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The Ring of the Nibelung 7

Ring 7: Wotan, King of the Gods

+ posted by Hunk as translation on May 15, 2014 19:43 | Go to The Ring of the Nibelung

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Nibelungen #07

Ring 7: Wotan, King of the Gods

Auf Berges Gipfel die Götterburg... der prangende Bau !
At the peak of these mountains stands the palace of the gods... What a grand building! (Wotan, scene 2)

This is the double ship of Wotan...

So the entire planet would be a ship?
Tadashi... Tochiro asked you to study some documents... on the German mythology which tell the story of the gods, right...?

This double ship which has the shape of a planet... belongs to Wotan...
He is the great head of the gods... He lives at the center of the universe and rules as an absolute master... And on the Giants people too...

But how can you be so sure this is Wotan's ship?

... Alberich, my brother, and I have stolen it from Wotan... When we left the palace of the gods which stands in the Walhalla...

We were both dreaming of toppling Wotan's dictatorship and the Giants people's one on the universe... And of ruling in place of them...

You mean that there is some truth in the German and Scandinavian mythology and folklore...
And that "the Ring of the Nibelung"...

really exists?

And you would be the Miimay of the old legends...
But then, since when do you exist...? When did you steal this double ship?!

Here it is! The ship we detected!! From the outside, it looks like some bones... pitch black ones!! It looks like the skeleton of a dinosaur... or the spinal column of some animal!!

When was it made?
It doesn't seem quite recent at all!!

I'm launching the analysis, I can't get out because of the high pressure.
Come on, we're almost done...

So, Tochiro, what's going on?

It says that it's 650 millions years old!!
This machine must be broken.

A ship 650 years old!! It could be possible from the standpoint of the universe, but...

What? 650 millions years old...?

Then it means that... you are living for more than 650 millions years?!
Yes... If we compare the human history to the one of the Nibelung, you look like babies... Gods possess eternal life...

For me, the birth of mankind is a recent event...
We raised you...

You mean that...
you educated the humans?

While the land of the gods was sleeping... mankind... hasn't have to worry for their existence in the universe...
But now, things have changed...

Now that the gold of Rhine has fallen again in my brother's hands... and that you forged him a ring...
At the ends of the space, Wotan and the Gods have awaken!!!

And the time that was frozen was put in motion again making us grow old little by little!!

The battle of the gods who were sleeping is going to restart now... And you, humans... will be the first to disappear...
The difference in matter of scale doesn't leave you a single chance... There isn't any common point between the great creators of the universe... and a people of bugs...
Bugs, you say?!

Are you calling us bugs?!
Please forgive me, I spoke without thinking...

I will always be grateful to the humans who once helped me...
Especially to Harlock and your father...

My father...


Wotan is calling us!!!!
The Gods you were talking about are calling us?!

Captain!! This place is getting dangerous... The planet is starting to move!! It's spining on itself!!
Its movements are getting unpredictable... I can't believe it.

Tochiro, hurry, you have to flee, right now!! The planet is starting to move!!
Wah! I don't know if I could make it in time!!

Things are getting bad for me.

Ah! The planet is exploding...!!


Pant pant pant!

I really thought I was a goner.
What a damn planet!!



Fricka, the musical tone of the golden organ that Freia is playing seems different.
I was aware of that since long, Wotan.
The steel organ that was on planet Rhine has gone silent, that's why!

It's because of a temporal resonance that is ruling the space has gone silent.
The woman who had been ordered to play the organ on planet Rhine has given up on her tasks, for an unknown reason...

But, please calm down... I have called her out, she will be here soon enough.

She will take on her functions again, calming down the sadness and the anger of Freia.

Freia is truly beautiful.
True enough... She transcends all the goddesses and her fingers are controlling freely the flow of time in the space.

Freia seems troubled for quite some times.
And I doubt that this shift in the sonority of that organ could be the only reason.

Indeed... The life of a young girl will someday come to an end.

How sad... However, if she ever abandonned her task of protecting the Walhalla...

The center of the universe would collapse.


Thanks to the inhabitants of Riesenheim, our impregnable fortress will be soon complete...
and no one could ever get in.
The power of Riesenheim's workers is truly incredible...
I never saw such a grand castle, Wotan.

