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Galaxy Express 999 5

Antares, the great bandit

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Jul 11, 2014 18:39 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

-> RTS Page for Galaxy Express 999 5

Reserved for DarkMurmur

GE999 #05

The rails which are guiding the Galaxy Express are set for eternity in the universe, and, although they can't be seen with naked eye, the train can't move away from them. Until now, no derailment never occurred, and this is the same rails the Galaxy Express will use on its way back...
5th stop
Antares, the great bandit

Ah, Tetsurou fall asleep...

A lot of twists and turns happened to him since we left the Earth.
He must be exhausted...!!

But, Tetsurou, if one day, you get a robotized body...

... you won't ever feel tired,
you will lose the pleasure of sleeping, but also of dreaming...

... but in exchange, you'll get eternal life...

sfx: tap tap tap

Mr. Inspector!
sfx: tap tap tap

What's going on, Maetel?
Ah, I'm sorry I have awaken you.

Don't you want to go in the sleeping car?
I was about to ask the inspector about that...

Ah, there he is again.

Mr. Inspector, where is the sleeping car?


There must be something going on!!!
I don't know him well, but he seemed troubled.


Did you feel that impact too?
Weird... Usually, the train doesn't vibrate...

sfx: zyouuuuu

Hm... Hm...

Please help me!

This is a passenger of green wagons... Those of first class...

Don't move! Even if you move, the same fate will await you.

Are you going to plunder this train?

The space rails are surrounded by an energy barrier and absolutely cannot be gotten through from the outside...

But these rails were set by men.
And there isn't a single thing man has built that he cannot destroy. You should beware of everything, cutie.

Now, give me all your money and valuable items.

You can take me anything you want... but do not touch Tetsurou...
Shut up!! I am the bandit here, and I say "no favoritism".

Man, you're all dirty.

What is this weapon?

It's a warrior weapon!! Not a fake one!!
Someone gave it to me on Titan. It belonged to a brave warrior who travelled through space.


sfx: clac

Dammit!! The hammer spring isn't well set.

Blood... You don't have a robotized body! You are a true human!
What about it?

What's the problem with me being a human?
I'm one too...


Oh! Inspector! I let you get away last time, but no more trick!!!
Or I kill her!!

If a passenger dies, you know you'll be hold responsible for it... and then, you'll be executed!
I... I know!

Lead me to the locomotive!!
But what do you intend to do there...?

I have a favour to ask to that scrap-head.

You're coming too!!

Pheeew! Man! Even if from the outside, the Galaxy Express looks like an old train, you can't say the same about the inside.

Don't touch that!!

What the hell?! I am the one giving orders here!!

Listen carefully.

I'm talking to you, driver of the locomotive C-62 of the Galaxy Express.
It's me, Antares. I command you to change our path!!

Move to G-11 at 7,7. Error accuracy at 0,0001. Same speed!!!


It is not possible to change our destination.
In virtue of article 27 of the code of Galaxy Express!

Bandits don't give a shit about rules.
If you don't obey, I'll kill the hostages.

Very well, I will cooperate.

sfx: griiiiiiiii

We have changed direction.
The path taken by the Galaxy Express is immutable. That's the proud of the company!!

Where are we going...?
I guess we are going to Antares' place.

Bull's eye!! You're a sharp lil' lady!!

We will stop right in front of my place.
The Galaxy Express 999 everyone is talking about is gonna stop in front of my humble home.

The control desk must be in turmoil since they lost the train on their cosmoradar.

Are you shivering, Tetsurou?
I'm cold.
You're cold?

Ah! But then, you have a body of flesh. You're not a robot!
Yes, I'm too poor to buy one, so I'm going to the planet where robotized bodies are free.

You're really a human, without any artificial parts.

Woman! Let's check up if you're also a human!!
If that's not the case, you'll end up as a piece of junks!!
But I...


Now that I think about it, I never actually consider the fact that Maetel could be a robot...

Shut up!!!


I'm sorry. You're really a human too.
As a reward, I'll show you my skeleton too.

What's this?

Those are energy bullets I got here and there on battlefields.
None of them worked properly.

The day they will explode, there would be nothing left of me.
Funny, isn't it?! Ha ha ha!!

sfx: bip bip bip

The train stopped!!

We're home!!!

Come see my house!!


Daddy! Daddy!

Stop it!!!


If you ever try anything funny again, I'll blow your train up.

Don't you dare going before I give you the order. Am I clear?
Crystal clear, Antares.

Follow me.
Don't be afraid, the bridge is surrounded by a barrier: air is breathable here!!

Daddy! Daddy!
My children! How are you?

Bad daddy! It's been 2 months since you left.
Sorry, but I had been very busy.

Is that your home...?
Yes, this is where I live!!!

Your gun hasn't been used for a long time... maybe 30 years.
I only used it once on Titan.

I'm gonna clean and fix it up.

Listen carefully, Tetsurou!! You have to shoot before getting killed!! Even if your enemy is begging for mercy, you need to be stern and shoot them without hesitation.
This is the only way you can survive in space.

Here, I give it back to you.
The day you'll be able to use it perfectly, perhaps you wouldn't want a robotized body anymore... He he he...

Tetsurou, my children and I thank you for saving me!!

If you come back here someday, come greet us.
If I'm not here, these children will welcome you.

See you around!!

We are going back to our original direction.
Recording of the current position in progress!

sfx: tchac

What are you doing?
I'm cancelling the procedure of recording the position of Antares house.

You can't prevent me according to paragraph 3 of the article 95 of the code of Galaxy Express.
Very well...

I don't think Antares is a bad guy.
I think he must have been like you once: brave and kind, he was traveling through the universe, the heart full of dreams and hopes...

But... I fear that kind of person can't survive long in the universe, because you need to be more...
Ah! We can see Pluto from here.

Next stop: Pluto. The halt will be lasting 6,39 days.

Those who are travelling alone in the universe do it as if they wanted to die. Like an old space traveler wrote, the stars shining in the vastness of the space are frozen tears, shed by brave and solitary dead men. And if that was the case... "There are a huge number of them" thought Tetsurou... While the Galaxy Express kept on his way in this hugeness...

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