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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Yamikin Ushijima-kun 24

The Homo 1

+ posted by Hunk as translation on May 15, 2014 19:47 | Go to Yamikin Ushijima-kun

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LSU #24

We're gonna play shiritori, but with cute things.
Note: Shiritori is a Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final syllable of the previous word.

title: The homo 1
Note: Rabbit.

Gi... Gi... Gyunyu!
Note: Milk.


U... U... Ushijima-shachou!
Note: Director Ushijima.


U... U... Uni!
Ni... Ni... Nikudango!
Note: Uni = sea-urchin; nikudango = meatball.

Go... ko... ko-inu!
Note: Puppy.

Not cute at all!



Here's! As a forfeit, you have to drink this glass of 100% tabasco bottoms up!

Hey! Bring us three more bottle of tabasco!

Next time you'll be late in the payment, you won't get away so easily!

Good, we're done for today!

Boss! Let's drink some more!

That's right, this is week-end. There, go enjoy yourself!

Eh, and you?

I'm going home.

The boss got a girlfriend?

No, he doesn't!

But then, why is he already going home?
Who knows...
Maybe bodybuilding?

Let's go to a kyubakura. I know one that is really cheap!
I know some interesting place, trust me!
Note: Paying club where hostess chat with customers.

I'm going home!
Me too!

Pff! Those deserters!
Hey, Takada, let's go!

Hurry up! Let's go!
Err... Yes.

panel: The big tits specialist - The little sluts

I'm here...
Mommy... Mommy...

I'm gonna needle you!

box: General pain


Hey, but if it isn't Janiota! Good evening!

What is it? Something's happened?

His lips are puffed out!
You're right! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Say... Do you think milk is cute?


And a sea-urchin? And a meatball?

Huh? What?

Nevermind! How are you, Yu-chan?

Bad! I already got trouble to pay for my prints, and my photos got refused again.
If I don't win any price, I don't earn any money... Maybe that I'll never become a true photograph...

You know, I ended up becoming a barman before I knew it. Yet, I wanted to become an actor...
By the way, how old are you, Yu-chan?

And I'll be 29 this year. And you Samantha, you're 25, right?

I don't have any age anymore...

Aah... When you're grown up, years spend so fast!
While I was in elementary school, one hour seemed like an eternity...

You say that time is flying by...
But the time when you're enjoying youth and beauty only represents a small part of life!
It's better that time is flying by in order to bear the time when you become old and ugly!

Samantha, you're young and handsome, you can't understand what it is to become old!
There are even bars where they don't let enter people who're more than 40!

That's why those who're more than 30 are going to gym club and do their best to stay young.

Look at those youngsters there.


Young people only care about Ayu's songs, but I don't understand why!
Note: Ayu is the nickname of the singer Ayumi Hamasaki.

You're the one to talk, you're always singing Yumin's songs!
But she's awesome!
Note: Nickname of Yumi Matsutoya.

Ayu is good too, you know! You'd better read her song's lyrics! They would be perfect for a pessimist like yourself!
You're definitely gonna love them!

The hell I will!

I'm sure you will!


You will!
My, you're stubborn!

Oh my...
I would really love Inaba from B'z sleeping with me!
Note: B'z is a japanese duo with one guitarist and a singer, Koshi Inaba.

If we could have children, would it change our way of thinking?
What do you mean?

Don't you think mothers you can see in parks with their children look happy?
Even a woman whose existence is empty can find meaning in her life by the only fact that she have a child who needs her.

Yet, I read in Josei Seven that in parks, there are many women who've got relational troubles!
Note: Feminine weekly magazine.

You're thinking way too negatively to achieve anything in your life.
Just like some old woman who's ending up to break the bridge she wants to go through by beating on it to check if it's solid enough!
Relational troubles in parks, it's nothing compared to the happiness of having children!

You're being rude!
Gimme another rum milk.

I don't have any Malibu left. Do you wish some Myers instead?

I'll cast on my child the dreams that never became true, me too...
and I'll find a meaning to my life!

And what dreams you're talking about?

I'll make him enter in the Johnys!
I'll breed a second Morobon!

Morobon? Who's that?

Don't you know Hikaru Genji?
Note: Boys band from late 80's.

There I can feel the wall between our generations...

Your child would be the second saddest brat in the wolrd!

Hey you!!
What's about that? And he won't be the saddest?!
Then who's the saddest, huh?


You've got one screw lose or what?

Just kidding! Anyways, you won't be able to get the first place!

You're mean!!

The 300 millionth rank would definitely be the best for a loser like you!

But why the hell are you so mean to me? The fool is the one who's making fun of others!

I wonder who really is the saddest guy in the world.



There was a time when I feel like the happier man in the world.

Huh?! Why are you looking at me with that tender gaze? Do you want us to live together again?

No thanks!
I don't want to suffer anymore!


It's pleasant.
Today is really hot...

I hope that something good will happen this summer.

Damn! It's really bad! I'm not homo!!
I like the boss as a human being, that's all!
grmbl... grmbl...

It's already morning! Can I sleep at your home again, Takada?
If you want!
I wonder what the boss is doing on Sunday...

Little rabbit and his mommy...

are a cute little family...
Little rabbit and his mommy will always stay together, stay together.

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