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The Place Promised in Our Early Days 3


+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Nov 18, 2011 17:55 | Go to The Place Promised in Our Early Days

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Reserved for Manga:Code

Chapter 3, Okabe.

Rising above the Union Occupation which is the nation's enemy, revolving around the huge tower. It's the era where the Yonehi Administration gathers special interest.

"If I reject death, the surge function will contract and I won't be able to open up my eyes. Just as I rejected it, the world scattered into six different regions."

"We are supporting the real universe's shape in both parties of the newest Quantum Gravity Theory and the Observation Result."

"We created a branch using our own way, from the pluralistic universe's deviation it's possible to estimate the future in an extremely high precision. Here is the ultimate goal of my research."

"Up to now there isn't a theory model and a probability theory."

"Obtaining real future result information is political. Try to imagine the military which is willing to take any merit. .... Just, even ironically because of this parallel universe with the Quantum level escaping out, the news that were obtained were more accurate. I think we're standing on this Yezo 'Tower'."

"I participated in that establishment with a PhD in Japanese Zelkova and until I emigrate to Union. Why was that tower built, we don't know the answer yet, though ..."

"We select the kind of future we want but it's not to be restrained, then you conclude by looking at the too far away life to come. Yes, that is my wish."

"Extremely. If anyone is to have the attitude of a bad student, it'd be you Oka-chan ..."

"That tower is probably not a direct military installation ... The wall of the structure shows it in the building's exterior. The interior was organized by two sclerosis nano net ribbons. Perhaps in order to have more people coming it's not an institute."

"With a PL shell bullet, even the tower's exterior and the enormous ribbon will evaporate in a second. Say, Oka-chan ... where should we specially do something important? Moreover, if ... the Virta* uses a PL bullet in the tower there is no mistake in that, they'll take advantage of starting a war ..."

[ * Virta liberation war front. Anti-Union armed system ]

"That's why, Fusawa ... Those bastards who want to start a war ... are somewhere around. And I too am alone ..."

"Even though I don't have much time but I won't stop. In order for anyone to worry about me I falsified the data."

"Don't do such a meaningless thing."

"Maki-san, I called Professor Fusawa. I asked him to visit us in the evening."

"But ... today, there seems to be a talk about the place Shirokawa-san and I will go to."

"Correct, Oka-chan. Look, it's the place we met at in Tokyo."

"I remember it."

"I'll see you later then."

"Professor Fusawa, did you call me?"

"Yeah, I have some urgent to do."

"Those are the data and files of the patient people sleeping at the hospital. Our schedule for the end of next week because of Tokyo citizens at the hospital will be transfered to the university."

"I see ... For 3 years there isn't a direct awakening situation."

"Anyway, I'm going today to the Emiji plant."

"All right."

"The factory's manager, Okabe ... the guy with the huge body ... Do you remember him?"

"I certainly do. When I went to a business trip to Tokyo for my research paper on Yonehi military affairs research paper I was introduced to him."

"He's an old friend of Professor Fusawa, right? He opened his wide mouth and laughed. I still remember his face."

"Yeah. He's good at laughing."

"Since they took his family to Union he lived miserably every day ... But at that time, near the plant we collected scrap wood. They were interesting kids, though. They laughed and talked to each other. That took my back in time .."

"At that time, I was relieved by the significance of it. It wasn't Oka-chan. Those days back then were their support. Especially to Oka-chan who possessed the suitable environment but to Shirokawa-san .... He underwent the damage of being divided between the south and north ... It's in this region ..."

"From now on, you'll be affected by such people."

"It's cruel to be pressured this way ..."

"You won't regret their collaboration. Because I support them too. For example, even if Oka-chan worked at a shabby plant, and Shirokawa-kun's uncle is a substitute, and having the Antigovernment Virtal's chief management, the situation won't change. Just ... if they were to endure the distance problem between each other, that is for the very best. I will make sure of that too."


"Today, Shirokawa-kun' promise .. I will inform him about canceling it."

"Ok, sorry. As for Shirokawakun, wit Oka-chan's recommendation if I recognized the voice I heard in my laboratory voice is it a bad feeling? Well, even if such thing never occurred he bought his own ability."

"I got it, but ... I want you to permit me to go there."

"Ah, hello. Shirokawa-kun."

"Yes... Is that so? No, I'm fine. Yes, good luck with your work."

"What's wrong? You came here quickly. You seem to be rejected?"

"This is endless. I'm sorry."

"I ... I don't want to walk this road alone."


"Nothing ... I said nothing ..."

"I feel extremely refreshed."

"Yeah ..."

"Where are all of the workers? Are they discharged by any chance?"

"I guess so. They all went to the place they love. Once they're on the verge of death they'd run away. The Maritime Self Defense Forces's Chakka* was stolen."

[ * High speed target machine ]

"The reason being is ... I heard two guys were equally merely good looking. That's really funny."

"Can I borrow your personal computer?"

"I want to look at Union's Scholarship Network."

"Ah, yeah sure."

"Excuse me."


"Ah, you came back already?"

"Yes. Thank you."

"Takuya! Start up the car and wait for me."

"Is it all right for me to do that?"

"Say, Takuya, are you putting too much effort in the tower these days? During this time I said it in TV, that you can choose your own future. For that to happen, I think that everyone is a victim so far."

"That tower is bond to crumble by now ...."

"Even if you turn around to look at the past, don't you think it's meaningless? Since the time you're born it was there and there are times when I dreamt of simplicity. Instead I'm glad it's not a mere structure. That's what I still think. If that tower has many victims on top of it, then it'll be used still less."


"It's stupid to do such a think. It's unexpected of human kind to do this, right? Human being is not stupid."

"In order to obtain peace, by pretending to pass through the war damage victimized individuals have the same life as before. The nation's dispute after all won't disappear. Don't you think it's better if we choose our own world? A world where Okabe-san's family are in. My father wasn't involved in stupid wars so he had a future of dying old. My mother on the other hand had a world where she didn't abandon my father. As for me ..."

'I'm alone everyday ... but I finally found her.'


"With such a stupid thing he ... lived in a world where he was betrayed."

"That thing is as stupid as establishing that tower. I don't know what might've happened but I made a phone call and all I heard was 'I'm sorry'. Don't worry about Hiroki. He'll come back smiling."

"The number ..."

'If he knew I'm the caller he might not answer ..'


"! Maki-san..."

"I'm sorry about today. Wait for me, I'll buy you something."

"No ... Maki-san ... Can I borrow your cellphone?"

"Sure, sure. Search for it."

"Search for it?"

'Uwaaa ... it's dirty ...'

"Uwaahh. What is this?"

"Thanks for waiting. Huh? Shirokawa-kun?"

"Professor Fusawa are you there? Some time ago, we had a connection from Shirokawa-kun. Since there is something I want you to hear so I want you to come back to hear it ..."

"All right, got it. He's late ... and I thought he's coming back .... You accepted many things from those guys, after all won't I weigh it?"

'Listen, Fusawa, everyone's waiting, not only me.'

'The sign of a war starting ...'

"Tell me, Oka-chan ... no matter what happens ...'

[ There was a picture of Sayuri in Maki's flat file. It was deserted since middle school and was left as it is and the three individuals' lives started to cross. ]

'I will ride it ...'

[ Because of a single word, the distance between the two unwrapped. ]

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