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Haunted House of the Lost Oneshot : Maigo no Obakeyashiki

+ posted by Jel as translation on Dec 28, 2012 05:04 | Go to Haunted House of the Lost

“Maigo no Obakeyashiki” by Chiyori.
Translations by Jel (contact me at jelz@live.com via email if you have any questions!)

Top right trophy: Betsucomi Rookies New Series Cup
Entry No. 6

Cloud: Faintly mild ♥
Pure love story.

[thought, under cloud bubble] It was boring having everyday being peaceful.

Big letters: Maigo no Obakeyashiki (or “Haunted House of the Lost” translated)

Small bubble, bottom right: Please root for me!

Black circles, bottom right: Chiyori

[thought, under next to big letters] Under the starless sky.

[thought, bottom left] At that time, the astray shabby estate has a mysterious boy that is…?!

Frame 1
[thoughts] Sometimes I wish that
Today will be different from yesterday.

[thoughts] I am always expecting something to happen.

SFX: open

Frame 2
SFX: creak

Frame 1
Girl: Whaaaat?
It’s called a haunted house so I was expecting a bit more.

Girl: Nothing is even coming out.
Frame 2
Girl: …How boring.

Frame 3
SFX: rustle

[thoughts] It was

Frame 4
[thoughts] merely a dark and worn-out, ordinary vacant house.

Frame 1
Boy: Wh-

Boy: What are you doing here-

Girl: AH!

SFX: wham

Frame 2
Girl: There it is!
It really came… the ghost!

Frame 4
[small text] Wh…at?

Frame 5
Boy: Ah…? Um, sorry about that.

Boy: I-

Boy: Did you come here

Boy: to meet the ghosts?

[bottom text] Betsucomi | April issue | on sale March 13 (Tues)

Frame 1
Girl: Huh?

Boy: They really will appear here, you know.

Frame 2
Boy: Ghosts.

Frame 3
SFX: shiver

Frame 4
Boy: 3 years ago

Boy: In this house, all the people that lived here got into an accident when they were in high school and died, so I’ve heard.

Boy: I wanted to meet them too… I’ve always been waiting you see.

Frame 1
[thoughts] …This boy…

Boy: But being here by myself is boring.

Boy: Because I’m lonely

Boy: Stay here with me.

[thoughts] his hands are cold…

Frame 2
Boy: Stay

Boy: with me-

[thoughts] maybe he is really…

Frame 1
[thoughts] a gho…

Boy: Just kidding.

Boy: Did I scare you?
That was for hitting me.

Frame 2
Boy: AH!
Frame 3
[thoughts] What’s up with this guy?!

Girl: You seem like an idiot, I’m going home.
[small text] This is wasting my time.

Boy: What about the ghosts?

Frame 4
Girl: You were kidding anyway, weren’t you?

Frame 5
Boy: Who knows,
What if I see it with my own eyes?

Frame 1
[thoughts] At that place
something more strange than ghosts
was a strange human.

Frame 2
Boy: You’re actually curious aren’t you?
I didn’t think you’d actually come.
[small text] Hehehe.
SFX: creak

Frame 1
Girl: You were then one that said you’d be here.
You said you wanted to see them with your own eyes.

[small text, upper] It really is worn out.

[small text, lower] How many years has it been since it was built?

Boy: Why do you want to see ghosts so badly?

Frame 2
Girl: Just because!
It’s just because it was boring having everyday being peaceful.

Boy: Those are some extravagant things to be worried about, yeah—?
Frame 3
SFX, top right bubble: pissed off
Girl: What the… well I could say the same thing to you, why do you want to see ghosts?

Boy: Because I’m bored.

Frame 4
Boy: Do you want to see something interesting?
[book] Simple Black Magic

Frame 1
Girl: What…
Is that?
[thoughts] Black magic…?

Frame 2
Boy: You want to meet ghosts right?

Boy: You communicate with evil spirits and you can call upon the deceased.

Girl: …A
Are you serious?

Frame 3
Boy: Yeah.
I’m a guy that’s introverted and into occults after all.

Frame 4
Boy: …scared?
If you’re gonna go, now’s the time.

Girl: pfft-

Frame 1
Girl: Hahaha!

Boy: Wai-

Boy: What’s up with you…

Frame 2
Girl: Black magic huh…
Yeah, that sounds interesting.
[handwriting] When are we gonna start?!
Boy: Now I’m really pulled in by this place.

Girl: Huh?

Frame 1

Boy: I…

Frame 2
Boy: I thought I was happy with having everyday being peaceful.

Frame 3
Boy: All the more because there’s someone like you…

Frame 4
[thoughts] What’s with that…

Girl: So,
Why are you here then?

Frame 5
Boy: …Just because…

Frame 6
[thoughts] Just because.

Frame 1
[thoughts] Even I
didn’t seriously want to meet ghosts.

Frame 2
[thoughts] I just

Frame 3
[handwriting] Thank you!

[thoughts] thought that if someone else felt the same way

Frame 4
[thoughts] I would be happy…

Frame 5
[thoughts] Ah.
I should go.
[sidebar] My Current Status | Chiyori | I would like to thank you for letting me participate to this big stage! I’m happy that you’re just reading. Please treat me well!

