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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 44

Never Changing Days


-> RTS Page for Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! 44

Reserved for Dark Murmur

Chapter 44
Never Changing Days

Girl: Soo~~ // To the first year! cheers

Ukulele Club's Welcome Perty
Suimei: Guh ... // Pheesee~~~~ no more
Shibuya: Are you okay?
Girl: C'mon 2nd year, show the 1st year how it's done! // You drink for him
Girl: Hyaa~~~~

Suimei: I ...... I'll drink, I'll drink
Blonde: That's the spirit

Suimei: Fwaa~~~~
Girl: Thank you Suimei-kun
Blonde: Come, drink more
Shibuya: Yes mam

SFX: Ching
Bill: Gyoden Tamio // All you can drink // X 12
Waiter: 28,911 Yen please

Girl: No need, you two are still in the 1st year // It's on us
Shibuya: Thank you~~

Suimei: smile smile ... // ... Nice to be a uni student ......
Shibuya: ... So fun

Girl: Next stop // Let's go to the karaoke!
Suimei/Shibuya: Coo~~~ming

Blonde: Hey, don't puke here

SFX: chirp // chirp
Sign: Himawari Kindergarden
Jun: Onee-chan, onee-cha~~n

Jun: I don't know how to make flowers
Girl: Gee~~, you are hopeless // Give it to me

Girl: ? // ? // Eh

Girl: Do it yourself! // You're not a junior anymore
Jun: Sniff ...

Aiko: Do you want me to teach you? // Making flowers

Jun: You are so kind, Aiko-chan
Kyousuke: Jun, youuu
Aiko: Am ... am I? // Ehehehe

Jun: I wish you could be my onee-chan, Aiko-chan

Children: Aiko onee-chan
Aiko: Hwaaa
<-- Single child

Aiko: Haru-chan, Haru-chan

Jun: Mii // Mii
Aiko: ... Why don't we have juniors?
SFX: psk

Aiko: Tell me, tell me, why?
Haru: That ... that

Haru: Because right now the girls are marrying late and lots of people in Japan don't see the necessity of a marriage, so we have a low birth rate problem at the moment
Kisaragi: Nice Haru! // Haru-chan

Haru: The influence of hormone and the insufficiency of government regulations make people hesitate to have children and the birth rate keeps falling ...
Aiko: sleepy

SFX: ratlle rattle ...
Suimei: Em' beeeckk~~~
Aiko: Ahhh~~~ Onii-chan

SFX: blamm ...
Paper: dead drunk
Aiko: Onii .......

Aiko: Onii-chan

Aiko: ... He stinks ... // ugu ugu ugu
Haru: It's okay, it's okay
Kisaragi: You really have the guts to disturb a peaceful morning in a kindergarten with the smell of alcohol // Hey, wake up!
Suimei: I'm slee~~~py // Buu~~rp

Fumi: Do you want me to put you to sleep forever?
Suimei: ......... I'm awake

Kisaragi: My God // ... You have the guts to come home in the morning and skip your work
Children: Suimei ... // You stink!! // Suimei-sensei, you smell like alcohol ...
Suimei: I've worked hard to get into university, so give me a break

Kisaragi: Worked hard, huh ...
Children: Stink // Stink ... // Stink

Suimei: Buu~~rp
Children: Waa~~
Kisaragi: SNAP!

Kisaragi: Don't spread your alcohol breath!! // Don't even breathe!
SFX: Eck
Haru: He'll die !! // Stop her !

Suimei: ... I'm going to sleep for a while
Kisaragi: Come to the classroom as soon as you wake up

Suimei: Ok then // Good night, Aiko-chan

Aiko: Good night?
Suimei: Yaawn ...

Aiko: Onii-chan, but this is morning? // Shouldn't you say good morning?
Sign: Karaoke
Suimei: So, so bright // I went for a drink last night, I haven't slept at all ........

Aiko: Onii-chan, you're like a dracula
Suimei: Ahahaha ...

