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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Galaxy Express 999 21

The sisters from Yami-Yami

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Sep 2, 2014 17:49 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

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Reserved for Dark Murmur

GE999 #21

Do you like it... Tetsurou?

It's really delicious!!!

Good. Eating properly is the most important thing when you're travelling...
You will be able to bear with any situation as long as you eat good dishes.

Here's some wine produced near Antares. My treat!

He's really kind to me.
Probably because you're getting along well...

Next stop: Yami-Yami Planet... Our arrival is scheduled to be in 10 minutes.

Yami-Yami*? Another dark planet?
No, this time, it's not a place that much scary.
*Note: Yami means "darkness".

Yet, we're near the station, but we still can't see the planet.
I can see it just fine.

Ah!! I can see it now!! It's hiding the stars... You can guess its shape!!
If there weren't those bright bodies to tell us its presence, we could only see darkness, just like its name implies.
21st stop:
The sisters from Yami-Yami

It looks like we're about to enter another realm!!

What is this noise?
We've landed on the rails of the planet.

But I can't see anything!

We've arrived.

There will be 2 hours until departure...

Even if light would break through here, it would be instantly absorbed and we couldn't even see it.

In that case, even if I get off, I wouldn't have anything to do. It would be really boring!!
I think I'd rather stay in the train to take a nap.

I have to take care of some business here. What will you do?
If you're getting off, I'll follow you.

I need to go alone this time...


I understand that you need to be alone from time to time.

Maybe she's meeting up with her boyfriend.

Tch! I'm going to be jealous!!!

Maetel is gone...

I have nothing else to do but to sleep.


Someone is knocking on the window...


Get off and come with me.
Don't worry, it will be alright.

It's not a place you need to be scared of.
You're going to be bored if you stay in the train.

Come on, get off! I'm telling you, you don't need to be afraid...

Get off without fear.
It's a female voice.

I hope I won't fall in a hole.
You're really suspicious.

I have some weird feeling under my feet.
Then you've stepped on a flower...

Can they bloom in such a place?
Of course. There are a lot of them on this planet, it's really pleasant.

This way, follow me!!!

Where are you?

When you're closing your eyes, I can't see anything.
Sorry, I forgot that you can only see my eyes.

I don't really know where is up and down anymore...

It's really bad for me, I'm going to turn this torch on.

It's no use, light is immediately absorbed and nothing is shining.
Shoot, it doesn't work!!

Your planet is really giving me the creeps.
We're almost at my place...

I've opened the door. Please come in!
I don't know anything about you, but thanks for your invitation!!!

Incredible, there's something shining here!! It looks like a control panel!!
Exactly, and that's my big sister who built it!

Mr. Tetsurou...
... I'd like you to kill her big sister.

This child is my daughter, Miru. [tl: I think it means "to see"]

Her big sister's name is Lelan. [tl: Lélan in French]
She's also my dear daughter.

She's a gifted person, and really active and obstinate. She refuse to lose and wish for an ideal world.

But she's too bright and has built many strange machines just like this one...

Thanks to the power of these machines, she wants to bring light to this planet.
Her intent is to create an artificial sun in order to make this place a bright one...
... and to suppress the absorption of light so there would be day and night... and then, you could finally make out shape of things.

I asked her to reconsider it, there never has been any light in the whole history of this planet.
Men lived happily until then with only being able to see the eyes of their kinds.

She wants to bring light...
and nobody could bear to be fully exposed to the eyes of others.

It would be a true tragedy because a lot of people would kill themselves.

That's why you need to prevent her from "lighting" this sun.
It's my daughter who will attempt to do that. You need to stop her! Even if you need to kill her for that purpose.

I'm begging you, you need to... kill Lelan!! Don't falter!!

If you manage to do it, I'm ready to let you marry my daughter Miru and so she will become your slave till your death!

Where is your big sister right now?
On a hill 10 km from here.

No way, the train will depart in 2 hours.
Then, just go down the river on a bark.

And also, the train isn't going to move soon.

Because there will be an accident.
An accident?

Yes... If you're refusing my proposition...
then you won't be able to get back to the train, Tetsurou.

