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Ume ni Uguisu 1

To Discover Love

+ posted by Hoon as translation on Oct 16, 2012 22:27 | Go to Ume ni Uguisu

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Reserved for Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees

Ume Ni Uguisu - Vol. 1 Chapter 1

0003 -
#1 To discover love
#2 0 or 100
#3 Storm's birthday

Bubble: To discover love

0004 -
Panel 1: "Nice to meet you." Those reading this and thinking, "Ah, it's that guy." Hello. I am Higurashi Kinoko.
SFX: Nod
Panel 2: Before we get into Chapter 1 of this series' manuscript, I want you to know that I went to the one and only Maximum the Hormone live concert.
Panel 3: Although we had a weird mind, I am a mangaka... I will protect my right hand...!! [T/L NOTE: This part made absolutely no sense at all, but I tried - -; ]
Bold text: I made a luxorious decision!
Panel 4: But because I was shaking my head so hard at the concert, my neck is completely busted.
Even though I'm in so much pain, I present to you <Ume ni Uguisu>...
Bubble: Now.. Start!!

Panel 1: SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep
Panel 2: SFX: Slam
Isezaki: Sensei, I'm sorry - I'm late - !!
Panel 3: He's here!
Panel 4: Isezaki-kun!!
Isezaki: You see, this morning my sister suddenly had labor pains so...

0005 -
Panel 1: Teacher: I ran into your sister at the train station. (Small text: Although she's not my student..)
Isezaki: What?! Really?!
SFX: Idiot!
SFX: Ahaha!
SFX: Haha..
Students: *Giggle*
Panel 2: Teacher: That's enough! Let's continue the class.
Take a seat!
Isezaki: Okay
SFX: Scribble
SFX: Scribble
Thought bubble: As I thought, this is becoming a habit...
Panel 3: Bold text: Tell the truth
Students: Are you sure you weren't playing around somewhere this morning? // With your girlfriend!
Isezaki: You dumbass - Then I would've cut class instead!!
Bold text: Although the person I like has a girlfriend
Panel 4: love is love.

Panel 1: I'm currently enjoying my unrequited love.
Panel 2: SFX: Ding
SFX: Dong
Teacher: Tomorrow's test will be based on everything you've learned until today.
SFX: Whaaaaaaat
Panel 3: Isezaki: I'm sorry, Umehara. Show me your notes. (Small text: Since I just got here..)
Umehara: WHAT...?
SFX: Thump
Ah... yeah, okay!
Panel 4: Isezaki: Thanks.
Panel 5: It's here!
His shining smile!
Panel 6: Thought bubble: '10:30. I'm smiling to my heart's content.' I'll write that down for now.
I'll have to write it down before I forget...
SFX: Click
SFX: Click

Panel 1: SFX: Flip
Panel 2: '...he has a girlfriend'? 'He prefers udon over soba noodles...'? (Small text: Oh, it sounds like me...)
I'm screwed! I've mistaken the notebooks!!
Panel 3: Isezaki: Umehara. This.
Black SFX: Fwip
White SFX: Stand
Umehara: Give it back!!
Panel 4: SFX: Silence
Panel 5: Hey, check it out.
It says "ISZK Observations".
What is this - Umehara.. to Isezaki.. [T/L NOTE: it's an incomplete sentence, meaning there was no verb mentioned in this sentence.]
Word in surrounding speech bubbles: Thump
SFX: Noisy

Panel 1: I'm done for!!

0007 -
Panel 1: Word in speech bubbles: Stir
SFX: Dash
Panel 2: Sign: Keep this bathroom clean!
It's over...
Panel 3: Isezaki had a horrified facial expression...
White text: What the hell are you doing, having an observation notebook...
That's so scary.
Panel 4: What do I do...
Ah, I...
SFX: Thump
Panel 5: I'm on class duty with Isezaki this week!!

Panel 1: Isezaki: Umehara, what are you doing?
SFX: Shock
Panel 2: Isezaki: Oops...
SFX: Dash
Teacher: Hey!! Classes are about to start.
Panel 3: *You shouldn't be running*
How am I supposed to lift my head and look!!
Panel 4: Ah, class duty...
Small box 1: Handing in homework
Small box 2: Erasing the chalkboard
Small box 3 [top left]: Throwing out the garbage
I was looking forward to it since last week...

Panel 1: SFX: Whew
Isezaki: Umehara, you...
SFX: Surprised
Panel 2: Isezaki: Aren't you avoiding me too much?
Panel 3: SFX: Thump
Panel 4: Isezaki: Just... do as you please.