Oh... Erda... Since when are you here?
You are always appearing in front of us like stealthy shadow, without making any noise.

You mustn't call out the woman who was playing the organ on planet Rhine.
And why must I not bring back Miimay here? She has to play the organ, right? We can't stop the time without her!!

Erda... O great goddess of knowledge.
Look yourself into a mirror... and see the wrinkles that have appeared at the corners of your eyes.

I know it perfectly, Fricka...
that we have losed the resonance of the organ...

The vibrations produced by the ring, forged with the stolen gold, are getting louder...
than the song "sweet flow of time" played by Freia...

But Miimay wasn't part of our clan at the beginning.
She is a Nibelung that was once living at Nibelheim...

Her heart is the same as her brother, Alberich.
Nobody can control their mind... Not even you, Wotan... illustrious ruler of the sky...

This is unforgivable that the gold has fallen in Alberich's hands!!!
He, the Nibelung, is going to remain an ugly dwarf everywhere in the universe and till the end of time!!

But he was clever.
If he choosed not to strike against the gods, he could have kept living with us.

But a Nibelung will forever remain a Nibelung to me!!

When Miimay will be here, we will take the needed measures to punish the fool who forged that ring.

But he is a human, his ancestors were acquainted with progress thanks to the Nibelung: Alberich and Miimay.
And now, they are taking care of Miimay... By calling her out, they will come too!!

You shouldn't make humans suffer!!!
Because with us gods, the Nibelung...
and the people of the Giants of Riesenheim, they are part of the living beings who possess the knowledge of the universe.

I am Erda, the goddess of knowledge...
I see the future and the past reflecting in my heart...

So, I know...
I know that you mustn't harm neither Miimay, nor her protectors...

But by calling Miimay here, we could also lure Alberich in a trap.
If we don't stop the resonances of the ring...

we will be doomed.

Our bones will then drift uselessly in the universe.

I'm taking my leave now.
But don't ever forget that I told you not to call Miimay and her protectors!!

What do you fear, o goddess of knowledge?

I'm scared...
Miimay's protectors are terrific...

One of them is called Harlock...
Remember this, Wotan!!


Pfffff! There's nothing to do!

The space surrounding this planet and the Arcadia are fusing.
An unknown force is guiding us.

A huge metallic object is standing right in front of us...
Is this an artificial building?
I guess so. However... The word "artificial" isn't really appropriate since it wasn't made by human.

We can't see it naked-eye.
Its shape is hidden from us.

At any case, it's what was wanted.
But nobody can fool my eyes.

Because the electronic eye of my ship is giving us a clear image.
It is still at an uninimaginable distance, but the sensors of the Arcadia make the image constantly clearer.
What could it be?!

It looks like some sort of fortress... a fortified castle.
We'll know more when we'll be closer.
Is it armed?
I don't know.

I don't want to go there.
Do you already be there, Miimay?!

Yes... Some time ago.

What do you mean?

Before life has appeared on Earth.


So this is the ship of Miimay's protectors?
This primitive device is worthy of barbarians, Wotan...

If only our fortress was complete, we would have nothing to fear.

Do you fear anything about this ship?

You shouldn't worry, really.
They can't even see us.

Nor Freia's silhouette.
This inferior beings mustn't see her.
She would be sullied by their gaze.

Master, Fasolt and Fafner are asking for an audience...

The giant brothers of the Riesenheim dare showing up here...


I hope you are here to talk about the progress of the work on the castle.

We don't have the strenght to keep up... for a strange reason...
Which one?

We think that if you allow us to love Freia, we will have the needed strenght to continue the work...

Out of question!! This is again some plan you conspire, you brothers.
I'll consider it if one of you would marry her, but giving her to both of you is out of question!!

In that case, we'll lack of strenght...
to complete the construction of the fortress, Wotan.

And we heard that... Alberich possessed a huge fleet somewhere at the ends of the universe.
If the construction isn't complete in time... then you might...


Are you swearing to love her, and only her?

This is a promise...

Fasolt, I'll be the first!!
What are you saying?! I'm older!!

sfx: Ah...


sfx: Ah!

To be continued in volume 2.

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