Look, if I close my eyes and shut the machines down, you can't see anything.
You can't move.
Damn it! You're actually threatening me.

Okay, I got it!! But I won't get anywhere without a weapon, so first, you need to bring me to the train!! Then, I'll do anything you want!!

Once on board, you'd better not break your promise.
I know right.

You are...
Everything's okay.

Why are you taking your rifle? There's no harm on this planet.
Yes, but it can't be helped.

Please take this radar, it will prove to be useful at some point or another.
Thank you!

Maetel isn't back yet?

How long till departure?
30 minutes.

But don't worry, the train is not going to depart anytime soon.
What about the rules of Galaxy Express...?

We won't leave until Maetel is back.
She's a special guest of our Galaxy Express.

Where did she go?



Ah! I'm going to use the radar...


Behind me!!

You'll die if you try anything funny.

You're going to take 360 steps in front of you, then you'll turn to the right.
This voice... You're not Miru!!

No, I'm her big sister, Lelan, but I won't get caught so easily.
I knew it wouldn't be that simple.

Come on, get in!!
It's pitch black, I don't know if I'm in or out.

It's bright all of a sudden!

Where am I...?!


Men lose all hope when things don't have the shape they wanted. It's especially true in space. Since the beginning of the exploration of the universe, men lost hope so many times...

I'm going to use the brain of Maetel to launch the artificial sun.
Its power is wonderful, no one possess her abilities in the whole universe.

You can look at me, it's alright. I'm often staring at me in a mirror under this light I've created...

What's with you?

What's wrong with my face?

Nothing, it's just that you're really beautiful, I like looking at you...

Hm... Don't try to coax me!!!!
I saw right through your tricks!! If you say it again... I'll kill you!!!

It's time to light the artificial sun.

I'm going to switch the computer I've created with the power of Maetel on.
Thus, it can't possibly fail...






I did it!! I've finally built an artificial sun!!!

Big sister, can I come in?
Miru! You know right that you don't like the light in here...

But now, there's light everywhere, it doesn't make any difference...
thanks to the sun that is shining now!!

Big sister...

Miru... It's you...!!

Hello, Lelan, I'm Miru... Your little sister.


Tetsurou, in the end, it's a good thing you met up with my sister.
Hm... I was surprised! I thought she had a much scarier face.

You didn't properly look at me...
It was a mistake to launch this artificial sun...

It's too late!! Look at me carefully, big sister!! It's me, your little sister, Miru.
Don't come any closer!!

Did you imagine me more beautiful? You thought I was prettier?
I'm your sister, it's normal if we look alike.

I thought I was the only ugly person... I couldn't even consider the opposite.

I would never have thought that you, Miru, were of an otherworld ugliness.

Big sister!!!
You're ugly! Don't get any closer, you monster!!!


Who's fault if you have to look at such a horrible person?

That's yourself, big sister!!!

You're going to die!! And in hell, you'll be tortured by even more hideous monsters!!


Tetsurou!! We asked you to kill my sister.

Those who don't keep their promise must die!!


Don't go after her, Tetsurou!!


She killed herself...
But why?

A lot of other persons is going to do the same...
Probably 99.9% of this planet people...

They were all surprised by their hideous look uncovered by the light of the sun...
But neither Miru, neither her big sister were ugly. They were even true beauties.

Their aesthetic criteria aren't the same as ours.

The most beautiful women of Earth are monsters here...
This way of considering what you see and what you feel change from place to place.

They are "monsters" here...

According to Yami-Yami newspaper...
the suicide rate is reaching 99.9% of the population... because seeing their ugliness is unbearable...

But then, what is a beautiful face on this planet?

Miru stared a long time at you when she was pointing her weapon at you.
Tetsurou, you must have a cute face on this planet.


Gradually, Tetsurou was feeling more and more determined to reach the planet where robotized bodies are free. There is nothing in universe that can be absolutely beautiful or fair. It's only when you are considering yourself beautiful or fair that it is the case. But Tetsurou was still certain of Maetel's beauty! Moreover, her kindness was second-to-none. It was a thought he imagined universal...

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