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Galaxy Express 999 1

The Ballade of Departure

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Jun 5, 2014 21:12 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

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Translated from French.

Reserved for DarkMurmur

GE999 #1

Remember! When you were young, you were so shy. You were ignoring and doubting everything that didn't belong to the present time. I never forgot the dream of the galaxy. Maybe that's why she led you to the awakening.

table of contents
The Ballade of Departure
1st stop
The Ballade of Departure
2nd stop
The Red Wind from Mars
3rd stop
Claire, the transparent woman with glass body
4th stop
The sleeping soldier of Titan
5th stop
Antares, the big bandit
6th stop
Shadow from the planet of doubts
7th stop
The library of the comet
8th stop
The dark knight Mephisto, the planet of darkness
9th stop
Beethoven in the land of water
10th stop
The Illusion of the world of the 4 and half tatamis

1st stop
The Ballade of Departure

Here's the Galaxy Express 776. We're about to enter into orbit of Tokyo Megalopolis' station.
Reducing speed of 18%. Switching on anti gravity's brakes in 12 seconds!

[on ship]Galaxy Railways

Mommy, look...
The last Galaxy Express has arrived to Megalopolis, just behind this mountain.

From where is it coming?
It must be coming from Andromeda.

Are you cold, Tetsurou?
A little.

It seems like it's going to snow tonight.

If you had a robotic body, you wouldn't feel cold...
And besides, I've heard that I could live really long.

Of course you could! By replacing your parts, you could live more than 1000 years...

But since we can't afford to buy you a android body, it's no use hoping to live more than 100 years.
Only rich people can robotize themselves.

If your father was still alive, he would give you an android body right away...

Your dad was murdered because he was rebelling against humans' robotization.
Yes, I know.

Ah! I knew it was going to snow.
Let's hurry up and go home.

What is it, mommy...?

Let's not go back to our house!

This way, quick!

sfx : zyoooo

Run, Tetsurou!! I'm done for.

Listen carefully...

They say that the Galaxy Express 999 leads to a planet where robotic bodies are free.
I never told you about it so far because I thought it was just a rumour... But your dad was certain that this planet exists.

Tetsurou!! You'res still a child.
You have to get on board of that train, no matter what, and then you'll go to that planet where you can get a robotic body for free...

Please, you have to live long, for the sake of your father and mine.

Ah! Farewell! Tetsurou...



Don't die, please!! Don't die!!
I don't want to become alone!!

Did you find her?
Here! She's dead!

I got her with my first shot.
Humans with their original body are rather rare nowadays!!

It's a wonderful sample of a woman.
I will hang it on the wall in my living room.
Everyone is going to congratulate you for that catch, Count Mechanical!


sfx : clac clac clac clac [horses steps]


There's no way I can get on the Galaxy Express someday.
I don't have money, nor ticket. And more importantly, how will I get to Megalopolis with all that snow?

I'll do my best.
But there's so much snow...

Ah, I feel so heavy because of the cold, I can't move any longer.

If only I were a robot, I could have kept on, but human beings are way too weak.

On my next life, I wish I'll have a robotic body from the start.
And also... I...

What am I doing here?
Are you awake?

Here, take some soup...
You were half frozen when I found you.

My name is Maetel.

I am...

... Hoshino Tetsurou. It was written on your clothes.

You weren't going on the right way. Megalopolis station is the other way around.

How do you know I was heading to the station?
You need to rest some more.

When I turned that distance listening device on, I accidentally heard your voice and your mother's one.

What happened was awful.

Do you have a robotic body too?
Do I look like a robot to you?

Do you think my body looks like the one of a robot, Tetsurou?
N... N... No... Not at all.

You want to go to the planet where you can get robotic body for free, right?
Y... Yes, yes.

If you allow me to accompany you, I will give you a pass...
... A train ticket, just like mine.

A train ticket?

Yes, a ticket for the Galaxy Express without a limit of time.
ticket: {
(passing through Orion and the Pleiads*)
Infinite validity
Owner's name:
Emitted by: Galaxy Railways - Earth Main Office
*Note: The Pleiads is a group of stars in the constellation of Bull, near constellation of Orion.

It's a real one!
Why are you giving me such an priceless item?!

I told you, it's a reward for you to let me accompany you...

Go on, write down your name.

What about you? Where are you going?
Don't ask questions! I'm already giving you a ticket, right...

Thanks to that, I can finally get a robotic body!