Frame 1
SFX: run

Girl: Hey!

Frame 2
Girl: Wait…
A sec-

SFX: beep beep

Frame 1
SFX: vroom…

Frame 2
Boy: …what…?

Frame 1
Boy: What were you doing?! That was dangerous!

Frame 2
[small text] S-
Girl: Sorry, sorry.

[handwriting] car pours along

[thoughts] …more than that, the way he held me…

Girl: That was thrilling wasn’t it?

Girl: It made me feel a bit excited…

[top left] Maigo no Obakeyashiki

Frame 1
SFX: hmph

Boy: Something like that makes you delighted.
Frame 2
[thoughts] What’s with that look?

Frame 3

Girl: I’m-

Girl: I’m really sorry!

Frame 7
Girl: …Those
Flowers are for offerings right…
Are you ok?

Boy: Probably.

[thoughts] Who…

Frame 1
[thoughts] Who is it for?

Frame 2
Boy: …My younger brother.

Girl: Huh?!

Boy: I remember my younger brother when I see you.

Girl: Ah…

Boy: He was always doing mischievous things and I would get angry. Then he’d quickly give an excuse.

Boy: In the end, he would meekly apologize.

Frame 4
Boy: …your minds are similar and kindergarten-like. [T/N maybe instead of kindergarten-like, childish or immature would be more smooth… hmm…]

Girl: What’s that supposed to mean?!
[handwriting] By younger brother, you meant in kindergarten?! [T/N this is why I’m a bit skeptical on making it childish above]

Frame 5
Boy: Well… I live in the opposite direction so—

Girl: Ah…
A sec…

Frame 1
Girl: Tell me your name...

Girl: I’m Akari.

Akari: You…?

Boy: Yoh.

Frame 2
Akari: …Yoh…

Frame 3
[thoughts] Why…

[thoughts] do I care about this guy so much?

[small text] Um…

Akari: So,

Akari: Are you going again to that vacant house today?

[thoughts] I’ve chased after him, asked for his name…

Akari: Yesterday… was fun,

Frame 4
Akari: I’m going again-

Yoh: That

Yoh: was a joke, you know.

Frame 1
Akari: Huh?

Yoh: I was lying when I said that ghosts would appear.

Frame 2
Yoh: Something like that
Can’t possibly happen.

Frame 3
Yoh: I don’t know what you’re expecting but
There’s not one fun thing at that house.

Yoh: That’s why you shouldn’t

Frame 4
Yoh: Go anymore, Akari.

[bottom] Betsu

Frame 1
Akari: Does

Akari: Have anything to do with that flower?

Frame 2
Yoh: …The reason I went there

Yoh: Is not to laugh and smile like you did.

[thoughts] Then…

Frame 1
[thoughts] Why was he at that vacant house?

Frame 2
SFX: creak

Frame 3
[thoughts] I’ll find out myself.

Frame 4
[thoughts] The reason why Yoh was here…

Akari: That

[thoughts] …This is the strange book that Yoh was reading…

Akari: Something…

Akari: is caught inside…

Frame 3
[handwriting] Happy 12th birthday, Yoh!

Frame 4
[thoughts] “In this house, all the people that lived here”

Frame 1
[thoughts] got into an accident when they were in high school and died, so I’ve heard.

[thoughts] It was

[thoughts] merely a dark and worn-out, ordinary vacant house.

Yoh: Why
Is Akari…

Yoh: At my house…

Frame 1
This is wonderful, isn’t it?

[small text] It’s an aroma candle—!

Akari: Happy birthday,

Frame 2
Yoh: How do… you know…

Frame 3
Akari: Sorry.

Akari: I saw your photo.

Frame 4
Akari: This was your house, wasn’t it?

[thoughts] I said that it was boring having everyday being peaceful…

[thoughts] But his pain, even his sorrow.
[thoughts] I surely wouldn’t understand.

[thoughts] But—

Akari: I

Akari: Want to see your laugh and smiling face.

Frame 1
Akari: I want to be by your side, Yoh.

Akari: I want to be your support.

Akari: Can I be that person?

Frame 2
Yoh: That’s not it…

Yoh: I’m not that sort of person…

Yoh: My family died and I was the only one left…

Frame 3
Yoh: But even so, I’m perfectly happy.

Page 29
Frame 1
Yoh: There are people around me,
They’re all kind.

Yoh: I even met you, Akari.

Yoh: I was the only one that was happy.

Frame 2
Yoh: But…

Yoh: it’s inexcusable.

Yoh: I thought that if I stayed here, I’d be a pitiful person.

Yoh: …I am

Frame 1
Yoh: horrible.

Yoh: so…

Frame 2
[thoughts] Today is different from yesterday.

[thoughts] Each of those thoughts went astray.

[thoughts] The dark, shabby vacant house.

Yoh: …is this me

Yoh: good enough for you?

Akari: You’re enough, Yoh.

[thoughts] It’s our haunted house.

[bottom left] END

[text next to END] How was Chiyori’s work?
It’s participating in the Rookies Cup (pg476).
Please root for Chiyori’s work!

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