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Tsuki no Hebi ~Suikoden Ibun~ 1

The guy with the bat

+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Oct 20, 2011 21:20 | Go to Tsuki no Hebi ~Suikoden Ibun~

-> RTS Page for Tsuki no Hebi ~Suikoden Ibun~ 1

'Ww-what's that? Is it a joke? Why did I die?'


[ The last stage of the North Sou. At the Royal Court, the Kanshin was spreading, the government decayed, and the world was at a disorder. The rebels spread all over the country. Santou floated to Seishuu's Daishoutaku area of a solitary island. Over there, Sai was set up for a troupe of thieves.]

"Carry out the path exchanged for heaven."

[ At the Royal Court in various places of the Sou country, the government army was crushed by those thieves. Poor people of the Atsutouteki support underwent the loss due to the misgovernment, and the force grew. With hundred people, 8 leaders leading invincible without dividend battle group. Their name was 'Riyouzanpaku'.]

"Hey, pass over the boiled beef dish."

"Got it!"

"Dena? It's continuing at the Chinese Province, this time it's in Beijing's Feudal Government! From the Government police Erai-san's family all together were massacred. The warehouse treasure possessed by the roots of the family seemed to disappear."

"R...Really!? Good gracious... It's a huge company. That was, the assemblage for the ambitious!"

"Right!? You said huge? It was the Ryouzanpaku of fine fellows, who were fighting for those poor people!!!"

"W-What the hell are you saying?"

"Listen to me, will you think about it well!? Surely the Royzanpaku attacked the Government police at various places!!!! But was that bad!?"

"Hey, look! She started with that again, the official morality of the Ryouzanpaku!"

"You're wrong!! Because the Government Official are the bad people!! Since they decided to take away the poor people, living with their money, that company is real evil!!"

"Fellows of the Ryozanpaku stood up in order to punish those evil people. Don't tell me that they're men among the honorable ones!!!"

"I-I-I understand your point.... So get your leg off of the table!"

"Surely. I won't say it in a loud voice but I too am a supporter! I fought against the government officials from the front row. Isn't it cool!!"

"I told you not to say that! When did it stop?"

"Umm ... That's true .."

"He's hitting on here again."


"You don't have to say it. Let's have some fun, what do you say?"

"By fun you mean ..?

"Are we in agreement?"

"Sumou Toga?"


"What's with that weird talk with my sister? You drunken man!!"

"Fine .... This ... What are you saying? Don't intrude with adults conversation!!!!!"

"Shut up!! If you're an adult you wouldn't have gotten drunk during daytime. When you follow the example of Ryouzanpaku's fellow, how does it feel?"

"She's strong!"

"She did well, all the best, Kozou!!"

"Please stop it ...!!"

"What did you just say? About following the example of Ryouzanpaku's fellow? Even if you say such a wonderful thing, a moron is still a morin!"

"What's with the touching?"

"Whether you're a thief or a good fellow the society will be annoyed but, going back to the origin, it's just assembling fighting scenes of a rogue. No matter how much you oppose you don't understand a thing."

"Shut up!!!"


"Go with people like you hoodlum like!!! Moron!!"

"You ... not only once did she hit me, but twice ... I won't forgive you!! Take this!!"


"Hey, what's going on? What's this noise?"

"How is this, you brat? Did you realize the adult power of mine!!!"


"What on earth is this ....? Ah!! Danna-sama!"

"Hey ... That's enough ..."

"Don't lose to him, Kozou!"

"Look! I'm sorry okay?"

"What did you say? You got good guts don't you, Kozou? But, let's see how far will you be able to endure this?"

"Gaaaaaaa!! Haaa!!?"


"Since you're still thinking that you can't return back home even when standing .... Jeez .. What were you doing to the girl earlier?"

"Na .... ku ..."

"You and them ... What do you have in your mind?"

"... You reek sake...! Were you joking when you said that you could tolerate drinking sake? Then why aren't you conscious enough?"

"Ah .. Let go ..."

"Geez ... Let's go!"

".... tsk!"