Panel 1: Isezaki: Okay?
Isezaki: Ume <3
Panel 2: SFX: Blush
Panel 3: What?!!
SFX: Circle
SFX: Circle
Circled text on the notebook: Ume <3
Panel 4: "Just do as you please. Okay? Ume <3"
Panel 5: ...I like this.
I freaking love this!!
SFX: Bang
*I did a good job falling in love.*

Panel 1: It's a good thing that I've fallen in love with Isezaki!
Panel 2: Girl with bun: Umehara, hey!
Umehara: Hi~
Panel 3: Other girl: Eh? No reaction?
Bun girl: Ah, you didn't hear?
Umehara: Eh? What? What? (Small text: Where?)
Panel 4: Your wish that Isezaki would break up with his girlfriend!

Panel 1: Really?!
Sign: Chemistry Room
Panel 2: Is asking his directly a bit overboard... // But he said "do as you wish" so...
SFX: Squirm...
Panel 3: Isezaki: What's up with you?! (Small text: Your eyes are blazing!)
Umehara: Ah...
Umehara: No... You see, um...
Panel 4: SFX: Thump
SFX: Thump
SFX: Thump
SFX: Thump
Umehara: Is..
Panel 5: Is it true that you might end up breaking up with your girlfriend?

Panel 1: Isezaki: Ume, why do you seem so happy about it?
Umehara: Um.
SFX: Startled
Umehara: It's nothing, really.
Panel 2: Umehara: I was just wondering how something like that could happen...
Small text: Where did you think of such a thing...
Panel 3: Isezaki: She cheated on me.
Panel 4: Umehara: ...what?
Panel 5: Isezaki: That girl
SFX: Bump
Isezaki: cheated with some guy from her school.

Panel 1: Isezaki: Well, even if she didn't end up cheating on me, the relationship would've crumbled eventually.
Isezaki: Well I guess that's become what they call a signal!
Panel 2: Do you understand now?
*...this doesn't make sense.*
Panel 3: What the hell is that girl...
Umehara: If it were me I would never even think of cheating!
Panel 4: Umehara: Ah.. it's so hot...
Girl: Umehara, so you just developed a fighting spirit!!
SFX: Slam

Panel 1: Light haired girl: This is your chance to steal Isezaki from that cheater!
Dark haired girl: Oh~!
Panel 2: Light haired girl: Aside from Miss Namkou, the rest don't stand much of a chance!
Dark haired girl: Oh...
Panel 3: ...What did you say?
Panel 4: Miss Namkou?
Small text: "In 1st grade, the story where all the senpais were beaten to first place at the culture festival is famous."
Small text: "Because Umehara heard from a friend." [T/L NOTE: I'm not sure if this translation is comepletely right because it's hard to find the correct English words for it...]
If he was going out with a pretty girl like her..
Panel 5: he would never even...
Panel 6: have a girl like me in his sights.
Panel 7: Extremely small text: Ahaha..

Panel 1: ...This isn't gonna work out.
Panel 2: No matter how much make-up I put on
I can't win him from Miss Namkou...
Panel 3: I'd still win though if it were over who likes him more...

Panel 1: SFX: Spray
Panel 2: Umehara: Wow...
Panel 3: *"Uh... Ume has such a nice fragnance coming from her today..."*
Umehara: That's what I expect!
Umehara: If I can't win by looks then maybe I can with smell...!"
Panel 4: *Thank you*
Panel 5: I ended up buying it

Panel 1: Please...
let Isezaki notice it!
Panel 2: Teacher: What the hell. Isezaki is late again?
Panel 3: Umehara, next time is gym~
Ume: Ah, okay!
Ume: Oh well...
Panel 4: I bought this for him...

Panel 3: Isezaki: ...Eh? // Ume..

Panel 1: What did you spray?
Panel 2: Ume: ...my hand...
SFX: Thump
SFX: Thump
Isezaki: Eh?
Panel 3: Ume: My hand... My arm...
Isezaki: Oh // Oh! Sorry.
Boy: Yo, Isezaki you'll be late for gym.
Panel 4: Isezaki: Ah.. I'll see you later, Ume. // Sorry.
Panel 5: U..

Panel 1: I made contact with Isezaki!!
SFX: Thump
The perfume actually worked...!
Panel 2: The best that I got was watching his back.. but that was Isezaki's...
body heat.
Panel 3: Amazing!! To think that having my feelings figured out
would lead to the path of the development of love!!
SFX: Wow
[T/L NOTE: The small text in this panel is too small for me to read.. :/ ]

Panel 1: Thought bubble: My hand.. // My arm..
Panel 2: *It's so hoy*
Panel 3: Isezaki: Ume, I'm really sorry about before. // I must've been half asleep or something!
Umehara: Ah, it's nothing!!
Thought bubble: Oh my.. he approached me!!
Panel 4: Umehara: Ah... Um, isn't the match starting now? (Small text: basketball...)
Thought bubble: I talked to him...
Isezaki: I'll start off with some warmups for now!
Thought bubble: A useless conversation...
Panel 5: Umehara: Isezaki.
Panel 6: Umehara: Good luck!

