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Ume ni Uguisu 2

0 or 100

+ posted by Hoon as translation on Oct 20, 2012 19:37 | Go to Ume ni Uguisu

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Reserved for Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees

Ume ni Uguisu
Chapter 2
Being a mangaka is very lonely.
*(in my opinion.)*
Listen up.
This is what happens when I meets someone new every once in a while.
Hehe, what outfit should I wear? What stories should I tell?
Just the thought of it already excites me.

If I sign something for someone.
*Yeah, cheers.*
The story of a blossoming flower.

SFX: shock
White SFX: shake shake
My hand is starting to tremble…!!

I normally don’t talk to the usual strangers…
Aye, why is this happening. Will this be alright…
*uh - *
I think there are some room issues as well…
Let’s pretend we don’t know each other [bottom speech bubble]
Ha ha ha
Oxygen deficiency…!!

Ding Dong Deng

Here, Ume.

Isezaki, the one who I like.

SFX: Blush

I’m fine!

How attractive.
I have no idea what’s going on in his head.

I’ve been called “a bucket of unrequited love” for a month now.
Ah, thanks for the note.
Ah, yeah.
I can’t ever act cute!!
SFX: Noise
There’s something that I just don’t understand…

Black SFX: Thump
White SFX: Hold
Even though he knows how I feel, why is he doing this to me?
Is he playing with me?

SFX: Clack

I won’t ever eat this!

Treasure ♥

So it’s

It seems that nowadays,
Isezaki has been mysteriously acting nicely around Umehara.

Oh my ~ Really~? For real??
It’s frustrating. (ST: just saying one word about it is frustrating)
SFX: Clunk
Isezaki’s doing this cuz he thinks that Umehara likes him.
Just confess!!

But still – I feel we’ll just be burdensome if we do anything.
SFX: pour

What really would be scary is
If we bump into them from the front

and answer to them
from the front. [T/L NOTE: I don’t know what this is supposed to mean…]
SFX: Slam

That’s how I hope it turns out…

It’s Ume!
…and friends.

SFX: Shock
*and friends*

Wow ~ great timing!
I lost a game of rock paper scissors today so I didn’t have anything but potato chips.

Just one bite <3 (ST: meat <3)

Isezaki~ let’s leave.
*don’t eat all of it!*

Give me some of your drink too.

SFX: slurp (I don’t know what the SFX for drinking soda is… you can replace this with what you feel is right)

It tastes weird. (ST: weird)
SFX: blush

I’ll leave first! <3
*he’s like a tornado…*

-Page 0029-
…woah, Umehara!! Was that just now by chance
an indirect kiss…

SFX: choke
*that’s awful*
Without even the slightest bit of hesitation!!

*Hey, that’s a going a bit too far.*
*I didn’t even know…*
I don’t want to confess or anything like that.

Because just being like this
is enough for me to be happy.

Board: 7/18 Summer vacation

This won’t go on like this, right?

Just an unrequited love.
Just a mere classmate.
-Page 0030-
“I want to see you.”
Isn’t something that I can’t say.
Summer vacation isn’t even necessary…

Umehara, we need a change in ideas.
SFX: lift (?)


Go obsess yourself with “This year’s summer ☆ If Isezaki dates me ver.”
SFX: Thump

To the beach…

To the mountains…

To the streets…

Wow, it’s like a dream…
…that’s so cliché.
SFX: tremble tremble

B-but still, that’s just if we theoretically were to go out…
SFX: stop

That’s right. If you were to confess, it’s either going to be 0% or 100%...
Right now, in your situation, there could be a 50% chance…

Once the summer vacation starts though, that 50% becomes 0%.

-Page 0031-
As of now, your situation is 0%!
In contrast, it’s not like the possibility of 100% isn’t there…

Or no?
SFX: um… um…

…I’ll do it!
Oh! That’s the spirit Umehara!!
*she’s sparkling all over!*

Then I’ll give you this!!
SFX: fwip

It’s an event perfect for a confession.
Wow, this is Isezaki’s neighborhood. (ST: I don’t know it well though…)
Paper: 27th annual
Fireworks Festival

Although summer vacation starts tomorrow,
Overeating, drinking too much (ST: etc..)
Board: Start: 9:30 ; Gym ; Don’t forget
And don’t forget your gym clothes

And with that, you are dismissed!
*Noisy Noisy Noisy Dread Dread Bump*
Ah… wait a second.

SFX: stand
If I don’t tell him today, I’ll have to wait until second semester to see him again.

All I have to say is, “do you want to go watch the fireworks together?”…

-Page 0032-
Ah… Y-you see…
During the summer, will you go to the f-
My heart will explode!!

SFX: shake shake

Ah, Ume, you see-
SFX: startle

Wanna go to the fireworks festival in my neighborhood?

