result, a distressing period ......
Aiko: This one is Aiko, that one is onii-chan

Atsushi: What's wrong Jun? Does your tummy hurt?
Suimei: !

SFX: grab
Suimei: What's wrong? Jun
Jun: Gyuu~~~
Gilr: I don't know
Suimei: Stomachache?

Suimei: .....
Jun: Ngnn

Suimei: Toilet!

Suimei: Don't ...... don't pee here! // Jun never can go to the toilet alone ......!
Aiko: Hang on

Jun: Fwaa~~~
Suimei: ... He's done it // My right leg feels warm
Evacuate -->

Kisaragi: Oi! What are you doing, ronin !!?
Suimei: I'm sorry, I'll clean it up now
Kisaragi: This is because you weren't watching
Suimei: yap yap! // Aahh~~~ I'm going to get scolded

Kisaragi: Don't worry, not a big deal // You just haven't worked for a while

Suimei: Must be a new way to scold me // puhh~~ // thump thump
Kagurazaka: Oi ronin // Come here if you're free

Kagurazaka: I got a porn book from the pachinko last time // For a refreshment
Suimei: Thanks
Book: Porno

Fumi: Ah Suimei-kun, want some?
Suimei: Eh? // Fumi-san is sharing her food

Suimei: ... They are being considerate to me !?
Haru: What happened? Suimei-san // You're eating rice cracker with a scary face

Suimei: Haru-chan? well ... actually
Children: There he is // Suimei! We made a new special move, let's try it!

SFX: rumble
Haru: Gu ... guys ... // I'll take his place !
Suimei: ... Just like you, everyone is acting strange today, what is wrong? Haru-chan ...

Haru: .....

Kid: She wakes up
Haru: ... Nothing // We're not being considerate to you just because the result of your last possible exam is tomorrow!
SFX: grrr...

Suimei: I see why ...
Kisaragi: Let me massage your shoulder
Aiko: Aiko wants too
Atsushi: Let me too
Girl: Me too
Suimei: Ow ow ow
Sanada: Good afternoon, your patisserie "gouter heire" is here

Haru: Coming
Suimei: I ... I'll go
SFX: grind grind

Haru: That ...... I can't let you do that .......
Suimei: It's okay, geezz

Suimei: ... That's kind of them but they put me in an awkward position instead if they're being this nice
Sanada: Ah? Suimei-sensei

Sanada: Long time no see

Suimei: ... Sanada-san, you're coming again ...... // I'll take this
Sanada: Ah // It's not much, I'll bring it myself // I'll put it in the kitchen okay

Suimei: If you're looking for Aiko-chan, she's in the garden // You don't need to pretend
Sanada: A ha ha

Sanada: Your exam is over, right? // Go relax yourself

Suimei: .......
Sanada: If you fail, you won't be able to relax anymore, I was like that ...... // Ahahaha ...

Sanada: I'm sorry, you ... you're not going to fail!
Suimei: Don't worry // I know you didn't mean bad ......

Suimei: ... Still // ... Being treated this nicely by everyone makes me scared ...
Girl: Snack time
Boy: Snack snack
Fumi: Suimei-kun, take some rest
Kagurazaka: Ronin, do you want coffee or tea ?
Suimei: Coffee please
Aiko: Orange juice for Aiko
Haru: Lazy girl doesn't get anything

Suimei: Sighhhh

Sono: Suimei-sensei, you look like my papa
Suimei: ... hn?

Sono: You know, even mama and Hana-chan are cheering for him, papa always goes to employment office with a sad face
Mama: You can do it! // It's okay
Hana: Fight
Suimei: Ahhh ... // He's shouldering his family's expectation ..........

Suimei: Just like me right now ... huh

Sono: But when he gets back, mama gives him a punch
Mama: You couldn't find any job again?
SFX: clank

Suimei: ........

Kisaragi: But I think Suimei-kun is great

Kisaragi: He also worked while he studied for his exams
Haru: Amazing, isn't he?

Aiko: Is onii-chan great?
Haru: Yup, he has worked hard

SFX: pat pat
Aiko: You are great
Girl: I'll give you a lot of fruits since you've done good // <-- hates berries

Suimei: Ahh ...... // Taking kindness is sure heavy .....!
Aiko: ?

Suimei: What if I fail !!?
Yuko: Suimei-chan, a call from your home // It's your father
Kisaragi: That's really something

Suimei: Dad? // Ah well, I can take a little break
Fumi: He didn't even show like it's a big deal
Kisaragi: Yeah, true ...