Suimei: I will suck your blood // Gaoo~~

Aiko: ... Please

Suimei: Gao // That's not a joke

Aiko: Suck it, suck it
Suimei: I ... I prefer water to blood

Kagurazaka: Really

Kagurazaka: Don't run in the hallway! you drunkard
<-- A punch from a former call girl (Jap: water job)
SFX: Fsshhh
Aiko: Phii~~~

Haru: Here

Haru: I bring you water, Suimei-san // Are you okay?
Suimei: Haru-chan, you're so kind ...
Kagurazaka: Don't spoil him, Haru

Suimei: !

Suimei: ...... Sorry, toilet!
SFX: Slam

Suimei: Bhwee~~
Kagurazaka: Don't puke in the kindergarten!

Kagurazaka: ... I wonder
Haru: Yes?
Suimei: Orrghh

Kagurazaka: I think ronin forgets what day today is ......
Haru: Eh

Haru: No way ! // He's just tired because he's busy with his school ......
Suimei: Ughh~~~
Kagurazaka: School huh

Aiko: You're great Jun-kun, let's show it to Haru-chan

Aiko: Look look // Haru-chan, Jun-kun made all of these
Haru: Waa~~~, great

Aiko: Onii-chan will be happy with these

SFX: Reach ...

SFX: Pat pat ...

Aiko: What's wrong, Haru-chan? // Ehehehe
Haru: It can't be true

Haru: I don't believe he would forget what day today is
SFX: rattle
Suimei: Fuu~...

Suimei: !

Suimei: Aiko-chan, what's with those flowers?
Haru: Ah ...

Suimei: Woo~~w
Aiko: Great isn't it, Aiko made these
Jun: A ... Aiko-chan ...
Suimei: But

Suimei: What are we celebrating today ?
Aiko: It's a secret

Suimei: Then, see you soon

Kagurazaka: ... He really forgets
Kisaragi: Should we cancel it? the celebration
Haru: .......

Haru: But we have ordered the cakes
Girls: Just like the flyer says // Yes, true

Girl: Handsome guy ! // Kyaa
SFX: click ...

Sanada: It's a good thing that my shop gets busy, but ...
Mama: We'll come everyday
Mamas Army
Flyer: Himawari News // Himawari's No.1 cake shop is found!
<-- Editorial made by the mamas for the neighborhood
Sanada: Here's your order ...

Girl: Yes
SFX: Grip

Girls: Kyaa~~ // That's not fair // I want it too

Sanada: Because of this, I can't make any delivery at all these days ..
Haru: Good afternoon

SFX: ding
Haru: Are the cakes that we ordered ready? Sanada-san?

Girls: Kyaa
Sanada: Haru-chan, you come just right ...... // Help me ...
Girls: Sanada-san is talking
Haru: .......

Haru: ... You look busy, should I come back again later?
Sanada: I'm okay! I'm not busy at all

Sanada: I'm going to take the cakes, please wait there

SFX: Stare ...
Haru: Th ...... thank you

Sanada: Okay ...... so
Girls: Stare~~~ ... // What's her connection with Sanada-san?

Sanada: ... Do you guys have a party today?
Haru: Eh?

Haru: Well ...... sort of ......
SFX: ding
Sanada: Sort of?

Girl: Sanada-san ... I have a sukiyaki party tonight at home

Sanada: Then then then, how 'bout this freshly made cakes for desert?
Girl: Kyaa~, I got a recommendation
Girls: How daring ... // I'm not gonna lose!

Sanada: pant // pant
Haru: ... Are you okay?
Sanada: Sort of ...

SFX: thump thump
Sanada: Ehem ...
Haru: ... Tell me Sanada-san

Haru: Could it be that you hate women?

Sanada: Eh ... no, what are you saying ....
SFX: flustered

Haru: Hmm // You're a hard-liner

Hard Liner
1. A man of principles - someone who has opinions and would defend it
2. Someone who's overly serious regarding relations between men and women
Sanada: Hah...?

Sanada: Ehhh ... well, maybe I am ...

