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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Galaxy Express 999 4

The sleeping soldier of Titan

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Jul 4, 2014 10:50 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

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Reserved for DarkMurmur

GE999 #04

4th stop
The sleeping soldier of Titan

Saturn is the second biggest planet of Solar System, right after Jupiter.
Titan, its satellite, is also the second biggest one of the whole Solar System, right after Triton, Neptune's one*.
It has a diameter of 5,800km and its sidereal revolution is 16 days...
*With our current knowledge, it is actually Ganymede, Jupiter's satellite, which is the biggest satellite of the Solar System.

What?! One day on Titan is equivalent to 16 days on Earth...?!
During all that time...

the train will stay on the platform?
You won't have time to get bored and I'm sure you'll want to stay here when the 16 days will be over.

Saturn is a huge planet, and despite its beauty, its atmospheric pressure is a real hell...
Titan is completely different...
... It's the most beautiful place in the Solar System...

But also the most terrifying...

What are you doing?
I'm preparing my rifle.

The trigger has been lubricated and the energy level is enough...

Here's Titan.

Even more blue than the Earth... Its green is also much more intense...

When humans saw it for the first time through their refracting telescope...
... it was covered by thick auburn clouds and we couldn't see the planet itself.

At the surface of an ammonia sea was floating small solid methane islands...
... Its environment was so hostile we could never imagine living on here...

Then, gradually...
... Titan became...

... what it is now!!

The heat produced by Saturn confer to that planet a spring-like climate. It's a real heaven...
panel: Titan Central Station
It's the most impressive example of what can men do thanks to science.

But we shouldn't let our guard down.

sfx: bammmm

He's dead! He was killed!! In the middle of the street, in front of everyone...!!



No, Tetsurou, don't try to run after us!!

sfx: zyoooouh


Where am I...?

In the Hotel of Flower.
The Hotel of Flower...?

Where is Maetel?

Maetel? Ah, the woman who was with you! Is she your big sister?

She was kidnapped.
By who?

By the Warriors of the Valley of Grapes!
Some warriors?

Listen carefully, my boy!
But I'm...

Ah ah! Are you going to say you are a man?
He he! Given my age, even men are still children for me!

You are free to do do whatever you want on Titan!
People can do just anything they want in total freedom...!

If you want to kill me, you can do it.
If I want to cut your throat, I can do it. No one will ever say anything to me and I won't be arrested by the police.

But on the other side, opposing someone's freedom is a crime on Titan!

That's what we call "the law of heaven".

The law of heaven...?

And what about Maetel?
She might be dead, or become a slave...

Where is the Valley of Grapes?
I gotta save her.
You still have 16 days, there's nothing to hurry about!

Even if you say so, once she's dead, there's nothing I can do about that!


Here's where we are.
In order to get to the Valley of Grapes, you have to go down that river...!

You can take that bark!!!

Wait, my boy!

Saturn is really heating up! Don't get a heatstroke. Take this...

And take this too!
I've already got a weapon!

Compared to that pistol, yours is a mere toy.
Take this with you!

It's the weapon of a lonesome space warrior.


If you ever come back alive, I will call you by your name.
I am Hoshino Tetsurou, don't forget it.

The hell with this absolute freedom!
Even if the climate is nice, men are making this planet a not really welcoming place!

... But it's true that life is good here.
Even if I'm worried about Maetel, I'm still gonna take a nap...

I feel really relaxed!!

sfx: bzzzzz

sfx: fwoooo

sfx: fwooo

sfx: fwooo
Strange, I thought I saw an appetizing little boy...
sfx: bzzz

He's hunting like in the old ages, with a falcon.
But he's using a beetle instead. It's the "insect hunt"!!

He found me!!

sfx: bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

sfx: fyouuuuuu

It's useless against him!!

Ah ah ah! Give up right now, kid!
I will make you into meat balls with some veggies.

I need to use the cosmogun the old woman gave me.

sfx: bzzzzzzzzz

sfx: wooooooom
sfx: booooom
sfx: craaaaac

Where did he get the weapon of a warrior?

sfx: zyouuuuu


So it's a real cosmogun, the gun of warriors.


Those are...

Those are Maetel's clothes...
It means she might already be dead...

There was some fight here just recently...!!

Those are the corpse of half or entirely robotized men!
And they must all be rich given the quality of those fragments: they are high end robotized bodies.


I let my guard down and they brought me here...

But I'm fine, no one can beat me...

Have you come to save me, Tetsurou?

Thank you... It makes me really happy...
But I... but I...

Oh, you're back Tetsurou!!!
Thank you, madam!!!

You're the one who saved my life.
I give it to you, Tetsurou, and the hat too...

They belong to my son who was a space warrior!

They followed him in his every space adventure.
Then he came back after facing death thousands of times.

But... even strongest men do lose sometimes.
And when coming back to Titan... he lost a fight.

But I never shed a tear, I smiled while thinking it was his fate...
I'm sure my son would be glad if you take his weapon and his hat with you.

One day, you too, you'll go back to the Earth where your mother is...
... And you'll die, like a man...


But your mother is dead, Tetsurou...
It's fine. That old woman was so kind to me.

Say, Maetel. I feel like the heart of men living in heaven eventually dried up and they became violent!
The heart of people living on hostile planets is much more beautiful.
I feel the same.

The next stop will be Pluto, but there are still 15 days left till departure!
I'm gonna read in the train.

To forget a little that "law of heaven"...
... and not to become like people of this planet...

Titan, one of Saturn's moons... Once, brave men with pure heart founded a heaven here, but it is now filled with men with horrible heart...

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