Count Mechanical lives nearby, isn't he?
Yes, just on the opposite.
But on night, robot-men are hunting, it's dangerous for humans to wander!

Because robot-men are allowed to killed humans of flesh if they see them at night.

But with this weapon, I could defend myself.

Before going to the station, I want to pay a visit at Count Mechanical's place!
That's my only prerequisite before our departure.
Alright, but be careful then.

Damn you, Count Mechanical!!!
sfx: Fwoooooooh

sfx: Fwooooooooh

sfx: Ah ah ah ah ah

Look at what I brought back from today's hunt.
By hanging her on the wall, she will be even more shown to her advantage.

Congratulations, Count! You made a very rare catch.
I was really lucky!!

She was been carefully stuffed in order to remove her every scars.
It is really inestimable!!

It's mommy...

Who's there?!

sfx: Vaaaa
sfx: Zaaaa
You're dead, Count Mechanical!!


It's all your fault!!
Wa... Wait, spare my brain, I'm begging you!!
You can do whatever you want with my body, but please don't shoot me at the head.

Otherwise, I won't be able to be fixed, and I'll die for real!!

sfx: Klaaaannng

Damn monsters!! Look at me! I'll come back to Earth when I get a powerful robotic body.
And then, I'll get rid of every single robot-men!!

Look, mommy, I've got a ticket!!
I can board on the Galaxy Express!

Once on board, I will be able to get an android body and I'll come back here.

Farewell... mommy!!!

sfx: Pwooof

sfx: Booooom
sfx: Crsssssh

Did you succeed?

Come on, let's move...

I give you back your weapon.
You can keep it, I give it to you.

It's the beginning of a long journey, a lot of adventures awaits us...
Without weapon, you won't be able to defend yourself.

As long as you don't have a robotic body, you have to take good care about your current body.

Information. Information. As scheduled, the Galaxy Express 999 will leave at midnight. All passengers shall proceed to the platform...
as indicated...

Look that scenery carefully!

Next time...
you'll see it through robotic eyes...

Onward to the space station of Megalopolis!!!

It is strange. I think Maetel looks just like my mom... It's rather disturbing...

In those days, space railways were spread to the edges of the universe. Men were boarding trains, full of dreams. The long journey of Tetsurou through the galaxy is only beginning...!!

The no man's land we were on was completely covered by snow...
But here, it's hot! It feels like in spring.

It's normal: Megalopolis is entirely covered by an invisible dome supplied with a heating device.
The temperature is fine all year long.

sfx: dring dring

Strange, it's not even departure hour yet.
I wonder who's calling.

sfx: psssssh

sfx : Vaaaaaas

sfx: fuuuu fuuuuu



Has anything been stolen from you?!

Tetsurou, where's your ticket?
Where's your ticket for the Galaxy Express?

It's not here anymore!
It's not here anymore!
It's not here anymore!!!

Someone stole it from me!!
No way!!

We were too careless.

We shouldn't have let our guard down! Everyone knows that this hotel is where travelers wait for the departure time of the Galaxy Express.

Did you write down your name on the ticket?
No! I was thinking of doing so later...

My name is on mine, so they didn't steal it.

Thieves who are using a ticket with someone else name on it are executed.

We absolutely have to get it back!!
But how are we gonna do that in such a big city?

In every town, there is always a place where thieves gather.

What is this place, and where is it?!

Despite uptowns of Megalopolis...

... those who wants to flee the city live here...
... in those places stinking oil and rust.


Stop thief!!
We don't have time for that.

There's a spring weather in Megalopolis: I won't get cold.


sfx: beep

What is the password?

Come in!

I've never seen you two.

Do you want to buy a train ticket from the black market?
Give us back what you've stolen!!

Give us back the ticket!!

Out of question!
You shouldn't have spared our lives earlier.

Go away.
I've recorded a tape that will automatically be sent to the police if I don't come back safe and sound.

Where did you hear about us?!

Every secret eventually comes to light.

Here's your ticket!! You'd better be more careful now!!

You shouldn't underestimate our agency or you'll regret it someday.

For now, I let you go, but...
next time, I'll kill you without hesitation.

Thank you for the warning.

Here, Tetsurou! Write down your name!!
Here... Now?

Yes, that's where live people who absolutely...
want to get on board of the Galaxy Express to leave this place!!

ticket: {
(passing through Orion and the Pleiads*)
Infinite validity
Owner's name: Hoshino Tetsurou
Emitted by: Galaxy Railways - Earth Main Office

If you want to get a robotic body, you shouldn't lose that ticket ever again.

