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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Galaxy Express 999 6

Shadow from the planet of doubts

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Jul 13, 2014 11:23 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

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Reserved for DarkMurmur

GE999 #6

Since Pluto is located to the very edge of the Solar System, a lot of travelers has been wondering, once arrived there... if they should keep on their travel and if they would ever come back alive... That's why this planet is now called the "planet of doubts"...

6th stop
Shadow from the planet of doubts

Pluto's diameter is 5,800km... It's about 0,1 time the mass of the Earth and one day here is equivalent to 6,39 days on Earth.
But it's cold here... It's the smallest and the most far planet from the Sun. It's trapped in ice forever.

Odd... You're saying that Pluto is frozen, but as we get close to it, the interior of the train is getting cold!!

It's strange, but that's how it is.

As they get near this planet, the inside of trains or space ships are getting cold inexorably.
Then every heating system is getting out of order...

... and we don't know why!!!
However, I've heard that this is because of the souls of travellers dead from cold on this planet...

There are such beliefs in space?!

You might think of it of a mere legend...

... but that's how everyone who came here feels about it.

And you too, Tetsurou, you will probably get the same feeling.

Are you cold?
My teeth are chattering...

Come here, under my coat...
B... But that's embarrassing...

I can't stand that cold!

You can also warm your face up if you want.
You'll be fine this way...

Is it warming you up a little?


What's wrong?

When it was snowing a lot, my mom used to warm me up like that...

And I feel like I'm with her.

I get the feeling that you're a little like her.

You think...
I look like your mother...

We know the ice of Pluto since the beginning of space history and it has never melted. To the extent that now, its hardness and coldness are hardly conceivable, but also it has an astonishing transparent blue colour...

That's why travelers can see their reflection on the ground as clearly as in a mirror...

sfx: tchoooooo

sfx: criiiiiiiii

sfx: criiiiiiiiiii
The wheels are gliding on the ice.
This planet has a weird colour...

Pluto station is made of ice....

It's beautiful, but it's icy cold!
I wonder if you will be able to hold out 6 days here, Tetsurou...!!

Robot-men are using their inner heater, so they can't feel the cold.

That's not exactly true.
Because even inner heater aren't working here.

Whether we are robotized or not, we all have to bear with that cold!

Once out of town, the same scenery is spreading endlessly...
A world of ice...!!


What is there under the ice?

Those are bodies of travelers who died here...

Here's the true face of Pluto... The place where are resting the corpses of people dead out of illness or who abandoned their human body for a robotized one...


What are you looking at, Maetel?

It's nothing, don't worry.
Nothing at all...

Seeing all these graves is already making me feel like I'm dead from cold.
I'm going to get some hot milk there.

I made my way through here...
... but I don't want to end up like them...


My name is Shadow, I am the guardian of these ice graves!
You're not cold with these clothes? Ah! Yes, you must be a robot-woman!!


My original body lies there.

I was robotized here, but I didn't feel like continuing my travel.

Do you want to see what I looked like once?
Err... No thanks...

But I do!
sfx: schlaaaaac

You're freezing... I feel like my whole body is freezing!!
sfx: gla gla gla

Men lose all their heat when they touch my hands.

But for me, it is a really pleasant feeling...
Gla gla gla gla gla

Look, this is my original body!
sfx: gla gla gla gla

It's stunning...

I was beautiful, wasn't I...?
Far more than any robotized body could ever be...

And as no face could have ever satisfied me...

... I'd rather having none...

So, people called me "Shadow". I am the "shadow of the planet of the doubts"...
Let me go! My body is going to freeze and I'll die!

Let me go!
Ah ah ah! Do you really think you can use your cosmogun with these frozen hands?

Wouldn't you want to lie under the ice just like all the other persons before you?

sfx: schlaaaaaaac

What are you doing? I am the guardian of this place. Mind your own business!!!

Here, Tetsurou, drink this hot milk!
Thank you...

Are you alright?

Let's go back to the train.

Why did my body have to to die on this planet...?

I want to get the heat of my original body...
I want to get back on Earth...

I want to get back a living body!!
Poor dear... I really feel sorry for her.
Yes... She's destined for keeping these graves for eternity... as well as her own...

Maybe one day, robot-men will come back to get their biological body back.

And they would probably be happier than those who lost their human body forever.

I'd like Shadow to return to her former body as well...
She definitely will one day.

Next stop: Comet zone. The train will be departing in 5 hours and 32 minutes... [ndt: 6 days have already passed? oO]
Comet zone...?

This is where many comets are leaving from. We can say it is the birthplace of shooting stars. Well, you'll see for yourself when we'll arrive!

Is it a cold place too?!
Not at all.

It's a strange place where it's neither cold nor hot, where there's neither up nor down.

Yes... A really strange place...

Are you asleep, Tetsurou?

You're right... Sleep! You'd rather forget about Pluto...

... because it is the saddest planet of space...

The planet of doubts is the saddest place of space... This melancholic place is where many travelers abandoned their body and left far away but also where they will come back when they will miss their body...

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