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Junkie Fiction Volume 1

Volume 1

+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Feb 10, 2010 16:28 | Go to Junkie Fiction

This script is reserved for the group KAW.

[Page 003]

A medicine that can't be created through human hands was needed. A black cat is attached to a boy is called 'Taku'. That boy took personally the name of the 'Kusuriya/chemist'.

[Page 004]

Taku: I have business in there. Therefore, Let me pass.

Man: I said that you can't pass in here. Don't you understand what I'm saying? I'm going to kill this brat.

Taku: Aa, taking out such a dangerous item but it's just this.

[Page 005]

Taku: Doing such a low level thing as abduction, you guys are ...

Man: Damn you! What do you know about us?!

[Page 006]

Taku: How was that? Can't speak as well, huh?

[Page 007]

Taku: This is called 'Marionette'. Your heart and body became my thoughts through this medicine. Now, shall I show you?

Man: ....!

Taku: That's right. I'm pleased to meet you. Now, take me to where all the abducted people are.

[Page 008]

Guy: Huh? What's wrong? Isn't it time to change already?

Guy2: I appreciate your offers but I'll sleep at ease.

Guys: You ....! Who are you!?

[Page 009]

Taku: I am a chemist and I have some business with the abducted people though ...

[Page 010]

Satou: Wait. If you specially came because you have business, can't we hear what it is?

[Page 011]

Satou: Yo, brat, tell me.

Taku: ... Thrusting a knife at me and you say 'tell me' ? I don't care if I was stabbed after I speak. .... I understand. I'm an attorney.

[Page 012]

Taku: Tsutsumi Gouzou. Now, you're threatening the other party.

Someone: I truly said that when you came, though. Isn't it the life of a valuable son?

Taku: Well ... Isn't is precious? To me, withdrawal of a ransom does have a connection when you said come.

Someone: Withdrawal? Are you saying that with only personal asset a guy surpassing 10 billion can pay 100 million for a sons life?

Taku: Correct. It's unfortunate that there isn't any value for the 100 million to your own son. With this, won't you become cheap quite often?

Someone: What a waste!

Taku: Huh? If it's you then it's you're after the very same ransom goal of kidnapping.

[Page 013]

Someone: !! This brat ....

Another guy: Wait! I'll only hear you so speak. Name your price.

Taku: ....

The guy: 10,000 ?

Taku: 100,000.

[Page 014]


Taku: A useless son won't brush away this insignificant deal!

Someone: 100,000 ... you say? Are you taking me as a fool! That guy is ... Kyouichi!?

Kyouichi: Did you hear? It's 100,000. Ha, that made me laugh!

[Page 015]

Kyouichi: It's always, always the money, father. It's alright.

Someone: Naa .. What did I tell you Kyouichi! You are this way because of the money but ...

Kyouichi: Money? When this kid didn't show up did you say money? Even if I died would father still say money?

Someone: Don't you know that we must negotiate?

Kyouichi: How? When you cut off my finger or ear would you send them? Would this disturb you, father? When it's now aren't you willing to do it? Satou-kun.

Satou: ...! Kyouichi you ...

Kyouichi: All of you when you approached facing on your friends I thought that as well. This is my chance, however ...

[Page 016]

Kyouichi: It's ok. It's better if you send my corpse to my father!!

Satou: Kyouichi! He's heading to the rooftop.

Guy: Do we chase him?

Satou: This significant money gill will hurt him!

Guy: ... It's a difficult request.

Takui: I see.

[Page 017]

Takui: You, Satou-kun are the present Tsutsumi's son Kyouichi. Was the abduction fake ...?

Satou: Even if you put it this way if the son dies I will be worried too. Chase after him.

[Page 018]

Move, brat!

Taku: What a dangerous thing ...It's time to stop. If you attack me it'd become a murder, do you realize that?

Satou: You changed. At the moment, even if you alone increase, though it's bad but you'll get caught.

