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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 108

Gintama 108

+ posted by Hissori as translation on Aug 7, 2007 04:01 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 108

Page 01

TV: The Edo!!

Kusano: Good afternoon, this is Kusano Hitoyoshi.
- We have a scoop. The Edo's coverage team has succeeded in making contact with an important Joui Roushi.
(Text under Kusano: Kusano Hitoyoshi)

Kusano: Hanano Ana.
Hanano: Yes, this is the person I've attempted to cover on the spot this time...

Hanano: Among the mob of Joui Roushi, he stands out prominently.
- Elusive, ever-changing, helper of the weak, crusher of the strong -- the last samurai. / While wanted by the Bakufu, he is highly popular among the people of Edo.
(Text by Hanano: Hanano Saki)

Page 02

Hanano: Known by the nickname "Nobleman of Madness", he is K-san.
- He has agreed to let us cover him for one day under the use of a pseudonym, since he is wanted by the police.

Hanano: The truth behind the veiled activities of the Joui Roushi will now be uncovered.
- What do they see in this country's future? What are they trying to achieve? The Edo's exclusive scoop "Dawn of Japan" special!! The Nobleman of Madness one day report!
(Text in the middle: Dawn of Japan Special / Nobleman of Madness One Day Report!!)

Chapter 108: Delicious Sticks unexpectedly make you full

Hanano: Nice to meet you, I'm Hanano from Ooedo TV.
Katsura: Hello.
Hanano: Thank you for complying with our report.
Text on bottom: In accoradance with his request, we have altered part of his voice.

Page 03

Hanano: Umm, let me confirm this / You're the Nobleman of Madness, K-san.
Katsura: It's not K-san, it's Katsura.

Hanano: No, um... You said to please use a pseudonym...
Katsura: Oh, is that so. Put in a beep then.
Hanano: All right, we'll put in a beep.
Katsura: It's not beep, it's Katsura.
Hanano: Oh, forget it.

Hanano: Um... There's a mosaic on your face, so you probably won't be exposed.
Katsura: A mosaic? What? There's a mosaic on my face right now? / Take it off at once. It's outrageous to treat a person's face like pornography.

Hanano: No... you see, we're trying to pay attention to your needs.
Katsura: Don't bother. I'm telling you to take it off. Who do you think I am?

Katsura: I'm a master of disguise. Even now, I'm in a disguise. / I'm known as "Running Kotarou", so I won't expose my identity so easily.
Hanano: Is that so. I'm sorry. We'll remove the mosaic then.

Page 04

Hanano: Umm, well, let's move on to questions. K-san... I mean, Katsura-san
- Why did you comply with this one day report?

Katsura: First, I wanted people to understand what we Joui Shishi are.
- Many scorn and fear us as terrorists.

Katsura: It's true that there are those among us who are like thieves.
Ikumatsu: Here you go.
Hanano: Ah, thank you.
Katsura: But that is only one portion.

Katsura: The majority grieve for this country and want to change it somehow.
- I want people to understand that we are loyal and patriotic samurai.

Katsura: Second is

Katsura: Second is um... huh?

Page 05

Katsura: Oh, it's too hard to eat with this on.
(Small text: The mustache is in the way.)
Hanano: ...Katsura-san!? /

Hanano: Umm... your face... is completely exposed...
Katsura: Ikumatsu-dono, may I have something to go with the ramen, like tea?
Ikumatsu: This is a ramen shop, if you want to drink tea then go to a tea house.

Katsura: Ah, she got mad at me.
(Ikumatsu small text: Geez, bringing groups of people into someone's house.)
Hanano: No, it's not that... your face... oh, forget it.

Katsura: So where were we...
Hanano: Um, the second reason for your compliance with this report...
Katsura: Ah, yes, yes, the second reason... Umm...

Katsura: There is no second reason, one is fine.
Hanano: ...Ah, is that so.

Hanano: Well then, since you want people to understand the Joui Shishi's activities through TV, / you wanted each viewer to think about what he or she can do for this country... Is it okay to assume that?
Katsura: Ah, that's the second reason. That's what I wanted to say.
Hanano: Wait a minute... Please don't take my answer.

Page 06

Katsura: Elizabeth!!

Katsura: What happened!?
Hanano: What's going on? A mysterious creature has just crashed into the report scene!
Katsura: It's not a mysterious creature, it's Elizabeth!!

Okita: Kaaaatsura!!
- The game's over today!!

Hanano: It's the Shinsengumi!!
- What an occurance! It appears that they have discovered the report scene!!

Page 07

Katsura: ...And that's the start of a busy day.
- It's just the right time; we should leave now.
Hanano: Eh!? This was in your schedule!?

Katsura: Everyone, we'll be escaping from the second floor...
- The cameramen should come later so the pathway won't be blocked.
Ikumatsu: Heeeey, why are people rudely bursting in like this?

Hanano: Katsura-san, you seem very used to this. Is this a daily occurance!?
Katsura: Well, yes.
- They come at any time and place. Frequently when I'm eating or sleeping.