Haru: You devote yourselves to cakes // That's cool
Sanada: Ah ...... // Yes, for now at least
Board: Cakes of the Month

Sanada: I feel akward like someone who just lied ...

Sanada: She has straight looking eyes
SFX: stare
Haru: ?

Sanada: But // I feel happy if someone tells me that my cakes are delicious
Haru: yep yep

Sanada: She is easy to talk with

Girls: Sanada-san // We're waiting here
Sanada: Ah ......

Sanada: I'm sorry, I talked by myself ...
Haru: Then, I'll be going // Eh?

Haru: I think that was a fun conversation

Sanada: Haru ... san

Girls: Sanada-saaa~~~n
Sanada: Waaa~~~~

Haru: This ... heavy

Kisaragi: What!? // You're leaving!?

Suimei: I have evening class, you know
Kisaragi: Skip it!
Haru: .....

Suimei: Is that what a teacher says !? // Geezz
SFX: rattle rattle

Haru: I'm back

Children: Yaay, cakes // cakes // cakes
Kisaragi: I'll take them

Aiko: ... Huh?

Aiko: Where's onii-chan?
Haru: ......

Haru: ... He said he has school
Aiko: Eeehhhh

Board <flowers - left to right>: Suimei // Sensei // 1 // Year // Party
Board <most left>: Let's play more // We like you
Board <under "sensei">: Let's have a trip together again
Board <Above "1">: <-- Since you came to kindergarden
Board <Under "1">: Congrats for your uni
Board <under "year">: Play with us
Board <Above "party">: Thank you for teaching us origami // Read us some books again

Kagurazaka: What should we do?

Suimei: .......

Suimei: I totally forgot ... // <-- Forgot his school stuff ...

Suimei: Today -----

Suimei: The day when I came here for the first time -----

Suimei: Everyone remember it ...

Suimei: But here I am now -----

Aiko: Onii-chan
Suimei: Oh my, I forgot something ... // Eh? What's this ......, ... I see, the day I came here
Suimei: Nonchalant ...

Suimei: I forgot // I'm sorry
Aiko: Onii-chan ...
Haru: Can happen to everyone
Suimei: Teary eyes ...

Suimei: Not good! // None will work for sure! // Uggnn~~~...
Yuko: !

Yuko: What's wrong, Suimei-chan?
Suimei: thump // Oh ...... // Aunty ...!

Yuko: ?

Boy: Suimei, youuu
Fumi: Hey! // Don't kick someone's leg
Yuko: ... I see

Yuko: That makes a little bit hard for you to get in // Everyone is angry
Suimei: U-huh ...

Yuko: ........

Yuko: I understand! I'll get in first and give them an explanation
Suimei: Aunty ...
Yuko: Wait at the front door until I give you the sign

SFX: rattle rattle
Yuko: I'm back

Aiko: Welcome back

Aiko: ... Ow // mumble // I thought you were onii-chan ...

Haru: Hey ... Aiko-chan, that's not how you greet people
Yuko: .......
Kisaragi: Wel ... welcome back headmaster! How was your outside job?

Aiko: ......
Haru: Hang on headmaster

Aiko: Headmaster? I ... I'm sorry // Are you okay?
Children: Cheer up, headmaster

Children: Headmaster, let's eat cake with us // That right, we should eat snack together sometimes

Cup: Headmaster
Kisaragi: ... And guess what that ronin said?

Kisaragi: "What are we celebrating?" that's what he said // It's his celebration for God's sake!
Yuko: Oh well
Fumi: Headmaster, is he really your nephew?

Fumi: I mean, you always work hard for this kindergarden, not like him
Yuko: Eh // You think so?

Kisaragi: You have to scold him when he come back
Yuko: I guess so
Aiko: Headmaster is coming back to normal // I feel glad
SFX: drip // drip

Suimei: The sign ...
Yuko: Suimei-chan is always forgetful // Just like me
All: Ahahaha

Hey~~~, you got accepted to an Uni

So lonely

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