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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Galaxy Express 999 12

The 1,765,000,000 inhabitants of planet Lumpen

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Jul 31, 2014 19:13 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

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Reserved for Dark Murmur

GE999 #12

It stinks...

Are the toilets clogged?
This smell is coming from outside!!

I wonder in what kind of place we are.
The windows are closed and the blinds are all pulled down, we can't look outside...

It is so that people can't see us.

But we're going to get bored quite fast if we stay here for too long.
I'm going to ask the inspector when we will be departing. I'll bring you back a cup of coffee too.


I'm really curious about what there is outside...


Please, sir.
J'ai faim, je suis un mendiant. Donnez-moi de l'argent.
(I am hungry, I am a beggar. Give me some money.)
Give us something.
Is there anyone in this train?!
Let's get in, they'll probably give us something.

12th stop
The 1,765,000,000 inhabitants of planet Lumpen

Don't you have anything to give?!
Give me some money!!!!

What is this place?

Beggars, everywhere!!

So this smell is coming from them!!

Give us something...

They're shaking the train.


What are you doing here, kid?
I'm a beggar! Give me something!!

Where is your father?
He's asking for charity!!

And your mother?
She's a beggar!

So is my grand-father.
And so was his father before him.

No matter how far you go back up, they're all beggars...

You mustn't enter!!
Please give something...

There are only beggars on this planet.
Let us in...
Give us something...

There are 1,765,000,000 inhabitants on this planet...
... and not a single one has the courage nor the will to work. They're all living in poverty...!!

This is the planet of beggars.
But why are they all?

It's like every single of them was counting on the others to survive.
Is that so?

But why aren't they working?

It haven't always been the case.

The inhabitants of this planet were living in bliss thanks to the corruption and the briberies distributed by their leaders...
Then, gradually, they understood that there was no point in working...

... that their efforts were pointless and that they could live by begging.

Everyone gave up on their job and eventually, there was no one to keep on distributing briberies anymore.

Then, 100 years and 200 years passed...
Now, there are so many beggars that they don't even feel any shame in doing so.

Oh boy!

Eh? I heard there are passengers!!
Are there people inside?!
Give us something, be generous!!
Give us some money.
Give us everything you have.

Give us something.

Money or food...
Please give something...
Please give something.
Be generous...


What a weird planet.
I think so too.

All these men have lost their will to work...

You can pull the blinds up, Tetsurou.
I'm quite glad I wasn't born on this planet.

By helping each other, they could undertake great things though...

Without conviction, without faith and without will, men can't achieve anything... nothing at all...

This smell has finally disappeared...

Not quite.

Weird. We're far from the planet of beggars though!!

This smell...
It smells like someone who didn't wash for 3 months.

Did that ever happen to you, Tetsurou?
He he he!!

Give me some-... Er, no, your money! Quick!

How did you get on board?!
Who cares! Give me everything you have!!

He's not a beggar!!
He's a thief!!

Your money!!

I give you this.
You can keep it, it's yours.

It's a cosmogun, with it, you won't need your bow and arrows anymore.


Since you gave me that, I won't take your clothes!!
But you, remove everything!!
You want my clothes?

I want everything you're wearing.
Are you going to wear female clothes?

You won't feel comfortable in them.
Take mine instead...
Shut up!!!



Follow me now!!


Here, hurry up and put these clothes on!!

It was for her...

This wagon has a shower, you should take one before putting them on.
Keep your advices for yourself! Beggars don't need to wash themselves!!

But you're not one anymore!

You're a thief!

Come here!!
Hey! Inspector! Remove the coupling!

In order to separate the two wagons!!

Don't do it while I'm still on this side.
If you don't do it, I'll kill the kid!!

She's so beautiful!
She looks like Maetel.

If you send me back to the other wagon, I promise you to remove the coupling. Are you okay with that?
I can't trust you.

If I wanted to betray you, I wouldn't have given you this rifle...


Once the wagons are separated, where do you intend to go?
I don't know...

I'm gonna wander in space and survive, even if I need to kill for that...
And one day, my planet will get its beauty back, without a single beggar!

I can't stand to live in the middle of people asking for charity.
I have enough to depend on the mercy of others!

Alright, you can go to the other wagon!!

Maetel, please, you have to ask the inspector to remove the coupling between the two wagons!

I'm begging you.
This man has great projects.

These children won't ever have to beg anymore.

They will fight or steal... but they will definitely have a strong personality.

Maybe they're both holding the power to change the fate of the planet of beggars...
When I look into their eyes, I can feel it.

I'm removing the coupling!!!

Thank you! I won't ever forget you! I hope to see you again someday!!

I can't hear what he's saying!

Good luck!!

If we were living near one each other, we would've become friends.

Maetel, in accordance of the rule in effect in the Galaxy Express, we are replacing the clothes that have been stolen from you.
However, we cannot do anything for the rifle...
It's alright, we were the ones who gave it to him.

Tetsurou, not only you gave him your rifle,

but you also displayed priceless values such as friendship and mutual trust.

Thanks to your gifts, this thief will become...
someone strong with a great determination.

A great man who will never betray his friends...
Tetsurou, this is probably thanks to you that the planet of beggars will be able to change!

Tetsurou doesn't know what happened to the unhooked wagon and to the couple who was inside... But, when he's closing his eyes, he can imagine this man with an iron will, his rifle in hands, and a beautiful woman by his sides. Both are fighting this way... This sole thought fill Tetsurou with bliss...

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