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Gakuen Toshi Varanoir 1


+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Oct 20, 2011 21:17 | Go to Gakuen Toshi Varanoir

-> RTS Page for Gakuen Toshi Varanoir 1


[ My name is Myuu. My grandfather and I live with cleaning chimneys. ]

[ Once we're done with cleaning one city, we move to the next one ... Since long time ago we live journeying. My grandfather's name is 'Radui', and he used to be strong, but even if I tell him so, he says that he's going to meet new friends ... But, I don't know if it's true or not because grandfather always .... ]

"I don't want to live this kind of life anymore..."

"If you're strong, why are you still living this life? I don't feel neither power nor fascination! I just wish for genuine peace of this world! Why did you join me in cleaning chimneys? All you do is sobbing. You are an extremely sturdy child!"

"That's because I'm a girl! I always must soot in the dark! Although I'm a girl!!"

"Is it because the charcoal is staining your body?"

"That's not the problem ..."

"This selfish child talk is not accepted."

"Why is that? I heard this kind of conversation from my grandmother 'Ranje'."

"What? For the sake of the high state affairs I overtook women and was chased after by my wife and children."

[ Because of his condition, somehow I couldn't believe anything. But, at that time I said something bad ...]

[ Even so, I truthfully extremely love my grandfather ... I was raised by him alone ... Besides, I don't dislike journeying. That's because I have many friends whom I met in the neighbor country. ]

[ But from traveling I had to immediately bid them farewell ... Since I was a child when I had Mazoku friends my grandfather wasn't good. However, when I played with them he didn't say anything. Somehow, he saw us with jealous, bitter and sorrowful eyes. I wonder if it's because Kazuko's mother was beautiful ... ]

[ Within that livelihood I occasionally meet with them. Even now I remember, there was one time at summer ... ]

"Listen Myuu. Grandfather has some tasks to do."

"Age doesn't matter to that old man~"

"Aren't you intending to lead me to the high king? I'll meet him at that destination."

"Is it all right for me to come?"

'I noticed there isn't a fellow ... This time it was dangerous .. I knew that ...'

"Myuu-chan, come with me."

"Radui Grandfather .. is going out with a woman."

"Look at his smiling face."

"Myuu-chan you understand these things well, don't you ..."

"I always predict Oba-chan that's why ..."

"Listen, Myuu-chan, what do you usually play?"

"I don't play."


"Because I don't have much time to do that. Because my Grandfather always travel, I have to travel with him."

"But ..."

"Moving with him all the time is fun!"

"Really? Myuu-chan is great!"

"Ah? Really?"

"Yeah. Aren't you always busy in assisting at school?"

"I'm fine. That's because I don't go to school! That is ... My Grandfather insists that I go to school ... and I think that it's better to go to school."

"Is that so? Do you really think so? There are too many friends at school and ... Not only at school you can obtain friends but won't you also gain experience? Your Grandfather since he was young he wanted to go but couldn't ..."

"Ojii-san wanted to pour his energy by himself ... He didn't need a proper reason for this ..."

"If I may say are you getting married to my Grandfather?"

"Huh? No~ but I'm a real close friend to him. Long time ago, we used to travel together long journeys as friends. Moreover ... his wife died already. I'm sorry for saying such a thing. Even though she's just a child ... but she needs to hold a grip of herself in this world."


"Myuu what's wrong?"

"I found this cute animal. Look."

"Haha ... it's the child of a Hiokomoshi!"


"Myuu-chan, be careful when you play with it ok?"

"Ho ..."

"It's the Hiokomoshi's parents. It thinks that its own child is in danger."

"Ahahaha .."

"Myuu-chan, are you playing with the child? Are you all right?"

"Let's not argue about blood .... for the present time ...."

"I'll confine it with magic."

"Ah, Grandmother."

"Wait, Grandfather."

"Myuu!! It's dangerous so lower your head.


"Ouch, ouch ..."

"Are you all right?"

"What about Myuu-chan?"


"I tamed it on behalf of its parents ..."

"It hurts ..."

"Grandfather, you're not talented are you?"

"Ah, are you all right?"

"Grandfather ..."


"I'm sorry."

"Are you really going?"

"Yeah. That is my fate. Please take care of Myuu."


"You ... the way you're always close to Myuu .. I think to that girl it's the best .."

"One day, Myuu ought to understand that. If her parents were alive ... We planned for a peaceful fate, but I couldn't protect that family's peace. This world is full of unexpected things ... Ladui."

"In exchange for her parent's lives I'll regain this Tenmaken. Keep it with you and don't pass it to Miyuu."


'I traveled with my Grandfather .... Shifon Grandfather ... he was the first person I loved. Will he be all right?'


"Huh? umm ..."

"What is this? Do you want to go to school?"

"That's not true. I just want to take a look at it. We'll change our home at once anyway."

"I'm not asking you about your feelings. What happened? Do you want to go to school? Or not?"


"I want to go. Grandfather .... I want to go to school. Is that why this city is called 'Mahou Gakuentoshi* ( Magic University town )'? Students over here are assembled from everywhere and are studying in that school. I surpassed great trouble coming here that's why I too want to go to school. "

"Is that so .... It's good to have friends at school. Besides I didn't compose myself quite well in this city."

"At last I can say goodbye to sweeping chimneys."

"What are you saying, Myuu?"

"Varanoir is it? .... "

[That was the end of my long journey. I think my new life is just beginning. ]

"I'm leaving."

"Wait, Myuu!"


"Here. Take this with you."

"What do I do with it?"

"What are you planning to study for? Don't you want to become a man? Then this sword is important for you to take."

[ This amazing sword that is called 'Tenmake' is from my real grandfather Shifon. ]

"Well then, I'm leaving Grandfather."

[ At that time I didn't know yet ... ]

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