Panel 2: Thought bubble: Such a radiant smile...
Because I'm closer to him
Panel 3: Box1: If I was to watch him forever
Box2: By his side
Box3: I wouldn't even need to write things down into a notebook...
Panel 5: Thought bubble: Well that's that...
I'll get hopeful if he keeps smiling like that...

Panel 1: Girl: Umehara, we'll be leaving before you!
Thought bubble: I'm so grateful to you!!
Panel 2: Bun girl: Really.. she doesn't even know what's going around around her..
Girl: Hey, did you hear?
Panel 3: Isezaki might end up breaking up with his girlfriend!
I heard - Reiko cheated on him? (Small text: She's really popular...)
SFX: Twitch
Reiko... I won't forgive you.
Panel 4: Ah, I smell something nice <3
What was the name of this perfume?
Panel 5: Ah!

Panel 1: It was the perfume that Reiko uses!
Panel 2: ...What.
SFX: Slip
Panel 4: Ah.
Panel 5: It wasn't me.

Panel 1: If Isezaki were to go see his girlfriend now...
Panel 2: Student1: *Turn*
Student2: -Ahaha-
Student3: What's that
Student4: Exactly
Panel 3: He's trying so hard to keep her...
Panel 4: SFX: Splash
SFX: Splash
Panel 5: From now on, don't even think about calling me.

Panel 1: And stop replying so dryly!

Panel 1: Isezaki...?
Panel 3: SFX: Thump SFX: Thump
Ume: ...oh.
Panel 4: Isezaki: Oh it's Ume...
Sorry. Were you startled?

Panel 1: Ume: Oh, nope.
Isezaki: Ah, your timing was great!
Panel 2: I... I just broke up with my girlfriend!
Panel 4: ...Really?
Isezaki: I thought you would be happy about it
Panel 5: ...Isezaki

Panel 1: Are you really okay with breaking up?
Panel 2: Isezaki: What?
But for now, aren't I the cold one?
Panel 3: Well in the first place -
Panel 4: For someone who cheated on me, I have no regrets.
Panel 5: Note: When he lies, he touches his chin.

Panel 1: Isezaki: What's with you, Ume! You're acting weird today...
Umehara: You don't have to smile about it.
Panel 3: I know when you're forcing yourself to smile.

Panel 3: That's impressive, Ume.
Panel 5: ...It's probably not working out. // No matter what I do.
That girl doesn't have anyone in her sights except her new guy.
Haha... So unsightly...
Umehara: It's not unsightly!

Panel 2: You're still in love.
Umehara: I can't do anything about it because I like you!!

Panel 1: It's not that I'm speaking badly but Isezaki
Isezaki: ...Ume?
Panel 2: is in love as well.
Umehara: I'm gonna keep my love unrequited.
Panel 3: SFX: Swoosh

Panel 3: Unrequited love...
Panel 4: What an eyesore.

How annoying.

Still, I
I like..
I like him!!

Panel 2: Ohh, Isezaki actually arrived on time!! (Small text: No big deal)
SFX: Startled
Pen: -Slip-
Panel 3: Boy 1: Where'd you get such a cute umbrella?
Boy 2: It definitely doesn't suit you!! [T/L NOTE: The small text is indecipherable.. sorry!!]
SFX: Bwahaha!
Isezaki: Shut up!!
Panel 4: SFX: Step
SFX: Turn

Panel 1: ...Ume, lemme borrow your notes.
Panel 2: Ume: What...? W-Which one?! English? Japanese?
Isezaki: You know what I'm talking about.
Ume: ...Oh.
Panel 4: Quickly.
SFX: Fwip!
Panel 5: Well there's nothing to hide at this point...
Ugh!! [T/L NOTE: The small text here is indecipherable as well.. :/]
SFX: Anxious
Panel 6: SFX: Thud
SFX: Startled

Panel 2: I can't give up so easily.
Panel 3: On the note: To tell the truth, I feel like I lost something.
Panel 4: From now on I will continue my one-sided love.

T/L NOTE: Sorry for the sloppy translation.. I'll be sure to do better on the next one! I started to improve at translating as this chapter went on, so the first half seems a bit slipshod compared to the second half..

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