Taku: It seems that the 100,000 is not enough.

[Page 019]

Satou: My demand is 100,000,000. I'll send Esa in the end. But first, I'll kill you.

[Page 020]

Satou: Ahh. What the hell did this cat do!!! Let me go you ...

Taku: Nice, Kusuri!

Someone: The brat is escaping.

[Page 021]

Taku: I still have it. All of them are here!! There is no other way. Kusuri, help me!! Still there, huh? What kind of people are you?

Kusuri: Nya?

[Page 022]

Someone: What is this?

Satou: It's a black cat! T-this black cat!

[Page 024]

Satou: Is that a black cat?!

Kusuri: That's why Kusuri is a black cat. It's ko, ko! Please correct your words... Ah, Taku-sama.

Taku: Look at our surrounding.

[Page 025]

Kusuri: Umm ... It seems to be a little bit crisis in here, right?

Taku: Yeah. Until earlier it was dangerous though ... Anyway, take care of this, I beg of you and I'll chase after Sei.

Kusuri: Roger! Leave this to Kusuri.

Man: Wait!

[Page 026]

Satou: It's the same as earlier ...! It absolutely is a monstrous cat!!

Man: Shall we do this to the other person?

Satou: Tsk. What the hell do you intend on doing? I'm chasing after that brat.

Man: Huh, Satou-san? Are we the other party of the monstrous cat?

[Page 027]

Kusuri: Just now, you said "Monstrous cat", right? Did you know? That when you meet a 'monstrous cat' then you'll see a ghost ... And when you meet a ghost you'll be cursed.

[Page 028]

Kusuri: Kusuri is not a monstrous cat though .. But she won't forgive you! I'll curse you!!

[Page 029]

Taku: ... Is it my imagination? Are you handling things well, Kusuri?

Satou: Wait, brat.

Taku: He's fast!!

Satou: Stupid. Are you even an adult? Your feet aren't that long. Children nowadays gotta grow up ... You're no match for me.

[Page 030]

Taku: There it is, found it. I'll reverse the characteristics of this substance to a medicine. 'Sakashima / Reverse!' Reverse well! You .... Without having a solid cold thing ...

Rather a 'Sakashima/Reverse' tender hot thing....

[Page 031]

Satou: What's the matter? Aren't you going to run away? Or are you an obedient child!?

Taku's thoughts: The time those words end, you'll regain your summoned figure!!

[Page 032]

Satou: Hot .. Ahh. What the hell is this?

Taku: It's a sticky rice cake ... Moreover, freshly pounded. Surely ... The conceptualization of the user is being reflected as it is ... Is it delicious, this rice cake?

Satou: It's hot.

[Page 033]

Taku: It's hot and soft.

'It's only my conceptualization ...'

This way it'd become more like a lava ...

Kyouichi: Come! And if you do, I will jump off!!

[Page 034]

Tanma: Calm down. Is it a good thing that you die?

Kyouichi: Good thing ...? There is a good thing. Would that piss off my father if I commit suicide!!

[Page 035]

Kyouichi: Then, the one million won't appear? I realize really well what would father think of me then. If I committed suicide right here, it'd create a scar in my father's criminal record. If I ran for self-protection I'll pay more than a fortune, money affected everyone long time ago, no matter how ...

Chapter 2

[Page 036]

Kyouichi: Would I be able to strain that face of my father by doing this?

Taku: I came on time ...

[Page 037]

Tanma: You're the brat from earlier, right?

Kyouichi: This just right. You said 'negotiator', right? Tell my father that I his son Kyouichi died.

[Page 038]

Taku: Are you joking! You dying in here is not a trade.

Tanma: Yo, brat! What happened to the guys down there?

Taku: You're the last one.

Tanma: Did you notify the police?

Taku: Is my duty to withdraw Tsutsumi Kyouichi's ransom or to guarantee his safety?! So far this is the part of the agreement but I have no business with the rest.

