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Yamikin Ushijima-kun 22

The Yankee 15

+ posted by Hunk as translation on May 15, 2014 19:45 | Go to Yamikin Ushijima-kun

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LSU #22

title: The Yankee 15



Tell them to call the cops!!
And get that bag off of me!!

But if we call the cops, you'll get arrested, since you're working for a yamikin!
Is that really okay? You'd best get away from here and quick!!

I don't care if I get caught.


Anyways, I couldn't ever live in legality anymore.

Well, I don't want to!

Do as you wish.

I won't say anything about you two.
But I've got something to ask you.
Take Takada with you!
And don't ever talk to anyone about my relationship with Buy Buy Finance!

By the way, where should we take you, Takada?
Can I go home?
I want to go home too, you know!

I'm so tired.
There wasn't any single shop nearby!
The pork rice is cold!
Ah! I forgot to buy some mayonnaise!

Well done, genius!
I'm gonna hit the white pig then!





Good! Let's take them to the police station!
Yes, sir!

The cash!!

The cash!! The cash!!



board: Tojoen restaurant


Takada's cell with GPS will enable me to track Ushijima!!
He's nearby!!

It can't be helped, I've got to attack Ushijima! To confront him face to face!!

I've got a gun!!


Wah! A three star accuracy! He's within a 30 meters perimeter!!
But there're only buildings around me! It represents a vast area!!
Ushijima isn't trying to locate my cell phone.

I have to find him first to get the advantage when I'll attack him!!




There he is!!

There's still one hour left before my meeting with Namerikawa.
Ushijima will spill the beans! He'll give me the damn code of his account!! I'm scared because I didn't called back Namerikawa, but there are 5 millions on the account.

If Ushijima don't talk...
I'll kill him to get my revenge!!

I'll do it!!

I'll do it, Ushijima!!
You'll do it, Aizawa!!

My stomach is burning!!

Hold on!!
No, that's another feeling!
It's like when I got hit on the leg and that was making me cry.

Well, nevermind! I'm gonna throw up!

Damnit!! That's not the right time! Think positively, Aizawa!!
Yeah! How am I gonna use Ushijima's 5 millions, for example!

That's it, Aizawa!!
That's good, Aizawa!!
Even after giving 2 millions to Namerika, there will still be 3 millions left!

I'll give 1 million to my wife!
To compensate for all the shit I caused her... Well, no, 500,000 yens instead!

Ushijima is going in the shop!

And with the money left, I'll open a ramen restaurant!
With a fan of ramen like me, it'll be a great restaurant!
But how much does it cost to open a shop like that?
Ho! Ho!

All in all, I'll rather keep that 3 millions for me!
As long as business is going well, there will be no proble!!

You're gonna do it, Aizawa! Your future is in your hands!
Hey! Hold on!!



Who're you? Where are you coming from?
And why were you holding a gun, huh?


What are you doing with my gun?
So... Sorry, Namerikawa-san!! It's in the graveyard that I...

You didn't...

What? Do you know each other?
What are you doing here, huh?

I... I'm... Err... Ushijima...

Ushijima, he's here! You too, you're Ushijima ?

I... the 5 millions...
... from Ushijima.

I don't understand a damn thing about what you're saying!
Speak out clearly!

He wanted to get the 3 millions I was about to pay you, mister Kumakura.
But how do you think he knew I was going to bring you that money here?


Namerikawa! Earlier, you said: "You didn't..."
What were you talking about, huh?

Well, apparently...
... The gun is holding, it's mine...

You told that guy...
to assault Ushijima?

No, not at all.

So, why is he here, then?

What's going on here?
I don't wanna be attacked every time I'm bringing money somewhere...
... So I'm going home!

Hey! Wait a sec!!

You'll be the one who're gonna wait, Namerikawa!
You're gonna explain this to me!



Got a sec?

But it isn't the reimbursement day yet!

I want you to give some informations about Namerikawa!
The guys from his group are good customers of yours, right?

I don't like to talk about him!!
He's scaring me!

But since you're the only one who's willing to lend money to me, so I can fund my baccara business, I'll make an exception!

Lately, Namerikawa is doing everything to get his own gang.

He wants to offer a Bentley to his gang leader for his birthday...
because he hopes to get ahead.

But Bentley aren't cheap, right?
When I asked him how he intended to get the cash, he said me he could easily get some from a dealer he knows.

It seems he'll only have to levy it from him to get what he needs to buy the car.
I don't have enough mascara left.

Oh yeah?

Time is running out!

That Aizawa bastard...
you're gonna pay that with damages.

Damn, that hurts...!
Because of you, Aizawa, Namerikawa-san was hit with a bokuto!
What are you gonna do about it?
Pl... Please forgive me, Namerika-san.
Note: A bokuto is a wooden sword used in some martial arts.

What are you gonna do with me?
Do you remember you were hire in some company linked to our group?

Everyday, you're working hard, you're doing overtime.
You're almost working yourself to death, at the point that when you're peeing, it's yellow and it stinks!
Tonight, you'll go to the stocks searching for some goods some good customers ordered you.
And then...

by the greatest of sorrows...
you'll get hit by a truck.


But don't worry!

In your company, all employees contribute to get good welfare benefits...
and if you ever get into an accident, the company get the cash.


You also took a life insurance!

You... You're gonna kill me?!

You idiot! I like you, you know!
If you ever dies, I'll cry!


Even if you don't die, as long as you're badly hurt, we'll get the cash.


Just get blind, or even lost two arms or two legs! That's simple, isn't it?
Since insurance detectives are all formers cops, I'm counting on you for the accident to look natural!


A truck is coming, Aizawa!

I can't!

Don't back off!
You can only move forward!



My cell phone!
Who's calling?

My wife...

What... should I do...?

Just pick up!


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