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Galaxy Express 999 15

The Literary Giant of Planet Mirage

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Aug 12, 2014 18:09 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

-> RTS Page for Galaxy Express 999 15

Reserved for Dark Murmur

GE999 #15

A lot of things in this universe can't be understood if they're not closely gazed at. But some people just look at them from afar and talk about them...
15th stop
The Literary Giant of Planet Mirage

[nothing \o/]

Some mirages are endlessly distorting the scenery.
Indeed, this is the Planet Mirage...

It's uninhabited.
The atmosphere is alright, but living among those mirages disrupt the mind of people.

But even if no one lives here, plants and animals seem to feel comfortable here.

Nature is flourishing.

A stone?

Please forgive us. Some projectile was thrown from outside.
Right when the barriers got deactivated.

From outside? But I thought this planet was uninhabited.

It's quite strange...
How long will the halt last on this planet?
Two days.

It leaves us enough time to explore and find out more.

You should have put something more suited for heavy warmth.
If I'm too hot, I'll remove everything except my trunks.

But where should we start our investigations?
Let's say we're out for a picnic, so relax and enjoy yourself.

But could it be some animal or something that threw that rock randomly?
No, it was a human who threw it. We found some fingerprints.

The sensor is indicating a human presence near here.

Here it is!!!

It looks like an old gas tank!!

It's an ancient kind of space habitation!!

The stone must have been thrown by its owner.


Ow! It hurts from everywhere!!

We're trapped in this hole.
Funny way to welcome us!!

They are humans! I thought I caught some hares or a deer. Nothing to eat.

I'm sorry. I'm going to get you out of here.
I will serve you some tea once inside.

Make yourself at home.
Please come in.

What is this place?

The tea is right in front of you. Please, help yourselves.

I'm a writer. My name is Shousetsu Yoi*.
*Note: Literally "Good Novel".

I'm writing the greatest novel of the whole universe.
I'm currently at the 131,289,668th page, considering there are 400 characters per page. [ndt: I can't see the figures really well here, need some check with JP raws]

Despite the length of my beard and my hair, I hope I will live long enough to buy my work.

I always thought that solitude was suitable for writers' inspiration.


But you're a woman...
My name is Maetel.
And I'm Tetsurou Hoshino.


Did you throw the rock?
Why did you do that?
I don't know. Maybe because I'm considering everyone who trouble my solitude as enemies.
I could tell you all the hardships I lived through since I arrived on Planet Mirage, but I doubt you would understand...

I've carefully avoided any contact with humans...
Then I had an epiphany!!

Eventually, I...


Seems like some electric beam was hidden in this room...

Shoot! My ticket got stolen again, and I'm unarmed!!
It must be that writer...

Maetel, where are you? Maetel?

Even the space habitation has disappeared...!!


Maetel is still inside!!!
Like an old space traveler used to say, "It would just need a few people who have an epiphany for the universe to always be at peace". Some Aristote writing states that even men who are ready to get an epiphany are at the mercy of any shock. On Planet Mirage, each and every object seems to move like mirages...

When he was on exile on Saint Helena island, Napoleon wrote: "If God existed somewhere, no one on Earth could ever wait for a divine revelation". Nobody know if he was right.

Maetel!! Shoot, this machine is too fast for me.

I can't keep up... I can't feel my feet anymore and I feel like my heart is going to fail me.
And moreover, this writer stole my ticket...

I wonder if he can get on board of the Galaxy Express.

And if I had to live here forever...


The 999 is leaving...!!

Waaah! Wait for me!!
I'm here, I'm one of the passengers!!

But they can't hear me from here...


There we go. It left...




She left with Shousetsu Yoi...

Maybe there's someone at the station.

Galaxy Express station must be inhabited...

Is there anyone?!

[background]Anyone Anyone Anyone Anyone


There are only machines...

Then I guess the only thing left for me to do is writing novels...


But before writing the following, I will need to read the 131,289,669 previous pages he already wrote.

My beard and my hair are going to grow too, and I'll end up looking like him.

But mainly, I don't want to read all of that.

Why is this happening?
I would've gladly thought of him as a saint who received epiphany...

Thankfully, I have something to eat.
I'll feel calmer with my belly full.

Those are space synthetic ramen. They're far behind the real ones...
But once I will be full, I'm sure I'll get plenty of good ideas.

Maetel, Maetel...


I must have dreamt, there's no way it would come back.

I'm all alone here.






B... B... But why?
Mister Yoi got rejected according the rules in effect on the Galaxy Express...

All was working so well though... Until that conductor was surprised to see that I grew old so fast!!
Here, I give it back to you!!

I spent 30 years of my life writing all these...

And everything is your fault.

When I saw your beauty, my heart skipped a beat... And I decided to leave this planet...

I craved to see a world filled with beautiful women like you once more...

Once... A woman... A woman as beautiful as you betrayed me. Then I lived many adventures that led me here. To say that I managed to forget everything!!


You're going to die!

Tetsurou, please wait outside a minute.

Mister Yoi, you said that you would want to live again in a world filled with women like me, is that right?

In that case...
I will show you what kind of woman I truly am.

And if you still insist on getting it... then you can kill me.

Look closely now!!

Look closely at who I actually am!!!


Let's go, Tetsurou. The train won't wait for us.

And Shousetsu Yoi?

I must have had a bad dream.
I must complete the greatest novel of the universe no matter what!! Solitude is the best driving force of talent!!



Why didn't you shoot mister Yoi when you had the opportunity?
That's right.

I didn't shoot.
I thought about the fact he stayed here during 30 years...

Even I, who was alone for a few hours...
... got a strong feeling of the end of the world...

Then, after 30 years... he will surely become the greatest writer of the entire universe.


Do you also want to see what I really look like?
No need for that!!

Just having you by my sides is enough already.

Mister Yoi said he ended up after being betrayed.


I will never betray you!
Don't ever doubt about it, even if you ever consider me as a monster someday.

Tetsurou often heard that the heart of others is harder to grasp than the immensity of the whole space. But he's travelling along Maetel in whom he has an absolute trust. When will be Galaxy Express' last stop? No one knows yet...

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