"I apologize for the trouble."

"What is ... with her? She's a frightening woman."

"But a beautiful one .."

"They're guests staying at this hotel."


"Moreover, can you escort those three people mid way? It was a good sight between this lady and the others. Furthermore, I think that they were an extremely bad companions."

"Guu ... That man was the worst!!"

"You're still not aware of your own situation, are you? You should observe my order by now, which is your duty. But still what's wrong with you? A minute without protection, you drank sake and seduced a woman. In the end, you got drunk and you really did fight with a young girl ..."

"Enough! Shut up!!"

"Don't you even have anything to do other than complaint!"



"Yes. You barely watched your way of walking."

"What are you doing?"

"Collect the cargo immediately. And work on your way of talking, Chou Hiko!"

"Good afternoon."

"Ah, Koutoku, did you come to help?"

"Yes! There are five jars of Shouchuu* ( Sweet white sake )! My head still hurts. It's all that bastard's fault!!"

"Hmm? Why did children have walking stick?"

"Walking stick?"

"What did you say? This is a Kon? I always possess it to train my body!!"

"Hey! Hey! Aren't you showing off in the streets?"

"Geez ... It looks like the usual assemblage doesn't it?"

"Of course!!"

"When I become strong I'll definitely do it!!"

"Ah, speaking of which ... The official morality of the assemblage ... did you hear the rumor about it?"

"I'm back home ..."

"Nihao*. ( Hello in Chinese )"

"Are you a resident?"

"No. Truth is we're chasing after the murderers of this neighborhood from the other day. What do you say, landlord? Do you have anyone suspicious staying at this hotel?"

"N...o.... There isn't particularly suspicious staying in here ..."



"Wh..at are you doing?"

"You're noisy. We'll alter this room! It's such a good building isn't it landlord?"

"We'll have it with no doubt."

"Danna-sama!! We're in trouble!! The men with swords suddenly appeared in the hotel...!!"

"Look what we have here ... Good evening, princess."

"It's too late ..."


"That is ... the sole leader of the assemblage was killed near this town."

"Huh? Th-at's impossible. How can that be?"

"The criminal is not known yet. Besides, in order to avenge a fellow rival, the group assemblage searched this neighbor, and that's the whole rumor."

"The as-ssemblage fellow is in this town ...?"

"Hey, all. I'm going out a little to search for him!!"

"Wai-, Koutoku!"

"Jumping out is good but when I thought about it, I didn't see the real culprit. It seems like I met him!! He may be near though!! Huh? Can it be ...?"


"No!! Let go of me!"

"Hey, shut up and walk!!"

"She's a fine woman!!"

"In that case, it seems that even the big boss is interested in her! You don't have to worry! You must be interested in me because I'm falling in love with you!!"

"Stop it! Let go of my sister!!"



"You're a fortunate brat! You saved her even though you came late."

"No, stop it! Please save us!! Koutoku!!"

"What? Are you going to laugh? You're chattering loudly because you're afraid?"

"I-I'm not afraid!"


"Did you know?"


"In this neighborhood the group of the assemblage passed by! The likes of you won't be forgiven by them! They'll help us!! They definitely will!"

"This girl is really something! The group of assemblage will beat us you say?"

"Is there something wrong?"

"What is this, you still don't get it? The assemblage group you're talking about had been standing in front of you!!"

"It's a lie! It's a lie! It's a lie!!!"

"Even kids like you thought that we were heroes. You're being noisy, brat!"

"She was surprised after all. We're following Gunshi-dono's plan-"

"Thanks to you, we're treated as heroes wherever we go!! It's a good sensation. Because of that manner your job became a fashionable one but, shortly I'll prevent that mouth of yours to speak!

"As expected, I'm a hardcore villain after all. Public went bad for the sake of the poor nation causing government officials to fight the chivalrous chief. A ..."

"Even if the chief was affected, a villain is a villain. Wearing out your body, livelihood, will not stop it easily. That's why you shouldn't have come!"

"Huh? What did you say? Do you want to get killed?"