I will be careful. I really want to board on that train and become immortal...

... In exchange of that body of flesh that can only last 90 or 100 years...!!

sfx : kaboom
sfx : bakaaaaaam
What's going on?
The office that was selling stolen tickets exploded!!

There are only ruins left, Maetel.
Don't worry about it, it was only containing the memory of a computer. No one was living inside.

Just before leaving, I set up a protons bomb.

The only way to survive a space travel is to be prepared for any eventuality.

We won't live long if we don't anticipate enough.

Let's get some rest!!
We still have 3 hours before the departure.


Give it back!
No, it's mine.

But it's a women's coat!!
Wait!! Wait!!

I live in misery and I can't afford a robotic body.
And neither my wife!

I just wanted to enjoy the softness of that cloth, even just for sleeping.

Leave him be, I give it to him.

Let's go, Tetsurou!!

When you said you were giving him your coat, you were looking just like my mother...
I look like your mother?

It must be a coincidence...

Let's get ready for the departure.
panel: Galaxy Hotel

This time, keep your ticket on you, even for sleeping.
Meanwhile, I'll take a shower.

With that ticket...

I can freely board on any Galaxy Express!!

But for now, it's in the 999, the one leaving at midnight, I'm boarding in...

to get to the planet where robotic bodies are free!!
ticket: {
(passing through Orion and the Pleiads*)
Infinite validity
Owner's name:
Emitted by: Galaxy Railways - Earth Main Office

book1: Universe
book2: Bible
I must be dreaming...

Mommy, just watch, I'll make it...


Maetel, if you ever disobey my orders, you'll die! Don't forget that!!
No... I won't disobey!
Who is Maetel talking with?

You have to follow that boy. You shall never leave him alone!!
No, I'll never leave him!
"This boy..."?! Are they talking about me?

If you ever betray us, your body will instantly decay!


What's with you, Tetsurou? I thought you were sleeping!
Err... Nothing, I heard some weird voice, so I came in.

You must have dreamt, I'm all alone in the bathroom...!!




I don't understand anything anymore... I'm pretty sure I've heard voices though.

Anyway, it doesn't matter if Maetel is a witch or the devil itself.

If, thanks to her, I manage to board on the Galaxy Express...
I don't care at all...

As for the rest...

I'll think about it when I'll be on the train...

when I'll be sit in the Galaxy Express...

This is a message from Galaxy Railways. The Galaxy Express 999 departing from the Earth and heading to Andromeda will leave at platform #99. All passengers shall get on board.

Hurry up, Tetsurou!! We'll be late.
There's only one train heading to Andromeda.

Weird, I'm leaving for a very long trip, and my only luggages can fit in my pocket.
It's more than enough for a professional traveler.

And you're one of them too?
Yes, I am.

Departure is in 5 minutes!!

sfx: Fyiiiii

Is this Megalopolis station?!

The Galaxy Express 999 is already docked!!
Once on board, we won't be able to get off until we reach Andromeda! Are you aware of that?

It's perfect. I had enough to live on this planet anyway and I'd gladly go to hell if it could get me a robotic body!!

Until now, numerous travelers have departed from Megalopolis station for a trip to the ends of the galaxy...!! However, no one has ever came back alive! One says that every time the train get back here, it's almost empty. No one knows the reason, and despite that, people are still fighting to get on board...
tower: Megalopolis Cenral Station

The suburbs train heading to Mars, departure at 11:05pm, will leave from platform #2. The train heading to Large Magellanic Cloud*, departure at 11:25pm, will leave from platform #16.
*Note: Large Magellanic Cloud, situated in the constellation of Dorado, is, with Andromeda Galaxy, one of the closest ones of the Earth.
The Galaxy Express heading to Andromeda, departure at midnight, will leave from platform #99.
Maetel, where's platform #99?
This way: here's our train!

Oh! So this is the 999 everyone is talking about...?!
Exactly. Why are you so surprised?

But it's an old locomotive...!!

Don't worry about it, Tetsurou.
This is a high end space train, surrounded by an electromagnetic field...

... and it has a comforting shape of a very old tank engine...
The inside is modern, but from the outside, it looks like an old locomotive.

This is a train for travelers who won't come back.

What do you mean, "won't come back"...?

I'm definitely going to come back here once I get a robotic body!!
You're right...