Yeah! (ST: I’ll go)

Yo – what is it? A girl?
SFX: nosy nosy
So easily…

Ah, then let’s gather Ume’s friends and-
Oh~ 3:3 just right!
Is this a meeting!!

What do you want to do, Ume?
Yeah! Let’s do that…
It’s harder to go alone…

Then it’s a plan.
If I said, “I’ll confess at the fireworks festival.”

-Page 0033-
Would Isezaki laugh
At such a thing?
Ah, but his laughter…

SFX: thump thump thump

look forward to it!

Fireworks… Yukata…
The night festival…
An unusual event…

-Page 0034-
I will confess!
Wow, Umehara, you look a lot better. (ST: Although I did predict that this would happen)

I put in some effort.

Ah, I found Umehara and her friends! (ST: yay, girls!)
*oh it’s a yukata*
SFX: thump
*”her friends…”*

Thump thump
Ma~d cute!!

It’s too light…

Let’s not dwell too long on the small problems!
I’m gonna be confessing today!!


When’s a good time to do it?
Will I be able to say it properly? (ST: anxious)
Ah… I’m in trouble. I feel like weird inside… (ST: thump)
it’s a yoyo!

-Page 0035-
Ume, what color do you like~?

Ah… I…

The girls over there –
How do you where this kind of clothing? Did your mom put it on for you?
Ah… we’re alone…
Ah, no. Just this alone.
…hm? Now?
Really?! That’s impressive!!

(ST: thump) Impressive?
It took me 3 hours to put it on while reading a book!
I don’t have to be saying this…
(ST: thump) I thought it would help if I wore this since it’s so hot, but now I’m soaking wet… (ST: anxious)
Did I just say that I’m soaking wet!!

I thought I was supposed to confess?!
Thump thump
Just tell him that I like him!!
Thump thump
That’s a b-…

For me?
SFX: Thump

Um… so…
You see…
SFX: pat

That’s what I like
the most about Ume!

-Page 0036-

SFX: whoosh

SFX: stand
Not saying those kinds of things…


SFX: turn
Wait a second… I have to use the bathroom…

-Page 0037-
Why are you doing this?!

SFX: stretch

SFX: trip


Are you alright?!

don’t come any closer!

SFX: dash

This is the worst.

Nothing went as planned!
The fireworks started…

Will they be finding me…
Click click

The number you have dialed cannot be reached at this time.
Please try again at a later ti-

-Page 0038-
What is this~?!
Oh – Isezaki! Over here!! (ST: you’re late)
What a relief. We couldn’t connect to your cell! (ST: confusion)
SFX: boooom [the sound of fireworks… I have no idea what they should sound like, so I put boom for now. Feel free to replace it with a more fitting word.]

We somehow managed to find you.
It was the same location last year…

What about Umehara? Weren’t you with her?


She didn’t come here before me?

SFX: Step

The number you have dialed –
The line is too busy –

SFX: noisy noisy noisy

…maybe he…
already left…
On the phone screen: Please charge the phone.

-Page 0039-
My feet
freaking hurt…
Machine: Ticket

Hey, who’s holding up the line!!
SFX: startle

Ah… my last bill.
I blew through my money today…

Noisy noisy
…huh? Nothing’s coming out!
Ah… gah!!

SFX: rip

I can’t break my composure in a place like this!!
Snap out of it!!
How will I get home?

What in the world was I thinking…

-Page 0040-
I finally found you!

Why are you crying?!

My last ¥1000…
ended up in this state…

Wow. How tragic…
What is that? Gum…?
Why do you have gum in your wallet??

…Cuz it’s the gum that Isezaki gave me…
Because it’s my treasure…

-Page 0041-
Ume is an idiot I see…
…get on the bike for now.
whoosh whoosh

…I didn’t get to see the fireworks…
I didn’t get to see it either.
badump badump

badump badump badump
I’m really sorry.

It isn’t too late yet.

-Page 0042-
...wow, that’s amazing!
It’s so pretty!!

There’s no one here!!

-Page 0043-
Huh? Am I not a person?


I really like this.

SFX: grab

SFX: screech [the sound of a bike using its brakes to stop the tires… I suck at translating SFXs]

Why’d you stop all of a sudden!!
Why would you interrupt me while I’m riding?!
Ah... um…

Why?! Just tell me why?
Ah! Have you seen a ghost?!

Ah… you see…

like you Isezaki!

…I’m sorry, Umehara…
SFX: shock!!

I know this might sound ridiculous or light
SFX: thump thump

-Page 0045-
It wouldn’t be a lie if I said that you’re “cute” or that I “like” you.

wanna go out with me?
SFX: down
As I thought, this is too light!

You’re not saying this just because of the mood, right?

Hahaha are you sure you’re not reading too much into it? (ST: you think I’m that kind of guy?)

Wow, Umehara is my girlfriend now –

We’re in trouble now!

-Page 0046-
I really look forward to it!!

August, on that day
my unrequited love was finally returned.

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