"Kill me? You?"

'That is ....'

"It's impossible for you to do that, underlying leader!!"

"This ... is very good!!"

"Don't go! Wait, Shuutou!!"

"I'll kill you!!!!!"


"W-W .... Sh-shuutou moku!!"

"First, Toukei ... Next, Touheifu, and lastly, here, Kenkou-. The person in here beat the three leaders of the assemblage successfully. In Toukei, and Touhei, our allies became bloodshot eyed and chased after the criminals but weren't able to arrest them. However, the people who happened to be present at the scene confessed together! The criminal is a well known military man, who even at the actual spot is the master of the jet black batting!!"

"A.... Then that man is ....?"

"What are you? Why are you aiming at us?"

"No reason, I'm not resenting you, but you're the leader, right? You wasted the assemblage!!"

"W- ... Don't mess with us!!"

"Ritoumoku? He was stupid. Since I came especially to kill him. Ryouzanpaku Shoutoumoku is a loner dakoshou richuu!! I'll break that neck of yours you batting guy!!"

"Humor me!!"

"H-He's fast!!"


"A clever Ritoumoku!!"

"That pole ..."

"What? Your hands went numb? Indeed. My steel physique weighs 24 kg! With a blow I'll smash your skull!"

"Hmp!! What's wrong? By only receiving blows is that what you all got? Batting guy!!"

"Light blows ..."


"This batting guy did Doujo trainig! You look scared."


'Enormous strength!!'

"Take that!!!!!!!"


"W-what kind of power was that?"

'Too fast!!!!'

"B-but!! I won't lose to the strong arms behind these dull strikes!! I'm too tough for you batting guy!!"


"Stupid of me. The steel creator of the stick cut me in half ..."

"It's bad of me. You had nothing to do with it. It's just that this stick is special."

"W ... Chief ... He's dead!!"


"Bullshit! Retreat!!"


"Ah? Do you have any last words you want to say?"

"I was defeated by a batting guy!! I wasn't worthy of an opponent to t-the assemblage, the power those guys possess is a lot!! Even you weren't invited not even a step in with those stalwart ...!! Foolish batting guy!! J-just competing against a single cluster of tiger!! I saw hades! You'll tear them apart ..."

"Hmp ..."

"I look forward to that!!!"

"Umm .. You .. what did you ..."

"I always feel sympathetic."

"Did a guy retire, civic virtues?"

"W-what did you say?"

"You're admirable, chou-san."

"Ke! I was drawn by the trouble look in your eyes."

"What? My bad, I got it all wrong. I just came to deliver a word to you that's all."

"I came to say, 'It's useless to wait that long until you're done with your work. They'll retreat before you come later."

"I know that already!"

"W-wait a minute!! We too ... We too will lead with you!! We want to become strong just like you. I beg you!! Please let us be your apprentices!!"

"Didn't I appear in that manner, youngster?"


"I know about that. If you want to become strong, then you'll have to succeed with the rest."

"Wait! We ..."

"What will you do? Why do you want to become strong?"

"This strong guy, 'Isn't it to protect a precious person to you?', would wish to say that."

"You!!! What a selfish way to revive!! I said that this is looking somewhat a troublesome brat! That is if you must hear it from a selfish master!"

"I heard what you said, Brat!"

"You two, what were you complaining about? Come here immediately!!"


"Or are my words nothing to you! Your master is ..."

"Master .. you say? Is it possible that that woman is ... your master!?"

"During the day you can watch my face. A group of pursuers will come soon. You too better escape."

Wait!! Did you really fight the rouzakubaku? What happened there?"

"Is it strange?"

"The destruction of the Ryouzanpaku was my dearest wish after all! Are you siblings? Nothing can replace the family, and everything else. Let's go!"

"See ya, take care of yourselves."

"Wait a minute! Please wait!"

"I'm sorry, sister."

"We will definitely become strong. I'll become a strong brother to protect you sister."

"It's ok. You will become strong for sure."

'That was long long time ago-. It's a story of a long fight with the heroes I faced."

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