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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Galaxy Express 999 19

The Professional Souls

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Aug 25, 2014 19:05 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

-> RTS Page for Galaxy Express 999 19

Reserved for Dark Murmur

GE999 #19

Between late 20th century and early 21st century, many men decided to take a journey without return in space. Some says that the eyes of these adventurers who chose their fate by themselves were all shining like jewels...
19th stop
The Professional Souls

This planet looks like an orange paper lantern with a candle inside, Maetel...

Next stop: "Planet of Remembrance".
There will be one week before departure from bloc HD1...

"Planet of Remembrance"?

It might be the saddest planet of the whole space.

Check that your weapon is properly loaded.
My gun?

So this place is that dangerous?
All I can tell you is that this place is really sad and that a lot of memories are tied to it.

You feel this sadness as soon as you get off the train.

This planet is heated by the temperature of its ground and is lighted by the stars...
It's isolated, without any sun at its vicinity...

The settlers who discovered it has found it ideal thanks to the nurturing light coming from the galaxy and the pleasant heat exuding from the ground.


Listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you.

On this planet, you must not look anyone in the eyes.
If your gaze ever met another one, just cast your eyes down or close them and keep walking as if nothing had happened.

Don't ever look in people's eyes, never...!!

Men's memories are sad... but also terrifying.

If for some reason, you break this rule and feel threaten, you'll have to shoot.
To kill?

You'll have to annihilate your enemy!!
There are only robots on this planet...

But this is a ghost town!!
Like many other towns, it was built by space settlers. It looks like Mars, don't you think?


Don't look at him, Tetsurou!!!

This man is so spine-chilling.

Very well, at this moment, I'll make the second hero die.

What is he doing?
He's drawing manga for more than 200 years...

You are Maetel and Tetsurou Hoshino, passengers of the Galaxy Express?

Alright, it's good, I'll use this cute girl now... It would be fun if she pierces a hole with her cosmogun...

You don't know where to walk.
It's normal, he will keep on drawing forever.

Why is he doing that?
It's a professional.

And professionals are putting their work before everything else, without worrying about the time it will take...


There we go, the 7,608,231st pistol.

So, he must be...
a professional gunsmith...?!

This makes the 7,608,232nd pistol.


Here's our room, Tetsurou...

The ornament is really good.
We're going to spend a pleasant week.

I forgot to ask if our meals could be served in the room...

I'll be right back.



He must be a professional "hole digger".
I wonder how many holes he could've dug.



Ow ow...
My job is to hang people!!!



Shoot!! He's not here anymore!!







Hey, you there!!

... Dammit!! Our gazes have met!!

You're armed, aren't you?!

Then draw your weapon now!!
Men who decided their own fate die as martyr, even if they were forced to. Good people, just like bad ones, who chose their path and die while believing in it with all your might, have the heart full of honor. They are great men.




One more time. Get up!!!


Pick your gun up, put it back in its holder, and focus!!


Is he intending to toy with me before killing me?
Why is Maetel isn't moving behind him?

This time, you're going to relax and shoot, am I clear?


You can't shoot properly if you're angry and if your heart is pounding too much.


Don't look at me drawing my weapon, you have to anticipate my moves and act at the right time!!
Your holder is too high. Lower it a little.

Above all, don't force it!! You need your legs and wrists to be flexible!!!

Alright, draw it!!

This time, you were a little faster, you're starting to understand how to do it.
Pick your weapon up!! Get up!!

Are you toying with me?! I don't want to entertain you!!

You need to learn when this is the right time. That's the only way you can survive no matter what.
You won't always have the occasion to learn new things. So, keep it to yourself and listen to me carefully.

Only professionals can survive in this universe without any law!!

Enough idle chat!! Let's do it again!!


One more time!! Get up and pick your weapon up!!





This man had no intention to kill me...
But then, why was he doing that?

He wanted to train you to become an elite shooter forever...

... till he dies...
And even if he was about to die, his memory would be pass through the lessons he taught.

This kind of men became robot at 99.9%, so let's just say their memories are dim.
He wanted to leave his memory of elite shooter to you in order to keep on living through you.

Men tired by their fight and their work are ending on this planet on which they're stepping onto a way that will led their tired bodies to death...

There come those who has devoted their life to their dreams... and who are now only an assembly of lifeless metal pieces.

Men are shedding a tear when their travel ends up on this planet.
Then, they're gazing at what they will be when, after devoting their whole life to work, they will become professionals...

Maybe I'll end up on this planet someday?
Who knows?

But I like people who live on it.

Even if sometimes, you have to kill to survive...

What's going on?

This man was a professional bomber.
He set a bomb in this wagon.

The radar isn't detecting anything but he hid it on him.
His weight decreased when he got on board.

We absolutely need to find it, or we're doomed.

What about getting rid of this wagon then?

Good idea!


On this planet, you can never lower your guard.

That's why people living here are really respected.

Be they good or bad, they're putting all their heart in what they're doing because they're believing in it...
... even if they're only animated by the memories of the time they were still healthy...

I think these relentless men are amazing.

But many died in other places.
Yes, because those who end up here, even if they're only scrap-heap, are tops...

... on the planet where professionals are wandering...

They call the planet where the souls of professionals are endlessly wandering the "Planet of Remembrance". They say that it can be seen from very far in space, it serves as landmark to all travelers.

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