You're probably right.
Well, if you don't change your mind till then...

My mind is already set. Let's get on board, quick!!
Wait for me. I'm going to buy something to eat...

... because the dining car won't open before 8pm...
But isn't it almost departure time?

No need to rush because there aren't many passengers.

Sit down! I'll be right back.


So, this is the 999 I've been dreaming of for so long...
door: 2nd class
The train of my dreams! The one my mom was talking about so much...


sfx: Zzzzzzzzzz

What are you looking at?
I thought you were some pile of trash...

Me? A pile of trash?
I'm so sorry.

It's alright.
I made a lot of sacrifices to buy that ticket.

That's why I'm in that poor condition.

And one day, you'll see too...


I wonder if what they say is true...
Among those who took this train, no one ever came back alive...

No clue...

They say that when this train comes back from Andromeda to Earth, it's completely empty...

It has always been like that till now.

Is that so?

I wonder what happened to all those passengers...

It's really weird, isn't it?

Aren't you scared by that?

sfx: tchoo tchoo tchoo

The Galaxy Express 999 heading for Andromeda will depart soon.
Beware of the automatic closure of the doors.

sfx: clac

People accompanying travelers shall remain behind the white line.

sfx: bong
sfx: kung

Mae... Maetel!

sfx: tchooooooo

sfx: tchoo tchoo

What's going on, Tetsuro? I'm right here.

When did you get on? I thought you missed the departure!

I'm not that absent-minded.

Here's your dinner.
Take you time to eat it.

When you'll get back, when you'll eat something...
since your mouth and your tongue will be robotic, food will not taste the same ever again.

Maetel, I heard no one ever came back, but it's a lie, right?
It's only a rumour.

Just a rumour.



Maetel, Maetel!!

Look, there's no rail anymore!!


sfx: voooooooom

sfx: tchooo tchooo tchooo tchooo tchooo tchooo tchooo

It's a space train.
Rails are only needed in stations.

Given the shape of the train, I wondered how we could go on without rails...
That's right, I'm silly. We're on a space train.

sfx: Voooooooo

We can see light on the ground.
Those are the districts where robot-men are living.

And you can see dark stains, without any light.
That's where human beings who can't afford a robotic body live...

As you can see, there are way too much people on this planet.

This is a sunrise!

There is no day nor night in space.
We call "day" the face of a planet being shone by stars like the Sun, while it's the "night" on the other side.

I'm going to the restroom.

Wait, Tetsurou! Be wary of that woman.

Don't get in my way!!
I've changed my mind! I don't want to go on a trip to a place you can't come back from.

You! Tell the driver that we're going back right now!
But it's impossible.

The passengers of this train aren't allowed to get off during the travel, and the train can't go back either.
That's article 17 of the Galaxy Express rules.

Shut up!!
sfx: Pssshhhh

Please calm down!

It is forbidden to bother other passengers. Please follow me quietly.
But what are you doing?

Let go of me! Let go of me now!!
This is the train of the devil!
sfx: tchac

What is the true destination of that train?! Help me...!

sfx: clac

sfx: ahhhhh!


Please accept our sincere apologies.

Who is it...?
He's the inspector.

It's sad, but that's how it is.
This woman broke a rule...

Once on board of this train, you can't get off nor get back...
She knew it from the very beginning.

In 6 hours, we'll arrive to our first stop: planet Mars.
Then there will be Titan, and next, Pluto.

On each planet, we'll stay the equivalent of one local day...!
One day?

Depending on the stops, one day can last from 10 to 50 hours. It all depends on the rotation speed of the planet.
In other words, the stop begins when the sun rises, and is over when it's setting.

Meanwhile, we can freely visit the planet.
So we're allowed to get off?!

Of course. But if we get lost or miss the departure for any reason...

Wel'll be sentenced.

You should make a good use of that instant to look closely to the Earth with you human eyes while you still can...
I don't really care! I only have sad memories there...

One day, you'll cherish even your sad memories.
And at this moment, you'll regret you didn't enjoy it enough...

But I'm still young!! Only old people are talking like that!
All I want for now is a robotic body. I will have time to think about the rest later.

You're right...

The Galaxy Express 999 which is carrying Tetsurou has begun its journey to an endless orbit. On which planet will it stop? Which place will it visit? What will Tetsurou look like when he will come back? Even he doesn't know. All that remain known is that an endless sea of stars is spreading in front of the Galaxy Express...

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