Tanma: Hahahaha... Being deceived by you, brat.

[Page 039]

Tanma: So, are you returning back home? Agreement, huh? Chase after it.

Taku: What about your friends? Are you abandoning them?

Tanma: Friends? Are you joking?! I have a debt with Satou so I'll just help him. See ya.

Taku: What is that?

[Page 040]

Taku: It's dangerous. What's with this surprise attack?

[Page 041]

Tanma: Though I said I'll return home but ... also said that I'll kill you!

Taku: Wait ... Tanma

Tanma: Die. Die!

[Page 042]

Taku: Why is this shoubaidougu?

[Page 043]

Tanma; My bad.

[Page 045]

Kusuri: Rabu, rabu(I think she means love)? Did Kusuru interrupt something?

Taku: Is there a reason for your interfere?

[Page 046]

Taku: Anyway, pin him down! Quick!

Kusuri: But his face is badly hit ...

Tanma: Hey ... you're heavy. Move.

Kusuri: Heavy!? I'm not heavy! Since last month Kusuri followed a diet!

Taku: Thank you, Kusuri, and I'm grateful for your diet failure!!

Kusuri: Taku-sama! What failure are you talking about?

Tanma: ... this princess, who is she?

Taku: Is she a cat with a 'Kusuriya' appearance ...?

[Page 047]

Taku: Kusuri! Keep on pinning him down. After that hand over the knife to him. Does it have this kind of effect? I'll return it to you however, you won't use it anymore. If you do so, be careful from the scary thing that'll meet your eye. Kusuri, it's fine now. Come here.

Kusuri: Roger.

Tanma: You are the one to be careful!!

[Page 048]

Tanma: S-stop!

Taku: That's why I told not to use it anymore.

Kusuri: Was this drug "Vision P"?

Taku: Correct.

Kusuri: That explains it.

[Page 049]

Taku: Even though he's complaining of the pain but it won't disgrace him ... I remember something through reviving the records. When that knife murders a person all the records within his body flows. The murdered person's fear and pain together. It was better if he wasn't killed though ... Now Satou Kyouichi, it's your turn, right? I'm coming.

Kyouichi: You're mistaken. It's invisible to a child only.

[Page 050]

Taku: I said it, Kyouichi. I am "Kusuriya" Taku and this is my assistant Kusuri.

Kusuri: Nice to meet you.

Taku: Your old man ( father ) was hired by a powerful family and I came to bring you back. What do you say, to return back with me together? Right now the police won't know about any of this. We'll clear things out gently as much as possible but, that's what the old man wished for.

Kyouichi: Right. Father...

[Page 051]

Kyouichi: ... right. If father said so, then take me home. Aa ... if my body doesn't fall on the back then he won't recognize my face, right?

Kusuri: His eyes tell it all.

Kyouichi: Greet my father on behalf of me.

Taku: Kusuri!

Kusuri: Roger.

[Page 052]

Kyouichi: Let go! I'm dying. Let go ...

[Page 053]

Kusuri: Are you afraid of death?

Kyouichi: ... Afraid! I know that. That's why even though I never looked beneath but it's not a big deal. I don't know about you but till when will I be patient? No matter how much I study, no matter how many problems I overcome father never praised me!! Whatever I did father never even moved an eye brow! When my mother died he never once returned home from his company. His head was filled with work only!!

[Page 054]

Kyouichi: I'm embarrassing .. I'll die multiple times and carve out my existence for him!!!

Taku: My, my ... Your father was worried about you. Strangely your courage sits however thinking more about it I found that it maybe not impossible.

[Page 055]

Taku: Look, I'll show you a sample suicide.

Kyouichi: W-What the hell are you doing? I don't understand this sample thing ... You ..

[Page 056]

Taku: You thought I died, huh? Astonished by my existence? Or Astonished of my ability to float in the air?