Katsura: They're trying to target me when I'm defenseless, but unfortunately for them, I have no openings. / Even if they attack me while I'm eating, I have "Delicious Sticks" on me. This is corn potage flavor.
Hanano: ...I like corn potage flavor too.
[Note: Delicious Sticks are a Japanese snack. Similar to Cheetos in consistency, they come in a wide variety of flavors.]

Katsura: When men are born into this world, they must live with preparations to die.
(Small text: We'll escape from here.)
- If you're prepared for anything, you can always remain calm. No matter what happens, you won't be afraid.

Shisengumi: Kaaaatsuraaaa!!

Page 08

Katsura: Uwaaaaaaa!!

Hanano: ...Katsura-san, you just said "Uwaaaaa" right now.
Katsura: It was a battle cry. I meant to say "Uoryaaa".
Hanano: No, you were clearly frightened...

Shinsengumi: Kaaaatsuraaaa!!
Hanano: They're coming from that side too!!

Katsura: Delicious Stick
- Corn Potage!!

Page 09

Hanano: We managed to escape somehow.
Katsura: Well, this is just a morning warm-up.

Hanano: What an intense morning. Just the feeling of Joui Shishi...
- Um... Katsura-san, can you not descend from the roof?
Katsura: I won't. When you become like me, you'll be discovered right away walking normally on the roads.
Hanano: Katsura-san? You said you were a master of disguise. That... doesn't match up at all.

Katsura: Look.
Hanano: Katsura-san, are you ignoring me?
Katsura: There are people walking on the roofs everywhere. Those are generally Joui Shishi. Heeey, good morning!

Hanano: ...Katsura-san, he's completely ignoring you. He's clearly just a carpenter.
Katsura: Hahaha, that Gosaku! He must have fought with his wife again.

Katsura: Sorry I'm late.
Men: Katsura-san, good morning!

Page 10

Katsura: There are cameras here today, but don't worry about them. There are mosaics on your faces.
Hanano: Katsura-san, what is this?
Katsura: It's a place for Joui Shishi to exchange information. / We report the results of our activities here.

Katsura: By the way, the snacks we have at this time are Delicious Sticks salami flavor. / Hanano: Salami flavor? I like that too.

Katsura: In short, the Joui Roushi's activities basically consist of this exchange of information.
- We exchange all kinds of information gathered from various places, especially about the state of the universe and the Bakufu's secrets.
Small text 1: No, I won't approve of that!
Small text 2: They're definitely going out!
Katsura: After exchanging this information, we gradually elevate the place of exchange. In other words, we exchange opinions with and try to persuade people in high ranks. With time, we will change this country from the inside.

Man 1: I said they're not going out!! There's no way Yada Akimi-chan would go out with a guy like that!
Man 2: Miyabe! Look at reality. Men hate Oshio Gakuto, but it's true that he's popular among women!
[Note: Yada Akimi is a parody of actress Yada Akiko. Oshio Gakuto is a parody of actor Oshio Manabu.]

Hanano: ...Katsura-san, is that the state of the universe? Those are names I've heard in celebrity scandals...
Katsura: Cut it out, you guys!!

Katsura: I quite like Oshio Gakuto! He's rather wild!! He resembles a young Hino Shouhei...
[Note: Hino Shouhei is an actor.]
Okita: Kaaaatsuraaa!!

Page 11

Men: It's the Shinsengumi!!
Katsura: Delicious Stick salami!!

Hanano: Katsura-saaaan!! Again!?
Katsura: That's how the meeting ends every time.
Hanano: This is also according to schedule!? Katsura-san, just how many times a day are you attacked!?

Katsura: For some reason, they always appear just as I reach the meeting place. Thanks to them, I can't exchange information well.
- They're such an annoying bunch.
Hanano: You're the most annoying!! You're clearly being followed! You brought the group from this morning with you!!

Katsura: Gosakuuu! Run away right now! They're coming!
Hanano: I said that's not Gosaku!!

Hanano: We managed to escape somehow. ...I'm really tired.
Katsura: The real show starts now.
- Next, I'll go meet an important person and show you my attempt to persuade him.

Page 12

Hanano: Important person!? Who is that?
Katsura: A man we must have.

Sfx: *ding dong*

Gintoki: I said I don't have the rent!!

Hanano: Katsura-saaaan!!
Katsura: Fufu. Gintoki, today I'll have you say yes.

Katsura: You have a destiny to fight with me.
Small text: Ahh, the door is messed up.
Katsura: Why not change this rotten world together?

Katsura: It won't be easy, but you and I can do it.
Gintoki: It's fixed.

Page 13

Hanano: Katsura-san, how is it going!?
Katsura: Well, it was an okay feeling. But I lacked a decisive blow.

Katsura: Hanano Ana-dono, can you get that out of my bag? It's my trump card.
- In terms of strategy, the one who shows his hand first loses. The one who saves his trump card until the last moment wins.
Small text by Kagura: Heeheehee
Sfx: *rummaging*
Katsura: Ah, yes, that.

Katsura: Fufufu. Gintoki, will you still retain that attitude after seeing this?
Sfx: *crunch crunch*
Hanano: Katsura-san, your trump card, the chocolate bar Delicious Stick, has been stolen.

