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Waraenu Douji - 108 no Gou 1


+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Nov 26, 2011 18:20 | Go to Waraenu Douji - 108 no Gou

-> RTS Page for Waraenu Douji - 108 no Gou 1

[ Long time ago, at a place, twins were born. In any way, the pregnant woman had an ill omen and because of that, the other half who is a girl was ... She was buried at a millstone beneath a large mulberry tree. The heartless soul of the girl couldn't go to heaven so it wandered. God sympathized with that girl one day, and that's what He said,

'A person's heart is full of greed. That lust was collected by 108. You too can go to heaven with a human heart.' ]

[ And the days passed- ]

[ The girl became a child spirit ]

[ The dwelling of the Zashikiwarashi ... it became wealthy. ]

"I'm on an entreaty to a deity already ... I couldn't live with my mother because of the pension so I always come to this countryside ... For that reason ... I became a full-time employee. I want to live a stable life. Please, Zashikiwarashi, grant my wish!!"

"Hey! Takayama-kun!"

"Since you're a temporary worker I think I'll have to dispatch you. You have until this month. I disposed of your private property within the company already."


[ Takayama Mamoru (33)
a temporary worker ]

"As for the dormitory, you will have until next month ..."

"W-Wait a minute, Gotou-san!! You're saying all of this to me suddenly! I don't have any money to move ... Besides ... anyhow didn't you say that you'll hire me as a regular employee?"

"You ... regular employee's frame isn't easily empty, is it? If you don't have money ... wouldn't it be better if you return back to your home?"

"That is .."

"Generally, since dispatching you is an employment adjustment procedure ... we're in a recession so instead of being a regular employee we'll fire you ... Isn't that natural for us to do? For that, even though we're giving our employees high wages but you're still saying 'I don't have money' it's a little .... Without a plan to stand on you're living freely so it's your own duty. That kind of person can't really be a regular employee at this company."

'Don't worry, Takayama-san, but hitting Gotou-san ... You can't interfere with the process!!!'

'Mamoru, listen to me, Mamoru. Don't let the money dirty you when you're a grown up. Even if you don't have any, you have to be kind to others.'

'If you do so, good things will always happen to you.'

"Takayama! Don't rise your quota! Sell up some real expensive articles!!"

"But ... in that neighborhood too many old people and they don't have that much money ..."

"Ha? What are you saying? Those old aged people have money, so aim for that!!"

"Hello .. Mother ... What?

'You don't have to worry, mother. I will try my best after father's death.'

"I'm fine ... There are too many jobs in Tokyo!"

'Father ... Mother ... This city has too many corrupted people ...'

'What I have left is 98 yen ... That won't last for for days ... At this rate ....'

'I'll be fine ... I'll be fine ... even if I don't have a residence, I'll search for a place to hire me ... then ...'

'Surely, good things will happen to you.'

'I'll try my best.'


"What, it's you boss. Did you eat?"


'I'll try my best.'

"Don't!! You're dirty!!"

'What? This is ...'

'I .... ?'

"You smell..."

'Mamoru, don't let the money dirty you when you're a grown up.'

"Look, he's ..."


'Don't let the money dirty you when you're a grown up.'

"He's throwing up...'

"That's the end of him ..."

'If you do so, good things will happen.'

'That was a lie. Not a single good thing happened to me. I'm hungry. I want to take a bath, and sleep within the Futon. All of this .... all of this ...'

'If I have money, my wish would've come true. If I have money ... If I have money ...'

"If you have a wish ..."

"No matter what it is ..."

"Young children, cursed this world."


"What are you doing? Isn't it dangerous to be standing there?"

"I am Zashikiwarashi."

"My mother and father ..."

"I'll grant you happiness, and brush away your misery."

"Zashiki ... warashi ..."

'I saw a Zashikiwarashi ... I'll become happy ...'

"No matter what your wish is ... I know of your 'miserable accommodation'."

"Now ... Your karma will strike through ..."

'He's throwing up..'

'That's the end for him.'

'This is ..... A wallet?'

'When did this thing ....'

'I can't have such a person as an employee in this company ..'


'Mamoru, don't let the money dirty you when you're a grown up.'

'With this money, everything will return back to normal. Everything.'

"Ah, good to see you again, Takayama. This month we have new employees."

"They're a byte, it's amazing."

"Say, are there some sales?"

"Yes. For example, since old people surprisingly have money, we're aiming for that."

"Thank you for waiting."

'Even if you don't have money, be kind to people?'

'What is this? If I have money, I'll be able to eat, I can take a bath and sleep inside the futon. If I have money, I can live 'an ordinary' life. Yes, that is this world's way of living.'

"Good job."

'What is this? That wallet ... Is Gotou-san searching for it? Although it's a useless thing ...'

"Do you any idea what this is?"

"Ah, no. I don't think it's easy to find such a photo."

"Correct. But Gotou-san is frantic to have it back. His family died in a fire so that picture is the last picture left of them."


"Oh, my bad, I live near that man's house. It was a horrible fire though. Everything was burnt so that picture was a memento that was left ... This is something that can't be bought with money. You too, help out if you can."

"Please!! Please cooperate!!"

"It's a brown colored wallet ... It has a really precious picture!"

'What is he doing? Don't you have money? A thing that can't be bought with money? That thing ...'

"What did you lose?"

"Wiping away your misery won't make it disappear. This world's happiness and misery quantity is fixed. What I can do is replace its location."

"That is 'The change of misery'. That's the world you wished for."

"Wa... You're wrong!! I didn't intend to wish for that!! I ... I just wanted money... I wanted to live normally!!"

"Didn't you wish to have money to live happily?"


"Yes. If I have money ..."

'Mamoru, don't let money corrupt you when you're a grown up. Even if you don't have money, be kind to others. If you do so, good things will happen to you fore sure.'

"What kind of lie is that? I have to have money... I couldn't do anything without it!!"

"I don't understand your hesitation but ... I Zashikiwarashi will wipe out your misery. A person's greed 108, if you have it within you, now I'll expose your karma ..."

[ If I have money I'll live normally ]

[ In this world you can like that way. ]

"Takayama ...?"

'If I have money...'

"Aaaah!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Wait!!"


"Yes, It's Takayama residence."

"Hello ... Mother?"

"Mamoru? It's been a while. Are you well?"

"Mother ... truthfully, I ... I didn't get a job in here."


"You said that you're living in a pension but I..."

"Return home. Why are you worried about money that much? You know, I ..."

"Though I don't have money I still am proud. So, I'm fine with this."

'Mamoru, don't let money corrupt you when you're a grown up.'

'Thank you!'

"Mamoru? Are you listening?"



"Money ... can make you wealthy. A person turned on everything ..."

"That is ... Zaiyoku .. And this is humankind."

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