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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Galaxy Express 999 2

The Red Wind of Mars

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Jun 20, 2014 20:42 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

-> RTS Page for Galaxy Express 999 2

Reserved for DarkMurmur

GE999 #02

2nd stop
The Red Wind of Mars

Man first set foot on Mars during the 20th century. Then what he discovered there was a mere red land, covered by rocks, spreading endlessly under an orange sky...
sfx: Fwooooooooh


sfx: Tchoo tchoo tchoo

What's this noise?
It's the Galaxy Express 999! It has entered in landing orbit.

sfx: cling
You can keep the change, old man. I'm soon gonna leave that planet anyway.

And how are you going to pull that out?
I'm gonna get on board of the Galaxy Express 999 and say farewell to Mars.

But tickets are so expensive! You can't afford one.
I'll get one.

Energy level is enough.

Hey, old man. If I ever die, no need to build me a grave.

The blow of the Red Wind will more than enough.

sfx: Fwoooooooo

sfx: tchoo tchoo tchoo

sfx: tchoo tchoo tchoo

sfx: tchooooooo

sfx: tududududu

An entire century was needed to make Mars atmosphere artificially similar to the Earth one.
And nowadays, men can live here without problem.

The only remnants of the old Mars are the orange sky and the ground hit by red winds.
However, most people on this earthling colony are robots...

They are the only ones who won't feel homesick after leaving the Earth...
Sometimes, men's efforts are really futile.

We will arrive in our first stop in one minute: Mars station at Syrtis Major.

The duration of the halt will be...
... one Martian day, in other words, 24 hours and 37 minutes!

sfx: tchoo tchoo tchoo tchoo

sfx : tchoo tchoo

sfx: fuuuu

Is that Syrtis Major...

... station on Mars?

sfx: fwoooooo fwooooooo

Humans have never been really attracted by this planet.
Because when they left the Earth, travelers would prefer farther destinations.

Here starts the country where blow the red winds.

Are you going to get off?
That's why I came here...

Don't forget to come back before the departure.
Because if you miss it, there's no second chance...

And what about you, Maetel?
I wish I could go with you, but I need to prepare our roadmap and I don't plan on leaving the station.

Here, take this! You can buy any food you want.
Gold coins!!!

Don't worry about it, the train company is offering that money to passengers...


Did you take your weapon?
It's here.

I took the weapon I kill the Count Mechanical with, the one who made my mother into a hunting trophy.
Don't forget that this planet inhabitants are poor.

You can use all the money you want, but take care of your ticket.
Okay then, enjoy yourself!

sfw: Fwoooooooooh

So this is Syrtis Major, capital of Mars...

Wherever I go, I feel like I'm in a ghost town abandoned by men...
Where did the settlers who came here go?

The soil is fully red...

And it's so barren that even weeds couldn't grow here.

Do you want to drink something?
Ah, finally, a human.

I'm taking a Martian soda...!
Perfect!! That's the local specialty!!!

Here's for you.
A gold coin...

You're coming from the Earth, right?

Where are you going?
I'm going to the planet where robotic bodies are free...

Is that so...
Because with an android body, you can live 1000, even 2000 years.

In my case, I could only replace my right leg.

Kid, if you give me another gold coin...
... my daughter will take you on tour around Syrtis on a cart.

But I only have one day...
Ha ha ha! You only need 3 hours to visit everything around Syrtis Major.

In that case, here's my purse. That's the money they gave me, and I can do anything I want with it.
I can spare more than one coin for that.

Don't do that, kid...
When you're travelling, you shouldn't waste your money. You won't be treated better because you pay more than the asked price.

And you will surely need it at some point. Take care of it!

Beware of the scorpions. If they sting you, you would only have 5 seconds left to live!
It's a real cart!!

My name is Hoshino Tetsurou, and you?

Guess she doesn't like me.

sfx: schlac

Here again, it's a ghost town!!

What's this?

These are the graves of all the settlers, dead during the combats against the hostile nature of Mars.

My name is Flame... You have a ticket, right? [ndt: the spelling is Flamé in French, maybe Flamay would do the trick in English?]
Are you talking about a ticket for the Galaxy Express 999?

Exactly. If you have it on you, give it to me right now!!

Don't even think about taking out your weapon! I'm way faster than you!

sfx: boom

sfx: vom

He got me...

Don't hold grudge against me. Strongest always win... That's the law on Mars!

I can finally leave that ominous planet!
Thank you, Flame.

What about me, Zeronimo?
I'll come back for you.

I'll work and win enough to...
You lie! You're gonna start a new life and you'll forget about me.

sfx: vooooooos



I'm not a ghost.

It's because of these coins... Thanks to the old man's advice, I kept them!!

Are you gonna shoot?
Without hesitation.


Blood...? So you're...

sfx: clic

sfx: zoooooof

sfx: bam

Zeronimo, why didn't you shoot?

I give you back your ticket!!

When I saw your blood...
... I understood you weren't robotized, but a man full of flesh and bones.

I used to be like you, once.
Before arriving here... when I left...

blood was still running through my veins and my heart was beating in my chest...
... full of dreams and hopes...

Hurry up! You don't have much time!
Take care of your body... Once you'll be robotized, it'll be too late!

We don't need graves...
A strong wind blows here... The tempest will recover our bodies with red sand soon enough.

You remind me of myself when I was young.
I'm jealoous.


sfx: fwoooooooh

I'm back.
Don't worry... They were both wrong, my daughter and him.

I will continue my life here.
Only my leg I could robotized will keep its shape. The rest will still get older.

And one day, I'll get asleep on this red sand too.
Nobody knows whether living a long time leads to happiness or not.

But I feel like living and dying naturally is the best choice.
I think it's a shame you can't die when your time has come.

I thought you would be late, Tetsurou! How was Syrtis?

I feel like that everything, even the red wind, told me I shouldn't robotized myself...
I see...

Next step, Titan... We'll arrive in approximately 400 spatial hours.

They say that the sound of Mars red wind comes from the wailing of people resting under its sand. Today like tomorrow, this vermillon wind is lamenting about the fate of men who couldn't make their dreams come true... That's why they say this planet will stay red forever...

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#1. by neitan666718 ()
Posted on Jun 24, 2014
Yeah!! 2nd Stop!! Thanks!!
#2. by neitan666718 ()
Posted on Jun 24, 2014
Yeah!! 2nd Stop!! Thanks!!

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