Kagurazaka: You guys are hopeless ...
Papa: Suimei? your exam result is tomorrow, right

Papa: You are coming back here if you fail! got that

Suimei: You ....

Suimei: Is that what you said to your son before he gets his exam result!!
Kisaragi: ... No 2nd time failing
Kagurazaka: He knows after 2nd time is useless

Kisaragi: Parents indeed
Kagurazaka: Ahaha ...
Aiko: Onii-chan is going to leave?

Aiko: Uguu~~

Kisaragi: Don't ... don't worry, he just need to pass
Aiko: Ow, I see

Aiko: ........
Haru: Easier said ...

Haru: Passing is the problem ...

Yuko: So // This will be your last exam result .......
Suimei: Aunty

Yuko: You're going to be fine, perhaps ... // You'll get accepted, right? I'll wait for you and prepare the feast !
SFX: Expectation

Flag: Pass!
Yuko: We all are waiting for you~~~
SFX: Pressure

Suimei: sigh ...

Suimei: ......

Mama: Geezz, Aiko !

Mama: C'mon~~~, mama wants to rest at least on sunday
Aiko: ssstt ssstt

Suimei: ? // I thought I heard a voice ...

Mama: ... Oh // Akko-chan's and Noboru-kun's mother?

Mama: Aiko-chan also suddenly said that she wants to go out?
Aiko: So, everyone is here
Akko: Let's do it
Noboru: I bring something cool with me
Mama: Is there somekind of event?

Mamas: ... I don't understand what the children are thinking lately ...... // Ow // Hey

Mamas: Aw, No-kun's mother // You're Chi-chan's mother? // Hey, Ryuu-kun's mother // Yuuki-kun's mother is also here

Mamas: Oh look, tissue papers for 198 yen!? // Really? // ... is that cheap?

Kagurazaka: Everyone is coming after all .......

Haru: Wh ... why are you here? // Sneakily ........
Kagurazaka: You are not one to talk .......
Kisaragi: Curious ...

Haru: What are you saying? I'm just passing by .......
Children: Ah, Haru-chan // And the others too

Mamas: Ow, the teachers
Haru: ... I thought it was perfect ....... // My disguise
Kagurazaka: You can tell me later which part of it was perfect

Mama: Ronin-sensei gets his exam result?
Haru: We are all worry

Mama: That's why my boy made a fuss in the early morning // Ah, mine too

Mama: ... I see that Suimei-sensei is really adored by the children // Hnnn

Boy: This is because Suimei was always playing
Sono: We can comfort him if he fails
Mama: They only don't have faith in him // .....

Mama: Everyone // Suimei-sensei is moving!
Kagurazaka: Don't get carried

SFX: chinnnggg
Suimei: Ah

Suimei: Damn // C'mon

Kisaragi: Can't he just move! youuu !!
Fumi: Kisaragi-san, Kisaragi-san!
Kagurazaka: Ah .....

Suimei: ......?
Kagurazaka: Scatter!

Aiko: Don't look

Suimei: Just my imagination ...

SFX: shake shake shake

Suimei: .......
Book: Weekly Magazine // My Onii-chan

SFX: tap tap // tap tap

SFX: stop // stop

Sign: Tamagawa University // Exam Results

Sign: Tamagawa University // Exam Results

Suimei: My last chance ... huh
Mama: Lots of green, nice // I agree // Maybe I'll let my children study here in the future

Girl: ........ What is that? // Uwaa, looks fishy

SFX: Turn ...
Suimei: ?
Kisaragi: ... Oh no, we need to hide ......!

Suimei: ......?

Suimei: I feel strange today
Kisaragi: Hoo ... // Ok, clear

Haru: So

Haru: What are you doing here, Sanada-san?
Sanada: Well, I'm just curious

Mamas: .......

Mamas: Handsome guy !? // The cake shop nearby? I was there
Sakurako: What are they doing?
Akko: Suimei-sensei is getting away!

Mama: Gee~~~, there's no need to rush

Mama: We just have to go to the notice board

Mama: ... He's not there
Children: SEE~~

Board: Social Pedagogy
Kisaragi: Hn? // He's taking pedagogy right? // He wants to be a teacher

Haru: Ah // Pedagogy is back there // Next to the statue
Board: Pedagogy
Guy: You're distracting me
Mama: You heard that, Suimei-sensei is back there

Chitan: Bald head // Bald head

Mamas: ......

Kisaragi: He's nowhere
Aiko: This is all mama's fault
Mama: Let's ...... let's find him!

