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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Galaxy Express 999 3

Claire, the transparent woman with glass body

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Jun 28, 2014 15:55 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

-> RTS Page for Galaxy Express 999 3

Reserved for DarkMurmur

GE999 #3

In the same way earth trains occasionally go through tunnels, space trains also use some space tunnels... Once, first space travelers named them "tunnels of heart".

3rd stop
Claire, the transparent woman with glass body

It's incredible! So, that's how it looks inside the 999's locomotive, despite it looks like an old machine...?!

This locomotive was built thanks to technologies that exceed current human knowledge.
How is that possible?

The science of now gone civilizations, and the alien knowledge helped to build it.
Human science can't explain yet numerous of this locomotive's components technology, but it's still enough to use it...

And there's not even a driver...
No one is driving the 999...

This locomotive is endowed with a computer that can think...
It can take decisions from itself and drive the train according to the flight plan and security...

I guess you can say that the locomotive itself is the driver.

A driver who never does mistakes...

There is still a lot of time before the next stop on Titan, Saturn's satellite.

And before entering in its orbit, we'll have to go through the space tunnel in the asteroid belt.
door: Dining car

Shall we eat before that?
Are we gonna go through a real tunnel?

You mean that there are tunnels even in space?

But isn't space totally empty though...?
Yes, this train is using a pathway to cross the asteroid belt...

What's wrong?

I lived all my life on the ground, in a cramped room with my mom.
So I'm not used to sit on such fancy seats.

But you're a customer just like any others, Tetsurou, so relax.

You can eat anything you want! Steak, entrecôte...
Our goal planet is still far away.
menu : {
Crab croquettes.....800Y
Kid menu.....900Y

Till then, you should eat to get some strenght.

What's wrong? Are you sick?

That's the first time I'm seeing a menu.
And I don't know what's in those dishes.

I'm sorry, Tetsurou. I'm gonna order for you.

What about a good steak?
Yes, it'll be perfect.


The waitress has a glass body!

I'd like to order two medium rare steaks... some corn soup... For me, it'll be some bread, and some rice for him.
Very well.

Your body is made of glass.? Or is it acrylic? Or unbending plastic?

My body is entirely made of crystal glass.
It's glass!!

It's truly beautiful!!

Are you working here?

What's your name?
I'm Claire.

My mother loved all shiny things and she transfered me into that body...
I'm working here to save enough money...

... to buy a body of flesh.
But why?

You're so beautiful though!!
Do you really think so? Thank you... but my body of glass...

can't catch nor light, nor shadows that are going through it.

And that makes me sad...

I want to have a body that can hold light and that can cast a shadow, just like yours.

Your hand is so hot, Tetsurou.


Your face is all red, Tetsurou.
That's nothing.

sfx: tchic
A blackout!!

We entered the tunnel.
The tunnel...?!

Yes! Inside! The train is flying on a spatial path slightly twisted.
That's why for a short while, the electrical communication of the train is shut down and the security valves closed.

Keep eating...
But it's not easy in the dark... I can't find my mouth!

When I focus strongly my body energy, I can provide some light.

You look like a firefly!!!
Is that so? When I do that, my body heats up a little bit too.

It was delicious.
Let's go back to our wagon.

I'll go wash my hands, go ahead.
Let me lead you to your seat.

Hold my hand firmly.

It's true, it's hotter than earlier.

It's the first time I'm touching a body with blood flowing in.

Ah... She disappeared!!

Where are you?

sfx: pan

I got back to my seat!!



Mommy, what are you doing here?
I thought Count Mechanical made a trophy with your body!!

Tetsurou!! I missed you...


sfx: crrr crr crrr crrrr


But you're not my mom!!
Give me your heart, give me your soul...
... give me your life!


Your weapon won't be of any use!

Let's get off this train, it's way too hot inside.


Let go of Tetsurou immediately!
Who the hell are you?

Go away, Tetsurou!!!

sfx : crrr crrr crrr crrrr

sfx: Baaaaaam


Are you okay?

We're out of the tunnel.
What happened?

It was an illusion!!

When we go through the asteroid belt, we enter another dimension... Everything is becoming eerie...

... and a lot of unusual things occurs.

Once... Asteroids were forming a planet...
... Some civilization used to develop on there... They say that some remains of vital energy are still lingering here.

But we'll never know the truth.
It's like only the heart of humans went through that tunnel.

It felt like it was a dream.
That's it, but sometimes those dreams can really kill.

What's this?

Those are the remains of Claire... She exploded while fighting against the illusion in the tunnel in order to protect you...

But you can't throw them away...
It can't be helped, that's the rule... There are only shards of glass left from Claire.

Oh... Every shard will become a star.


We will arrive soon on Titan, satellite of Saturn.
You should get some rest if you want to visit the vicinity.

There's some shard left from Claire's body.

It has the shape of a tear.

Maybe it's Claire's heart.
It's the first time I see such a sad tear.

In space tunnels, if travelers can't see with their eyes... they can see with their heart though...

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#1. by neitan666718 ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2014
THanks for the 3rd!!

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