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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Yamikin Ushijima-kun 21

The Yankee 14

+ posted by Hunk as translation on May 15, 2014 19:44 | Go to Yamikin Ushijima-kun

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Translated from French.

LSU #21

Takashi is late... He said he will be here at 10 am to introduce Michiko to us, but...
There must be some traffic jam!
Say, honey, what are we doing for lunch? Let's order some eel rice!
title: The Yankee 14

Honey! There's no need to be that nervous!
Give me a break!
It's true that it's the first time we're going to meet Michiko... I wonder what kind of girl she is.


Still, that's weird, his phone won't answer...

I'm on edge! I'm going to the toilets!
Is that a big shit, mister Aizawa?
Pff hu hu hu...

What painful brats!!

You have 20 new messages...

I don't wanna hear them!
That's definitely some nasty shit from Namerikawa!!

Damnit!! Grrr!

That's the first time I go to a love hotel.
Not for me!

You show-off! You're lying!

Don't make fun of us! That's irritating!

What if I hit the white pig to calm myself then, huh?

sfx: Ah!

You're bluffing!

Stop bullying the weaklings, asshole!!
Who's the asshole? Don't ask for it, huh!!

What if I do that wench for fun?
Me too, it'll calm myself!
Then, me too!!

Hey, bitch!
We're gonna clean you up!
Ha ha ha!
Hey! Are you listening?




Masaru!! I'm so happy you're alive!!
I swear that's true!!

You're happy for yourself, right?


sfx: Hm...

I never have thought that you could kill me...

From the bottom of my heart...

I called for your help!!
I trusted you!!

Waaaah! Masaru!!

I know it too well...

that you're weak...
and defenseless.

I know you're definitely feeling awfully guilty.

You were my only friends...
I thought we were buddies.



Then, I've got a favor to ask you!!
This time, help me! Don't let me die without doing anything!!

I know I was wrong... I looked down on you because you were broke...
I wanted to say that I'm sorry for that...

What do we have to do?



You just have to call back the last number dialed with the bis button!!

But if Aizawa ever finds it out, it's gonna be bad!

Fool!! Aizawa is a coward! It's just that now, he's got power!
But he doesn't scare me at all! Just open your eyes!

You have your pride, right?
Don't you want your revenge for what those brats did to you?

They're just full of themselves, that's all.

phone: Ushijima



Masaru! What's going on?!
phone: Call
phone: Ushijima

sfx: Ah!

sfx: clap


Hey!! What's going on?!

sfx: hm...

Ah! Did he notice something?!


If I don't explain the situation right now to the boss, all our customers' lists will be lost!

Mister Aizawa, what are you gonna do?!
Time is running out, you know!!


We're not calling!!
I don't trust you!!


I swear I won't say...
neither that Ezaki and Kano are at the hospital, nor that you're hold us in the love hotel Shimoneta!!



I lost some files worthing 4,000,000 yens.

Aizawa, so it was you, you damn son of a bitch!!

Masaru... That's enough!


Actually, you know the code, right? Give it to me!!

tchhk tchhk tcchk tchhk
If you don't give it to me, you're gonne end up badly hurt!!
But I told you I don't know it!!



Give it to me!!

Give it to me!!
Give it to me!!

Oh my...
You should wash your face! It's gonna be dirty!

If you don't wanna talk, then fine!
I still could assault Ushijima's office and take the money from his safe!
tchhk tchhk
Now, he's alone with that wench at his office, but we're 6! If we're getting serious, it'll end fast!
Even if there's no cash, I could threat Ushijima with my gun to force him to give me the damn code of his account!! There're about 5 millions on it!


Masaru, I don't need you anymore!!

This time, you're really gonna die!


Mister Aizawa...
What? Do you remember the code?


There's no cash anymore on this account!
It's been a long time since I transfered all of it on another one!

The boss will soon be here!

What's the meaning of that?
He's definitely bluffing!!



It's on!! Ushijima heard our conversation!!
phone: Call
phone: Ushijima


You're the one who did that, huh?!
Hii! Nooo!!

I don't see who could have done it beside you!!
Masaru's got superpower, maybe, huh?
Who could have done it beside you?

Serves you right!!

I was about to die, and you didn't do anything...

You're gonna pay for it!!

And you too, you'll pay for it, Aizawa!!

Those brats too, you won't get away so easily!

And my mom who stole my watch... She's gonna pay too!

And you who humiliate my mother and who was about to let me die...

You... Ushijima! You're gonna pay too!!!

I took my decision.
I'll take this advantage to learn by working for Ushijima to set up my own business!!

And then...
I'll take everything from Ushijima!!

But for that purpose, I need to hide my true intentions...
and suppress my feelings.

The girl peed!
That's gross...!
Hey, that's embarrassing to show my thing to everyone...
Yeah, you're right!

Hey, I'm hungry! Let's send the white pig buy us some pork rice!
But I feel that he's got trouble with mister Aizawa...

Well, too bad, let's go ourselves.

They opened the door!!

They're not gonna leaving without paying, right...?
Anyways, call the room!

Mister Aizawa, if you don't hurry, Ushijima is gonna locate you with his GPS...
and he's gonna come with some yakuzas to kill you off!

No way! Don't lie!!
This cell phone can't be locate with a GPS system!!


I'm good with GPS! Because I had to keep an eye on that horny girlfriend of mine...
I made her install a GPS on her cell phone in order to locate her anytime.

I'm not lying, mister Aizawa!
Takada has a cell phone that can be located by GPS and that was owned by some customer of us!

I told you to stop lying!

He had two phones on him?!

Historic of search...!!

Two phones owned by a mother and her brat... But that's Ushijima who launched the search!
He's starting a search every five minutes!!

The accuracy for the localization isn't really high: a 500 meters perimeter...
It will be hard for Ushijima to find that place quickly.

But that Masaru bastard give the name of the hotel earlier! I knew that he was weird, but that was in order to warn Ushijima...

If Ushijima heard our conversation, that information will be enough, despite the poor accuracy!!

This is bad, Aizawa!!



Ushijima is really here!!


What should we do? We answer?


If Ushijima is here, then the girl is alone in the office!!
In that case, I can go alone!!

He he...!
Well done, Masaru!!

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