???: So high
Mama: How reliable

Kagurazaka: Found him?

Kagurazaka: ... Maybe he's home already?
Fumi: Too soon, don't you think?
Haru: Ah ...... I'm sorry

Haru: ! // ... He's crying?
Kagurazaka: ... He doesn't want to stay here too long because he failed ...
Background: Banzai // Banzai // Banzai

Kagurazaka: ... It can't be!?
Board: Pedago

Sanada: Th ... thank you
Girl: He's cool, his shyness makes him looks cuter

Haru: Headmaster!? Did Suimei-san make a contact to you? No?
Aiko: Cake onii-san

Aiko: Did you see onii-chan!?
Sanada: Eh ... no, I didn't see him ...

Haru: He hasn't get back to the kindergarten // He's also not at the uni ...
Sanada: Aiko-chan? // ... What? Suimei-sensei?
SFX: Click

Kagurazaka: He failed, I guess

Kagurazaka: That's why he left

Kisaragi: We searched briefly around the station, there's no sign of him
Haru: He doesn't pick up his phone either

Mama: ... We've searched all over and still can't find him .......

Paper: A ronin failed exam and committed suicide!!
Haru: This is not a drama, stop imagining!

Mama: That was just a joke
Haru: Geezz~~
Sanada: ......

Sanada: I'm sure Suimei-san is doing fine

Sanada: He'll come back when the time is right
Haru: Sanada-san?
Mama: He's cold for a nice looking guy // But he's still handsome ...

Sanada: You know // People will come home as long they have someone waiting for them

Sanada: As for him // Look how many who are waiting for him

Mama: ... Nice looking guy does say nice things // Nod nod
Haru: .......
Kagurazaka: ... That baker

Kagurazaka: Did the same thing happen in your past?
Sanada: Heh!?
Mama: I want to know the past of a handsome guy like you
Fumi: ....... Well, if he failed, he must want to calm himself
Kisaragi: ... I think so

Fumi: Let's wait in the kindergarden
Mamas: Sanada-san, tell us about your past
Sanada: No no // I - I, well
SFX: twitch

Haru: ... Everybody loves such things, huh // Gossips or someone's past

Mama: If you can't speak well then why don't we have some drinks and talk // Agree!
Kisaragi: Sounds good
Sanada: But but, hey, we still have to look for Suimei-san

Mama: He will come back to where everyone is waiting, right?

Kisaragi: ...... What are you doing here, ronin?
Makiko: Ah
Shibuya: Hello
Suimei: ... Drinking in desperation and farewell party

Kisaragi: If you want to drink that badly, drink this! finish it!!
Makiko: Looks like a big farewell party
Shibuya: This will turn into all mamas drinking party

Suimei: ... I failed // hiccup // ... And my head was all blank // I just wanted to meet my friends first before I go back to my hometown ......
Makiko: Overview?

Kisaragi: ... Didn't you think about calling us at all !?
Suimei: I did

Kisaragi: And then ...
Suimei: ... I'm scared

Haru: .....?

Suimei: ... If I tell you that I failed // I feel that my life here is going to end ........
Kagurazaka: Who knows?
Haru: Geh !?

Aiko: Waa~~~
Suimei: I feel scared ...!

Kisaragi: ... Let's drink
Suimei: ....... Yeah

Kisaragi: Still, I can't believe that you really failed // Gyahahahaha
Suimei: Depraving rigghhtt~~~
Mama: Sanada-san, do you have a girlfriend? // I have a sister

Sanada: There was also a guy who stepped on the statue behind me and yelled banzai // No consideration to the ones who failed
Guy: Banzaaiii!
Kisaragi: !?

Suimei: Bwahahahahaha~~
Fumi: ... Oi, tell me again where the pedagogy's notice board is ........
Haru: Next to the statue ! for sure

Kisaragi: Ronin, maybe you mean the statue was beside you?
Suimei: It was behind me, I'm sure

Suimei: ? // How do you know there's a statue?
Fumi: ... This idiot mistook pedagogy with social pedagogy ...

Haru: Let's go
Suimei: Hn? where to ...

Haru: Looking at the notice board for pedagogy !!
Sign: Himawari Station

SFX: ring ring

SFX: beep
Kagurazaka: ... Ok, I see

Kagurazaka: Then

Kagurazaka: Give him a punch to congrats him!
Haru: ... I will

Yuko: Suimei-chan is sure late

Right: Over there are 4 little girls // Round round, shake your body
Left: Make a cute face // Make a cute face

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