Kyouichi: Were you joking?! I thought that you died! And the main point is how are you floating?

Taku: This is a medicine for floating in the air. I drank it earlier though.

[Page 057]

Taku: Just now you were joking, right? That human kind must die, furthermore floating in the air ... you were joking about that. You were angry too. Human kind, don't they joking about building an expectation? Don't they get angry?

Kyouichi: Isn't that obvious!?

Taku: Your father too thought that. With the age he built the Ootakara clan. And this time he have perspective just about everything.

[The past]

Taku: 10,000?

[Page 058]

Okami: Stupid. It's one million. It has no value to that failure son. Do you request for one hundred million?
[Bank group president, Tsutsumi Okami.]

Taku: It has nothing to do with me but ... are you going to pay it? No matter how much the amount is, don't you think you're haggling too much?

Okami: Originally this is a stupid farce to meet him however, if it's the amount of money he'll show up.

Taku: By 'farce' ... are you referring to kidnapping?

Okami: It's a play. I already chose the kidnapper.

Taku: Huh!?

[Page 059]

Okami: I've been watching him from the time he started meeting the strange colleagues. I finished understanding this whole kidnapping play plan.

Taku: Ha. I'm amazed. Then, it won't be necessary for you to depend on me in this!

Okami: The other party are bad. Kyouichi doesn't realize this but 'he won't choose the measures' since that guy will mingle with some people.

Taku: I see. Won't you entrust this to the police?

Okami: Experts don't believe in the police. But we will use them.

Taku: In this long interval didn't you try out the 'Kusuriya'? Got it. Then, what the reward?

Okami: I'm doing this for the sake of my son only.

Taku: Is it one million? My bad but that amount of money is ...

[Page 060]

Okami: It's one hundred million. If you fail I won't forgive you. If it's not sufficient I'll offer you billion.

[ Present time ]

Taku: .... Asking his son

'But billion ....'

Kyouichi: My father ...

Taku: Well. With this the world's Bank president Tsutsumi knew everything from the beginning.

[Page 061]

Kyouichi: Well ... Why didn't father stop? Why was he silent about all of this? ...

Taku: Because you must exceed your father's prediction frame, that's why he wasn't agitated. In moving the bank president, you're not dancing on top of the palm of his hand. All of this is to make you even larger than he is quickly. Well, and making you sulk to the extent of committing suicide. You have the character to be that kind of person. Your father didn't think this far.

Kyouichi: It's not that I sulked.

Kusuri: I apologize for interrupting the conversation but Kusuri got tired.

[Page 062]

Taku: Can't help it. That Kusuri ...

Kyouichi: They're falling!

Taku: It's all right. We won't fall.

Kyouichi: Not us, I meant my glasses.

Taku: We'll return home like this.

Kusuri: Kusuri's going home too!

[Page 063]

Kyouichi: Huh? Beautiful. The scenery of the overlooking surrounding that appears from the building that father built was beautiful. But ...

[Page 064]

"Taku's past"

Taku's mother: Mother liked it when father succeeded and at that time the sunset appeared so good.


Taku: I remember that ...

[Page 065]

Kyouichi: Father ... one day for sure I'll surpass you. I apologize for my wrong doing.

[Page 066]

Taku: Let's look forward to this.

Chapter 3

[Page 070]

Neiko: Taku ... I'm sorry.

Taku: ... Mother?

[Page 071]

Neiko: Mother can't live forever. I'm sorry that we can't be together anymore.

Taku: Mother. Wait, mother.

Neiko: I love you, Taku.

[Page 072]

Taku: Mother.

[Page 073]

Taku: A dream? What a failure. This dream just now ...

Kusuri: Don't move something heavy...

[Page 074]

Taku: Seeing a strange dream ... Was it your fault?

[Page 075]

Kusuri: I'm sorry Taku-sama. The meal got cold ...

Taku: That's why I told you not to appear in a human form ..

