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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Galaxy Express 999 18

A Planet Named Curiosity

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Aug 19, 2014 18:10 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

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Reserved for Dark Murmur


There are so many stars when you look at them through binoculars!

There are as many of them as there are men in space.

Some will die...
... while some other has just been born.

Look at this planet with your binoculars.
The red one...

It looks like a giant eye.

That's right, it looks like eyeball...

There are two moons gravitating around it!!

Look at it carefully, Tetsurou, don't you notice anything strange?
What is it?

The train is passing by this planet at full throttle.

Look carefully at the eye orientation.
It seems like its gaze is following us!! The orientation remains the same despite the train movement!!

This planet rotation is synchronous with the speed of train, Maetel.

No matter the distance or the speed, when getting close to this planet...
... the eye stares at ships.

18th stop
A Planet Named Curiosity

So that's the train the planet is staring at.

Maybe it's alive?
Could it be a living planet with an eye?

Are there any living planets in the universe?
I don't know, but this one is so shady no one ever set a foot on it.

You understand now why it's named "Curiosity".



Weird, we're followed by one of its moons.

There's no doubt about it, it's gravitating behind the train.

I can't believe a satellite could follow a train or a spaceship...
... by its own will.

But yet, it's reality.

Mister Conductor.
I'm already aware of that. It seems dangerous.

The satellite of "Curiosity" is faster than this train.
If it's chasing after us, we're done for...


It's stopped... The train has stopped!!

We're going into reverse...

The moon has changed its trajectory.
It's attracting us.

We're trapped!!
The train is being drifted on a deviated orbit. Normally, it would never leave its rails...!

What is the meaning of that?
This satellite is dangerous!! Some brainwaves are informing us that the train will be destroyed if we don't land on "Curiosity"!!

We are positive.

This satellite contains a brain!!

So it's not a planet, but a living being!!
We do not know, but the second moon of "Curiosity" seems to contain a brain too...

... and is asking us to land on "Curiosity"!!!
What for?

"I want to look at you", it answered.


It want us to land in order to observe us?!
But it's only a planet!!

It's possible that these two satellites are alive...
But it's not possible!!


This planet is asking us to land on the equator.
It's right at the center of the eye!!

From up close, it has the same pattern as an insect eye.

There's no way to tell if they are natural or artificial!!
True enough, and we still don't know why we're here.

We are the first human beings setting foot on this planet...

We've arrived...
... at the center of the eye...

Get out, you three!!
This planet is speaking with us by telepathy.

Let's get off.
I'm scared.

You too!!!
But I can't.

I am the conductor of this train, and according clause 3 of the article 612 of the Galaxy Express code, the conductor cannot leave under no circumstance...
Get out right now!!

You should get off and consider this as an accident.

Perfect, don't move!!

I feel like I'm observed from every angle...

You, undress!!
Me? I have to undress?!

I'm sorry, but...
... I don't want to show myself naked in front of passengers.

If you don't do it, I'll destroy you!!

No, I'm begging you...

Will you let him go if I'm undressing at his place?

I don't want to see someone as ugly as you!!
That's kinda rude!!

What about me?

Alright, show me just how you are.
What a peeping tom!!

I won't look, even if I really want to.

In that case, I won't look either.

Are you satisfied?

The ground is getting hot.
Maybe it's because of Maetel.

But who the hell are you?
I'm a human being.

Are human beings all the same as you?

It's truly incredible!!!
I understand that the planet is happy but why is it so amazed?

I've seen the outside, now I want to see the inside!!

You're going to be dissected to show me what you're made of!!


And you're the one who will do it!!
No way!!

Do it!!
Out of question!!!

If you refuse, I'll destroy you!!
I said no! Even if you kill me!!

If you want to kill me, just do it!

Your turn then!

Stop... Don't do anything stupid!!!
"Curiosity is the first step to evolution" the elders said. But then, what is the last step of evolution? Tetsurou and Maetel don't know what planet "Curiosity" is expecting from them.

Stop it!!

Stop it... Don't kill her!!!




What is this strange voice?!

It's coming from the brain...

Did the planet get hurt?
What kind of planet is "Curiosity"...?

If you don't obey, I will destroy you!!!

No, no!! I can't kill miss Maetel!!
Then, I'll kill you!!

Ow, ow!!
Die now!!

Please stop it!!

Ow! Ow!
It can't be helped, the conductor is going to die.


The planet moaned when the knife fall on its surface... What if I stab it?!


Wah!! Ah!! Ah!!

It seems like vinyl: it offers no resistance.


The brainwaves have stopped.

What's inside?


Don't look at me!! It's embarrassing!!

Why is it embarrassed?

It's the first time I see a planet with feelings!!
We don't feel brainwaves anymore.

Let's take that opportunity to leave.

Ask the locomotive to go at full throttle!!


There's no signal from "Curiosity" anymore.
It got embarrassed that we've seen its inside.

It's now or never if we want to leave its attraction...

What the hell could have happened to this planet?


[nothing \o/]

"Curiosity" has exploded!!!
It's a suicide.

A suicide?

It got ashamed we saw from what it's made from.

But it was the one who wanted to see our insides, though.

This planet experienced the judgement of others while our privacy was unveiled.

Once, men were living on "Curiosity"...
... then, they decided to make it entirely robotized in order to create a being with conscience.

But we don't know why its inhabitants have all disappeared...
Maybe that "Curiosity" has remembered men once lived on it. Then, maybe it wanted to see what its creators looked like...

Oh!! The satellites are following us.


They're going rampage and they think we've murdered their mother...

It's my time to play!! Don't worry, the kids don't have as much experience as their parents.

I'm going to ask the locomotive to broadcast my brainwaves.
You can stay here, I'm scared of nothing.

The satellites want to avenge the death of their mother...

I feel some thrust suddenly!!
Wah wah wah!!

The moons has crashed into one another...

I guess they will be happier once they will become natural stars again.


Here's a token of gratitude.

You saved my life.
I hope I will be able to pay you back someday.

Thank you for your help.

"Experience yourself pain and you will understand others' pain", they said in Antiquity. The planet "Curiosity" has experienced pain before going back to a natural state... While Tetsurou wonders if it's a good or a bad thing, the Galaxy Express is moving away of this planet which is already a dim memory...

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