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Galaxy Express 999 10

The Illusion of the World of 4 1/2 mat

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Jul 27, 2014 21:27 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

-> RTS Page for Galaxy Express 999 10

Reserved for Dark Murmur

GE999 #10

Next stop: planet of tomorrow... The stop will be lasting two weeks...

Yes, Maetel.

During our next stop, you'll have to keep the fact that you want an android body a secret, as well as everything you know about the Galaxy Express.

The planet of tomorrow is a peaceful place where weapons become useless. You'll have to leave your cosmogun in the train before getting off... Because people there don't even know the existence of the Galaxy Express...

They live in bliss and ignorance of the outside world...

Look... There it is!

It looks like the Earth!!

10th stop
The Illusion of the World of 4 1/2 mat [ndt: I translated it tatamis in first chapter but in fact I think the right word would be mat instead of tatami, as it's actually referring to the size of room/apartment in Japan]


Funny way to land!!
That's right, but on this planet, rails are set on the ground and trains are driving on them.

The Galaxy Express is blending with local trains...
to enter the station.

The station employees are the only ones who know that the Galaxy Express is a space train.
There are still a lot of steam machines here, we'll go totally unnoticed.

It's 3 am...

It's pitch dark...

That's kinda a shame...
But when sun will rise, there will be a lot of people coming out and you'll have to be careful, Tetsurou!

Yes, but I like it here at any case.
I feel like that's what the Earth must have looked like when I was a baby.

That's right! It's so crowded now!!
Shall we go eat some ramen?!


On Earth, it's harder and harder to find healthy ingredients and ramen became a legendary dish...
You mean that I'll be able to eat some for real?!

panel: At Red Paradise
panel: Asian specialties

We would like to order 2 bowls of ramen with rice.


You're shaking, Tetsurou.
It's because of emotion! I can't move my chopstick to my mouth!!

I can't believe it...

Here is finally the taste of ramen. They say that they are the best friends of men's palate!!

It's delicious...


Go away you two, you're overdoing it! It's not good for business! Shoo!

"The best friends of men's palate"...

He's right. He's completely right!

I'm happy.
This planet is a little tough.

But I was able to taste those ramen...
we can't find anymore on Earth for decades!!

This is really a wonderful planet!!
I would add this is the happiest planet in the whole universe.

This feeling of happiness got me sleepy.
And I'm pretty full.


What? What? What?!

Our tickets have been stolen... while we were sleeping?!!
All the money as well!!

That can't be!!!

We let our guard down while enjoying our happiness after that delicious meal.

Where may that money have gone...?
We might never ever find it!

If we don't get our tickets back, we'll have to live it forever...

Shall we go talk to the police?

We can't mention anything about the Galaxy Express...
The police wouldn't believe us.

And the stop is only lasting two weeks...
We have to find our tickets at all cost before that!

panel: Estate Agency

ANd you don't have money?
No, here's everything I had in my pockets... We'll work to pay the rest.

With that, don't expect anything luxurious...
Well, since you're pretty, you won't have trouble finding a work to pay off your debt...

This is the place indicated by the estate agent.

Eh?! This is where we'll be living for the next two weeks?

Well, this might be the place we'll spend our lives.


The estate agency told me about your arrival.

Meiko Hoshino and Tetsurou Hoshino, you're siblings?

Oh! Adachi, there are new tenants.
Come greet them.

The name's Adachi, nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Delicious ramen are waiting for me!

Juri, what are you making?

Daggers I'm selling to yakuza to earn some money.

Here's your room.

Where are the futons?
Are there none?

Don't worry, I'll lend those to you but you'll have to work to buy you some.

I hope you won't ruin them.
We'll be careful.

There is no light.
We'll have to buy light bulb ourselves.




Someone stole us everything!!

A stealer came in...!!

How are we gonna get our tickets back if we don't have clothes anymore?!

What the hell is this planet?!
Tetsurou experienced the harsh reality of the planet of 4 1/2 mat. This night, he must have felt that it was the most awful place in the universe. Tetsurou didn't know what Maetel was thinking and dreaming of... Here's the great planet of 4 1/2 mat. The very place Tetsurou spent overnight!!

I always thought that there was a planet up there where a young boy like me is living and thinking the same as me right now...
Yes, yes!

Can you only say "yes, yes"?
I'm hungry, and I can't focus.

Idiot! If you don't have money, just get yourself a job!
What's the point?

Are you stupid or what?

You don't really look like your sister. She's a true beauty.

Follow me, I'll show you a work that will allow you to eat your fill.

Where were you born? I'm coming from Kokura city in Kyushu.

I'm coming from up here...

Ha ha ha! And you're gonna tell me you came here in a flying saucer! No need to tell me if you don't want to!