Kusuri: But the effect of the medicine didn't wear off therefore I couldn't transform into my cat form.

Taku: Then, what about today?

Kusuri: Yes, Taku-sama. Today we have many requests! I'll read them up! Client 1 is a 10 years old girl and her request is to search for her lost alligator.

[Page 076]

Its name is Dorothy. The second one is 28 years mistress, saying "please invent a medicine that will erase landlord's unfaithful female partner from this world."

Everyone is furious!

Taku: There are not very honest requests...!

Gaspal: I came.

[Page 077]

Taku: !! That Gaspal said that all the request letters will appear ...

Gaspal: Just now they reached me.

Taku: How are they?

Gaspal: Are you doubting me? How sad.

Taku: It's better if you cry.

Gaspal: Unfortunately, I don't have tears ... Furthermore, are you going to look at these handwritten requests?

Taku: I'll head towards you right now...

[Page 078]

Kusuri: Taku-sama.

Taku: Kusuri, you wait here.

Kusuri: Be careful.

[Page 079]

Taku: The path is opening.

[Page 080]

Gaspal: Welcome. It's been half year since we last met personally, huh?

[Page 081]

Taku: I'm not going to teach you one by one however, it's been a while since I last came to this filthy room.

Gaspal: Are you going to look over here too?

Taku: Before that, I want you to create a mask.

Gaspal: Ah, I created this but this is because of this awful greeting after being neglected a very long time.

[Page 082]

Gaspal: I'm in a good humor mood.

Taku: The handwritten requests?

Gaspal: I'm certainly reading them here. Handwritten request, Sakura Ikazumi 34 years old housewife wishes for you to cure her 8 years old daughter's illness.

[Page 083]

Gaspal: And the reward is whatever you ask for. Many times during the month she'd remain sleeping from the strange illness. Even to the doctor the cause is unknown and they wondered if is was a curse and performed exorcism however there wasn't any progress. The road came to an end that's when she knew about the Kusuriya. How is it? I'll give you what you wish for.

Gaspal: Think of the child and the mother's bursting wish. You also ... Do you feel this? It's like your mother, isn't it?

[Page 084]

Gaspal: It's because Neiko was already desperate. If your sickness was cured then your soul would've been easily sold.

Taku: Stop, Gaspal! If you're going to chatter even more ...!! I'll leave ...

Gaspal: Please.. Forgive me.

Taku: Accept this request.

Gaspal: Are you undertaking it?

Taku: Yeah!

[Page 085]

Gaspal: Then, within the handwritten request there is an enclosed map. With it, I gathered magic medicine essence and created a disillusion drug. If several drops were dropped on her forehead she'll wake up from her sleep at once.

Taku: The extreme setup you did for this request that we recently received is good.

Gaspal: I'm prepared for such circumstances too a lot but ... that's my duty. Please, return back peacefully.

[Page 086]

Gaspal: I your faithful servant shall fulfill my contract until that day.

[Page 087]

Taku: She's asleep except she seems to do nothing else. This child's name is 'Yui-chan'? Would you kindly tell me the time state she seems to wear during her sleep?

Yui's mother: Yes.

[Page 088]

Yui's mother: 3 months ago she had a piano contest. Yui joined the championship then decided to study abroad for a tournament.

Taku: She has a talent.

Yui's mother: Yes. She was even offered to be guided by masters and her outstanding talent was spoken of for a ten years old girl. Therefore, although even I had hopes for her ... however ... Please! Wake this girl up! She studied abroad with a professional pianist!

Taku: Wa-

Yui's mother: This is my dream. Therefore, please ...!

[Page 089]

Taku: I understand, so calm down!

Yui's mother: I apologize.

Taku: Won't you at least explain her situation?

Yui's mother: I will. At that day Yui said that she had to go to the toilet just before her performance ... Because she was too late when they went looking for her I remembered that they found her collapsed in the meeting place's pathway though ...

