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Zodiac Game 4

The Rival and Friend

+ posted by himitsu87 as translation on Dec 4, 2011 21:06 | Go to Zodiac Game

-> RTS Page for Zodiac Game 4

Reserved for Roku no fansub

"Libra stop him right there!"


"Don't get in the way! I'm the opponent!"

"Even if you'll be dispelled, just speak of your injuries so that you don't seem ridiculous."

"I'm at the Astar decree, so I won't accept your orders."

"Hey, Nanjou, are you still going to continue (with this fight)? Ah, it's been a while already."

"Got it."

'What? Did I hit him? No!! I hit this dangerous looking guy with only force ... was it successful? What the hell am I doing?'

"Are you all right?"


"You were meddling with our affairs earlier, don't ever think of competing with my fellow players. Withdraw your zodiac immediately!"

"Hahahahahahaha!! You're an interesting guy! Above all, that girl works at my shop. She's pretty, if it's you won't you let her work? Well, she has too many fellows who likes her."

"Huh? Impossible!! I definitely won't work at your shop!"

"That is unfortunate."

"Then, which will you choose? withdraw or not?""

'Dammit... he can read whatever I think of.'

"Chill out. I merely wanted to see the battle of zodiac players. Just a little bit more ..."

'With one strike my attack was ...'

"Were you thinking of stopping my sword using tainted meat lump? It doesn't look sweet."

'She's fast ... She's following my moves exactly.'


"I said it's useless!"

"Asshuku Bakurai (Compression Depth Charge)!"

"I must not be hit by that... Wh-!!"

'Shit ... it's pulling me in!'


"Uwaa.. what's that?"


"I'm done with my tasks in here. Withdraw, Capricorn."

"Understood. As selfish as ever."

"Wait! You're doing it as you like!"

"It's better if you validate the rules exactly. I am a Nanjou. It'll be good to kill you at the spot right here but it's a tidal hour already. I hate that you'll live but we'll meet later. See ya. Be careful not be to shoveled by the rest of the players."

"Wait .. We didn't finish our conversation!"

"Umm ... Isn't it better if we leave too?"

"Are we fine by coming to this area?"

"Libra, are you all right?"

"In this situation, it's not about 'how'."

"It's a habit of yours to say that even when you're staggering."

"Wouldn't you protect your own Astar too? If I didn't come here I'd be dispelled right now."

"Well, it's that area."

'Are all of the zodiac strong hearted? Having said that, she hates it when libra wins surprisingly ...'

"Anyhow, today's quest is cleared."

"Really ... No, we must be careful so that we don't get stabbed at the back by the rest of the players."

'Those were Nanjou's last words to me ...'

"Just like that guy said. Please confirm the rule in the guidebook well, the vicinity 'Concerning the Zodiac'."

"The rule concerning the zodiac is, 'In case the player who possesses a zodiac is murdered forcibly he will become a ghost'."

"It's this vicinity."

" 'Within 15 minutes the player who ensures his zodiac can subdue that'."

"When a zodiac which bears an injury gets dispelled with force, the ghost choose its shape. It looks like a disembodied soul, since it can't move or understand its purpose you should be careful."

"Moreover, in the case they're more than 2 the condition arises. The zodiac divides the attribute of every Kadofuusui*, 2 bodies thereafter doesn't have the same attribute as leaving 1 body."

[ * Kadofuusei= The elements of nature, which are: Fire, earth, wind, and water. ]

"For example, for libra it's 'wind', and Aries 'Fire'. The Capricorn that Nanjou possess is similar to my element, 'Wind'."

"I see ..."

'It'd be good if I kill you right here. Killing Aries is a direct gain to me."

"That explains it."

"Ah! If the player intentionally dispelled the zodiac and was murdered afterwards, what will happen?"

"In that case, the zodiac that he possesses is annihilated. The murdered player's zodiac will be annihilated as well. In other words, it's the penalty."