Rumors say that the Galaxy Express is a mysterious train that lands in the middle of night to bring people from some other planets...
And then, still during night, it takes off with some new passengers...
Thanks god, Maetel had some spare clothes, or I couldn't have gotten out otherwise.

If that train would really exist, I'd really want to get on board.

That's a funny rumour.
And once you get your ticket, you can get on and get off at the stop you want.

It's the dream of whole mankind.

No matter what we do, we can't escape this world.
We can only dream.

Do you understand?
Yes, yes!!

Mister! He doesn't have any money.
Could you let him work in exchange of a good meal?

You again?! You're the one who was with a really beautiful woman yesterday, aren't you...?!

Could you make an effort for him?
Alright, I'll see what I can do.

What? And you also want to eat first? Alright, alright.

What? You want more?

Where are you coming from?

Ticket reprint is impossible, no matter the circumstances, Maetel.
If you don't find your tickets, you'll have to live on this planet.
Local office of Galaxy Railways company

Recently, people of this planet are starting to believe in the Galaxy Express existence.

We would ask you to remain cautious on this matter...


I might end up living on this planet...

... with Tetsurou...


Welcome back. Did you find any job?

Don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll find a solution.
Your brother already went home.

What is this?

Some good hot wine and some cake for tea.
What is happening to you is saddening me.

It's a shame, you're young and pretty.

When I was young, I had so many dreams, but I never would have imagined ending up in a inn.

Your brother is even younger...
Give him some of it, it will cheer him up.
Thank you for your kindness...



paper: Maetel, add some hot water, wait 3 minutes and it's ready. -Tetsurou!

box: Kitsune Udon Bowl
paper: Maetel, add some hot water, wait 3 minutes and it's ready. -Tetsurou!

Tetsurou... Here's for you...

Mommy... Mommy...
Damn you Count Mechanical, you stuffed my mom!



I'm right here, Tetsurou...

You were sleep-talking.

What's going on?
Can I sleep here for tonight?

Don't you want to sleep with your sister? The old hag even lent you some futon...
Please let me sleep here.

Though, I don't have any bed.
It's alright.

What's this?

You might catch a cold...
I'm gonna suffocate to death...

Don't be silly, men can die so easily!!
Do you know what it is to have problems during two or three months or to fast for one or two weeks...?!

Life is long. But you don't need to rush.
Things will get better, you'll see.




The train is leaving today.

We'll know soon if we have to stay on this planet.

It's a really nice planet...
So many things happened since we got stolen, but I like this planet.

Is that so...?

Let's go to the station, we'll see.
No harm trying I guess.

Tetsurou, look!

panel: Kanzaki Camera
panel: Yushina shoes

ticket: {
(passing through Orion and the Pleiads*)
Infinite validity
Owner's name: Maetel
Issued by: Galaxy Railways - Earth Main Office
ticket: {
(passing through Orion and the Pleiads*)
Infinite validity
Owner's name: Tetsurou Hoshino
Issued by: Galaxy Railways - Earth Main Office

Those are our tickets!!





Those tickets, aren't they yours?
I don't need them, you can have them.

Those are ours.

It's alright, since you gave them back to us...

But why did you throw them away? You could have gone on board of the space train...
You know the truth about the Galaxy Express, and that's why you stole them from us, right?

I couldn't manage to find a job here...

I think that even if I would be leaving for somewhere else, I wouldn't manage...

to accomplish what I can't here...
and that it would be cowardly to leave my friends and girlfriend behind...

I don't really understand why, but I wanted to find till the end for that purpose... I thought I was born for that... But in the end...


Here, I bought them with my wage.
Thank you.

But he's a stealer! Why are you letting him go?
It doesn't matter anymore!!

I feel like we would have become good friends if we were living together.

Yes! Really good friends...

I need to go back to the inn.
I'm waiting here.

The trunks kid is sleeping.

Heeey! Adachi! I will never forget you.
You need to fight and never give up! I'll fight too!

Hang in there, forever!



He's a real man... He felt grateful for the night I gave him shelter.
I'll think about you when eating them.


If I told you I saw a train flying in the space, would you believe me?
I had seen a couple when I was young.

Come on, I believe you, but now, you need to find a job and finally become an adult.
Ow, ow, ow!!

Where are Tetsurou and his sister?
They left.

Maybe he's on board of this train!

Maetel, I know why this planet is called the "planet of tomorrow".

The future of everyone on this planet is probably wonderful. Adachi is fighting everyday for his own.

If we didn't find our tickets, maybe we would have lived a happy life, Tetsurou...

They say that men of future are living on the planet of tomorrow... And they also say that whenever night is coming, plenty of planets of tomorrow are shining in the sky, confident in their future...

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