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Mahiru Adventure 1

The Rabbit and the Raven

+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Nov 21, 2011 11:49 | Go to Mahiru Adventure

-> RTS Page for Mahiru Adventure 1

Bodyguard ...

If he was a cool bodyguard like those who appear in the movies and dramas, he'll be a good influence but, my job is different that those guys. With looks and bluffing, so to speak, they became partners with an illegal customer, reviving beautifully and getting bored with my job...

Bastard ....!


5 years ago ....

"Are you all right?"

"... I surely tamed that bird when raising it however ... after all that wild raven getting killed by law is its fate ... Above all, won't you all obtain that objective of yours?"

'Cunning old man ...'


Writing of wisdom is everything a person can obtain in this world. If a person has it he can simply choose his own behavior. A person is snatched away by the person he's protecting and ... a foolish like me appears. In simple words, it's something that anyone else wants ... but what was it? The thing I wanted ... what I really wanted was ...

'Welcome back'

[ Present time ]

"Good morning, Yuki-chan. Your sleeping pose is as bad as ever."

"Shit!! Thanks to you I saw a nightmare!!"

'It's been .... 5 years since that happened ...'

"Ah!! What the hell are you doing? Isn't Ona already dead? Get over it!!"

"But lily has been missing for two years. You too Yuki better give up on finding her ..."

"Shut up!! A living person is living!! That's bad!! I'm going to the rooftop to sleep!!"

[ The lower parts of a metropolitan area, Bouzakkyo building rooftop, Uto Shrine. ]


"Ah? Who are you? Did you talk to me? Were you calling my name?"

"Yes! I am ... Shiihachi Mahiru. You are called the person who lacks common sense and sleeps in the road on my way home from my middle school."

"It's a lack of common sense for you to wear such a mini skirt, brat! Moreover, this place says keep off!!"

"Huh? Keep off?"

"Didn't you read the poster?"

"Huh? Ah ... My deepest apology!! But I heard that the manager is in the rooftop."

"Ah ... I'm the manager."


"Can you tell when looking at my clothes? I'm the current responsible for this place!"


"Huh.. Is it possible! Is it those glasses? And the brown hair? Looking at you again .. it's Yanki ... Chima ... And you're unwilling to wear priest clothing?"

"This way it's easier to move in a sexy way, right?"


"By the way, you said something about being an agent, right? I was only in charge of this place during Ona's absence. Generally speaking, the management of this building and being in this shrine is merely as a garbage man!"


"What the hell? If you are speechless then go home, brat!"

"I got it, mister manager! I want to hear something from you though. Do you this person?"


"She's my missing sister!"



"Are you her younger sister? In that case hurry up and say whatever you want to say ... Don't you step on that code over there! Be careful!"


"She's troublesome, Yuki-chan"


"I'm the manager's Korikon."

"Tetsu! Your brain is the problem! These codes are yours right? Get rid of all of them by tomorrow!!"

"Huh? After all, isn't the expansion of the 500 codes planned?"

"You ... At this rate where are you going to pull/drag the circuit to?"

"Ma .. I was only joking ... Who's that girl?"

"Sayuri's younger sister. Her name is ...."

"Shiihara Mahiru."

"Sayuri-san's younger sister?"

"In that case, today the goods arrived Azami and they're half-florescent but shall we buy Ivy though?"

"If it's need then so be it."

"Huh? What's Ivy?"

"It's an Ivy."

"Well then, you can rely on Tekito if you need anything. Is there anything you demand for?"

"That's right .... Azami got hurt from returning goods!"

"It's my mistake ... This building has 5 stories for residential space ... Tetsu is not a bad fellow but he's a circuit manias ..."


"Do you still beg Luta to lend you some money?"

"Don't kid me! I'm leaving first. Do whatever you want! This place is my office! Wait for me to come back so we can drink tea!"

"I see ..."

"Now to the main question .... You should stop searching for her already!"

"....Wh .... Why is that?"

"Because it's dangerous."

"Saying it's dangerous .... Is my sister involved in something dangerous?"

"Probably it's the opposite."

"If so then I'll meet my sister! I definitely will!"

"Did you hear me? Even if you meet her will you do anything satisfactory? Within this world there are the feelings of wanting to see your sister and not being able to do so ... instead of that it's about how to meet that person with those feelings!"


"Don't you understand? I definitely will go and see my sister! Since my parents disappeared we lived separately. But ... we never stopped sending each other mutual letters. However 2 years ago my sister suddenly .... You don't understand!"