Katsura: What!?
Sfx: *clatter*

Shinpachi: Oh, hello.
Katsura: Oh, hello...

Katsura: ...Eh? No, no, you don't need to make tea.
- Sorry, please don't mind me.
Hanano: What did you come here for!?

Shinsengumi: Kaaaatsura!!
Sfx: *clatter*

Page 14

Katsura: Ngooooo!! They're here again!? / Hanano: Katsura-san, hurry, hurry!
[sorry, I don't know how to phrase that "Ngoooo" in English...]
Katsura: I can't remove my head; there will be a hole in the door and Gintoki will get mad at me.
Hanano: Do you plan to live here forever!?

Sfx: *thud* *thud*

Shinsengumi: They're on top! They ran on top!!

Katsura: Hanano Ana-dono, next I'd like to take a leisurely walk in a place connected to me, and then cry over a close friend's unexpected letter. I want to go with that "Want to come to my house!?" kind of flow, but what do you think?
Hanano: What are you talking about!?

Katsura: Don't tell me, you don't have a letter prepared.
Hanano: Of course not! I have zero interest in your friend!
Katsura: Hmph, that's what I thought, so I prepared it. Please read it at a suitable time. I spent all night writing it.
Hanano: You wrote it!? *That* makes me want to cry!!

Hanano: I don't want to do this anymore! My body can't take it!!
Sfx: *smack*
Small text: Gyaaaaa
Katsura: This is the Joui Shishi's way of life; make sure to film it well.
Hanano: I've been annoyed since awhile ago! Those cameras are old!!

Page 15

Katsura: Hey, cameramen, you filmed my leap just now, right!?
Cameramen: Perfectly, Katsura-san!!

Someone: Huh?

Hanano: Kyaaaaaa!!

Katsura: Hanano Ana...
- Please tell the country's citizens what the Joui Shishi are like.

Page 16

Katsura: I leave it to you.

Hanano: Katsura-saaaaaan!!

Okita: Goodbye, Katsura.

Shinsengumi: Okita-san, look at that!!

Page 17

Katsura: Bye-bii~

Shinsengumi: Old!!
- He's too old-fashionsed!!

Okita: Hey! Don't move, woman.

Okita: You're Katsura's comrade, aren't you.
Hanano: No, I'm here on a report --
Okita: Don't lie. Come over here.

Hanano: No...

Okita: What's this?
Hanano: Katsura-san's...

Page 18

- To the Shinsengumi
- I know it's odd to ask this of an enemy, but please don't harm the woman in front of you.

- She's just a journalist; I forced her to come cover me.
- She has absolutely no connection to me.

- Although an enemy, as someone who also wishes to see the smiles of the people of Edo...
- As someone who lives faithfully as a samurai, I believe in you.

- Hanano Ana-dono
- I was impressed by your attempt to report the truth in spite of all the dangers you faced.

- Although in a different form, you are without a doubt a patriot who protects the peace of Edo.
- We are comrades. Please work hard in your job. I'll watch TV every day. Katsura Kotaro.

- P.S.

Page 19

- The Shinsengumi
- Should die after all.
Man: Okita-san, there's something ticking in the envelope.
Okita: What is this?

Sfx: *boom*

Hanano: His distinguishing feature is his long hair.
- This annoying long hair.

Hanano: If you see this face, call the police right away.
- Dieeeeeee, Katsuraaaaa!!

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Aug 7, 2007
Gintama can be quite a challenge^^ thanks for the effort you put into it^^;
#2. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2007
LOL, Katsura is as wild and crazy as ever, that guy is just a fruitcake! XD;;;

Another awesome and accurate translation, thank you for your hard work~! :woo
or should I say
お疲れ様~~ *bows*

I have a question though...what exactly ARE Delicious Sticks?!?!?!?!?

Chapter 108: Delicious Sticks unexpectedly make you full
In the chinese version, they are called "corn sticks" but I've never seen such a snack in my life! :rofl
#3. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Aug 7, 2007
hmm give me a raw and I might be able to answer that :p
#4. by Hissori ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2007
Quote by Silver_Sea;485949:
I have a question though...what exactly ARE Delicious Sticks?!?!?!?!?

Delicious Sticks are a real snack known as "Umai Bou" (うまい棒) in Japanese, but in Gintama they're called "Nmai Bou" (んまい棒). Here's the Wiki page about them. I never knew about them either until I read Gintama. XD;
#5. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Aug 10, 2007
Haha...so they are like cheetos but with a chocolate flavour, corn soup flavour, etc.

Delicious Sticks are a real snack known as "Umai Bou" (うまい棒) in Japanese, but in Gintama they're called "Nmai Bou" (んまい棒). Here's the Wiki page about them.

Do you think you could make a TN to help other readers like me who just stare at the picture in amazement? Something like: "5-cent Japanese snack sold in most convenient stores similar to Cheetos but comes in a large variety of flavours." ?? Feel free to use/alter any of this description if you like.

Thanks for letting us know. ^^
#6. by Hissori ()
Posted on Aug 13, 2007
Oh sure, I'll add a note explaining it. :)
#7. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Aug 14, 2007
Thx u very much for the trans. ^^

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