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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Galaxy Express 999 17

The Fossilized Warrior

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Aug 18, 2014 17:45 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

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Reserved for Dark Murmur

GE999 #17

"Faith within men's heart is the strongest thing in space." Livingston 23rd, the great explorer who died in a group of dark stars.
17th stop
The Fossilized Warrior

Where are you going, Tetsurou?

Be careful.





Please forgive us for this incident...
It seems someone deliberately put some rocks on the rails...

Yes, they are particularly big...

And the radar didn't notice anything?



What is this place?

Where do these forms come from?

It's a planet of fossils...

The train had an accident.
It's extremely rare for a Galaxy Express...

Someone set some stones on the rails...

Who could have done such a thing?
I don't know.

Maybe the same person who sculpted those shapes.
It's impossible.

They are all natural.

But it's not possible.
Yet, it's the truth.

As surprising as it may be, this isn't man-made.

While waiting for the end of the reparations of the rails and the locomotive, we should stay inside the train.

Let's keep our weapon at ready.
You think that the culprit is going to come?

It's possible... We would then prepare for a death battle.

I don't understand how nature could make such a thing.

It seems like living men were petrified.

What kind of planet is this?
It's at the center of the galaxy, from where you can leave the space islands to get to the outskirts of space...

It's the sixth planet of a little solar system... It look so much like the Earth that you can mistake them.

The only difference is that the whole surface is covered by these formations, including under the seas.


Binoculars, quick!!
What do you want to see?

Please let me borrow them, I just want to check something out...
Fine, here.

I'm going to look from here.


What a beautiful rock!

But it's too far, I can't see it clearly.



I know that curiosity killed the cat.
But I definitely want to see that rock from up close.


How could nature give birth to such beautiful forms?


What's that?

This skeleton isn't in stone.
It's a human skull.

There are some scattered here and there.

So that's where those skeletons come from...

If the heads have all been separated from the body...

... it means they have been beheaded...

But by who?



It can't be Maetel...

[nothing \o/]

Damn brat!! You too are a fossil thief, aren't you?!

You're going to end up like them!!!!

Shoot!! I forgot my rifle!!!

You're going to die without suffering.
"In the universe, there is nothing more resistant than determination." Hammerstein, space physicist.
Waaaah! Waaaaah! Waaaaah!


Ow ow ow!!
Be a man and stop whining...!!

I opted for a stitch of the 20th century.
It's a little painful and it might left some traces. But you were the one who insisted so that I use this ancient technique on you, Tetsurou!!
I would've preferred him to cut my arm...

You're lucky he didn't cut your head.

Please forgive me, but could you get down of the train.

You've lost your ticket.

The man who hurt you took the opportunity to steal it from you.
It means you've lost the right to be on board.

Whether they stole it or found it, a passenger with a ticket can get on board of the train. They would just need to write down their name, and they will be accepted...


Did you take your weapon?
Yes, I have it.

Where are you going?
Let me go.

But you can't.
Let me get off!!!


It's my fault if I lost my ticket, because I got off to look this rock. You don't have to follow me, Maetel.
I promised you to follow you everywhere, Tetsurou.

If you're getting off, I will too.

I was attacked when I was looking at this rock.
It's wonderful, it looks like she's alive...

The one who stole your ticket will want to get on the train.

In this case, his house must be empty.
It's possible...

Let's look for his house.
It must be near here!!

He jumped from the top of this mountain.

I'm climbing it to check...

I see it!!!

Here is his house...
They are the remains of a space ship!!

This type of machine were used for stellar travel.

He's living here, no doubt about it.

The fire is still hot...
He left recently.

The inside is in good state.
The internal devices are still functioning properly.

It's hard to find your way in such a maze.
But finally, we're seeing the end of it.


It's you...!!




Why didn't you get on the train when you had the occasion?

Because I understood you weren't fossils thieves...

If that was the case, I would have used the ticket without hesitation.

And I would have left this planet, giving up on my position as the fossils guardian.

When I realized you weren't thieves...

... I understood that I had no more reason to leave this planet and so, I chose to die.
That's why I attacked you, wishing to be killed by your hands...

Why are you so fond of those fossils?
They are just solidified forms in stone.

Once, I left this planet on board of a spaceship...
... leaving my family and friends behind.

At the time, I had to investigate on a strange gas cloud that was getting near our planet...

When I understood it was a fearsome petrifying cloud, it was too late. My planet was already done for...

When I get back, I could only see petrified faces everywhere.

Petrifying gas?
It's impossible!!!!

Space is full of phenomenons still unexplained by science.
No matter if you believe in them or not, this planet's inhabitants were changed into stone.

So, I decided to become their guardian...
... and to protect them from thieves who are selling them on other planets.

I thought that someday, I'll find a way to bring them back to life...

Please come back here if you ever find a way to cure these people.

I give you back your ticket.


That's why I thought these forms were wonderful.

If one day I find how to revive fossils... or if I ever meet someone capable of doing that...
I promise that I will come back here...

But, Maetel, do you think we can ever bring them back to life someday?
I don't know...

Universe is scattered with silent planets. If we managed to revived them, no one knows to what extend space history would be changed. Living and dead planets are all shining, afar, with the same sparkle...

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