"Brat ..."

"Moreover, if you know my sister's whereabouts please tell me!"

"I couldn't find her ..."


"I already searched for her a lot ... Your sister became a patron ... 'Inogashira Yukito' this name ... Ona who did some smuggling the overseas Chinese merchant gave that to me."

"Manager! Three guests are coming to the rooftop. Their uniforms are equal with awful pattern. They have business with Ona!"

"Will brother be truly useful to us?"

"Peter, will you shut up!"

"But you're meeting a woman, right? Wouldn't it be good if I just laughed at you?"

"John ... Are you trying to trick me?"

"I apologize ... Isn't it a bothersome to interrupt my great joy?"

"Who are you? Aren't you trying to appear smart? Shall I kill him?"

"Don't rush it, Peter! We are Thomas's siblings ..."

"I'm worried that you'll steel the precious treasure in Ona's house. Will you lead us to it?"

"I give my condolences to that! For Ona right now is on a trip! But in return ... I was left in charge of this from Ona!"

"Boss, is he 'The writer of the Laozu'?"

'The writer of the Laozu?'That is ...'

"Boss ... That was passed to him!"

"Ha! That's .... where you behavior ends!"

"You ... "

"Yuki-chan's collapsing you know. Is it the lack of sleep?"

"Saying that thing ... will he be all right?"

"Yuki-chan? I shall do something I guess at once, for I'm his bodyguard."

"His bodyguard ... Is he powerful?"

"When Ona hired him she said ... He lives through bluffing!"

"Eh...? That means ..."

"50,000? That's too expensive! Don't joke with me!!"

"Then, shall I burn it?"

"Huh? I won't let you! But 50,000 is too expensive !!"

"W-Wait! Wait a minute! Hey, John! Lend me 20,000!!"

"Give me 10,000 more!!"




"I got it! I got many!! I'm thankful to Ona! Then I will create too many replicas of this 'Roushi no Sho'!! With only this will I be able to eat much? There are such people in this world!!"

"That's awful! Cheating people this way ... Doesn't your conscience hurt you?"


"What would a conscience be useful for? No matter what anyone who has strong an useful mind can live!!! When you're incompetent to cheating then you cheat ... Within this world it's impossible to protect yourself from those people!"

"Because you're in such an environment, you cheat? You did too many replicas from my sister's book, this isn't about money-making!"


"So that the book won't be misused, you fake it for just 1000? If that's so, then you sealed it with greatly dangerous information! If you used it like that for an individual it's nonsense!! For you, if you say that life is a reservoir then I won't deny it. But if it really was a reservoir, when you return back to the soil one day a flower will bloom!"

"In that case in order for everyone to be buried within the soil they have to live. Don't you get it?"

'Sayuri ... !'

"Hey! Wait a minute! Where do you think you're doing? Do you think I'll let you walk out like that? Don't you want to order pizza?"

"I said that earlier but I won't let you go without apologizing!"

"But .... those guys might know something about my sister ..."

"You ...! Those glasses! Hey!!! Wait!!! Brat!!"

'I'm not mistaking ... I was embedded by the frame of her glasses ... Carrying such a dangerous thing around ....'

"Was that a lover's quarrel, manager? I'm jealous ..."

You .... Don't meddle with my business!"

"She definitely has the 'Roushi no Sho'."

"I know about that! Even if I burnt it she won't be agitated ... moreover those glasses ...!"

"Above all did you know? Her whereabouts?"


"Soujakai has merely a branch and there is 1,000, right? With the police headquarters if we access into the traffic ministry's network it'll be easy. With this month's rent, I can strike it through the new light fiber cable."

"You definitely will live long ..."

"Well, young lady .... do you truly possess the 'Roushi no Sho'?"

"Yes! But if you do know my sister's whereabout tell me!"

"Hey, young lady. To us, this Roushi no Sho is not of much value!! What's more important to us right now is .... Shiihachi Sayuri's younger sister!"

"Don't treat her roughly. She's our treasure. Hang her up!"

"Huh? Ummmmm..."

"Wwwwwwwhat happened?"

"The same opinion! It was already "degenerated"!"


"Brat! You're not a human being anymore! I don't know if you were trained by someone but ... the substance buried in those glasses of yours is ... For a long time the thing you're carrying will be rogued by the owner."

"You became a monster. Therefore you have two choices to make. Or you can die here right now ... Or die a painful death!"

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