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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 479


+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jan 21, 2010 16:00 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 479

Page 1:
Sasuke: GHACK-

Karin: Sasuke!

SFX: clench

Karin: Don't freak out!
I can still help him by analyzing Danzou's technique!
SFX: Glare

Bubble SFX: kreee
SFX: Dash
Title: Izanagi

Sasuke: Huooooooah!
SFX: kreeeeeee
Text: Can the ultimate forbidden illusion be broken?

Page 2:

Madara: Izanagi...


Madara: For the briefest of moments
Danzou: GHCK-

Madara: the user can take disadvantages like wounds or even DEATH and turn them into nothing more than a dream.
SFX: Ssssh

Bubble SFX: pop
SFX: Rush

Page 3:
SFX: Clap

SFX: Clap

SFX: Suuuuu
Danzou: Wind Element - Vacuum Bullet!

Bubble SFX: Fff


Sasuke: Huu

Madara: And then take his OWN attacks or other advantageous objects and make them real.

Page 4:
Madara: Complete control over one's own personal reality...
The ultimate illusion, meant only to be used on ONESELF!

And afterwards...the eyes of one who uses Izanagi will be stricken blind,
SFX: fade

Madara: and close tight...forever.
SFX: ffp

SFX: step

Page 5:
Madara: ...But he's got a got a huge stock.
There's a limit on how long one can use Izanagi...
He MUST have let Orochimaru experiment on him to somehow force the technique to last longer.

SFX: stare

Danzou: It doesn't LOOK like Madara plans on joining the fray...
but I need to save my strength in case that sneaky bastard changes his mind.
Plus, my right eye still needs time to recover from the Summit.

But getting through Susano'o won't be easy.
Dodging that arrow is no simple feat.

I can't risk releasing Izanagi, either.
SFX: throb

Danzou: Five left...
Time to finish this.

I'll take a chance on the next minute.
SFX: swipe
Danzou: Summoning Technique!

Pages 6-7:
SFX: Bon

Karin: Eee!
SFX: rrrummmmmmble

SFX: Dash


Page 8:

Sasuke: Kgh-!


Karin: Ack!

Madara: That summon's a...Baku?
The mythical chimera that devours nightmares...it's bigger than I would've expected.

SFX: Smack
Karin: Can't lose sight of Danzou!

Page 9:
SFX: Shift

Danzou: Even Susano'o can't move in this,
and the Baku's suction will increase my power.
bubble SFX: fwp

Danzou: Wind Element - Vacuum Blade Rush!


Page 10:

Danzou: The gap in Susano'o is...there!
SFX: Dash

Sasuke: Fire Element...
SFX: Suuu

Sasuke: Grand Fireball Technique!
white SFX: FWOOM
black sfx: ZHWUUUUUU

Baku: BRRGH-

Page 11:

Madara: A fire technique...
Nice use of the wind's suction, Sasuke.


Eye SFX bubble: plip



Page 12:
Sasuke: Ngh...

SFX: ssshhhh

SFX: Fwoooom

Karin: That eye closed after about 60 seconds...
And the moment it did Danzou's chakra took another dip...

If nothing else, those eyes indicate how much longer he can keep up that weird technique.

Just four left!
About 240 seconds...he can only keep that technique activated for another four minutes!
...But he might have more eyes hidden somewhere else.

Page 13:
Karin: It's definitely consistent...Danzou's attacks connect, and Sasuke's don't.

He's gotta be trying to kill Sasuke while the technique's active.
That way, even if they trade blows, Danzou comes out on top!

Karin: Sasuke! I figured something about about his technique!
Listen up!
Bubbles: Huu

Sasuke: So when all ten of those eyes on your arm close,
your technique will end.
Bubbles: Huu

Danzou: You...
You know about Izanagi?

Sasuke: I do NOW!
SFX: Jump

Danzou: That old trick...
you're a precocious little brat.
SFX: Shift

Page 14:
Karin: Y-You moron! Why are YOU attacking!
You need to run away! Fight him at long range!

Madara: That would be pointless...Danzou would just release Izanagi.
Sasuke's striking hard and fast with Susano'o to force him to keep the technique activated and drain his chakra.

Karin: Eeek!


SFX: plip

bubbleS: Huu

Page 15:
Sasuke SFX: tik
SFX: jump

SFX: tap

Pages 16-17:
SFX: Fwuuuuuu

SFX: Bachichichichichichi

Text: Is THIS Danzou the real one, or just another specter? The fight concludes next issue!

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