Taku: Then, you weren't there the moment Yui slept?

Yui's mother: Yes.

Taku: What's your occupation?

Yui's mother: Huh?

[Page 090]

Taku: In this high mansion you have piano and the soundproof is perfect. Even the request fee is huge, right? What kind of occupation do you have?

Yui's mother: Asking about my job! Isn't that none of your business?! The reward will be paid exactly. Therefore, hurry up and wake her up!!

Taku: With whatever occupation you have ... always all of the members of this girl's family think of what kind of friends at school she has. But that was important to you, right?

Yui's mother: Huh?

[Page 091]

Taku: The doctor never knew her illness? The cause is her heart ... it may even be the environment.

Yui's mother: I ... I don't have a job ... but both Yui and I are living.

Taku: Do you have a fortune?

Yui's mother: I didn't get divorced yet.

Taku: How many Musume-san's friends are?

Yui's mother: She doesn't particularly have new friends because I check everything in her mobile.

Taku: I see. Then, shall I start?

Yui's mother: This is ...

Taku: An awakening drug.

[Page 092]

Yui's mother: No way with this drug ... she'll wake up?

Taku: She'll wake up at once. Because this isn't just a drug. The cost will extremely be expensive though.

Yui's mother: You can't create a fine line with money! Regardless if she opened her eyes ....!

Taku: Be silent!

[Page 093]

Yui's mother: She didn't wake up! Not yet!

Taku: '... That's strange'

Yui's mother: What happened? Are you deceiving me? What happened to Yui?

Taku: Didn't Gaspal say 'She'll wake up at once.' ?

Yui's mother: You fraud master!! Do you intend to search for my family's background?! Our money?! Or Yui?! And saying you're a chemist ...

Taku: Wait a second....

[Page 094]

Yui's mother: Yui...? Yui!! I'm glad that you made her wake up!

[Page 096]

Taku: Kusuri?!

Kusuri: Taku-sama, ward her off please!

Taku: Piano?!

Yui's mother: Yui.

[Page 097]

Yui's mother: Stop this!! I'm your mother!! Don't you recognize me?! Yui.

Taku: Kusuri! There is no other way, it's a request.

Kusuri: This childish prank ...

[Page 098]

Kusuri: Stop it!

Taku: 'There's no mistake in the drug Gaspal made. If so then this ...?'

Chapter 4

[Page 100]

Gaspal: Go back and show me.

Yui's mother: Yui!!

Kusuri: Taku-sama, ward her off please.

[Page 101]

Taku: Kusuri, this is a request!

Kusuri: Taku-sama, where are you off to?

Taku: I didn't decide. That rotten devil, where is he?

[Page 102]

Gaspal: The "Awakening" drug didn't function correctly. That's why you returned back here, Taku?

[Page 103]

Taku: What do you mean? Why did you have over that drug? What's your aim, Gaspal!!

Gaspal: There's no way that drug I prepared didn't function correctly.

Taku: Then, that was your plot from the very beginning...!!

Gaspal: That's not true.

[Page 104]

Gaspal: Neiko's connection exceeded your prediction.

Taku: M-Mother... !?

Gaspal: I said that it was impossible, because that was within the range of my prediction.

[Page 105]

Taku: What do you mean? Mother is related to this ...

Gaspal: That is ... the thing I did was give you a drug without a tiny bit mistake but ... this 'awakening' drug was arranged to the living things of this world so that it functions normally. If it doesn't they'd use a place ...

[Page 106]

Gaspal: Like this exactly.

Taku: This is more about my mother ...!!

Gaspal: Worried, huh? As usual when it's about Neiko you break your composure. Putting it in order I'm explaining it to you.

Taku: What the hell is this? What relation does mother have with this drug?

Gaspal: I don't know that as well.

Taku: Wh-

Gaspal: However, if Neiko was connected to it then you must hear whatever kind of trivial thing.