"The danger of being attacked after the end of the ceremony is low ..."

"Even in resenting a person, buying is an exception."

"Since there is such thing, you must read the guidebook well."

'It's not just a wandering being, it's possible for it to be an opponent to humans. Dammit ... this got to be a lie. But ... what's his motive behind all of this?'

"Umm ... Thank you for saving me."

"No problem."


"I didn't introduce myself yet. My name is Takana Shisui."

"My name is Koiwa Suguru, call me Suguru."

'Koiwa Suguru-kun ...'

"You can call me Sui, too. And this ... Y-y-y-y-y-yyour mobile number and address .... ummm! It's better to be cautious with our behavior, there are no ill intentions behind this at all!!"


'What's with the 'ill intentions'?'


"It's you, Kurano."

"If you'll fight call me. I don't understand why you're putting us together.

"You're right, I'm impatient. Next time I'll call you. We have time for the party's preparation."


[ May 19th, PMO: 00
Meiryou High School ]

"I fainted after that. Hahaha, it's interesting to have two relationships."


"Say Hatayama, the conversation is completely different."

"Hmm? Is it about the random gun shooting incident the other day at the station?"


"Didn't you say there weren't casualties?"

"Huh? Did I say such a thing? Wasn't there one victim? It was an instant death. And there were 27 injured people."

'Wh....! Was what I heard wrong then? But certainly at that time ....'

"Yuusuke ...?"

"Suguru I have something to say. Come with me for a bit."

"Hey! Can I eat your rice?"

"Do as you like!"

"Wait! He'll eat my food! Hey, Yuusuke! What are you doing?"

"Just come!"

"Urrg! Why did you bring me here ...?"

"This, you happen to have it too right?"

"That is ... the guidebook!! You have it too, Yuusuke!"

"As I thought, Suguru you too ... When you first heard about the incident, didn't you think there was something wrong .... I had an incident including a day for about a week my memories were lost."

"Correct. Unless Hatayama told me, and there is the incident too, I didn't know that a week passed since then."

"This time the victims are adding up. I too heard Hatayama say that there weren't casualties. If we were correct, then the truth was falsified."

'The truth was falsified ... now that I think about the ceremony it's not impossible ...'

"My zodiac also told me, that the player reserved the truth about death."

"I was told the same too. Honestly speaking, I don't believe in death. The player was transferred by the victims of that incident, and if the number of casualties and the number of dead players was the same, then the consistently is splendid. I certainly don't have a proof but the number of casualties and there is the possibility of the rest, the ceremony of the victims. However, there is a coincident too. At least the deep connection between that incident and the ritual is there, no doubt about that ..."

[ PM3: 00
Fujimachijo Academy High Class Section ]

'Yesterday's ceremony was terrible ... My mood was bad since morning ... Yesterday ...'

"Kana-san ..."


"Sui! He's calling you!"

"Hyaa! Huh?"

"What's wrong with you, Sui? You grow senile as usual but this time it's different."


"Ah, a message?"

'It's from Suguru-kun.'

[ I found a new player so I'll introduce him to you. You can believe him so don't worry. Today's meeting place is ... ]

"Who is it from?"


"The sender is Koiwa Suguru ..."

"This is ..."

"A male? Big news, everyone! The US will shake! That is, Sui has a boyfriend!"



"You're lying!"

"T-That's not it! T-That's not it!"

[ 4 days before the ceremony.
Inokashira Park ]

"You finally came."

"Sorry to keep you waiting. I didn't say this but I called another player I met yesterday."

"The ceremony will begin shortly."

"It's time."

"She's my zodiac, 'Pisces'."

"It's immediate command, Pisces. This player ... kill him!"

'What ...!"

"I humbly obey."

"Yuusuke, what the hell are you doing?

"It's sudden but I'm serious."

'What is this? What's happening? Even Yuusuke became my opponent!'

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