[Page 107]

Gaspal: What is the aim that you wish to fulfill?

Taku: I got it, continue.

Gaspal: Sure. When this drug that the girl used becomes 'The living things of this world' the cause is the rest.

[Page 108]

Gaspal: The 'awakening' drug indeed woke up that girl however, it's perfect portion. True, it doesn't create a 'human' but it only awakes the 'animal' instinct. Perhaps the girl is in a situation where energy of some sort limited the natural drug effect.

Taku: In other words?

Gaspal: In the past, that girl used some sort of drug in her body through a magic medicine. And I believe that that drug's complex effect caused such results.

[Page 109]

Taku: Is it the same as the drugs you made?

Gaspal: Yes. They're from the same sort. The thing handling those drugs over there is with me. I passed all of my knowledge to Neiko only.

[Page 114]

Neiko: Devil ...?

Gaspal: My name is Gaspal. With your strong desire, I was invited by the compensation of yours blood. Are you the 'master'?

Neiko: Is this a contract? Are you possession my soul for granting my three wishes?

Gaspal: Exactly.

[Page 115]

Neiko: Fine then. You can call me 'master'.

Gaspal: I understand.

[ Didn't translate Page 116 ]

[Page 117]

Neiko: My son ... Watching him like that doesn't make me feel good either.

Gaspal: When the illness is cured what will you command? Or, would it enlarge his fate?

Neiko: I'm considering that as well. This kid's illness with the current medicine won't be cured one way or another. At this rate I can't save him. I always sacrificed this kid and continued being a physician. No matter what sort of role I'm playing ... I didn't stand. I wonder for what reason that kid and me are going through this and spending time ....

[Page 118]

Neiko: My first wish is ... Pass the medical knowledge to me. Please teach me the medical knowledge as far as you devils know. I am a physician and this child's mother.

Gaspal: I'll humbly grant your wish.

Gaspal: She was my only single master.

[Page 120]

Gaspal: Your mother is Neiko. This time it seems that she has a connection to do with the drug she created.

Taku: ... Mother ... She handed over a medicine 3 months ago for that kid ...?

Gaspal: That's right. This is the first clue of Neiko's erased figure. You started searching for her long time ago.

[Page 121]

Gaspal: She exchanged contracts with me. From that day on ..

Taku: Let go of me!

Gaspal: Forgive my rudeness. However, it's not the time to be soaked by your deep emotions ...

Taku: I know that! What should we do now?

Gaspal: First, I know what kind of medicine that was used in the past. Besides that

[Page 122]

Gaspal: Is it the kakoshin vision P? Intellect can't be rushed. Even in vision P when the complex effects don't show up there isn't any limit to it. Be careful. Being able to see the past for this short period of time is good. But you must not chase after Neiko's past.

[Page 123]

Yui's mother: Do you recognize me, Yui?! Yui! Why did you hit the piano? Why did you do such thing? Yui...!

[Page 124]

Kusuri: Nya. Taku-sama is it morning?

[Page 125]

Kusuri: Don't do this ... since you're a girl comrade. Stop it please ... Kusuri says stop ...

[Page 127]

Taku: What were you playing?

Yui's mother: What are you doing?

Taku: Watching Yui's past.

Yui's mother: Wa- ... What strange medicine are you using again this time? Before anything else if it becomes terrible what should we do?

[Page 128]

Taku: Shut up and watch.

Chapter 5

[Page 130]

Yui's mother: Yui!! What are you doing?!

Taku: I'm going to look at the memories of the day Yui went to sleep. I used a medicine called "Vision P" which can call the memories of the past. With this I'll understand the cause.

[Page 131]

Taku: Mother ... what did you know? Don't intrude me, Kusuri!

[Page 132]

'Guide me to the memories of the day Yui slept ...'

[Page 133]

[ The 12th Yamaha junior piano contest participant waiting room. ]

Yui's mother: It's all right, Yui. If you perform like you always do you'll definitely win. Have faith in yourself! Don't embarrass me, ok?

Yui: Yes.

[Page 134]

Yui's mother: Yui?

Yui: Mother, where is the toiler?

Yui's mother: Oh, then go quickly ..

Yui: I'll be fine by myself.

Yui's mother: Really? Don't be late to the performance then ..

Yui: My stomach hurts ...

[Page 135]

Yui: I don't want to play the piano ...

[Page 136]

Neiko: You were throwing up just now, right? Are you all right? .... A physician?

Yui: That's right. I wonder if it's the tension before the contest? When I play piano I always .....

Neiko: Throw up?

[Page 137]

Neiko: Do you hate piano?

Yui: ....

Neiko: ... Vomiting is the stress nature ... Quit playing piano. If you continue your health will get worse. Therefore, you must immediately quit piano.

Yui: I'll be scolded by my mother. When I play piano I'll be admired. She'd say play piano because I love it when you do.

Neiko: Yui you hate piano.

Yui: Yes. At first I loved it but I don't want to play it.

[Page 138]

Yui: However, mother will get more angry.

Neiko: But ... Do you want to taste this candy? It's tasty.

[Page 139]

Neiko: If you sleep you won't have to play the piano, that's the end.

[Page 140]

Neiko: If you continue sleeping forever you won't play piano again.

[Page 141]

Neiko: Sleep, even if you woke up you'll end not playing piano until that day ...

[Page 144]

Taku: '.... That's right. That's not the real thing. Yui's flesh is carrying those memories. After that there won't be any reason. What are you doing?'

[Page 145]

Taku: 'There is a limit to the complex effect.'

Neiko: What's wrong, Taku? Still half asleep?

Gaspal: 'Don't chase after the past Neiko'

Taku: Mother!

[Page 146]

Yui's mother: It's already 3 hours and Yui still didn't wake up. This chemist is useless.

[Page 147]

Yui's mother: What is this?

[Page 148]

Kusuri: Taku-sama! Taku-sama it's been too long! What's wrong? You said 'mother' ... Kusuri is worried. You're captured within the memories Taku-sama!!

[Page 149]

Kusuri: Taku-sama, don't leave me alone! Taku-sama!

[Page 150]

Kusuri: Taku-sama!

Neiko: What's wrong?

Taku: Just now a cat's echoing voice ...

Neiko: Taku! Are you deceiving me? Mother won't be deceived. No, don't drink the milk slowly!

Taku: As I thought, it's a cat.

Neiko: Oh, is that so?

Taku: Yes, and it's pitch black cat.

[Page 151]

Taku: Are you hungry? Wait I'll ... Mother, is it all right if I let it in?

[Page 152]

Naiko: Sure. If Taku opened the door by himself ...

[Page 153]

Taku: Put on some clothes ...

[Page 154]

Yui's mother: Me?

Taku: Yeah. You're the only one able to wake up Yui-chan. Therefore, I don't need a reward.

[Page 155]

Yui's mother: I didn't scold her but admired her.

Taku: Wanting to always watch your joyful face but she was tired continuing to play the piano that she hated greatly.

Kusuri: Taku-sama, are you all right?

Taku: Yeah.

[Page 156]

Yui's mother: It's because of me, right Yui? I just thought that one day Yui will become a pro. I wanted to be proud for being separated from that person. I'm sorry, Yui. It's impossible to play piano already. I didn't notice that you hated it, I'm sorry.

Yui: What's wrong? Mother you're crying ... Why is it better if I don't play piano? Mother? You're hurting me, mother.

[Page 157]

Taku: Was it my mother?

Kusuri: Huh? What is it, Taku-sama?

Taku: Nothing.

'What is it? That time mother was ... '

Kusuri: Taku-sama? Is something worrying you?

[Page 158]

Taku: Kusuri ... All right. Today you're a special cat golden can!

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